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Invader Zim T&L Lydia

03/12/2012 09:47 PM 

Interview with Goob

Interview with Goob

Q: What's it like sharing a room with Lewis?

Goob: Um, it's pretty cool. He makes a lot of cool things, you know, his inventions and stuff like that. And he's really smart. He helps me with my homework. But the one thing that I really don't like is that his inventions are always blowing up. Oh, and that a lot of times he stays up really late working on them. I don't like that either.

Q: What is the number one thing that you wish for? Is it more sleep?

Goob: Yeah, more sleep would be good. Also I wish I had a video game system for my room 'cuz there's lots of awesome games where you can shoot big laser guns and blow stuff up. All the kids at school talk about them. I'd love to play them sometime.

Q: Your great passion seems to be baseball. What do you love about it?

Goob: Oh yeah! I love baseball! It's just the best game! I love being outside and I love being in the outfield and working as a team. But sometimes I notice that the other kids don't seem to try very hard and, even though I know it's all about having fun, it'd be nice to win a game once in awhile. We've lost every game of the season so far!

Q: What is your next favorite sport after baseball? Do you like football?

Goob: Um, no. I don't really like football. Just baseball. It's like the best game ever!

Q: Do you think you and Lewis will stay friends in the future?

Goob: Yeah. I think so.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Goob: Easy. Baseball player. But I think it would also be fun to be a racecar driver. Or a rock star. Or deliver newspapers. Or design roller coasters.

Q: What would you say if you could talk to yourself 30 years from now?

Goob: What?

Q: If you could talk to yourself 30 years from now, what would you say?

Goob: Talk to myself? Um.... I don't really know. That's kind of a weird question.

Q: Do you like to wear hats? If so, what kind and why?

Goob: Okay, I don't mean this to be rude, but you ask really weird questions. I mean, I wear my baseball cap but like, I don't really wear any other hats, I guess.

Q: Lewis is working on a brain scanner device to dredge up buried memories. Disney Can you think of one memory you would want to stay forgotten?

Goob: Yeah, like, every memory of every game we've lost. Which is every single one. I wish I could forget that.

Q: What's your favorite movie?

Goob: I love the new 'Captain Time Travel' movie! It's my favorite comic book and the movie is just so awesome! He's the best superhero! There's this one part where he fights the bad guy with the cape and the moustache and the whole city gets destroyed and Captain Time Travel wins and sends the bad guy back to dinosaur times where he gets chased by this big T-Rex. It was really cool. But even though you're supposed to not like the bad guy, I kind of felt sorry for him, for some reason. I don't know why.

Conniving Bitch

03/12/2012 01:07 PM 

Play by the rules.

First off, I am not Claire Holt, nor am I Rebekah Mikaelson. One is to busy for this, the other is a fictional character, if you thought otherwise, please show yourself off of my page.

Now, I would like to set a few ground rules.

1) Grammar. We all went to Elementary correct? Use proper spelling and punctuation. There is spell check if you are not sure. I will not tolerate text talk, or laziness when it comes to these things. If I can not understand it, you will be deleted without a reason. (side note: If English is not your first language, please inform me so that I may be a little more lenient on this rule with you.)

2) Relationships. I do not expect one to happen. She will flirt, and do as she pleases. If a relationship were to occur, she will remain loyal.

3) Real Life. We all have one. As of right now, I am attending school full time, have a job, a family. So yes, I am rather busy. Don't like it? Please show yourself off my page. I will always update on my status as to what is going on. That's all you'll find out unless we become close. If you've read this far, please leave a funny gif.

4) Drama. If there is any started, I will delete you. I am not here to deal with your petty high school drama. Don't like someone, then don't be their friend. It's that simple. If you spam my feed with drama, this will also cause you to be gone. So, it short. Absolutely no drama! Only exception is in our storyline. It makes for an interesting story.

5) Godmoding. I play Rebekah, not you. If you want to play her, then make you own page. I have a certain way I play her, and do not appreciate you trying to take her over.

That is all I can think of at the moment. These rules are subject to change at my request.

-Writer behind Rebekah


03/10/2012 06:57 PM 

Current mood:  amused


1. No theft, period.

2. No drama, ffs.

3. As far as relationships go, I'm taken. 

4. Children. I have endless children, some with the same name, none of them from the same mother. Bear this in mind when asking for storylines.

5. Roleplay style: multi-para. I am not very active on this site; my roleplaying will happen on my AIM account, which is lexicxgrapher if you haven't added me yet.

6. I AM TAKEN BY MISS ROSALIE HALE [SOON-TO-BE-MRS. CULLEN].  This is an extension of number three. I understand that men are hard to come by, but please do not expect me to play along with your little games. I am a happily taken man. Respect that.

Dead By Sunrise

03/10/2012 04:09 PM 

Official Members Area

(That means your name is listed in the scroll-box on our main page)

Active Member Count : 10!
Member Count: 13

Affiliate Member Count: 3



Private group. Members only. For group RP events.


Our IM system for group instant messaging and chats is Discord.
Discord is available for free, online or mobile app, internationally.

1) RP that happens on Discord does not effect the current storyline. Alternate SLs may be written on Discord but it does not necessarily reflect what is happening to the overall group SL (move plot). 
2) Group chat is meant to be fun and to chat either IC or OOC. Please use "//" before your statements if you are writing in OOC.
3) The group rules that you have signed apply to Discord as well. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and can lead to expulsion from the group and/or ban from Discord for a designated time or permanently.
4) Secondary chats or channels can be made for multiple character drabbles or for whole group events such as a wedding. Whole group events can effect the group SL with permission from the moderators prior to the event. But we also encourage the use of our Group page for large group RPs and events.


 New Castle group chat/server: ASK A OWNER or MEMBER FOR THE LINK

Rue (owner): thebookisahorcrux#2561
Ophelia: Darling_x#8824
Cora/Nora: RestlessSoul#8501
Sera: ♦ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪxᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ#0389
Arya: v e n o m#5935
Lucia: Lucia#8870
Kieara: ❥ Poptart ☾#9970
Audrey: littlexorphanxwolf#5287
Julia: julz#1108
Sadie: Sadie#1893



  • This group is a supporter of NOH8. By auditioning and becoming a member of this group you automatically become a supporter of this cause. We will not accept bullying, disrespect or negativity (that is OOC) of any kind or you will be removed from the group.
  • Members are expected to uphold our open Honesty Policy. We do this to create our sense of family and community within our group. This extends to all members to let them know who you are if you write as or have auditioned as multiple characters. 
  • Additional Accounts: Members are allowed to have TWO characters but tell the moderators who you are before you audition! Members who have been actively writing as a character for at least 6 months (with 3 or more active connections and must show proof of those active connections) may be able to apply for a second role if they so desire. 
::Leaving the group::

::Activity checks::
  • We understand real life can be busy, but if you are inactive for 1 month without frequent check-ins (messages to mods or replies), you will be placed under the "Affiliate member" list. After 2 months of inactivity a message will be sent to you by admin and you will be given until a certain date to respond. If you do not respond your role will be reopened and profile deleted from our membership. If you do respond, your status will remain the same but you need to become fully active. Only if you are fully active will you be taken off of the affiliate members list.  
  • "Fully active" means you post replies (messages or comments, not just status posts or Discord activity) to other members from your page within a month's time, the preferred rate is at least one reply a week. Being active on your deadline date is still cause for removal if you have made no efforts before then.
  • If you disappear within your first month after being accepted, your role may be reopened. A message will be sent to you with a deadline beforehand. 

Members Badges!
choose from these options to place on your profile

Badge for Headline: (150x50)

Badge for Headline: (100x100)

Badge for Headline: (150x50)


Jan. 21 -Super Blood Wolf Moon
Feb. 19
Mar. 20
Apr. 19
May 18
June 17
July 16
Aug. 15
Sept. 14
Oct. 13
Nov. 12
Dec. 12


Remember to share out the group as much as possible. Check our share codes blog to find one of the code options. Try to share us at least once a week!


Most Wanted Roles Message 

Copy and Paste the text below into a message use to share with OPEN pages when promoting the group.

[Introduce yourself here] We are Dead By Sunrise RPG, a supernatural/crime verse that has been around since 2009. We are a small RPG with 8 members but the numbers aren't important to us, good writers are! It is not a requirement to write with everyone. We are very friendly and open to different ideas and love new input! Our entire group was started by original characters back on Myspace before we moved here in 2011. Feel free to look at our most wanted roles below, but we still have more to offer on our page if you don't like something here. Play-bys are negotiable and we leave the bio's open for your creative input. 

Group Page:
Most Wanted Roles:

Thanks for your time and good luck in your search!


03/09/2012 02:13 PM 

Alexandras Rules

This is a role playing profile. I am not Emily Harper.

I role play within Ancient Times/Hercules/Xenaverse only.

My character is a custom character that was created in 2007 on MySpace. So do not copy me!

As my character is custom, do not try and link her to yours in anyway, as her family has already been established.

        I'll write one line to multi-Para. I can novella but don't expect quick replies on those.

         Messages are for OOC, Comments are for IC.

        I don't need to discuss SL's ahead of time, but I prefer to if you want to do anything big, (IE: kidnap my character or anything like that)

Do not involve me in another storyline without my permission, such as saying that my character will go somewhere or do something, or that you will do something to me. It's just wrong. I wouldn't do it to you, so don't do it to me.

 In that same vein, no cheating. This means Godmoding: Killing, maiming, kidnapping, and/or harming without my permission. Automoving: moving my character, making her do something or go somewhere. It's my character; I can do it just fine on my own.

      My character is a goddess, which means that she was born with powers. She's not going to use them inappropriately, so please do not include something like that in a storyline, as that is considered godmoding or automoving, depending on how you use them.

        No OOC drama of any kind. I won't put up with it. I'll just delete you.
        Please do not add me if you do not want to play. I keep a very small friend's list, and if you add me and say nothing within two weeks, you will be deleted.

        Mature Content: Oh yeah! Alexandra  is a young girl  with a very attractive husband, so yes, she does indulge in mature content quite regularly. But the point is, is that she is MARRIED! She will not cheat on her husband, nor will she tolerate anyone trying to get her to do so.

        I won't add lookalikes because that's just weird.

        And I won't add other Aphrodite's. I have a mother, she's the only one I need.

        I don't do W4W or PC4PC. Don't ask for it.
That's it for now but if I decide to add more, they will be updated whenever I see fit. If you break these rules, you will be deleted. Or I might send Callisto: Vengeful Goddess after you. She's quite fond of me. Oh, and I did steal these rules, get over it.

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