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Primordial Predator

06/30/2012 11:01 PM 

Rules of the Game!
Current mood:  aroused

Rules of the Game 1.Don't piss me offxml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 2.Don't fuck with my family 3.Don't like my writing? Then piss off 4.Don't like me Flirting? Then piss of. 5.Don't like my arrogant ass? Then piss off 6.Don't act as a know it all. I know more then you. 7.Don't claim I have a child with you. I will deny all ownership 8.I pay no child support 9.I'm a pimp daddy. Accept that fact 10.I'm rude, blunt, funny, sexual, sexy as fuck and a lover at that 11.I play by my own rules 12.I follow no rules not even my own. 13.Want to get in my pants? Get in line like the rest of the bitches 14.Yes, I have Aim and yahoos IM. Do you have it? No. Will I give it to you? More then likely no. 15.I don't like you. I will delete you. That's a good enough reason for me 16.I have been around since 2006 on Myspace, Iv been around the block. Pulling a fast one is not possible 17.IF you want to RP with me, send me something don't ask about these dam story lines. 18.I go with the flow 19.Rl: Don't ask. I do not tell. Only those I value and are dear to me know about me. 20.If you are reading this. You must sign it. Send me something to my likening. 21.That's right, such a good little bitch reading my rules. I owned you, accept that. 22.I am one of a kind. You will not find anyone like me. It's your choice if you choose to play the game.     My RL Number Call me --- 973-409-3279

Future Sight

06/30/2012 09:04 PM 

Phoebe's Witch Powers/Abilities

Spell CastingSpell Casting is the ability to cast spells and perform rituals. It is one of the three basic powers possessed by Witches and Warlocks, the others being Scrying and Potion Making. Although a basic power for beings like witches, it is rare for other beings such as Demons to possess this power, as it is usually only possessed by powerful upper-level demons.Some spells require more than one witch to make them work in order to increase the amount of magic and therefore potential power available for the spell. For example, the spell to vanquish the first Warlock Jeremy Burns, is a Power of Three spell.The demon Abraxas revealed that by reading a spell backwards correctly, one can reverse the effects. For example, the spell to vanquish the Woogyman will instead summon it when said backwards. The spell to invoke a witch's powers will rebind them if read backwards. Spell Casting.Form of the Ritual.Burning a written spellAll spells contain a spoken component, or incantation. An incantation is written and recited as verse. They vary widely in length. They may be as short as two lines, or can can be a dozen or more lines in length. Four lines seems to be the most common length for spells used in the series. Most contain rhymes, although some do not. Typical rhyme scheme include couplets (A,A,B,B) or interlocking couplets (A,B,A,B). Some incantations are in a foreign or undecipherable language but still work effectively.Some spells consist of only an incantation, but others have additional components as well. A spell may require the use of certain tools or ingredients. A seance requires five white candles, a sprig of sage & the Power of Three. A spell may also require certain actions to be performed, such as burning a piece of paper with specific things written on it.An Enchantment is a kind of spell in which the magical effect is invested in an object. The object can then be used to invoke that magic. Jewellery seems to be a common choice for creating enchanted objects. There is a spell in the Book of Shadows called the "Enchantment Spell" that can be used to cause an object to reveal evil nearby.Parameters of Spells.Phoebe wearing Enchanted sunglassesSpells are capable of producing a wide variety of effects, both harmful and helpful. They can produce physical changes in a person or object, such as turning a person into a dog or placing protective powers in a talisman. They can also have profound mental effects such as enhancing intellect, altering memory, manipulating emotions, or causing magical compulsion (such as forcing someone to speak truthfully). Spells can manipulate other kinds of magic, such as binding (preventing the use of) a witch's powers, transferring powers between individuals, breaking magical barriers, or lifting curses.Vanquishing Spells are spells used to defeat strong demons and warlocks. Each one is usually unique, designed to defeat a single, specific individual. Often, they require the Power of Three.The subject of a spell can be affected at a distance. Spells have been depicted as effective when the incantation was transmitted over telephone lines, or when it was recorded and played back at a different place by someone else.Some spells, such as those used to vanquish demons and warlocks, have a momentary duration. Others are persistent, and continue to have their effects on their subjects until they are specifically reversed. A few are self-ending: the magic fades after a predetermined length of time, or when certain conditions are met i.e. the spell has played out. A lot of the spells have consequences.Specifics and Limitations.Prue casting a spell as a spiritDespite Grams implying that witches are capable of anything, it is safe to assume that that is not completely true. Magic seems to be semi-conscious. Just like asking a genie to grant a specific wish; there are often loopholes the wisher, or caster, can fall into if they are not very specific. Spell backfiring is also a common problem.Spell Backfire can result from:A witch sworn to the Wiccan Rede using magic for personal gainNot being specific enough with the incantationNature's "will" to teach the witch a lesson in some wayAdd to backfire, the spell may not work at all, or very weakly. This implies that the willpower and innate magical strength of the witch has an affect on the spell's success. For example, in That 70's Episode, Penny & Patty Haliwell cast a spell to send the Charmed One's back to the future...but they only succeeded in sending them forward 10 seconds, and in The Power of Two, Prue is only able to injure the spirit of Jackson Ward while casting the "To Vanquish A Ghost" spell, but is only able to vanquish the spirit after chanting the spell with willpower.Extra material components/potions may or may not be necessary for a spell, given how the girls would quite often make up new spells on the fly without anything but the incantation. Instead, the extra components may just help to magnify the spell's strength.Phoebe is considered to be the best spell-writer among the Charmed Ones. She is responsible for writing the spell to draw the power from the entire Warren line to destroy The Source. She later crafted a new Power of Three spell, strong enough to vanquish the Source for good. Leo mentioned that she has authored hundreds of spells. While her sisters are all fairly talented spell-writer as well, their talent resides mostly in Potion Making.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Potion Making Potion Making is the power to brew potions with magical properties. It is one of the three basic powers possessed by Witches & Warlocks, as well as several other magical beings. Only those who possess magical power will be able to brew magical potions, as potions created by mortals will be powerless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Scrying Scrying is the ability of a witch, to find a lost object or person. All one must do is hold the crystal pendant over a map of the area where it is thought the lost person or object will be. The more violent and vigorous the swing of the pendant, the closer you are to the object on the map coordinates, like a "warm or cold" method of looking for something i.e. the more vigorous the swings the "warmer" one is. The pendant will eventually pinpoint the exact location of the object or person by pulling down on to a spot on the map after a certain amount of time.For a scry to pinpoint the exact location of something, usually an item of that person or demon is needed, like clothes or blood. Piper used the eyes of a snake to scry for a Saleel, a reptile demon, so it is assumed that the object can also be related to the thing you are scrying for. Scrying is one of the three basic powers a witch has. Elders can also use this power.Amethyst is said to work best as the most powerful scrying substance. (This is probably taken from the real life idea that amethyst is a substance that can heavily augment one's psychic abilities, or, in this case, magical abilities.)In Season 4, the Charmed Ones, come into contact with a Zen master and his student/daughter (Ang-lee). The latter tells the Charmed Ones that her father could use a surface of water as a looking glass into other worlds. This seems very similar to the real world method of scrying and may be the Zen master's version of it, especially as Ang-lee said it was a power and one she could learn as well as her father. In Season 8, we discovered that Billie can scry with her computer using a GPS on-screen map and a large quartz crystal attached to her mouse, moving it over the mousepad to move it around the on-screen map. When the target was located, the on-screen map would put a red square over the area and the crystal would stick fast. Appendices.The Scrying page in the Book of Shadows.Scrying for something lostOver a mapa crystal on threadshould flowName what is soughtand the point will show.Scrying for Other Objects.Paige scrying for PiperWith the flame of a candle, light a personal object of the person you wish to find and place it into a ceremonial bowl along with the scrying crystal and other personal belongings.Before the flame subsides, let the wax from the candle drip onto the crystal.Once consecrated, scry with the crystal for the one who is sought.Spells.Scrying Spell.In Season 5, Paige created a spell to cause a scrying crystal to reveal the last location that was magically divined via scrying:Scrying secrets come to me,Drop again so I might see.Bowl Divination Spell.In Season 6, Mabel Stillman, used a spell to spy on the Halliwell sisters with the use of a scrying bowl.Give me sight, through the blackest bile,Show me the faces, I revile.

Future Sight

06/30/2012 08:42 PM 

Phoebe's Powers - Part 2

EmpathyEmpathy is the ability to feel and understand other people's feelings and emotions. A user of this ability can feel exactly what another person is feeling, and for the same reasons, without direct contact with them. The most basic form of Empathy involves actively channeling other people's feelings and emotions - by concentrating on them - in order to feel exactly what another person is feeling, and for the same reasons.Cupids possess only the most basic form of empathy; their empathy is limited to human beings.Whitelighters on the other hand possess an even weaker form of the power; they are connected to their charges on a physical level, and will automatically feel what their charges feel, but only when a charge is hurt and is in pain.More advanced Empathy - bestowed solely upon Empaths- involves channelling emotions from any being that can produce emotions: for example; magical and non beings, animals and ghosts. It also involves channeling emotions across great distances and being able to experience verbal feedback when channelling heightened emotions across those distances, allowing the user to psychically hear the being(s) they are channeling speakPhoebe possess the advanced form of empath. This initially causes considerable problems, as after encountering the emotions of others she would sometimes act on their whims. Although initially Phoebe exhibited little control over her ability, her proficiency has noticeably increased over time.She can now interpret and understand each emotion without being overwhelmed. As such, beings with malevolent intent are usually worried when they are around her, afraid she will find out any secrets that they are trying to keep hidden. Phoebe can sometimes channel emotion across a city wide distance and in between dimensions.One memorable user of this power was Mitzy Stillman. Mitzy gained this ability temporarily when she stole Phoebe's identity and powers. Mitzy's empathy power let her realize how much Mabel hated both her and her younger sister, however, the power also gave her headaches.Branches of Empathy.Empathy is capable of manipulating emotions and various elements connected to emotions. However, empaths, who are the main receivers of this gift, are the only beings capable of using empathy in this manner. It should be noted that, whilst so far no empath has ever demonstrated empathy in it's totality, certain empaths can control more that one branch.Phoebe deflecting fire balls.Empathic Channelling and ReplicatingArguably the most powerful branch of Empathy; it focuses on manipulating the powers of others. For example, users can counteract and replicate the powers of other beings. Phoebe is able to apply both of these methods, and is particularly skilled in this area.Empathic Power Resistance.A branch of Empathy which protects the user from magical injury; however, this branch only works in combination with Power Channeling and Replication: for example, channeling the power of another makes one resistance to said power, when it is used against them. In Phoebe's case, her body's resilience is extended to an even greater degree, allowing her to withstand the powers she replicates from others, when they are used against her.Empathic Power Augmentation.A branch of Empathy which focuses on augmenting the user's powers. Augmentation can also happen automatically if the user cannot control their empathy power. The only known Empath to have ever used this aspect of empathy was Prue. She was only able to do this during her brief time as an empath.Empathic Power Granting.The possessor can transfer their power into another being through a touch. Depending on the receiver: for example; a demon, this power can act as a curse, forcing the demon to feel the pain he or she inflicts.The only known Empath to have ever done this was Father Thomas. In 1996, when he was attacked by the demon Vinceres, he placed his hands on the demon's chest and transferred his empathy powers to him. Father Thomas knew the power would make the demon insane and unable to set one foot outside and thus not being able to kill.Empathic Manipulation.A branch of Empathy that is centered around manipulating other people's of emotion. A practitioner of this aspect can channel other people's emotions - rather it be their enemy's, their enemy's victims or a mixture of both - and project, reflect or amplify those same emotions through the hands in the form of two tiny electricity bolts.Empathic Healing.A branch of Empathy that is centered around guiding mortals -for example, someone who practices this aspect can ease human suffering by using their intimate knowledge of what the other person is feeling or has gone through, and then offering them advice and comfort- and healing emotional wounds, akin to Whitelighters healing physical wounds.Phoebe, as an advice columnist, uses her gift to help the people who write to her. She answers their letters through her column, giving them helpful advice. Aside from counselling, Father Thomas also healed the emotional anguish of his parishioners. It should be noted that, he channeled his power through his hands.Empathy and Different Planes/Realities.Empathy is one of the very few powers that is capable of stretching through different planes of existence and alternate realities. Phoebe first revealed this while in one of Gith's emotion/desire fuelled realities and used her power to tap into Piper's emotions, sensing her sister's fear even though she was in a different reality. Once this connection was made, Phoebe and Paige were able to use their combined desires in order to shift themselves through Gith's realities and transport themselves to Piper.Phoebe later showed this aspect of her power again when Piper and Leo were trapped in The Ghostly Plane. Phoebe was able to sense Piper's presence and even feel her pain when she was injured. Since Piper is the common denominator in both these examples, it is possible that Phoebe's power was amplified in both cases by the strength of her sisterly love.Insanity and DemonsThe power of Empathy can drive a being insane if they are not destined to have it, however, demons can never gain this power naturally, due to the fact that they cannot handle human emotions. It would destroy them or drive them insane, as it drove the demon Vinceres almost insane, but shortly after it was taken away, he returned to normal.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pathokinesis Pathokinesis, also called Advanced Empathy, is the ability to channel and manipulate the emotions of other beings. It is a highly evolved form of Empathy, and has proven to be an extremely strong power. The first step in using Pathokinesis is to channel the emotions of another - it could be your enemy's, their victims or a mixture of both - and then project those same emotions through the hands in the form of two tiny electricity bolts in order to flood your enemy's mind with emotions and overload their brain. These bolts can vanquish - if not severely incapacitate - even magical beings thought impossible to vanquish. Phoebe can apply all three methods.When Phoebe visited an alternative future, she got a premonition in which she saw herself killing Cal Greene with this power. But she did not know what the power was or how she killed him. However, in time, Phoebe developed this power, and was finally able to figure out how she killed Cal Greene.She used her power to overload his brain, causing it to flood with his emotions - including what he felt when he attacked his victims - as well as with the images and feelings (pain) of his former victims. Note: Phoebe revealed that she can induce memories and possibly mental images based on the emotion she's manipulating.Phoebe use this power to channel all of Neena's emotions and reflect them back onto her; forcing her to experience all her deepest feelings at once, which caused her extreme mental pain until she was knocked unconscious. This was the first time Phoebe used the power on a magical being; a witch.Effects and Limits.The sole purpose of this power is to cause instant death to an enemy, however, channelling too much emotions to do so can sometime have an effect on the user.Phoebe can currently only attack one opponent at a time, and needs to be near her opponent, as using her power involves holding her hands with her palms spread at each temple of her enemy's head, usually while standing behind them. However, she offsets this limitation by sneaking up on her opponents.Empathy and Astral Projection.A witch blessed/cursed with the power of Empathy can use her natural power of Astral Projection to project emotions into another being. Prue was the only known being to have ever used Empathy and Astral Projection in this manner.She used them to destroyed a thought-unstoppable demon named Vinceres by projecting herself into his body and forcing him to feel all the emotions that she had been experiencing. The emotional baggage overwhelmed Vince and literally tore him apart; vanquishing him.

Future Sight

06/30/2012 08:19 PM 

Phoebe's Powers - Part 1

PremonitionPremonition is the power to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. This power is said to be highly desirable, since it often helps a witch evade dangerous situations. Receiving PremonitionsPhoebe calling a premonition by way of Psychometry.PsychometryUsually in the early stages of Premonition, most users receive their visions by touching objects or people related to the Premonition by way of Psychometry. As their power grows, users get visions out of the blue, and are able to look into the future, present, or past by will alone.Calling for PremonitionsUsers can train themselves to call for Premonitions. Phoebe learned to do this less than a year after gaining this power. She was able to call a vision to her using Piper's plane ticket, allowing her to see Piper missing her plane.[Before, this didn't always work, as evidenced on multiple occasions. Phoebe can now look into the future, present or past at will.Branches Of PremonitionPrecognitionUsers can see and perceive the future in a Premonition. Usually, in the early stages, most users can only see what is taking place. As their power grows, users develop the ability to experience aspects of their Premonitions allowing them to hear what is taking place within the environment of their visions and to feel the emotions of the victims in their Premonitions. These aspects will automatically manifest in other branches of their powers.This is the first branch of the power Phoebe developed when her powers were reawakened. Phoebe has also been able to feel the emotions of the victims in her Premonition, for example, she once felt the the emotions of an elderly woman being killed.Clairvoyance.Users can see the present in a Premonition. This ability is used to discern locations and gain information about objects, beings, or places. Phoebe gains this extension of her original Precognitive abilities early on in the series.One notable instance of Clairvoyance was when Phoebe psychically connected with the Succubus and was able to see through her eyes to locate her next victim. Later she was able to speak through the Succubus & helped Prue resist her lure.Another memorable instance was when Phoebe & Piper were attending their friend Brittnay's funeral. Phoebe wanted to know how Brittany died, so she impulsively touches the coffin and receives a vision of the present, seeing Brittany looking very old.RetrocognitionUsers can see the past in a Premonition. Phoebe original Precognitive abilities grew to include retrocognition, to see the past. The first time she used it was when she touched a locket that Prue gave her and saw 300 years into the past. Later as her power grew she was able to see multiple events in one vision. An example of this was when Phoebe touched the Book of Shadows and saw seven different events in one vision.Astral PremonitionThe ability to astral project into the future while having a Premonition. This is a combination of Astral Projection & Time Travelling. The only known user of this power is Phoebe. It allows her to see things in more detail, & experience being in the actual future.Enhanced IntuitionPhoebe also has great intuition due to her Premonition power. She is also sensitive to magical shifts in time. When the demon Tempus repeatedly reverse the day, Phoebe senses straight away that the day feels familiar & gradually remembers more and more. She says in her own words that because her power allows her to see different things in different times, she must be more susceptible to the time shift.Sharing Visions and Psychic Echoes.Two psychics can share visions with each other by holding hands, palm to palm. They can also create psychic link with each other, either purposefully or accidentally.The latter was demonstrated by Bo Lighterfeather, who accidentally created a psychic bond with Phoebe. With him stuck in a time loop, Phoebe received the same injuries he sustained at the time.Phoebe can share her premonitions with other psychics. Once she also developed a psychic link with a Succubus though it's unclear how she connected. The Seer was also able to send Phoebe a premonition from the Underworld.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Levitation Levitation is the magical ability to defy gravity and propel oneself into the air and move around. It is a weaker form of flight, a power which this ability may eventually evolve into. The possessor can lift off the ground through sheer act of will or by lifting both arms into the air. Levitation is one of the more versatile powers, allowing one to defend themselves, attack others and travel.It should be noted that, whilst levitating maintaining ones concentration is paramount, because lost of concentration and insufficient reaction time will cause the user to fall to the ground, even if that user is skilled in rising.When Phoebe first developed this ability, she was unable to control it properly as it was new for her. She could levitate and hover, but she could not move through the air without assistance, so Prue would use Telekinesis to maneuver her into the right direction.However, within two months, Phoebe was able glide naturally, combining her power more and more with her martial arts. This contributed greatly to her skills in hand to hand combat and enhanced her chance of diverting demonic threats. She also used her power passively, in order to meditate.Rising.A conjectural name given to a canonical branch of Levitation that supports/protects it's user, such as stopping the user from falling by levitating them back up in an upright position. This normally occur on reflex (usually in moments of strong fear), however, it also a skill, a user can master overtime.It should be noted that, users can also apply this method --rising-- after they have fallen; however, this has never been known to happen on reflex, only through conscious effort.Phoebe's first successful use of rising was on reflex, she stopped herself from falling during a battle in a courtroom. However, she is now skilled enough to stop herself from falling on command, and has done so on a number of occasions. A notable instance was during a battle with the Source, Phoebe levitated horizontally and kicked him, she then prevents herself from falling to the floor by immediately lifting herself up with her levitation power.Selective Levitation.Levitation can be extended to levitate things one is in physical contact with; this may even include things so large and heavy that the person or being does not have the strength to move them physically. How long the possessor can keep something levitated depends on what the possessor is lifting: for example; the possessor can lift a pillow for an extensive period of time or lift someone for a short period of time.Phoebe learned to use her levitation power to levitate objects and other people with her. She first used this aspect of her power to levitate herself and a "KLMV" weatherman, and again when she levitated a pillow she was sitting on. However, Phoebe can now take heavier/larger things with her when she's levitating; she proved this when she levitated a Orb-Shield which contained herself, her two sisters and Leo.Leaping.Leaping is a conjectural name given to a canonical application of Levitation, which as its name suggest, is magically travelling from place to place using leaps.It should be noted that, one travels solely in a forward direction and can reach great heights.Any being using this application will have to make contact with the ground to continuously propel him or herself through the air. However, these contacts may be rare, depending on how much distance the possessor can cover with one leap.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ℱєrrєt kιиgϟ

06/29/2012 02:53 PM 

Unbrokeable Vow

1: I am not nor do I claim to be Tom Felton nor Draco Malfoy. He is just a face I use for my Role Play and i play just a character from Harry Potter. No copyright infringement intended. I retrieve his pictures from a fan-site and always have premisson to use them. I do not know Tom Felton, Or the cast of Harry Potter, nor J. K Rowling.(Ain't that noticeable?)2: I do send out a mass starter comment. >.> I'm lazy but it will make you laugh. Our storyline will be talk about.3: WARNING!!!! There will be Male pregnancy somewhere on my page, or Drarry along with other ships. Don't like it delete me. Mature content.4: Messages are for ooc. Please lets remember this. I send only comments, I would like to only receive comments. If i have sent you a message it probably because i couldn't find your comment button.5: ORIGINAL CHARACTERS! Yes I'm going to point you out. Just cause I'm an asshole like that. For those that are my brother or my sister or something of that sort! I simply am going to say it now. I disown you. =/ See dick head. I am an only child. I want no brothers or sisters. Failed right now. Will this stop you from trying? Probably not. Which is another FAIL. oh well. As far as other originals. If you got past the adding factor, then i probably liked something about your page. I hope your very interest cause you got lucky!6: I don't wanna be anymore of a dickhead but i MUST!@ -.- I para to multi para. What that means is i like to keep things somewhat story but give it enough length to give it that ZAP! 3 paragraphs to 5 paragraphs. Please don't waste you time with more.7: No GODMODDING! Please. I can control Draco just fine. If you have a problem with something then lets talk about it!8: One liners are for friends only!9: You like a picture? Ask for it! All my shit is tagged. And i know my work anywhere.10: If you haven't noticed so far I'm a fucking asshole aren't i? Just what you wanted? Another Prick Draco correct? Well guess what. I can be a Teddy bear unless you piss me of! Just so i know what you stuck in here. Give me a Video game name from the early 90s.11: Last but not less. My muggle has a life. And I'm not allow to be around all the time. Due to that, that means i might get slow sometimes with replies. Just check my page for who i own. Please remember rule number 4 in this matter. This why we have messages but one message is all i need, please and thank you.Sincerely,Draco L. Malfoy

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