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03/25/2012 02:46 PM 

Basic bio. Read it, since you don't know Jack about me!

BIRTH NAME: Jack Smythe
NICKNAMES: Jackie, Jack
DATE OF BIRTH: January 18, 1978 (According to record, at least)
AGE: Do the math, mate.
SPECIES: You're welcome to try figuring it out.
BIRTH PLACE: Me Mum... If I had one... I suppose...
HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 5'9" Around 200 or so
HAIR COLOR |EYE COLOR: Super short black, Green or brown, depending on my mood.
TATTOOS: Come closer and find out.
FAMILY: Never needed them much, even if I had them.
DRINK: Only on days ending in "y"
DRUGS: the occasional Tylenol?
PERSONALITY: Gruff, blunt, laid back, mildly amusing... Basically, just a bloke.
ETHNICITY | HERITAGE: British - Need I say more?
RELIGION: No, thanks.
TRAINING: Metalworking, welding, and the rest is my own business.
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Athletic, wiry, and a little rough about the edges.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A perfectly shaped head?
OCCUPATION: Factory worker (among other things)
FEARS: Hurting my cars
HABITS: Driving fast, swearing a bit, scrapping when the mood strikes.
SECRETS: If I told you, they wouldn't be.
LIKES: Horsepower, a cold beer, a hot MIG welder, good mates, and great times
DISLIKES: Guys picking on girls, egotists, and the fact that Americans think guys in pads is football.
ALLIES: None that I'd claim.
GIFTS/ABILITIES/POWERS: Can't go tipping our hands now, can we?
WEAKNESSES: Like I'd say so publicly...

Tenel Ka Djo

03/24/2012 10:54 PM 

Price to play the game (Rules)

Since these have sadly had to become a common sight in the wonderful world of collaborative writing known as role play, here are mine.

~Disclaimer- I am not the person you see in the pictures used on this page. Though sometimes I might wish I was... alas I am not. I never have claimed to be them, nor will I ever. Their sole reason for existing on this profile is to give a face to the character, nothing more than that.~

As of Feb. 2009 this character was brought back from hiatus by me at the request of a very dear friend. He's put up with me through most of my time in RP, so I couldn't turn down the chance to help him out. Keeping that in mind Tenel Ka hasn't been in much RP as the original profile I used for her died out within a few weeks after I accepted the story line she was supposed to take part in. I will be a bit rusty in my writing for awhile until I get used to playing the part of Tenel, I ask that you try to bare with me. I'm not new to this as I've already stated, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to hearing friendly advice from those I interact with for the means of improving my writing.

Tenel Ka Djo is first and foremost a Jedi as well as Queen Mother of Hapes. She won't become a Sith or a Dark Jedi, you can feel free to tempt her in that direction though as long as we talk about the story line you have in mind before hand. I'm always willing to entertain an interesting story for my character.

Relationships... I love them I'll enter into them but only on a friendship level. Tenel Ka won't be having any love interests more than likely. Trust me boys it'll take a lot to manage to woo her into falling in love with you. Feel free to try but don't take it personal if she laughs at you and tells you to get lost. She was burned once by the love of her life... she more than likely won't be testing those waters again. Her life is dedicated to her daughter, Hapes, and the Jedi.

Drama... I love drama that takes place that helps a story line along, making it interesting for all of those involved. After all what good is a story if it doesn't have at least some kind of drama or angst in it? Drama that takes place outside of that, such as attempts to pit people against one another OOC.... take it somewhere else. If I see it or hear of it I won't hesitate to check your name and hit the delete button. It gets bloody annoying very quickly, so I'm cutting it off at the pass with this warning.

New to Rp? Don't be afraid to talk to me I don't bite. I'll gladly try to help you learn your character if that is what you need, help you improve your writing style in anyway I can, and help you expand from short comments that only have a sentence or two, to multi-parter comments. All you have to do is get up the courage to ask me. Too many of the vet's turn the new generation of RPers away by ignoring their pleas for help or by being a stuck up snot and not talking to them at all because they can't keep up with those of us used to multi-para/novella writing styles. I was new to Rping once... I admit I was horrid when it came to putting the concept into practice. But with the help of a few friends that weren't afraid to bare with me and give me a chance to prove myself I got better. Let's bring back the old ways of RP, so that the new generation may enjoy it as much as we did.

Tenel is my character, allow me to decide her actions, her retorts to your character, and how she'll use her abilities in whatever situation she happens to be in at that moment. Don't auto her, treat her as your puppet, or godmode with her. She isn't invincible and neither are you. With that in mind depending on the situation she'll take damage where appropriate I expect the same out of you. Otherwise you'll find that I get rather annoyed and remove myself from the situation by use of the delete key should you be unwilling to resolve the issue. Also I warn you my Tenel Ka will not follow established Cannon very closely... Got a problem with that, get over it now so we can possibly enjoy a rp together, if you can't handle that then I hope you remember where the door is because I won't uphold Cannon just for you as it bores me to no end to stick to it to the letter.

Roleplay with my character will take place in blogs and comments only. Send me a starter or a reply in messages I'll send it back to you advising you to put it in one of the two places I've reserved for that. If your comments/blogs aren't working and you inform me of that.... I might make an exception to the rule for you but only until they are working again.

I can be long winded when inspiration strikes that being said you might find a multi-part comment on your page. While I'd like you to try to keep up in length I don't require it. The detail put into it is far more important to me. Detail after all is what keeps a story moving, not the length of your writing.

When it comes to replies... don't badger me. I have something of a life outside of roleplayer, that takes presidance over my writing. If you don't like that I apologize, but that's just the way it is. I will try my best to get back to everyone I'm involved in a storyline or Rp with as quickly as I can. Also keep in mind I work 80+ hours a week for six months out of the year so sometimes you may have to wait awhile before I'm able to reply. Don't like it? Tough deal with it or get lost. I've been around in rp long enough to know if a person can't understand that RL takes priority over RP then I don't need or want the stress of having them around. Though if it has been a few days to a week shoot me a message to remind me, I won't bite your head off. Should you start hounding me you'll find out how mean I can get followed by your deletion. I don't need the grief nor the stress, so bugger off with it.


03/21/2012 09:31 PM 

Starter 2.

Even as his head bounced off the pavement, Jack Smythe was having the time of his life.  Rolling expertly onto his stomach, the battered Brit spit out a glob of blood, his lips pulling back into a blood-covered grin as he worked his way back to his feet.  "Is that all you blokes have to offer?  Come on, then, and I'll even keep one hand in my pocket, to make it sporting..."

An onlooker would think him quite mad, surrounded as he was by a group of some six younger men, all itching to tear him apart, as he slipped his hand into the left pocket of his jacket, flashing a quick wink at the thuggish lad nearest him.  "Come on, my pretty... I think we're both going to enjoy this - although I may likely find it a bit more agreeable than you, you ruddy cunt..."

With an enraged roar, the tough rushed forward, Jack's hand flashing out in a blur, landing a solid punch into the lad's throat, followed swiftly by a kick with his right leg that shattered a kneecap with the speed of a serpent strike.  Seemingly all at once, the others sprang to life,  barely taking note of their comrade, laying on the asphalt, his cries reduced to gurgling whimpers by his ruined throat.

The Brit lost not even a blink, his body launching into motion, striking each attacker as they came into range, every punch, grab, and kick lashing out with near-impossible speed and grace.  It wasn't that he saw them coming so much as sensed them, almost before the assailants themselves knew what they were about to do.  In a matter of thirty seconds or so, the ground was littered with the moaning bodies of six would-be robbers, the initial sucker-punch paid back, in spades.

True to his word, Jack's left hand never left his pocket, right up until he helped the prone woman to her feet.  "Easy there, love... These boyos won't be troubling you any more... Can you walk?"  At her nod of assent, he let her go, extending an arm to support her for the first couple of steps.  "Run along now, and get on home... I'll wrap thing up here..." 

Even as she turned to thank him, he was off, dragging the youthful gang into a rough group and binding them together with their belts and bootlaces, using his free hand to dial the local bobbies on his cellular phone.  In short, clipped tones, he informed the operating dispatcher of the location and crime of the lads, moving over to his Challenger and planting himself on the hood, wiping the blood from his lip with a dirty knuckle while he pulled his pack of Parliament from his jacket pocket, lighting one and blowing out a generous plume of smoke.  "Fuck all..."

Buffy/Angel Blogs

03/20/2012 04:10 PM 

Red hat incident

Photobucket Story Lead: Darla Hyperion Blog

CV Members Page

03/20/2012 04:09 PM 

Chapter 3, Blog 1 (Humilty, Charity, Ben)

Characters: Humility, Charity, Ben
Location: Humility's Heaven
Time of Day: mid-morning
Due Date:  Friday, April 6
It is the day after Humility killed Vainglory, and he is still reeling from the experience. Charity, concerned for his brother, has come to question him.

-  Charity approaches Humility, and asks if he is alright physically.
-  Baxter says that he's fine, and describes briefly what happened with the youngest Demon.
-  He says that he feels stronger and more empowered, and that he's never felt anything like this before.
-  Alec wonders aloud about the death of Vainglory and if Baxter had planned it out beforehand.
-  Humility states that "the opportunity presented itself"
-  Charity warns him of the dangers that an abundance of power can hold
-  Baxter says that he understands and is sarcastic, about how being prideful is not one of his strong suits.
-  Alec, having established that his brother is alright, changes topic and says that they are not ready for what Bax has started.
-  Baxter says that he is the oldest, he knows what is best, but he is open to ideas.
-  Charity asks if he fought with any of the other demons
-  Baxter mentions how he saw Pride and what happened between them
-  Alec warns especially against dealing with Pride
-  Ben has been hiding, listening to the entire conversation, and is worried about what this could hold for the virtues and their angels. He runs off to confront James and ask for advice, knowing that he cannot go to Wendi about this.

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