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07/08/2012 05:47 PM 


1.Why a zombie verse?Honestly, Zombies are very popular and The idea of this RPG is based off of a story in the making that a good friend is writing and I have full permission to use her material.2.Are playbys negotiable?No they are not. I spent a lot of time taking the descriptions my friend has created for each character and matching a face to them.3.In your storyline, will characters get killed off?Very few will. But that's what makes this RPG seem legit towards a Zombie Apocalypse. No, I will not reveal who will be killed off and who will make it through.4.Are Originals welcomed?At the moment we are not. I would like the cannon roles to be filled before accepting Originals.5.What happens when a character gets killed off?Those who do get killed off, its just for the storyline. You are still apart of our group and can continue to have a storyline going on with our members. 6.Are you looking for a Co-owner?Yes I am, Message me for the application! 


07/08/2012 05:46 PM 

Affiliate list

List of affiliates will go here


07/08/2012 05:15 PM 

Female roles

Color:Open |Black&white:ClosedStatus:ClosedPlayby: Amber HeardName:Chelsea BakerAge:19Family:Father Bruce. Her mother and two older brothers are decease/fallen to the infected Sexual Orientation:StraightLove interest: EthanBrief Bio:Being only twelve was supposed to be worry and care free. Chelsea never expected anything but the ordinary. But one day, while in school, her parents pulled her out early. It was strange for Bruce and Annaleigh to pull her out early. It wast long after that she watched the world fall apart at her feet. Throughout the years,Chelsea watched Bruce and Annaleigh did all they could to keep their family safe. It wasn't until four years after the infection spread, that Chelsea watched her mother and older brothers fall to it as well. Her father does all he can to keep her safe. But what happens now that she is older and isnt defenseless anymore? Will Chelsea make it through the infection, or will she fall to it?   Key things to know: 1.Chelsea, since the out break, has had an obsession with the crawlers. She wants to study them and understand them 2.Likes to be left a lone at times to look out at the world around them 3.Has OCD  about keeping up with dates. She spent a year making several calendars into the future. Status:OpenPlayby: Nina DobrevName: Sophia Blake Age:20Family:Her cousin Vanessa. Mother is deceased/fallen to the infected. Hopes her father and his family is alive and well.Sexual Orientation:StraightLove interest: Kevin CruzBrief Bio:Before the out break, it was already bad enough being a preteen with divorced parents. Sophia always had to fly back and forth between California and North Carolina. It drove her crazy. She happened to have brought her cousin, Vanessa on the trip to be with her mom when the infection spread. Sophia watched a neighbor take a chunk out of her aunt and didnt understand what was going on. Her mom's side of the family had ran hoping to survive. One night on their own, a horde came across them and wiped out almost everyone. Sophia's mom was bit that night and was slowly dying. Her mom made Sophia promise that once she turned, Sophia needed to kill her. When the time came, Sophia was hesitant to doing so. Knowing it was her mother's wish, she picked up her baseball bat and swung until her mother was really dead. It was just Sophia and Vanessa left after that night. They made their way into Los Angeles and found the group of survivors Key things to know: 1. Like Chelsea, Sophia has an interest in the crawlers 2.Before the outbreak she loved to play softball. Now she uses the crawlers' heads as the ball.3.On the outside, she is a bitch but once you break her walls down, she is a caring person.4. Is close friends with Chelsea as well as Jason, Tanner, and Ethan Status:OpenPlayby: Natalie Portman Name:Justine Flores Age:37Family: Husband (Victor) and two sons(Daniel and Jr.)Sexual Orientation:Straight Love Interest: Victor FloresBrief Bio:When Your family has always came from money, the people always act differently. From a young age, Justine has been pampered and waited on hand and foot. As she got older she always wanted the best for herself. When she met Victor, someone else born into money, she 'fell' in love with him. They were married and had two children. Everything was going smooth. Once the infection spread, she watched everyone around her die and come back. Now that they have found the group of survivors, How will this family and marriage hold out?Key things to know: 1.She grew up from money. 2.Her husband is the one that protects here when ever there is a horde3. She complains about little things (Such as split ends, cold showers, etc.)4.Hates the idea that Chelsea is so comfortable with the crawlers. 5.Only stays close to her family as well as Cruz, Tanner and Ramirez Status:OpenPlayby: Megan Fox Name:Vanessa Blake Age:20Family: Sophia Blake and hopes her family is alive Sexual Orientation:Up to roleplayer Love Interest: Not SetBrief Bio: Getting frequent visits from her cousin was great. Getting to go to California was even better. Once the infection spread, Vanessa had no idea what to do. She watched her cousin's family get torn apart and it scared her. The night the horde came, she found a spark in her that went off. Picking up a shovel, she killed what she could without being bitten or scratched. When the fight was over, she saw that it had only been Sophia and her Aunt. It broke her heart as she watched her Aunt die and Sophia kill her again. Vanessa gives her younger cousin(by three months) a whole lot more respect.  Key things to know: 1.Vanessa gives Sophia a lot of respect.2.She doesnt understand Sophia and Chelsea's interest in the crawlers. 3.Vanessa looks at Jason as an older brother. 4.She has a school girl crush on Ramirez.Status:OpenPlayby: Candice Accola Name:Melinda FranksAge:25Family:Daughter, Christine, Husband is deceasedSexual Orientation:Up to roleplayer Love Interest: Angel RamriezBrief Bio:Before the outbreak, Melinda was just getting used to being a mother and a newlywed. When the infection spread she was scared for her daughter. She was only one and she was going to have a lot of needs. Five years into the spread of the infection, a horde came through their safe house with others. She lost her husband. It was just Melinda, Christine and Ramirez left as they made their way down northern California and met up with the group of survivors.Key things to know: 1.Melinda will do anything to keep Christine safe2.She constantly reminds Christine to not be like Chelsea.3.Melinda's had sexual relations with Ramirez that still continue. Status:OpenPlayby: Dakota Fanning (Younger)Name:Christine FranksAge:8Family:Mother, Melinda, Father is deceased Sexual Orientation:Up to roleplayer Love Interest: Doesn't have one. (too young)Brief Bio:For the few years that she has been alive she considers the crawlers the monsters. Ever since she saw her father get killed by the crawlers, she had nightmares each night of one grabbing onto her and taking a bite out of her. Key things to know: 1.Christine loves to bug the girls with in the group.2.She looks at Ramirez as a father figure.3.Looks up to Chelsea and Vanessa as rolemodels Audition Form


07/08/2012 07:04 PM 



07/08/2012 07:04 PM 


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