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ℱєrrєt kιиgϟ

06/29/2012 02:53 PM 

Unbrokeable Vow

1: I am not nor do I claim to be Tom Felton nor Draco Malfoy. He is just a face I use for my Role Play and i play just a character from Harry Potter. No copyright infringement intended. I retrieve his pictures from a fan-site and always have premisson to use them. I do not know Tom Felton, Or the cast of Harry Potter, nor J. K Rowling.(Ain't that noticeable?)2: I do send out a mass starter comment. >.> I'm lazy but it will make you laugh. Our storyline will be talk about.3: WARNING!!!! There will be Male pregnancy somewhere on my page, or Drarry along with other ships. Don't like it delete me. Mature content.4: Messages are for ooc. Please lets remember this. I send only comments, I would like to only receive comments. If i have sent you a message it probably because i couldn't find your comment button.5: ORIGINAL CHARACTERS! Yes I'm going to point you out. Just cause I'm an asshole like that. For those that are my brother or my sister or something of that sort! I simply am going to say it now. I disown you. =/ See dick head. I am an only child. I want no brothers or sisters. Failed right now. Will this stop you from trying? Probably not. Which is another FAIL. oh well. As far as other originals. If you got past the adding factor, then i probably liked something about your page. I hope your very interest cause you got lucky!6: I don't wanna be anymore of a dickhead but i MUST!@ -.- I para to multi para. What that means is i like to keep things somewhat story but give it enough length to give it that ZAP! 3 paragraphs to 5 paragraphs. Please don't waste you time with more.7: No GODMODDING! Please. I can control Draco just fine. If you have a problem with something then lets talk about it!8: One liners are for friends only!9: You like a picture? Ask for it! All my shit is tagged. And i know my work anywhere.10: If you haven't noticed so far I'm a fucking asshole aren't i? Just what you wanted? Another Prick Draco correct? Well guess what. I can be a Teddy bear unless you piss me of! Just so i know what you stuck in here. Give me a Video game name from the early 90s.11: Last but not less. My muggle has a life. And I'm not allow to be around all the time. Due to that, that means i might get slow sometimes with replies. Just check my page for who i own. Please remember rule number 4 in this matter. This why we have messages but one message is all i need, please and thank you.Sincerely,Draco L. Malfoy

Turco Capone [M] HL S-Director

06/27/2012 11:08 PM 

My wedding to Armena!!!

Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| Yes I'm running away to Vegas to marry the man I love. Oh wait, we are already in Vegas. Baby! Let's get married! Mood: - -   4 hours ago   X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiles to her as the limo pulls up beside them and he picks her up and slides her into the car with him.* I love you baby and lets go and do what we both have been wanting and for our love to each other. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She giggles and kisses him once the driver closed the door once they were inside.* Yes let's do it baby. God, I love you so much. *She smiles and kisses him again as the driver took them to a chapel.* Your gonna love the dress. 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiled to her and just kisses her back in a deep loving kiss of passion. Her words were like gold to his ears as he kissed her lips.* I have no doubts I will my love. I love you so very much and know the dress will look good but you make it hot. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She smiles and lays her forehead against his gently.* You ready to do this baby? *The car pulled to a stop and she heard the front door open. Her heart was racing but she was more ready then she had ever been.* 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiled to her as their forehead were touching each other and he heard her words as well as the door open. He took a deep breathe and then kissed her deeply.* I am more than ready baby, nothing I want more than to be your husband forever. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *Kisses him back deeply then climbs out of the car and takes her dress bag from the driver. She held out her hand as he took it and smiles wide. Leading him into the chapel.* Sign us up and I'll go change? 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiles and sees her getting out, such a nice vision he thought to himself. He knew he was making a choice for the rest of his life and he knew this was it. He blew her a kiss as he signed them up and then was waiting on her to sign her part.* 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She changed into her dress, it was a little sexy for a wedding but it was perfect for her. She straightens her hair before rejoining Turco and signing her part of the paper work.* What do you think? *Turns in a circle showing off the dress.* 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiled and just licked his lips when she came to his side. When she finished signing her part he looked to her and seeing her in that dress. 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena It was so amazing and she was so beautiful and so sexy and he just pulled her too him and kissed her lips and held her tight.* You are right baby I do love it. Last chance to back out? I am not cause I know I want you Armena for all time. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| Not a chance baby. I'm ready to marry you. *She smiles and kisses him again then walks to the alter where the man was waiting to marry them. Her fingers tighten on his as she stood with him waiting. Her eyes not leaving his while the man starts the 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| ceremony. Reading his parts from his bible before turning to her.* Do you Armena take Turco to be your lawfully wedded husband? *She couldn't help the huge smile and happy tears.* I do. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *He turned to Turco and repeated the same question.* Do you Turco take Armena to be your wedded Wife? 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiles as he squeezed her hand tight and then as the man began to ceremony he turned to face her. His eyes meeting hers and showing his pure love for her as he never took his eyes not let either of her hands go. He was not hearing the man but 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena When he heard her say I do he knew he was next. He would not take his eyes from her as he answered.* Without a doubt I do. 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *When the man asked about the wedding rings he pulled them out of his pocket and handed her his. When asked he slipped hers onto her finger.* 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena With this Ring I thee wed through sickness and health, through good and bad times I am your lawfully wedded Husband. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She took the wedding band that was his and smiles watching him slide hers on. She took his hand after and slide his onto his finger* With this ring I thee wed through sickness and health, good and bad times as your lawfully wedded wife. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She swallows her happiness listening as the man finished it up.* I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride. 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiles as she slides the ring on his finger and her words but his eyes never left hers for a second. When he said kiss Turco wasted not even a second. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her so deeply and lovingly, He had to lean her back... 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena from how passionate he was kissing her. He finally after a few minutes lifted her back up and looked into her eyes.* I love you Armena Capone. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She held tightly onto his shoulders and returns his kiss. Nothing but pure love and passion in it. Smiling when he lifted her back up.* I love you too Mr. Capone. Ready for our honeymoon? 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He smiled so lovingly as he seen the love in her face and her eyes is so strong for him as his was for hers. Hearing her words he grinned.* I am ready to begin the rest of our lives together and will never get enough of you my wife. 3 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| I like the sound of that. *Smiles and leads him back to the car that was waiting, she was more then excited to start their honeymoon. She climbs into the car with him and sits on his lap.* My husband. 3 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He just smiles and looks into her eyes as she is sitting in his lap and her words he just leans her down and kisses her lips so very deeply.* I have been waiting for this moment all my life and now that I have you and now my world is complete. 2 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She kisses him back then smiles softly against his lips.* As is mine my love. As is mine. *She kisses him again deeply. Then moves her kisses to his neck.* 2 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *He just smiles as she does and their lips are still touching. He just enjoyed her fully and when her lips met his neck he ran his hands up and down her back and through her silky smooth hair.* I love you so much Armena, My beautiful Wife. 2 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *She smiles against the skin of his neck then whispers against his ear.* I love you too husband. *She nibbles on his earlobe before moving back to kiss his lips deeply.* 2 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena *Feeling her whispering next to his ear and then nibbling on it he growls with excitement. As there lips meet once again he just kisses her so very deeply. As the car stops and the door open he helps her out and then as they get to the door he... 2 hours ago X Turco *Massacre* Capone M/♥ Armena picks her up and carries her inside the hotel and up the stairs and into the Honeymoon suite and carries her inside and shuts the door with a get lost sign on the door.* 2 hours ago - Armena Gutierrez-Capone |Drug Lord| *So taking advantage of her new husband for the rest of the night.* XD 2 hours ago


06/27/2012 06:17 PM 


I apologize, but unfortunately I have been struck down with some serious complications regarding my health. I've been forced to travel back and forth to the hospital, which not only makes everything more complicated. I've had to contend with the hospital, school and work. I'm going to try to take some days off to get things sorted out, but I may have to be admitted to the hospital for a few weeks. If this happens, I'm going to be taking my laptop and will be able to catch up and run the RPG much more smoothly. In the meantime, I'm still trying to get everything sorted out. Please be patient and if any of you decide to cancel our rp or remove a comment, I completely understand. Just let me know, I would appreciate it before I go through the trouble of responding.

Nikki Wesker™ (Married)

10/05/2013 04:04 PM 

Guidlines {Rules}

Real life: 1. I'm a girl in real life too. I can't stretch that enough. Dont freaking say I look like a guy because I dont have a beard though. I'm like one of those hairless cats. If you do say it, I'm just going to ignore it anyway. Oh and by the way I have a real name to which is "Nicole". I'm pretty sure my rp real name is my real life name too. ====================================================================== Styles of roleplay: 2.  I'll do para and multi-para (2-5 sentences/paragraphs) . For the novellas; don't even get me to rp with you if you only want that. I will delete you if you sent me a starter that is a novella. All  rps should be in messages.  I also do script roleplay too depends if the person who's roleplaying them aint online or I want to add it to the roleplay. The known roleplay of the script one is the one I'm doing with my rp sister Perla on Facebook. I rp as other characters too (only on Chatzy). Example: Nikki: -sees Zack Martin and waves to him- Zack: -waves back to her- ======================================================================= Wesker's daughter: 3. Nikki Wesker's a non-canon character of Resident Evil. It means she didn't appear in any Resident Evil games or movies. Her play-by is Katrina Bowden (it was Taylor Swift). I'm going to put her action version on this site someday. ====================================================================== Series/crossovers: 4.  I roleplay Resident Evil  and Cirque du Freak (on Facebook only) as my own character, Darren Shan (Facebook) and the original (Columbus: I'm really a girl in real life that likes the character). Crossovers are welcome. I love those things. Romances are for whoever is dating my character. I'll do adventure, horror or team mate.  Pokemon are always welcome. Here's the crossovers so far: Wizards of Waverly Place Sharkboy and Lavagirl Suite Life on Deck Futurama Prototype (Also known as Proto-Evil) Left 4 Dead Assassin's Creed Doctor Who Own character crossovers Family Guy Warm Bodies ===================================================================== Edited photographs/layout/information: 5. As for the edited photographs, DON'T STEAL FROM ME UNLESS I MADE IT FOR YOU OR OF US!!!  DO NOT STEAL MY CHARACTER'S LOOK & DESIGN... IF I FOUND OUT YOU DID, I'LL REPORT/BLOCK YOUR BUTT!!! Nikki Wesker and her alter ego: Nikki Unknown  are my characters, not yours and that goes to their looks, hair colors, eye colors, skin color & appearance !!! Unless I'll let you edit a photo. If you want a edit made by me, give me the details along with the background and original of your choice. There is a blog about that. Its link will be here soon. I won't do layouts because I suck at them or there's a lot of photos I need to edit. If I get the program that let me make layouts, I'll let you know. If you plan to add eyelashes or something to your edited pic made by me, let me know. My edit requests  take some time since I'm a roleplayer and have other photos that need edited. So be patient when you want one done.  Other words; don't steal my stuff (layouts, information of my character and pics) unless you did it for me (layout and pics). I'll come after you and go off on you. I will report you to the creator of ======================================================================== Nikki's background: 6. As for my age in real life, it's listed on the information. Roleplay is from 15 and 20 because of the character's appearance. If the character is blooded into a vampire in a verse that's not Resident Evil, she will age like any normal person.  For Resident Evil, she's a superhuman that have speed, transportation and stamina like her father Albert Wesker.  Please note that the profile song will be changed on a regular basis. ===================================================================== Columbus Ohio and Alex Russo profiles: 7. Another profile of mine is Columbus from Zombieland. I will not add/accept mirrors on that profile. Want to send a friend request to the other profile? Search for "Columbus" on the site, it should be the first one. I also rp as Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place. If you want the link, just ask.   ================================================================== Resident Evil/Cirque du Freak and other verses: 8. DON'T SAY I GODMODE!!!!  (If you don't know about the healing factor for vampires: check out Cirque du Freak movie because it is shown on there). Only verses that have vampires/werewolves, Nikki will show those powers. Those two species are for other verses except Resident Evil where she's human that have powers like her dad. I prewarn you that in Resident Evil or a crossover verse, she have super-human powers speed and stamina . My character Nikki is based on Resident Evil and Cirque du Freak. So, if the roleplay is Resident Evil or a crossover between the two games, her abilities and powers are from Resident Evil since she's Wesker's daughter. Also, DO NOT KILL OFF MY CHARACTER OR CONTROL HER IF YOU DO, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND DELETED!! Also, I'll report your butt for it. ==================================================================== Relationship: 9.  Nikki's taken by whoever is with her on here. She will not cheat on him with another roleplay guy. My character is faithful to her boyfriend. Also, erotica is only for my character's boyfriend. So, no flirting with my character. I want my character to stay true to her man. That goes to yours, too. I want my character's boyfriend/husband be faithful to her, so no cheating or she will end it.  If your character is dating mine and you deleted me, I have no choice but to turn her single.  If you want to stay with her (your choice), then don't do this. If I have a boyfriend in real life, do not expect us to date in real life. Why would I dump the guy that I'm dating in real life for someone who I'm dating in roleplay? I'm not that stupid. Right now, she is taken. ====================================================================== Protections: 10. I am totally protected by friends, mains and family members. Mess with me, you will die.... That goes to my kids (adopted or biological). siblings, family members or friends. Mess with them, I'll hunt you down and kill you in roleplay or start a biological zombie outbreak in your town or bring you to an zombie infested city: For example: New York or Raccoon City. ===================================================================== Mains/connections: 11. If you want to be my main, you have to go to my profile and look at the "mains needed" list. Tell me who you roleplay as and discuss a storyline/connection. If you do not see the name of your character listed, I already got one and I put their character's picture and link on top friends.  For the connections; it depends if you want some kind of relationship with my character. Please tell me what storyline and location you want the roleplay to be set in. Some of the mains are part of Nikki's family or a best friend.  Own character's are always welcome here. ======================================================================= Patience required/contact: 12. I do have a life outside here. I won't be online on vacations (if I don't have a computer or there is no internet), a job (if I get one), library closings and other sites or I'm editing. Be patient if you're talking to or roleplaying with me on here or on other sites.. If you want to still be in touch: contact me on one of these: Yahoo, AIM and Facebook. DA: or Follow me at: #!/nikkiwesker1991 ====================================================================== You add, you talk/start: 13. If you add me, you got to send a greeting and a starter after discussing (unless you can't think of one or suck at starting, I'll send you a starter). If I sent you one, I'll do the same. I go on deleting spree in two months. If you want to talk to me, you gotta get me to do it. Because I'm not spending my time commenting your butt unless you're my family members, mains, connections and rl friends. Once you delete me after I accepted you or added you, I'm not adding/accepting you back. I will move on from you. If you are a main, I'll replace you. ===================================================================== Grammar required: 14. Lastly, learn how to spell when roleplaying with me. If you don't know how to spell, I get what you're saying if you're a close friend of mine. Also, patience is needed. I have another profile that needed attention as much as this one. ======================================================================= No drama: 15. I can't stand drama on here. Do not bring it on my doorstep. If you do, I'm just going to warn you. If you keep doing it, I'm kicking you out. I will allow drama if they are in a roleplay. ======================================================================= Once you read all these rules, sign with your character's name and the quote that he/she uses. I WILL WARN YOU THE FIRST TIME BUT BREAK ANY OF THESE RULES AGAIN, YOU WILL HAVE A BIG UMBRELLA OR GENTEK'S VIRUSES IN YOUR SYSTEM THEN I'LL KILL YOU IN YOUR ZOMBIE VERSION  (meaning I'll delete your ass.) To make sure you actually read this, you have to give me the quote of your character or your favorite movie or book. Note:These rules will change/updated sometimes.

Multi characters

06/27/2012 09:55 PM 


Name: DrakeAge: 21 but is really 550Species: Panther demonHair Color: Dark purpleEye Color: Bright greenSexual Orientation: Gay/SekeOccupation: night time escortstatus: singleTattoo: black panther print starting under his right eye down to the tip of his foot.

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