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Secluded Psychosis RPG.

09/06/2012 10:01 PM 

Audition Form.

In order to try for a role please fill this out, and send it to us in a message :)

[ O N E ] - What made you want to audition for this character?
 [ T W O ] - What kind of RPer are you? Novella(2-10 parts) [] Multipara(3-4 paragraphs) []

 [ T H R E E ] - How long have you been a Roleplayer?

 [ F O U R ] - How did you hear about this RPG? Friend [] Member(which one?) [] Affiliate(which one?) []

 [ F I V E ] - Describe (in your own words) the type of illness your character has (just to see how well you understand your character's illness):

 [ S I X ] - Below send in a starter that you type for the character you wish to have.

 Good luck! ;)

-Secluded Psychosis

Secluded Psychosis RPG.

09/06/2012 10:01 PM 


[ O N E ] - You must be a Multi-Para/Novella Rper to join this group, and nothing less under any circumstances whatsoever.

[ T W O ] - You must audition for a part, you can't simply ask us for one, and when you audition, please do not bug us asking if you received the part. Patience is a virtue ;)

[ T H R E E ] - If you receive a part within the RPG you must add every member, and at least talk to them, how quickly you start a RP is up to you, and said member.

[ F O U R ] - You may add other people outside of the group, there is no issue as long as the other members within the group are not being neglected by you.

[ F I V E ] - If you receive a part, you must have your profile link sent to us within 48 hours, or you risk being replaced, if someone else comes along wanting your part, and auditions.

[ S I X ] - If you leave your profile for any reason for longer than 1 week (7 days) without notifying us of your absence, and marking a Hiatus in your name, then we will consider your account abandoned, and open your part back up, unless in said time you decide to return, and you can have your spot back.

[ S E V E N ] - In order to audition send us a Message after filling out the audition form, you will find Here.

[ E I G H T ] - This is a MATURE RPG meaning that Sex, Drugs, Violence, and any other mature content happens within this RPG, remember everyone is insane in one way or another ;)

[ N I N E ] - On a similar note, every character has a mental illness of some kind, not a disease, but they are all INSANE, meaning that if you wish to take on a specific character, at least know the illness they have, by reading up on it in Wikipedia, or something.

[ T E N ] - In order to join, you must have a 1.0 profile, and if you don't I will do my best to scavenge around, and find you one, or you can make a film, or comedy myspace, those are still 1.0.

[ E L E V E N ] - As for Love Interests I haven't put anyone with a love interest, simply, because all of the characters are insane, and therefore you never know what they will do ;) So I will leave it up to you to pick your love interest, or simply go with the flow, since some characters, will sexually attack anyone, then another rule will be that you shouldn't get offended if another character 'rapes' yours, if he/she has some sort of sexual disorder. Just a heads up.

[ T W E L V E ] - Please Please do not put your characters name with a bunch of crappy S&L, or Hurt/depressed/crying/deleting, any of that will send you a swift removal from the group. Make a nickname, or even use your identification number as a headline over the crappy examples I just used.

[ T H I R T E E N ] - The last thing I ask is that pictures be edited, nothing fancy, simply edited to look neat.

[ FOURTEEN] - One thing I forgot to add is I don't mind if you are a girl trying out for a guy part or vise versa no problems. You see a character you like go for it regardless of gender.

THIS ONE IS BIG! As all of you know we recently had a massive wipeout of members on the RPG if you plan on joining then you can't be completely mean to everyone, and not talk, and I don't want any drama!! Enough is enough! So treat the other members kindly, or I won't hesitate to kick you out. I can't risk a repeat of what happened last time.

That is all of the rules, for now I will add as I see fit, when I find other things I dislike, or think should be abided by.
Sign at the bottom before you audition. Thank you :)

Secluded Psychosis

ℂoffee; ℬ ℓ α c κ

09/06/2012 11:53 PM 

Rules. Please Read & Sign.

If you're reading these rules, I would first like to say thank you for coming. I've been roleplaying for 7 years with a myriad of different characters, and so I would not consider myself a novice by any stretch of the word. Below are a list of rules that I've found, over the years, to be practical and generally universal, however I am listing them here because there will always be someone who will claim not to know because they weren't posted.

Rule 1. No OOC drama. Can't stand it, won't stand it. Will delete you if you're guilty of it. Understand? Good.

Rule 2. While I love this charactar, there are times where I must be away. I try not to stay away long, but I will be moving soon, getting a job even sooner, and I just had a baby a month ago. Life is very busy for me. Point being, don't get out of shape if I'm not on every single day, or if it takes me a bit to respond. I like to think out my responses and give quality over quickness. Which leads me to my next rule.

Rule 3. I currently have no computer or internet. I am on mobile. On a touch screen, no less. *sneers* If there are typos, that is why. I am generally a stickler for perfect spelling and grammer (for myself, not others as long as it is legible) so if you stumble across typos... Yeah. They slip by. And I hate when I reread after I post (which I've almost always reviewed before posting too) and find mistakes. So yeah, heads up. Also, sometimes it's hard to post from a phone. Keep that in mind too.

Rule 4. We don't know each other ooc. However, I'm not opposed to talking ooc occassionally. That being said, don't ask my address or name. Just call me Thirteen... Remy, if we're friends. *wink*

Rule 5. Please be of age. This character will rp mature content that could and will include things like violence, drug use, sexual encounters, blood and gore, ect. If these things offend you, let me know. We may be able to work around it, though drug use and explicit sex are somewhat integral to this character. Blood and gore also are part of a doctor's life, and... Well everyone experiences violence. So hopefully these things do not offend you.

Rule 6. No godmodding. Let my character move herself. Unless we've agreed what's going to happen, just don't please. Occassionally, exceptions will be made, but very rarely.

Any other rule that is universal that I forgot to write applies. I reserve the right to alter and/or add to these at any time. Please sign with your character's name and your real life favorite color, that way I know these have been read and not just signed. Thank you.


S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Initiative

09/05/2012 10:28 PM 

RPG Story Line Submission Form

Story Line (SL) Submission Form

  When you want to send in a SL for the RPG, you can communicate with the RPG and its owners about the idea or just send one in. When you do send one in you need to send the SLs through MESSAGE with the following subject line:

 "RPG SL - #your character name# - #Title#"

(Don't be stupid about it ^ you know what we meant smartass.)


In the body of the message you need some info so we know how you would like this SL ran. We have several options to choose from. We hope this allows for a more open and organized style of play. Things are a lot more sophisticated than the old one-liner back and forth message boards. We hope once we are in full swing we have several simultaneous SLs going on with varied groups or even completely open, not only to our RPG, but to other verses and individuals outside the RPG as well.

 The RPG will assign an SL# (such as from the demo sl: "SL#000-A [DEMO-SL]") to the submitted SL for our recordkeeping. This is what you need:


Title: (the title of the SL, duh!)

Author(s): (if you want to receive credit for the SL your character's name should be somewhere in the message.)


SL Classification: (this is to let us know who this SL is open to. It can be OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS, or even OPEN TO ALL OUTSIDERS AND MEMBERS [or simply, WARBLOG]. You can create a story for just the Avengers, or maybe the Secret Avengers. Whatever combination of characters we have available you can work with. If you have any questions you can always ask the RPG.)


RP Style: (this is for how the SL will be run. You can have a FREE-FOR-ALL which allows anyone to comment at anytime or even TURN BASED for smaller groups if you wish. There may also be TURN BASED RPG where the players wait for the RPG to respond before continuing the story with another reply. The possibilities are not limited to these choices.)


ORDER START:  (this is in case you want to set up an individual to start the SL off or have an order for a small group to go in, often in turn based RP. Most of the time this will be labeled as "ANY" so anyone could start.)


Time limit - START/CLOSE: (if you wish your SL to only last a few days or until a certain date, you can fill this in. Otherwise just put "NOW/TBD" for an open-ended SL.)


 If you have any questions please contact S.H.I.E.L.D. RPG. Thank you.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Council


09/05/2012 09:09 PM 


UPDATED: 9/18/12

First off, I'm going to tell everyone now. I am not Jennifer Lawrence. Nor am I affiliated with anyone at the studios of where The Hunger Games was filmed. I am just a role-player. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now to the rules.

Comments ;;  Now, I consider myself to be mainly a multi paragraph writer. I put novella into my headline only because I can get that high if the storyline interests me good enough and if I'm excited about the storyline we've discussed. But, due to my real life I'm not always able to send out replies or starters of that magnitude. I tend to really stick to 3-8 paragraphs with my replies. Now, starters is a completely different story.  But like I've stated earlier, depending on the storyline that we've discussed will also have an impact on what I write for my starters. Though, I have written a 15 paragraph starter before. As far as what I expect from you, is at LEAST 3 GOOD QUALITY paragraphs. I won't accept anything less than 3. If you send me less I won't reply to you.

Grammar/Spelling ;; For the love of god PLEASE use spell check. It's there for a reason. And I know I may not be the greatest with grammar  but at least I try. So, I would except you to do the same.

Drama ;; NOT TOLERATED. Not one bit. Yes, granted we may get close as we RP and talk to each other and all but I don't really want the drama. Drama to me is pretty much getting me involved in something against someone else or what have you. I don't want it. We should all just be nice to each other. On the other hand, in character drama is completely tolerated. I love it. And you'll soon find out how much I love to torture my characters. Haha. It's just so fun for me. xD

Adding ;; Who I add is my choice and I am very selective on who I accept or request. I do ask that you be at least 18+ for the mature content that may be displayed. I don't want anyone that's too young to be reading anything that they shouldn't be. So, if you're not 18 or older please let me know and we won't do anything to explicit. I won't add anyone else other than THG RPers. I don't do crossovers so don't even ask. They will all be denied, regardless of their celebrity face.

Rating ;; I'd say I'd give my profile a rating of an M for mature. Only because of the explicit content it may contain.

Messages ;; Whatever you do, DO NOT send me a starter without speaking to me about a storyline first. I hate those with a passion. People say it's better because there's more creativity, well I say bullshit. Coming up with a storyline is a better way to get ideas out on the table because if the other person doesn't like it then why would they respond to the starter/reply? You know, I mean I think it's stupid. So, please keep all discussions of story lines in messages and not in comments.

 Depending on who you are I may waive this rule and I don't mean by the character your playing either.

Mains ;; I chose my mains and I chose them carefully. I don't just go around asking people to be my main without knowing them a little bit and knowing how their writing style is. I just won't do it. And please don't ask me to be your main without us even having discussed a storyline, nor starter RPing yet. The answer will be no. And another thing I've run into with people, when I post a status saying that I'm looking for mains, it doesn't mean message or comment me asking to be one. It won't happen.

Replies ;; Okay, I can be slow sometimes. Especially, when it comes to having a family. My daughter goes to bed around 8pm est. every night so most of the time I won't be on until then. Unless I'm off work and can get some time in while she's down for her daily nap. But, otherwise you won't see me on until 8 every night. So, if I take a while to reply back and I haven't said what's going on that's holding me up then please feel free to send me a message about it. But don't be rude because if you are, I'll disregard your starter/reply.

God Modding/Auto Moving ;; Don't do it. I will control my character, not you. Understand? Good. If you don't know what either of them are then google it. It'll tell you.

Profile ;; I worked long hours putting it together. I made EVERYTHING on my profile. You steal it and your ass is mine. I'll make sure to make your RP life a living hell, understand? Just because I busted my ass on my profile doesn't give YOU the RIGHT to take any of it. Don't be lazy and take stuff for yourself.

Love Interest ;; My character will have only ONE love interest. Once she's taken then don't expect to have ANY kind of one night stands or anything like that. It won't happen. I don't cheat in real life so, I won't do it on here. You feel me? Katniss is straight so, she will be with whoever I see fit. Now, I must admit I love Katniss/Peeta  but I MAY take on a Gale if there's one that really peeks my interest. And to be honest I've always been curious about the Cato&Katniss tension that they have. So I may just even chose a Cato if there's one that's right. We have to have a good connection and also on the same length wise of replies at least.

Rules ;; Now, I may feel the need to change/edit any of my rules or add more if I want to. Don't like it? Well too bad. Please comment these rules as they are at the present time and if I change/edit/add anything I will let you know by message so you may read the changes and re-comment. Yes, I said re-comment. It's just a way for me to know that you've actually read the new changes.

About Me ;; I'm 25 years old and I have a 2 and a half year old daughter, so she takes up my time and work does as well so, please be patient with me. If you hound me for a reply or a starter, I'll delete you, got it?

So now that that's all over and done with I expect all of you to be commenting this saying that you've read it. And read it thoroughly please. I read everyone else's rules thoroughly, I expect you to do the same. Also when you comment tell me who your favorite character is from the book and your favorite quote from them from any book. And tell me your favorite why they're your favorite.

SO! I FINALLY finished ALL THREE BOOKS! Yay me! -dances; Anyway, now that I've read all the books all storylines are now open to discussion since none of you could possibly ruin anything for me. No offense.

With that being said.

Let's get started!

//spaʀklɪɴg hᴏpe,

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