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Tank ™

07/07/2012 11:07 PM 

Different planets and species PART 2

PART 2 JOHN CARTEROkariansYellow Martians are supposedly extinct, but in The Warlord of Mars they are found hiding in secret domed cities at the North Pole of Mars. At the time John Carter arrives on Barsoom the Yellow Race is known only in old wives' tales and campfire stories.The only means of entrance to the Okarians city is through The Carrion Caves, which are every bit as unpleasant as the name suggests. Air travel over the barrier is discouraged through the use of a great magnetic pillar called "The Guardian of the North," which draws fliers of all sizes inexorably into their doom as they collide with the massive structure.Their cities are domed hothouses which keep out the cold, but outdoors they favor orluk furs and boots. Physically, they are large and strong, and the men wear bristling black beards as a rule. .[28][40][edit]White Martians[edit]OrovarsThe White Martians, known as 'Orovars' were rulers of Mars for 500,000 years, with an empire of sophisticated cities with advanced technology. They were white skinned, with blond or auburn hair. They were once a seafaring race but when the oceans began to dry up, they began to cooperate with the Yellow and Black Martians to breed the Red Martians,[41] foreseeing the need for hardy stock to cope with the emerging harsher environment. They became decadent and 'overcivilized'. At the beginning of the series they are believed to be extinct, but three remaining populations, some original Orovars, Therns and Lotharians, are still living in secret and are discovered as the books progress.[7][edit]LothariansThe Lotharians are a remnant population of the original White Martians, which appear only in Thuvia, Maid of Mars. There are only 1000 of them remaining, all of them male. They are skilled in telepathy, able to project images that can kill, or provide sustenance. They live a reclusive existence in a remote area of Barsoom, debating philosophy amongst themselves.[42][edit]ThernsDescendants of the original White Martians who live in a complex of caves and passages in the cliffs above the Valley Dor. This is the destination of the River Iss, on whose currents most Martians eventually travel, on a pilgrimage seeking final paradise, once tired of life or reaching 1000 years of age. The valley is actually populated by monsters, overlooked by the Therns, who control these creatures, and ransack, and eat the flesh of those who perish, enslaving those who survive. They consider themselves a unique creation, different from other Martians. They maintain the false Martian religion through a network of collaborators and spies across the planet. They are themselves raided by the Black Martians. They are white skinned and bald but wear blond wigs.[43][edit]Black Martians (First Born)Legend suggests that the Black Martians are inhabitants of one of the moons of Mars, when in fact they live in an underground stronghold near the south pole of the planet, around the subterranean Sea of Omean, below the Lost Sea of Korus, where they keep a large aerial navy. They call themselves the 'First Born', believing themselves to be a unique creation among Martian races, and worship Issus, a woman who styles herself as the God of the Martian religion, but is no such thing. They frequently raid the White Martian Therns, who maintain the false Martian religion, carrying off people as slaves. John Carter defeats their navy in The Gods of Mars.[43][edit]Others[edit]Kaldanes and RykorsThe Chessmen of Mars introduces the Kaldanes of the region Bantoom, whose form is almost all head but for six vestigial legs and a pair of Chelae, and whose racial goal is to evolve even further towards pure intellect and away from bodily existence. In order to function in the physical realm, they have bred the Rykors, a complementary species composed of a body similar to that of a perfect specimen of Red Martian but lacking a head; when the Kaldane places itself upon the shoulders of the Rykor, a bundle of tentacles connects with the Rykor's spinal cord, allowing the brain of the Kaldane to interface with the body of the Rykor. Should the Rykor become damaged or die, the Kaldane merely climbs upon another as an earthling might change a horse.[7][edit]Kangaroo MenA lesser people of Barsoom are the Kangaroo Men of Gooli, so called due to their large, kangaroo-like tails, ability to hop large distances and the rearing of their eggs in pouches. They are presented as a race of boastful, cowardly individuals.[44] Their moral character is not highly developed; they are devout cowards and petty thieves, who only value (aside from their lives) a "treasure" consisting of pretty stones, sea shells, etc.[edit]HormadsIn addition to the naturally occurring races of Barsoom, Burroughs described the Hormads, artificial men created by the scientist Ras Thavas as slaves, workers, warriors, etc. in giant vats at his laboratory in the Toonolian Marsh in Synthetic Men of Mars and "John Carter and the Giant of Mars". Although the Hormads were generally recognizable as humanoid, the process was far from perfect, and generated monstrosities ranging from the occasional misplaced nose or eyeball to "a great mass of living flesh with an eye somewhere and a single hand." [45][edit]TechnologyWhen Burroughs wrote the first volume of the Barsoom series, aviation and radio technology was in its infancy and radioactivity was a fledgling science. Despite this, the series includes a range of technological developments including radium munitions, battles between fleets of aircraft, devices similar to faxes and televisions, genetic manipulation, elements of terraforming and other ideas. One notable device mentioned is the "directional compass"; this may be believed to be the precursor to the now-common "global positioning system", or GPS for short.[46]Martian flier on cover ofThe Gods of Mars.[edit]FliersThe Red Martians have flying machines, both civilian transports, and fleets of heavily armed war craft. These stay aloft through some form of anti-gravity, which Burroughs explains as relating to the rays of the Sun.[7] Fliers travel at approximately 166.1 earth miles per hour (450 Martian Haads per hour).[47]The following are excerpts from the second novel 'The Gods of Mars':"For those who may be interested, however, I will explain that the Martian day is a trifle over 24 hours 37 minutes duration (Earth time). This the Martians divide into ten equal parts, commencing the day at about 6 A.M. Earth time. The zodes are divided into fifty shorter periods, each of which in turn is composed of 200 brief periods of time, about equivalent to the earthly second. The Barsoomian Table of Time as here given is but a part of the full table appearing in Captain Carter's notes. 200 tals 1 xat 50 xats 1 zode 10 zodes 1 revolution of Mars upon its axis"[48]"The ten Earth years I had spent upon Barsoom had encompassed but five years and ninety-six days of Martian time, whose days are forty-one minutes longer than ours, and whose years number six hundred and eighty-seven days."[49]In Thuvia, Maid of Mars, John Carter's son, Cathoris, invents what appears to be a partial precursor of the autopilot (several decades before this became a reality). The device, built upon existing Martian compass technology, allows the pilot to reach any programmed destination, only having to keep the craft pointed in the set direction. Upon arrival, the device automatically lowers the craft to the surface. He also includes a kind of collision detector, which uses radium rays to detect any obstacle and automatically steer the craft elsewhere, until the obstacle is no longer detected.[50] This works in principle almost identically to the backscatter radiation detector used to fire the braking rockets on the Soyuz space capsule. In Swords of Mars a flier with some kind of mechanical brain is introduced. Controlled by thought, it can be remote controlled in flight, or instructed to travel to any destination.[51][edit]WeaponsFirearms are common, and use 'Radium' bullets, which explode when exposed to sunlight. Some weapons are specific to races or inventors. The mysterious Yellow Martians, who live in secret glass domed cities at the poles, and appear in The Warlord of Mars have a form of magnet which allows them to attract flying craft and cause them to crash. Scientist Phor Tak, who appears in A Fighting Man of Mars, has developed a disintegrator ray, and also a paste which renders vehicles such as fliers impervious to its effects. He also develops a missile which seeks out craft protected in this fashion, and a means of rendering fliers invisible which becomes a key plot device in the novel. However, while advanced weapons are available, most martians seem to prefer melee combat - mostly with swords - and their level of skill is highly impressive.[7][edit]Atmosphere plantThere are many technological wonders in the novels, some colossal works of engineering. The failing air of the dying planet is maintained by an atmosphere plant, and the restoration of this is a plot component of A Princess of Mars.[7] It is described as being four miles across with walls 100 feet in depth, and telepathically operated entrance doors of 20-foot-thick (6.1 m) steel.[15][edit]Medicine and biologyMartian medicine is generally greatly in advance of that on Earth.[52] In The Master Mind of Mars aging genius, Ras Thavas, has perfected the means of transplanting organs, limbs and brains, which during his experiments he swaps between animals and humanoids, men and women and young and old.[7] Later, in Synthetic Men of Mars, he discovers the secret of life, and creates an army of artificial servants and warriors, which are grown in giant vats filled with organic tissue. They frequently emerge deformed, are volatile and are difficult to control, later threatening to take over the planet.[53]STAR WARSPlanets and moons shown in the filmsAlderaan - Episodes I (mentioned), III and IVAnoat - Episode V (mentioned)Ansion - Episode II (mentioned)Bespin - Episodes V and VI (added scene)Bogden - Episode II (mentioned)Boz Pity - Episode III (mentioned)Cato Neimoidia - Episode III (mentioned)Corellia - Episode IV (mentioned)Coruscant - Episodes I, II, III, and VI (added scene)Dagobah - Episodes III (deleted scene), V, and VIDantooine - Episode IV (mentioned)Endor (moon) - Episode VIFelucia - Episode IIIGeonosis - Episode IIHoth - Episode VIego - Episode I (mentioned)Kamino - Episode IIKashyyyk - Episode IIIKessel (giant asteroid) - Episode IV (mentioned)Malastare - Episode I (mentioned)Mustafar - Episode IIIMygeeto - Episode IIINaboo - Episodes I, II, III, and VI (added scene)Nar Shaddaa aka Smugglers' moon (moon) Episode IV (mentioned)Ord Mantell aka Ord Mandell - Episode V (mentioned)Polis Massa (asteroid) - Episode IIISaleucami - Episode IIISubterrel - Episode II (mentioned)Sullust - Episode VI (mentioned)Taanab - Episode VI (mentioned)Tatooine - Episodes I, II, III, IV, V (mentioned), and VITund - Episode I (mentioned)Utapau - Episode IIIYavin - Episode IVYavin IV (moon) - Episode IV[edit]SectorsAblajeckAbregadoAbrionAllied TionAnsuroerAntemeridianAnthosAparoArkanisAtrivisAurilAltyrBajicBormeaBothanBothawuiBrakBraxantCadavineCastellCereaChommellCorporateCorelliaCoruscantDalonbianDarpaDagobahDantooineDoldurDuroDorvallaElroodFalleenFarlaxGamorrGordin ReachGrichoHallaHapesHaruun KalHyporiIllumJuvexKalarbaKaleeKastolarKatholKesselKuatKor-ujLaharaLyttonmaramereMalastareMandaloreMayagilMeridianMetalornModdellMon CalamariMuunilinstNal HuttaNar ShaddaNilgaardOrusPeripheryQuelliQuenceRaioballoRhen VarRishiSenexSernSesswennaSluisSparSubterrelSulorineTatooineTapaniTharinThisspiasTion ClusterTythonVivendaWylXappyhYaga-MinorApatrosRaxus Prime[edit]

Tank ™

07/07/2012 10:49 PM 

Different planets and creatures.

CHRONICLES OF RIDDICKSLocationsAll Chronicles of Riddick stories take place in the distant future of the 28th century, long after mankind has discovered faster-than-lightflight and has since colonized most of the inhabitable worlds across the galaxy.[edit]UnderverseA parallel universe has been described as "a dark mirror of the normal universe where death has no meaning", the Underverse is the ultimate destination for the Necromongers, who are being led there by the Lord Marshal, the only being to have actually been to the Underverse. Lord Marshal's pilgrimage to the Underverse gave him almost supernatural powers, and he returned a "holy half dead".[edit]EarthEarth was the homeworld of the human race that is no longer considered a significant planet in the grand scheme of the galaxy as hundreds of other more strategic and resource-rich worlds have also been colonized. Earth has never been seen in the Riddick universe, and few characters have even mentioned it. Of the few who have, Paris in Pitch Black, before he is eaten alive by the planet's creatures, mentions that he wanted to die "In France. I never even saw France."[edit]M6-117M6-117 is a moon of a planet which was the first world seen in the franchise and also the primary setting for the first live-action feature film Pitch Black. Although it has a similar atmosphere and gravity to Earth, M6-117 is a desolate desert experiencing almost constant daylight hours from three suns. One is solitary, while the other two form a binary pair. Once every 22 years, the moon will experience asolar eclipse of all the suns as they set behind the parent planet and the eclipse lasts for months, allowing nocturnal creatures who are harmed by light to emerge onto the surface from a network of vast, underground caverns. It is implied that these creatures were responsible for making all other lifeforms on the planet extinct, and are responsible for turning the surface into a "graveyard". Their sizes range from bat-sized to about twice the size of a regular human. A previous human mining operation on the planet, who gave it the designation M6-117, suffered the same fate.[edit]Aquila MajorSeen destroyed during the opening scenes of The Chronicles of Riddick, Aquila Major appears to be very urban but also densely forested in many areas as well. After a devastating campaign against the Aquilans, who are forced to either convert or die, the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers orders the destruction of the planet with a massive bombardment known as the "Final Protocol".[edit]Aguerra PrimeAguerra Prime was presumably the major planet in the eponymously-named Aguerran System, part of Assault on Dark Athena is set here. Over the course of the game the planet comes under siege by the mercenary/slave ship Dark Athena, which takes out it orbiting satellites to prevent the planet's colonists from contacting outside help, before starting a ground assault and eventually docking the ship itself at its primary spaceport. Most or all of its inhabitants are killed or harvested for Drone recruitment, remotely-controlled cyborgsoldiers.[edit]UV-6First appearing in Chronicles of Riddick, this cold, barren planet is covered in ridged terrain that resembles giant fingerprints. Riddick hides here in a cave which UV-6 is actually the skeleton of a whale-sized carnivorous creature, for five years, between the events ofDark Fury and Chronicles of Riddick.[edit]CrematoriaDescribed as one of the last remaining "triple maximum security" prisons, Crematoria is a harsh prison colony reserved for only the most dangerous criminals. The surface of the planet is uninhabitable, as the temperatures are in the wild extremes: 700°F on the daylit side and -300°F on the nighttime side. This makes the prison almost impossible to escape from, as there is only a constantly shifting twilight buffer zone on the surface of about 20 miles where humans can survive and where travel is possible.[edit]FuryaFurya was once a bustling planet whose inhabitants were fierce warriors, perhaps even a superior off-shoot of normal human beings due to the harsh conditions of the planet. The Lord Marshal of the Necromongers bombarded the planet and massacred the inhabitants in order to prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that a Furyan would cause his downfall. This massacre takes place 30 years before The Chronicles of Riddick. An unknown but slim number of Furyans managed to escape the devastation, and from Furya itself, but the planet is now "dead, with no life to speak of."[edit]Helion PrimeA major planet of the worlds of man, Helion Prime was founded as a world where men of all faiths, religions and creeds could peacefully co-exist. It is now a flourishing and prosperous world, and the location of the city "New Mecca" and home of Abu "Imam" al-Walid and his family. The planet is constantly lit through artificial means. It is here where Riddick first learns of the Necromongers. New Mecca is taken over by Necromongers after a brief one night long battle with Helion troopers, although armed Helion resistance continues until Riddick kills the Lord Marshal, presumably freeing the planet. The only planet to be seen or at least mentioned in all three Riddick films.[edit]Lupus FiveLupus Five is the planet where Kyra joined the mercenaries. It is mentioned in Chronicles of Riddick and is seen in the Hunt For Riddick game. It appears to be barren and over-industrialized, and contains a well-developed space transportation industry.[edit]Planet OriginSeen in the internet flash game Hunt for Riddick, little is known about the Planet Origin but the game begins at and appears to be mostly a shipyard.[edit]Races / factionsIn the fictional universe of The Chronicles of Riddick, by the 28th century the human race has colonized planets throughout the galaxy, but has apparently never encountered any other sentient life form. Rather, due to the wide variety of planets that humanity has colonized, combined with the advanced technology allowing rapid adaptation to these new environments, humanity has diversified into several off-shoots which are slightly different from baseline humans. While "standard" humans appear to still be the overwhelming majority, there are also warrior races such as the Furyans, and races such as the Elementals that are so technologically advanced that they seem to possess supernatural powers. It is not clear if these off-shoots could be considered outright "sub-species" of humanity, or simply heavily specialized sub-cultures.[edit]MercsMercenaries and bounty hunters feature heavily in the stories and are often simply referred to as Mercs. It would also appear that being a Merc is a common profession in the Riddick storyline. Mercs are often depicted as inept when compared to Riddick, simple-minded, greedy and immoral.[edit]FuryanThe Furyans are an off-shoot of the human species. Riddick is one of the last surviving Furyans. In The Chronicles of Riddick it is revealed that he is the Alpha Furyan, the strongest of the race.In the movie Pitch Black, Riddick is renowned for the unique appearance and function of his eyes. When asked about it, he says that his eyes received a "surgical shine job" on Butcher Bay by a doctor for "20 menthol Kools." However, in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay it is revealed that the doctor, Pope Joe, was not responsible for this procedure. Pope Joe merely stitched a wound on Riddick's arm in payment for the retrieval of Pope Joe's beloved radio. The "eye shine" was developed in an as-yet unspecified fashion but was either developed or granted to him through his heritage as Furyan.In The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, one of Antonia Chillingsworth's frozen specimens is labeled as a Furyan. The label is emblazoned with "Furya," accompanied by the comment "Killer Of Men" beneath the plaque.Furyans are impressive physical specimens; They are stronger, faster, tougher, and hardier in most respects than the humanoid races in the Riddick universe. Riddick is considered the strongest and most powerful Furyan seen. Riddick has been bestowed with "The Wrath of the Furyans" or "The Furyan Rage." This is essentially the collective anguish, pain, suffering and anger of the billions of Furyans who didn't escape the Necromonger slaughter 30 years ago. Its use is displayed against Vaako and the Hunting Party of Necromonger Soldiers, and he also used this technique against Abbott and his fellow prison guards in Butcher Bay post-interrogation.The extent of the physical abilities of a Furyan are unknown. Riddick has held his own against particularly vicious predatory creatures (from Pitch Black). His physical strength and stamina allowed him to escape detainment by the bounty hunter Johns in Pitch Black. He has inordinate athleticism and agility as demonstrated by his raw speed evading the creatures.[edit]ElementalsThe Elementals are introduced in The Chronicles of Riddick. The one that is seen in the film, Aereon (played by Judi Dench), is humanoid and is seemingly composed of nothing more than dense air. She becomes translucent when in the presence of blowing winds and, because of her negligible mass, she can glide through the air for extended periods of time (which is often confused with an ability to fly). The novelization by Alan Dean Foster states that the Elementals are an offshoot of humanity. One of the Necromongers refers to her as an Air Elemental (which in classical ceremonial magic is what Paracelsus calls a sylph) and the novel also hints that there are fire, water, and earth Elementals, but no other members of this race are seen in the film. According to the DVD, there are also elementals that represent Aether.As portrayed in the film, the Elementals are a logical race, deciding their actions on complex calculations rather than on personal opinions or emotion. They are largely a neutral people, apparently unwilling to participate in the conflicts that they view as beneath them, but take action when their calculations show that their intervention is necessary. The Necromongers point out that the Elementals do not seem to believe in any god. Dame Vaako in the film refers to them as witches and spies, which is likely meant simply to provoke Aereon.Diesel says that in the next film he will meet fire and water Elementals, possibly explaining more of their society and evolution.The only other possible Elemental seen is a mentally offset prisoner in Escape From Butcher Bay who considers himself to be an Elemental king.[edit]NecromongersThe Necromongers are a doomsday cult of warriors, with their own distinctive architecture and uniforms representing their religious beliefs, who conquer planets as they make their way on a grotesque pilgrimage to Underverse--their promised land. Their religion's code of conduct states that "you keep what you kill", which applies to almost anything-not the least of which meaning that anybody could challenge the leader of the Necromongers and take his place by killing him, although due to his supernatural abilities none before Lord Vaako had dared to attempt to do so. Their leader, as Lord Vaako states is the "holy half-dead Lord Marshal" (who can even steal thesouls of his enemies), systematically commands his Necromonger Legion Vast to overrun worlds and convert its inhabitants into Necromongers; those that oppose conversion die. Converts receive "the mark of pain" which is meant to instill in them the idea that "one pain can lessen another". Due to the Lord Marshal's prior foray into the Underverse, the Necromongers have the most advanced and dangerous weaponry in the galaxy, able to destroy planets, which they do after a campaign to replenish their ranks. The Lord Marshal launched a personal crusade against the planet Furya, after being told a prophecy by a seer that a Furyan would lead to his downfall, which proved to ultimately be true. The Furyan who finally killed him was Riddick. Necromonger architecture and ship design has a decidedly baroque style to it, favoring massive statues in dramatic poses and ornate sculpture motifs. Nonetheless their designs are cold, favoring harsh surfaces of stone and metal, resembling the inside of an imperial mausoleum. Riddick finds their design taste to be amusing, commenting that "I might have gone a different way."JOHN CARTERBarsoom is a fictional representation of the planet Mars created by American pulp fictionauthor Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first Barsoom tale was serialized as Under the Moons of Mars in 1912, and published as a novel as A Princess of Mars in 1917. Ten sequels followed over the next three decades, further extending his vision of Barsoom and adding other characters.The world of Barsoom is a romantic vision of a dying Mars, based on now-outdated scientific ideas made popular by Astronomer Percival Lowell in the early 20th century. While depicting many outlandish inventions, and advanced technology, it is a savage world of honor, noble sacrifice, and constant struggle, where martial prowess is paramount, and where many races fight over dwindling resources. It is filled with lost cities, heroic adventures and forgotten ancient secrets.The series has inspired a number of well known science fiction writers in the 20th century, and also key scientists involved in both space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life. It has informed and been adapted by many writers, in novels, short stories, comics, television and film.Peoples and cultureAll Barsoomian races resemble Homo sapiens in most respects, except for being egg laying[35] and having lifespans in excess of 1,000 years unless killed through violent means.[2] The traditional Martian lifespan of 1,000 is based on the customary pilgrimage down the River Iss, which is taken by virtually all Martians by that age, or those who feel tired of their long lives and expect to find a paradise at the end of their journey. None return from this pilgrimage, because it leads to almost certain death at the hands of ferocious creatures.[30]While the Martian females are egg-laying, Martians have mammalian characteristics such as a navel and breasts.[36] While they have skins of various colors, and their bodies differ in some cases from traditional humans, they are very similar to varieties of Earth humans, and there is little examination of how their extraterrestrial biology might make them unusual or particularly distinct from terrestrial humans.[2] There is only one spoken language across the entire planet, but a variety of writing systems.[7]All Martians are telepathic, among one another, and also with domestic animals. Other telepathic abilities are demonstrated across the books. The Lotharians in Thuvia, Maid of Mars, are able to project images of warfare, which images can kill by suggestion.[7]Trade and cultural relations in Barsoom, as presented by Burroughs, are contradictory. In The Warlord of Mars nations are described as being bellicose and self sufficient, but in The Gods of Mars inter-city state merchants are mentioned, and in Thuvia, Maid of Mars, towering staging posts for inter-city liners are also described.[37]Most of the cultures are dynasties or theocracies.[edit]Red MartiansThe Red Martians are the dominant culture on Barsoom. They are organized into a system of imperial city-states including Helium, Ptarth and Zodanga, controlling the planetary canal system, as well as other, more isolated city-states in the hinterlands. The Red Martians are the interbred descendants of the ancient Yellow Martians, White Martians, and Black Martians, remnants of which exist in isolated areas of the planet, particularly the poles. The Red Martians are said in A Princess of Mars to have been bred when the seas of Barsoom began to dry up, in hopes of creating a hardy race to survive in the new environment.[7][38]They are, like all the humanoid races of Mars, oviparous, i.e., their newborn hatch from eggs.[39]The Red Martians are highly civilized, respect the idea of private property, adhere to a code of honor and have a strong sense of fairness. Their culture is governed by law and is advanced technologically. They are capable of love and have families.[40][edit]Green MartiansA four armed Green Martian on his thoat, as represented in the original 1920 edition ofThuvia, Maid of Mars.The Green Martians are fifteen feet tall (males) and twelve feet tall (females), have four arms and eyes mounted at the side of their heads. They are nomadic, warlike and barbaric, do not form families, have little concept of friendship or love and enjoy inflicting torture upon their victims. Their social structure is highly communal - they have no concept of private property - and is rigidly hierarchical, consisting of various levels of chiefs, with the highest office occupied by an all powerful Jeddak. However, the title of Jeddak is obtained by mortal combat, rather than hereditary means. They form tribes, which war among one another constantly. They ride aggressive animals, thoats, and armed themselves with swords, lances and firearms which use 'radium' ammunition.[23][40]The Green Men are primitive, intellectually unadvanced, do not have any kind of art and are without a written language. While they craft weapons, any advanced technology they possess, such as 'radium pistols', is stolen from raids upon the Red Martians. They inhabit the ancient ruined cities left behind by civilizations which lived on Barsoom during a more advanced and hospitable era in the planet's history.[32] They apparently arose from a biological experiment which went awry[citation needed] and as with all other Martians, they are an egg-laying species, concealing their eggs in incubators until hatching. Tars Tarkas, who befriends John Carter when he first arrives on Barsoom, is an unusual exception from the typical ruthless Green Martian, due to having known the love of his own mate and daughter.[23][40]In the novels, the Green Martians are often referred to by the names of their hordes, which in turn take their names from the dead cities which they inhabit. Thus the followers of Tars Tarkas, based in the ruined ancient city of Thark, are known as "Tharks". Other hordes bear the names of Warhoon, Torquas and Thurd.[edit]OkariansYellow Martians are supposedly extinct, but in The Warlord of Mars they are found hiding in secret domed cities at the North Pole of Mars. At the time John Carter arrives on Barsoom the Yellow Race is known only in old wives' tales and campfire stories.The only means of entrance to the Okarians city is through The Carrion Caves, which are every bit as unpleasant as the name suggests. Air travel over the barrier is discouraged through the use of a great magnetic pillar called "The Guardian of the North," which draws fliers of all sizes inexorably into their doom as they collide with the massive structure.Their cities are domed hothouses which keep out the cold, but outdoors they favor orluk furs and boots. Physically, they are large and strong, and the men wear bristling black beards as a rule. .


07/05/2012 11:21 PM 

The First Story Q Tells His Son~
Current mood:  accomplished

Once upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived together in of all places a starship. One of them was a little, small, wee bear, named Neelix; and another was a middle-sized bear, named Kathryn; and the other was a great, big, huge oaf of a bear named Chuckles. Each of them had a pot for what delighted them most, and we'll call it 'porridge' but in all honesty what meant porridge to each of them wasn't porridge at all. They each had their own chair, their own bed and most all their own duties, but they always seemed to be clinging 'round the other. One day, Neelix made porridge for their breakfast, lunch, or maybe because he was simply not getting enough attention; but for purposes of this story~we'll say breakfast; because for all intensive matters~ it is meaningless why Neelix made porridge that day. Because that was his duty. Cook and whine whenever the middle-sized bear was around. So all was in order on the starship by this morning. When Kathryn and Chuckles decided the porridge was too HOT this caused poor, neurotically selfish Neelix to sulk for about ten minutes, until Kathryn diluted the truth and lofted his self esteem with some arbitrary fact that meant only the world to Neelix; if only so that they could get on with their day or quite possibly their life. All three would leave the mess hall and agree that later they would return and choke down the porridge that Neelix had made. Neelix was happy, Kathryn could get to her duty of commanding the starship that was already lost in the Delta Quadrant; and Chuckles could continue to appear as though he belonged on this starship, just like a square peg belongs in a round hole. Of course, we won't learn in this story why that was so ironic. You have until eternity~ Junior, so no worries. While Neelix, Kathryn and Chuckles were away attending to their duties on the starship, the science officer of the ship slipped into the mess hall and proceeded to find the cooling porridge. Being as though Tuvok is from Vulcan and porridge is a grain based substance that is often mistaken for wallpaper paste in MOST cultures, but on Vulcan it looks like a delicacy that is only served on holidays and feasts~ Tuvok cannot resist. No one is around, and since he won't get to go to any Vulcan reindeer games for a long time, it is LOGICAL in only his mind that he taste the porridge. Before he realizes he's eaten all the porridge except for 3 tablespoonfuls. Quick thinking, which is what Vulcan's are known for, when lying is not an option~ [because that area of their brains was removed when deciding which twin Romulus or Remus was the best.]; Tuvok chucks porridge and runs... Tuvok leaves the mess hall at a run and knocks Harry Kim down in the corridor; and he doesn't even look back as he heads to the bridge. Finding that Kathryn, Chuckles and Neelix have left now to go back to check on their porridge he smugly sits in Kathryn's chair. Neither Neelix or Chuckles keep their chairs on the bridge; it's against regulations on a starship. Tuvok looks smug and worried all at the same time. He gives an order that sends an already 'lost' ship in the Delta Quadrant off course. Harry Kim arrives to the bridge, fuming and outraged with the Vulcan's rudenss and now realizes that he's put the ship in danger of being REALLY lost. Tuvok laughs in the Ensign's face. Tuvok is suffering from porridge overload, but the EMH won't discover it, Kes will...but I'm getting ahead myself. Meanwhile, Kathryn, Neelix and Chuckles discover that the porridge is all gone. They fume, rant and rave~ well, that is not completely true; Neelix raves and rants while Kathryn and Chuckles look on amused. Kes arrives and saves the day as she pulls the porridge from the refrigerated area of the mess hall. She begins to clean the pans that once held the wall paper paste up once she has reassured the three Bears of their prized porridge. She begins to exclaim in a sweet and soft voice that she is NOT certain where the wall paper paste actually went to, but that when she returned to retrieve it she found it was all gone. In her ineffective manner of dealing with complex problems related to theft by design she fails to mention that she saw Tuvok running from the mess hall. Kathryn and Chuckles stare at her bewildered as to how this matters at all; while Neelix completely understands her inability to cope with lifes unfairness on a starship, despite that she doesn't seem upset at all. Now, all three bears nod at Kes with the idea that everything will work out in the end, just like the ship will magically leave the Delta Quadrant without assistance from Omnipotent beings. [Q laughs hysterically here for affect]; they then leave poor Kes to ascertain for herself where the wall paper paste may have disappeared to and leave the ships mess hall. Tuvok, meanwhile is stuck in Kathryn's chair. He's in a coma and the EMH is on a coffee break. The three bears, Kathryn, Chuckles and Neelix return to the bridge satiated on porridge and discover Tuvok. Kathryn has him thrown in the brig without benefit of a trial for sleeping while on duty. Chuckles smirks at Neelix and Neelix attempts to rile Harry Kim, who is now elated that Tuvok has been placed in the brig~ for as he assumes for knocking him down in the corridor. Kes arrives upon the bridge in time to save Tuvoks life by revealing that he actually ate wall paper paste; the EMH is dragged from his coffee break and recalibrated to doing whatever an EMH is supposed to do. Tuvok awakens and tearfully explains that wall paper paste on Vulcan is a delicacy and that he never meant to plow into Harry Kim, but he thought it was Neelix. Everyone is thrilled and pats one another on the back, they hug and Neelix plans another menu in his head where he will cook all the dishes without considering that Vulcans are also Vegans. Secretly, he now realizes that wall paper paste is deadly to Vulcans and he savors the idea. The moral, son is this: Never let three bears get lost in the Delta Quadrant with other species and especially Vulcans, you never know what is going to happen next in the multiverse then.

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Heavenly Race. Current mood:   adventurousTank/Celestyn. 17 Comments  | 16 Kudos   Give Kudos:  2 Kudos!  1 Kudos!  No Kudos   USE PLAIN HTML  Back to Posts Showing  11 to 17 of 17 Comments« Previous   1 2   Tank™   Tank stopped his circling as Celestyn dropped his bar and his guard. Thank the gods he would not have to fasten this guy up and haul him all they way to Cairo.  His paws drew closer to the boy as he lifted his arm and called him a wolf man in his native tongue. His proboscis curled a strange grin as it gazed upon the wolf that looked just like him.  ~I am glade you decided to hear me out. This part..... the holy weapon is new to me.~  He felt a connection to this guy, something about him screamed to him, like he had meet him in another life? Maybe it was that he lived were he lived, maybe it was the tattoo..... But Tank swore there was something else that made him want to draw in.  No, that would never be. He had to detach right now from that design. He knew what would happen in the end. Those bright blues would be dimmed with the cold hand of death.... A death Tank had send him too.  His thick lashes shut as he turned back to his clothes. That door had to be shut.  The wolf changed just as rapidly as he had transformed before and there was Gunner on all fours gripping his shirt to glide it over his head. He pulled his pants back on and looked to the moonlight heavens as he answered at last, "That is fine. We can stop and let you say goodbye."  He was so consumed with this strange feeling, like he knew the mark that he spaced out on the fact that they might be going into a cemetery. A cemetery is breeding grounds for demons. The very thing he was trying to avoid.  Tank lastly tucked his pistol back in his pants and started to march downstairs to start this expedition.  "Bring only what you need to live and bring a jacket. I don't have my car for another mile down the road. I don't need one.... I am my own sun. Wolfs don't get cold."  Tank toddled down the stairs carefully. He could not believe he had not fallen in that old wood. He got to the door and waited for his companion but curiosity got the better of him while he waited and he decided to shout out a question that lingered with him, "So.......... Do you have power yet? I have met just about every species and caliber of person but I don't think I ever meet a magic man. Or I have but never seen magic...." Posted on Sun Jul 01, 2012, 21:45[Reply to this]Celestyn.   "If det is the best you can kome up vith," Celestyn offered a pained eye roll to the Heavens, hardly daring to believe that in amidst this chaos the other man still had the audacity to flirt. Overall Celestyn hadn't been granted much compliments in his lifetime, so he was unused to hearing such. He surmrised Tank simply wanted to charm him into submission or get into his trousers... Which is precisely what he started to believe as Tank began to strip off. Blue eyes widening to saucer like proportions, the Warlock blinked thrice to snap himself out of it. "What in deh name of all teengs sacred are you doing?" The whites of his knuckles became apparent as he gripped the steel rod tighter, ready for Tank to come at him... Until a mountain of white fur and great, big brown eyes was in front of him. And he stared along and hard in an attempt to convince himself this wasn't some hallucinengic effect of sleep deprevation."So there is no stopping what vill happen... To me?" He whispered, after hearing the wolf's voice in his mind like an echo. Celestyn lowered the steel bar, dropping it by his side with a resounding clang as the metal hit bare wooden flooring. Wheras Tank might not have been used to the cold weather Celestyn was. He moved closer to another window, feeling a draft from outside permeate the battered window sill. Lapsing into silence, he finally spoke slowly, "You know, I heff alvays admired wolves." A hand reached up toward the bicep of his left arm to a spot of skin just above it - where there was an inked portrait of a Siberian wolf. "Perhaps you are not lying after all, wilk człowiek." How could this be? And why him? In his own mind, Celestyn Rodchenko was an unremarkable specimen. He'd not achieved much for himself. No house, no wife, no job. His thoughts a hazy mess, Celestyn cupped his face in his hands before running the slender digits through his hair. He wanted to tell Tank he was scared; that he didn't want this. But said nothing for fear of the other man thinking he was a coward. "Fine. I vill go with you. We can leave as soon as possible; I heff nothing to stay for 'ere." He sighed. "Just... Drop me off by deh graveyard first. I vould like to say goodbye to my muther and farther."Posted on Sat Jun 30, 2012, 21:14[Reply to this]Tank™   A crafty smirk came across Tanks facade as the warlock held up his bar and inched away calling bluff on everything he said. Tank knew this was not going to be easy so he was not fazed in the slightest.  He toyed with his head but it was true, 'I am looking at you like this because your adorable when your angry? Anyone ever told you that? Go ahead swing that bat! You won't hurt me. This is all Alimentum plated and I can regenerate." The dark haired monster said as he hit his balled up fist to his own chest letting out a distinct metal to metal clashing resonance.  He didn't want to get the boy to heated though. He had a few trank darts on his pistol tucked in the back of his pants but he was certain they were frozen now in this dead land. So his heals eased back as he slowly started to pull his shirt off and toss it to the ground, his pants unbuckled in a hurry and dropped to the ground along with his pistol. The more he stripped the further he got from Celestyn. The human must of thought him mad and about to rape him there was no doubt about it but before he could run off too far Tank dropped on all fours and in the time to took to bat an eye there was a BIG white wolf staring back at him with those same brown pools. A growl emanated from his snout as he used his telepathic abilities to talk to the boy. His paws circled carefully around him like a predator to pray, "I was a special breed of Lycan before God ever got a hold of me. This is the wolf I prefer, white.. Wolf like... Beautiful really..  but ever once and a while... a full moon takes over and I am more like the scary monster from a horror movie. Half human... half wolf... Took me years to be able to change into the better wolf... but I did it. All that working I did to get to his white wolf, still my kind would not take me in. Not that I wanted them too. I can wait for you to believe me but I can't change who you are... only you can and if I must wait for a demon to invalid your body to believe me than I will.  Just remember this. I am a wolf first, a predator second and a holy weapon last. I have no idea how I am supposed to get that demon out of you. I don't imagine it will be pretty though." on Sat Jun 30, 2012, 19:31[Reply to this]Celestyn.   His breath was shaking in his chest as the adrenaline continued to rush, yet his brain regained focus, watching from behind a battered wooden doorframe. He stared at the broad, dominant silhouette of the stranger; his heavy-footed step to the window, the light bobbing of his head as he spoke. "Den how do you sound Amerikan?" He asked, long before Tank spoke in Polish and that nearly caused Celstyne to drop the steel bar he was holding. He remained on edge - this all could still be a trap set up by the Russian officials, and he was loathe if he was going to walk into it the doe-eyed victim. How can you not be human? He thought but did not say, continously eying Tank from his vantage point. "I gave up believink in God a long time ago, Meester who-ever-you-are." He spoke with a hint of bitterness in his voice; his heart were beating wildly in his chest as his bright colored blue eyes were clear and bright. As Tank ascended the staircase Celestyn backed up further into the room, now gripping his weapon with both hands and prepared to use it if need be. He was dazed by lack of sleep and the assault of information; it was all too much for his brain to take in at the moment. "Bullsheet," Came the venomous hiss as Tank revealed Celestyn was the key to Hell's Inferno making it to the earthly plane. Celestyn was used to people with clever words, trying to charm him with every single sentence and syllable they uttered. He wasn't going to fall for it. Yes, he was curious as to who the hell Tank was and also why the hell he was here but not enough to put his safety in jeopardy. He knew he didn't stand a hope in Hell's chance against Tank, judging from the comparison of their physiques, but tried not to show it. He wasn't going to let this man get under his skin; there would be no turning back from that. Even if, as the distance closed between them, he could sense there was indeed something else to the man in front of him. He could sense it. The very senses he'd inherited from his Witch mother. "... Egypt? What zeh hell is this? You're a bit late for the 'Istoriee lesson, sir." Said Celestyn, with a sarcastic snort. He had the steel bar held over his shoulder like a makeshift baseball bat, prepared to strike if Tank came any closer. In the semi-darkness, his brow furrowed. "Why are you looking at me like det?"Posted on Sat Jun 30, 2012, 12:07[Reply to this]Tank™   Tank could breathe at last. The boy didn't run... that was a first. He his voice was calming, smooth as he beckoned the questions that needed to be asked but his blood coursed like the white rapids of the southland. His footing took easement as he let his massive frame lean against the old inexpressive window casing. "You won't believe me when I tell you but you will soon enough. I am not American, I'm not even human. Jeg er fra Polen og jeg arbejder for ingen anden end mig selv, eller jeg gjorde fřr gud fik i mit hoved." Tank lifted his big chocolate orbs at last to dove into the nadir of the room above. Twas' a shame how this story would conclude, he had the bluest eyes even in the darkest shade of night. The wolf in him could distinguish it. They might have been disarming if he had not already been on point. "It is a long story of how I became to be in tune with the heavenly bodies above. That story you may have to wait a while to hear but that is who sent me.... Jehovah, he spoke to me in whispers. I am a holy machine, a reluctant weapon at that. When I say reluctant I mean I don't want to fucking be here but when god wants you to hear something.... You pay attention to it." The wolf pushed off the partition and leisurely closed the distance between him and the staircase. With every sentence he would slowly ease up the aged steps. "You see I am not here because someone wants you dead. I am not here because I got paid, that would be nice though. I am here because of your soul. I got enough particulars to get the job done the details of why will have to wait till we get off this old burial ground... It's not safe here. I was told that you are a key to hell on earth. That you have great power but have not ascended yet. It's starting though. You can feel it cant you? Sleepless nights? You get angry and shit just happens, you hear whispers from and empty room.. I could go on. Jehovah told me because I am a holy weapon I am to protect you. Demons will be trying to invalid your body and might. Within my veins courses the blade of the ach angel Gabriel... I stole it.... to fight god's army but it turns out I'm there bitch now." Tank stopped for a moment to  be pleased in  the fact  that he had not left yet. He let out a hearty chuckle before he stepped on the floor were  Celestyn lingered. "I am to take you to Egypt were God said you have to close the door for good. An angel will help you then. That will be the end of my expedition with you but till then your soul is open for ransom so here I am." Tank didn't know what this boy had seen, what he believed in. He was sure he would be shot soon and Tank was going to just let it happened too. How the hell else was he too make this kid believe until something invaded his body or Tank had some shrapnel in his ass?His chortle stopped the second he caught a glimpse of those blues again... what a shame to see the light dim absent with the battle he had no business being in.(ok, so its a love song but most of it fit, so you got it.;) on Fri Jun 29, 2012, 20:22[Reply to this]Celestyn.   A mere year or so had passed by since Celestyn Rodchenko had relocated back to his birth residence of Belarus, during which this wholesome young man had learned some rather shocking truths about the era in which he had grown up in; the same one which his parents had tried to protect him from. Much to his surprise that which was unthinkable back then in Soviet Russia (for Belarus had been directly linked to Moscow) was accepted in this 'new age' and at first Celestyn refused to comply with it. He couldn't believe it. And in the end? He had good reason. He knew he was being tailed. He knew his name was black-marked by Belarussian government officials for his parents' deeds. And if you were to ask if he was back out of home-sickness, he would have laughed in your face. That was the last thing Celestyn experienced when it came down to it all. He was here on business. So, for much of the last month, he retired to the apartment that he'd acquired for himself. Or rather, scavenged for himself. It was an old, abandoned edifice that had no running water but Celestyn had managed to reconnect the electricity by himself. He was used to having to do such things. Years of living freelance had given him tools and skill enough to be wholly independant. He used Internet Cafés to do his online work - hacking into the FSB databanks and downloading files. Occasionally he triggered their security systems and they immediately dispatched someone to where Celestyn was at - by which time he was gone. He used Internet Cafés for a reason; they were sporadic, they were quick and there was one on nearly every street corner.Just as he'd been making progress finding out more about his father, Sergei's, work however, odd, peculiar things had begun to happen. His sleeping patterns had took a turn for the worst. Dark circles inhabited the fair skin beneath Celestyn's eyes, giving him a permanently weary appearance. At night, just as he was being lulled into sleep, he would hear faint whisperings and even songs - before he'd snap bolt upright in bed to look around. And find nothing. Sometimes he could swear the voices sounded familiar. Another time he'd asked out loud if it was his mother. Of course, the thin air couldn't give an answer. This night in particular, though... The Belarussian could never have anticipated what was going to happen. Even when he heard the distinct, recognizable sound of the plastic flaps leading to his room, emanate. And out of instinct, he grabbed a rusty, steel pole as a defense weapon."Don't run." So, it was an English speaker. It still didn't tempt him to come out of hiding. He couldn't make out the other person's accent yet. "... 'Nd how do you know det?" He countered, swallowing and cursing himself for breaking out in a cold, clammy sweat. "I heff run from your type before, spy."  Why this stranger felt so obliged to assist him, Celestyn was unsure. Either way he knew he didn't trust the American one bit. "Amerikan. They sent you, did they not?" He hissed, retreating further into the darkness even though it looked as if Tank could crush him between his biceps in comparison to Celestyn's skinnier, lankier form. Cool as he might appear on the surface, his blood rushed through his veins like electricity through a cut wire. Hot and lethal to the touch. Posted on Fri Jun 29, 2012, 17:01[Reply to this]Tank™   :: I'm not calling you a ghost, just stop haunting meAnd I love you so much, I'm gonna let you kill me.::~A prelude ~  It had been 600 days since Xypher had left him with this extra curse. Xypher was an angelic of sorts, a watcher really  and Tanks Mate. His brethren started to try and break up the union between the two. Tank knowing a mad scientist by the name of Bishop Riker had him place alimentum over his bones with it the melted sword of Gabriel the Jehovah's right hand. The sword Xypher fought for. It was the only way Tank could fight back. Fight he did till His husband decided he could take the cold of his father no longer and left Tank damned to this earth. Damned for what he is twice. Now there is a strange power in the air and Tank can not help but feel apart of it. A calling is coming.... It whispers in the wind and calls to him.     :; Sweet merciful death how you love your guilt.::-Almost... Can you feel it?-   For weeks now the reverberation had been just chatter in the wolfs head. Something he could brush off with a good sprint in the woods but not this day.  He knew it was the talk of the angels. The sword was giving him powers he did not want to posses but that's what he got for melting the sword of a godly creature and spreading it on his bones, what kind of self serving psycho does that anyway? This day was different; the voices rang out twice as clear as heaven, twice as loud as reason.  It was not a call to arms but an order that Tank would not be able to refuse no matter how he tried o clamp his hands over is head. By midnight the voices were so loud they felt like they were splitting his head in two. A face, a name and a mission was afforded to him. At midnight he belted out, 'FINE! I WILL GO! I'LL DO IT NOW! JUST STOP!"Tank growled begrudging as he slipped on his pants and headed toBelarus...Belarus, He had not been there since he was a child. Polandat all. If you meet Tank today you would think he was a good Ol' southern boy but  this was more like home and the furthest place he wanted to be from. :; Holy water cannot help you nowSee I've come to burn your kingdom downAnd no rivers and no lakes can put the fire outI'm gonna raise the stakes, I'm gonna smoke you out::  -That night.- It took Tank no time at all to sniff out the human. God pointed him in the right direction and followed through. An old abandon building is what he found. Why were the most heavenly creatures always destine to live in poverty he wondered? The wolf pushed through a plastic lining that cling in tatters around the front door and smelled the boy in the air, he felt his eyes on him, "Don't run.." he said his brown pools casting down to listen to Celestyn's feet, "You cant outrun me and you shouldn't. Looks like you're in trouble. The kind of trouble you're just going to have to see for yourself I imagine.... One thing is clear. God has sent me here to protect you and take you to the arch of the covenant. Cairo... Egypt... I know...... fucking hot but you're coming either way. I don't know what you did to get me but you did.... Now.... Will you come show me the white of your eyes Mr. Rodchenko?" TPosted on Fri Jun 29, 2012, 10:56[Reply to this]Tank was not a arctic robot himself. He heard Celestyn's voice rang out about his name, "Yes my birth name is Gunner Kane. Tank is just a nickname everyone has given me over the years for obvious reasons. Not sure were it came from but it stuck. You might be the only living soul that knows my name.... human anyway that knows my sir name."  That was all the creature got from Tank before the day dream started and that song gripped his memories. He scared his would be companion that he was certain. If he was so scared of Tank why fuck with his head? Perhaps that was all and act, after all he did to thecar the kid had something about him he was not fully aware of or was not telling the wolf.  The wolf pushed off from the his chair as Celestyn

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