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Poison & Wine

12/05/2012 01:17 PM 

RL blog

I got bored and decided to do a RL blog on here as well. I was trying not to out myself on my Jeremy page as  being P&W but it seems most people know it's me now. So I am just gonna do what I did over on the Jer page. I'll probably be a bit more detailed than the Jer page but I hate going OOC too much. So don't expect a lot personal shit. like my cell phone or address etc. 1. My real name is Jackie2. I am thirty years old in RL. OMG I know really old. Hush your mouth. I like to write. And Plus I don't really act 30. I am a kid at heart. I suppose one day I'll grow up. 3. I am currently writing  a vampire short novella. That will hopefully be finished soon. So far all my friends like what I have. It pays tribute to my favorite as well as my not so favorite vampire authors. While poking a little fun at them. It's a comedy/tragedy satire thing. You'll see a lot of "stolen" ideas that I can get away with copyright wise because they are written in away where it's not a blatant rip off. Why do I do this? because the book is poking fun at all those vampire fans who scream "RIP OFF" to every vampire novel/movie or tv series they ever encounter as if the basic ideas have not been retold through the years anyways. Sometimes it's just coincidental writing. And half the time they call rip off about something that was written BEFORE they the book they're accusing you of ripping off. Funny isn't it?4. I have  a big annoying wonderful family. That is wonderful  yet annoying. 5. I live in Virginia. Nope not Mystic Falls. Mystic falls at least to my knowledge does not exist. However the town in the novels was called Fells Church. That is based on a REAL town. Falls Church Virgina does exist. L.J Smith didn't want to use a real town name so she changed the a to an e. But we Virginians know it's meant to be  Falls church and it was a silly change. 6. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald. My favorite Book is the Great Gatsby. Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday is September 24th? Well now you do. Why is that so cool? Because 86 years later I'd be born on the same date. I am quite proud to share a birthday with one of the most magnificent writers that had ever lived. 7. My favorite color is purple8. I hate hate hate fish with a passion. Actually  I am more scared of them. They creep me out. Odd fear I know but they have creepy eyes. 9. I have one poetry book published10. I collect journals like people collect stamps or shot glasses. even if I never fill them up with writing. I may have only a few that actually have writing in them but I HAVE to collect them. It's weird I dunno why. I love journals. And i don't mean like those composition notebooks you get for school kind of "journals". I mean like cool ones from Germany or Greece, or Guatemala. With fancy covers and shit. 11. I love dark chocolate yet most people don't. I think it tastes good. I like it better than milk chocolate. I am weird though.12. My display name comes from the Civil Wars Song Poison & Wine. I had heard it originally in an Eric and Sookie fan video (true blood pairing for those who've never seen the show) and I fell madly in love with it. The chorus I felt fit many couplings in television. The contradiction it had of always loving someone but not loving them at the same time. Then I heard that it was used in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. At the time I had just started watching the show and hadn't gotten to the episode it was used, but everyone kept saying how the song fit Delena. But I felt it fit both Stelena and Delena and I finally got to see the episode the song was featured in. I thought it was brilliant. Because you see Elena talking to Stefan as it starts playing and then it moves to Damon, as she goes from talking to Stefan to talking to Damon. I thought what a brilliant way to show the triangle. It's a song about confusion, love and choice. And I thought it fit Elena perfectly. And I chose the name before I got a love interest, but I kept it because I still think it fits my personal storyline. I don't love you, but I always will is not to Elijah. It's to the  two brothers she did not choose in my AU storyline. So it fits all around and plus I was the first and only Elena to use it. And I really hope it stays that way. I like being unique :)That's all I am gonna say for now. Keep it short and simple. No pictures. Even though some people have seen what I looked like on cam during tiny chat. That might not happen for awhile. Since I posted on Jer's RL blog you wouldn't see what "He" looks like in RL. I am gonna keep the mystery here too since it's the same ooc writer.

❝ Closed - Retired.

12/03/2012 09:02 PM 


Writing- We are a multi paragraph role playing group. That means that your starters should be at the least 4 paragraphs and your replies should be at the least two paragraphs. A paragraph consists of 5-7 sentences. - Please use storybook format. That means using quotations to separate your dialog from your action, and describing things in detail. - Grammar is a must. Nobody's perfect, but there are plenty of spell checkers out there. If were unable to understand your audition you will be denied. - QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Don't force out some piece of crap novella, when you could write an amazing two paragraph reply. Honestly I rather have a great reply then something just quick and fast. This RPG is so laid back that you aren't required to have your starter done by a certain time zone. We want you to work at your own pace. Playbys- Playbys are NOT NEGOTIABLE unless otherwise stated. - If the playby is negotiable, then please list one or more suggestions in the proper place on the audition form. Once you are given the role the time to negotiate has expired and the original playby is locked in for you. So if you're unhappy with the playby, be sure to make suggestions when auditioning. -If it's an issue of pictures, we would be more than willing to help you in that department. All you need do is ask. Love Interests-Love interests can NOT be changed. However we will hear your opinion if you aren't happy with it. Because we all know that we have stronger connections with other writers. But remember an Angel can not be involved with a Demon ... Angels are pure.  - The love interest of each character is an intricate part of the character themselves. So it would be appreciated that you stay true to the character and not stray, even in individual storylines.  - If the role of your love interest isn't filled, that does not mean you are free to roam.  But if your a Demon you are free to do whatever you want. Honestly if the SL requires affection then so be it. Demons are ruthless and only care for themselves! But they do favor their LI above others.-If you are auditioning for a character whose love interest is already filled, we will be allowing that person to read your audition and give their opinion on it. The owners will still get final say, however, we feel that as the closest connections, the love interests should get some say in who plays their lover. Therefore...write to impress.Mature Content- This rpg is rated NC-18, which means that, there will be sex, drinking, drugs, cussing, violence, rape, torture, and etc ... if you can't handle that, then this isn't the rpg for you. Since this is a Demon and Angel verse it will be filled with violent behavior.  I mean demons don't play nice and we love to have them be a cruel as your imagination can see. We influence you to be wicked as possible. - DO NOT DELETE YOUR COMMENTS. I don't care what everyone's personal preference is, if you are a book burner this is NOT the rpg for you.- SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA. In character drama=Good. Out of character drama=Bad. If you bring any drama into this group, or cause any drama to develop in this group, you will automatically be kicked out of the rpg. We don't put up with that shit around here.- I am going to say this as nicely as possible. DO NOT MAKE A PROFILE FOR ONE OF OUR CHARACTERS IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD BY US THAT YOU HAVE THE ROLE. It has happened a few times now, and you know what? You will not be awarded a role in our rpg, no matter how good of a writer you are if you do this. That's just cocky. Good writers have been declined roles by us because they were cocky bastards ooc. We simply won't tolerate it. Bama has a big enough ego for all of us, we don't need anyone else trying to be an assaholic.Congratulations! - You've received a role! (Hypothetically) NOTE: If you are awarded a role in this rpg, you will be expected to make that page high on your priority list. That may seem selfish, but we've had people take on roles who were never around, and it's not fair to our members to have a connection who is never around. Or to other people who may be interested in that role for you to hoard it when you aren't doing anything with it. So other than other rpgs you are in or rpgs that you personally own, we ask that you place your rpg profile above your other profiles (or freelance profiles). - You will be expected to have your profile made within 24 hours, and the rpg added to it. - Work on your layout should begin within the next few days after that. It doesn't have to be done right off the bat, but, we'd like for you to at least begin working on it.- After a week (if you haven't already) we would like for you to have the other members added, and to begin discussing storylines with them and begin getting to know them. You don't have to start roleplaying until you're ready (I know some people like to wait until their profile is done before they start roleplaying, IE: Me XD), but we'd like for you to open the lines of communication.Member RulesActivity -We would like for you to be online 3-5 times per week at the least. This means that 3-5 times per week we'd like for you to log onto your profile, answer messages/ooc comments, be around for chatzy, movie night, update status, etc... -We would like for you to do replies at the least once a week. Dexter will be popping around and making sure that everyone is writing.-We will do random activity checks, where you will be expected to respond within 48 hours. After that time has expired, you will receive a warning letter regarding your inactivity. If after another 48 hours you still haven't responded, your role will be taken from you. Upon your return, if the role you had is still available, you are allowed to message and ask us for your role back. We have the right to deny you. If you return and the role you had is already taken, you may audition for another role.-The way we would like to be informed of any absences is through the "absentee" blog located in the members only section of our blogs. Inactivity warnings will be sent to anyone who has not logged onto their account for an entire week without informing us they will be gone. You will have 48 hours to respond to that message from the time that it is sent, and if you fail to respond the role will be taken from you and reopened for audition. As always, if you return and the role is still open, you are allowed to message us and ask for the role back. We have the right to deny you. If you return and the role is taken, you're free to audition for a different role.-If you are the type of person that has crazy parents who like to take away your internet privileges on a whim, then Angel would be more than willing to give you her cell number, so that if that happens, you can text and let her know. That way, we won't count that absence as inactivity, and we can't take the role away from you. Likewise, if you get really overwhelmed with school, or you're going on vacation, something to that effect, and you won't be online for a while, let us know. We're understanding about those things, and agree that real life should come first. Letting us know will ensure that your role will be waiting for you when you get back.Role Swapping -Angel the role that I REALLY wanted has reopened, may I switch roles? Or, Angel, I changed my mind and I want to be a different character, is that alright? Here's the thing...I don't want people going in and out of roles, that's not what we want around here. Take, CAREFUL CONSIDERATION when you choose the role you're going to audition for. Don't just pick based on playby. Choose a character you'll have fun playing and want to play for a long time. -We HAVE made exceptions for people to swap roles in the past. Just note that IF we allow you to swap roles, you are only allowed to do this once. All that being said, if we reopen the role you REALLY wanted, or you find yourself starting to grow fond of a character other than your own, you may ask if you're allowed to audition for it. -We only allow members to audition for a second role who have shown dedication to the rpg, consistency, and activity on their original character page. If you are accepted as the character, you may play BOTH characters. -Do NOT audition for two characters if you don't think you can handle it.3] Miscellaneous- I understand that there are a lot of characters in this rpg, and that it might be difficult for some people to come up with storylines with other people that aren't boring and involve simply randomly running into them somewhere...that being said, if someone is directly connected to you (or if someone is listed in the connections section of your character) then you MUST roleplay with them. Otherwise you're not obligated to roleplay with people, but if you would like to, feel free. You do have to have everyone added to your page, though.- The rpg members are your mains! You are allowed to roleplay with people outside of the rpg, but they can NOT be your mains. The rpg members must come first! We'd prefer that you didn't add people outside of the rpg, only because our werewolves are a very specific type, and it's hard to fit them into any one verse. Also  because there are a lot of characters in this rpg, and we'd like you to be roleplaying with as many of them as possible. Not to mention that the group blogs should take HIGH PRIORITY over everything else. We're not going to say you absolutely CAN NOT add people outside of the rpg, that's your prerogative, it's just our preference that you don't.  -This may seem random and unimportant, but we ask that you do not hide your "online now" status for your rpg page. This may be a personal preference of yours on all of your pages, but it's hard for us to track activity if we never know when you're online. 

Juana of Aragon

12/01/2012 09:03 PM 

Laws Of The Kingdom

1: Obviously please do not steal my character or anything of mine, it is mine and I worked hard for it and creating it. I will not stand for any stealing from you and if I catch you stealing from me be ready to find yourself deleted.2: Please be kind, I don't like people being rude at all to me. Respect is a wonderful thing to me and it shows you will be a wonderful and trust worthy friend of mine.3: When we do roleplay and I send a starter to you do not ignore it and not reply, that goes also with people who tell me "Oh I will rp with you" then they just never do, it is very annoying and it is obviously wasting my time and creative skills of my roleplay starters I have done. If there is misspelling in my roleplay starter or nothing makes since please let me know so I don't look like a fool and continue that ridiculousness so I can fix it in the end lol, if you do feel the need to let me know please be nice about it so I don't feel so bad I am down in the dumps lol.3: DO NOT GOD MODE MY CHARACTER, I CAN CONTROL HER ON MY OWN WITHOUT YOUR HELP. (WARNING TO ALL WHO DO- IF YOU EVER GOD MODE MY CHARACTER, I WILL TELL YOU ONLY ONCE BUT IF YOU CONTINUE YOU WILL BE DELETED AND THE RP WILL END IMMEDIATELY!!!!!)4: Don't ask me about my real life information, you will not get it from me. This is a roleplaying thing not a deal to know me in real life. I don't deal with stalkers and if you try anything that involves me in real life I will delete and block you.5: Every picture I use as a playby or whatever for my character is obviously not the real me, any person would know that. lol but as of now my playby is Isolda Dychauk, being a big fan of the Borgias I found her off there and I use her as my own character I roleplay as. 6: I do not blacklist anyone unless I have to, so please don't give me a reason to or I will do it. 7: I do any length roleplays, but I will not do one-line roleplays absolutely not one bit. If there is one given to me I will ask you to make a better reply that is worth replying to and if you don't I simply won't roleplay with you.8: If you ever need any help on something just ask, I will help you on pages of your profile or whatever but don't make a habit of it because I have a life in rl and my world doesn't revolve around this and the internet 24/7 lol k9: No control freaks, I don't like them one bit. If you are one don't add me, I will end up deleting you if I catch you as one.10 No calling me a slut, whore or anything not very nice and appropriate because I won't stand for it and you will be deleted without any warning from me, I mean it I will delete you if you try.11: Please no numbers, I hate being a number. so please talk if your in my friends list or your deleted.That is all there, welcome and enjoy.

♟Storybrooke's Lucifer♟

12/01/2012 06:10 PM 

Chapter Two: I Remember You

While in the Dark Castle Rumpelstiltskin is still trying to fight his growing feelings for Belle, in Storybrooke, Belle is about to remember hers for Rumpel. What a tangled mess love is; however, with the curse about to be broken, Belle's memory shall shape the phrase, "to continue where we left off." Keep in mind Dearys, in this chapter, the news is retold through the eyes of the beholders, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle in this instance because it is important that you know how as well as why things fall into the line they have.The Dark CastleWe continue where we left off where Belle made her version of a Christmas Tree only to have it shot down by a brooding Rumpelstiltskin unable to not only let go of his past, but who is determined not to show let alone feel the growing feelings and emotions he has for Belle. After giving his speech on why he disapproved of having a Christmas Tree to begin with, he stormed out of the room only to have Belle request his presence that evening. She wanted to get to know him, while he was still contemplating whether he wanted to let her know him. ____________In StorybrookeMr. Gold and Belle had just finished a very lovely evening at Granny's Diner where he not only offered her a place to stay, but offered her a job as well. Happy to do it, they ended up back at his place where he showed her to her room right next to his. After inspecting the beauty of the room, getting ready for bed, a restless Belle decided to go knock on Mr. Gold's door.We shall begin with Rumpelstiltskin's reactions in both instances...

Mad Hatter

12/01/2012 01:59 PM 

my advice to all
Current mood:  calm

Hello there ladies and gentlemen ! How are you all ? I'm writing this blog for a reason  , for all of us to be aware of , to open your eyes on things you may have never realized , something I want you to keep in mind . for your own benefits my lovely friends . No hard feelings ok ? ^^ *Respect : 1- Time difference : lets say if you are from Spean do not expect that everyone in are from there too , there are those who are from japan . + cool RPer are not always easy to find especially in the same city you are in , so you will end up having no body . 2- requests from your RP friends : if they asked you for anything like lets say gender change , do not explode on them and do all that stupid drama of yours , simply just say ok or sorry I can't , be nice and simple . 3- level in writing : (because not everyone is a native speaker ) , almost no one from other country is able to write so literary like a native speaker , if you saw something is not like English people to say , it was his language phrase , help him\her , show them how to say it right + telling them we or a native speaker would not say it that way he would say it this way . 4- hard life : even if he did not say what is he facing he just said I'm having lot of issues in my life I can't RP but I will be back and  sorry if I was not able to loge in a lot , do not be rude and delete him . you don't want the same to happen to you in any case right ? , it is true we don't like to handle drama queen , but if he just tell you an excuse why he would not appear , you would accepts his reason . *In my opinion : one liner RPer are too less and a novel RPer are too much , but yet some times we do semi para if we were in a certain place where we had to , RP is for having "FUN" not to measure how long the other paragraph is . right ? ^^ *what piss me off : is the ignorance , to my comment or message just because we both where not online or one of us where not online . so if you may please reply and stop being full of yourself , there are many others are there to RP and chat with , plus nothing much easier then clicking on delete button . when you add someone you talk , don't be like a dead ghost also when he talk to you and you ignore him\her following it with a delete . this is so rude . right ? in the end guys , this is written for your seek not me .. uuh well me as well .. but really YOU will end up alone and bored my friend . be easy be nice . best of luck to you all my good people .    :)

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