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Nikki Wesker™ (Married)

11/07/2012 12:41 PM 

Need an edit done? -Reopening soon-

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I need your details if you want an edit done by me. Please note that I'm a roleplayer and those who I roleplay with get a roleplay reply from me first. Please wait until I send your edit request to you. If you are an editor, please note that you will also do a edit for me. Give credit on your edits I did for you.  DO NOT CHANGE THE EDIT!!! IF YOU DO, I WILL NOT MAKE YOU ANOTHER ONE/DENY THE REQUEST.

Tank ™

11/06/2012 06:49 PM 


♟Storybrooke's Lucifer♟™

11/05/2012 05:55 PM 

Chapter One: A Tale As Old As Time©

It is well documented that all magic comes with a price--- A simple gesture of the hand, magic wand, quill, it all measures up to the same thing. The particularly desperate soul gets saved, relinquishing to me what I feel is the most valuable. No Dearys, they do not get to pick my price, I tell them theirs. So in keeping with this inevitable truth I have laid the foundation for I cannot tell you how many souls I have saved, we come to the one soul that changed the course of my life as I knew it--- that one spark, glimpse, even glimmer of light that for a brief moment shined brighter then any sun in any kingdom. It was a test and a lesson in both love and honor, the darkness I had become so accustomed to raising with the slightest and most unexpected presence. _______________This is the part of the over all story that sets all into motion both past, present, and future; I chose this as a place to start all for what it represents to me, as well as the over all big picture; and though there is still many questions, unanswered, and much more of the tale that will be told, it is in the Land of Enchantment where I first met my beloved Belle, that will give you an insight on what was the past, and what will be the future---

Sherlock Holmes

11/05/2012 05:20 PM 

Myspace account   ~ooc~Add my page on myspace if you will, However I know intend too make this site my main account.


11/05/2012 03:30 PM 

The 50 Most Powerful Women of Season |Past and Present|
Current mood:  adventurous

1. Sonya Blade 2. Mileena 3. Alison 4. Kitana 5. Catwoman / Selina Kyle 6. Jade  7. Emma Frost 8. Medusa 9. Harley Quinn 10. Mystique 11. Black Canary 12. Poison Ivy 13. Mickie James 14. Rogue 15. Victoria 16. Daisy 17. Lady Deathstrike 18. Talia Ra's Al Ghul 19. Beth Phoenix 20. Storm 21. AJ Lee 22. Aphrodite 23. Jean Grey 24. Athena 25. Nattie Neidhart 26. Leah 27. Eve Torres 28. Michelle McCool 29. Skarlet 30. Torrie Wilson 31. Maria 32. Maryse 33. Kharma 34. Hera 35. Melina 36. Artemis 37. Persephone 38. Layla 39. Candice Michelle 40. Jillian 41. Sheeva 42. Queen Sindel 43. Bella Twins 44. Black Cat/Felicia Hardy 45. Li Mei 46. Alicia Fox 47. Stacy Keibler 48. Tanya 49. Batgirl/Barbara Gordon 50. Naomi Night 

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