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04/23/2019 10:19 PM 

Isn't it sad?

Isn't it sad how we find turmoil in nailing sh*t from the past? How we're unable to let go of those we hate? or those we loved? 

Isn't it sad how we keep dragging old souls through the dirt in hopes they return one day to us?
Isn't it sad how pathetic and low we go to save those who don't want to be?
Isn't it sad how we keep forcing them to live our reality? choking them until they can no longer breathe for our own benefit? 
Isn't it sad we use their name and beating them to the ground, simply because we 'love' them?

But see, if you truly love someone you wouldn't be so desperate to cling onto a love story that doesn't exist. We wouldn't cling to a person who's dead to us. See, normal people move on with their lives instead of squeezing the sh*t out of a dead horse. 
See, N O R M A L people heal their wounds and move the f*** on. 
Then again, there's no such thing as normal anymore. Everyone likes to be f***ed up for the mere joy of getting attention from their failures. 

It must be a sad sad sad place to be in. To find attention in one's failures and reel in suckers with pitty. That's all we ever do, find those who are weaker to feed from until they are no longer a use for us. 

It's quite a disappointment, to see a person for who they truly are. To learn that they really are what people said about them. You believed they were different, but nah, if you hear sh*t about someone, trust me, 99% of the time, is true. Trust your f***ing gut, for f*** sakes. Don't blind yourself into thinking they are 'changed' people. They aren't. 

It's 2019 people, not 2010. 

no one likes a victim. 

 Then again, that's all we know how to do. It brings us fulfillment. 

will continue more-

The Prince Lestat

04/23/2019 03:34 PM 

Rules of the Court.

Yes it may be inconceivable to some but I, your beloved Brat Prince, the infamous rule breaker has rules that will be revealed soon...


04/23/2019 02:41 PM 

Roleplay for Enzo


Writing Type: First Person Writer
Blog Theme: Isabella meets Enzo and helps him with getting his memory back.
Writing Length: Para - Multipara


I woke up in bed, sat up and gave a big yawn. "School!!!" I yawned trying to wake up. I rose slowly out of bed, flipped the covers over and got up from the bed. I stretched my body out and went to my closet to get ready for school. I rifled through the closet and picked out a black dress and crown. I put them on, grabbed my purse and backpack. I left my room, went downstairs, grabbed some food to eat on the way to school. I made lunch and then left the house. 

I walked for a few miles, looking around as I walked, as there was always something new to look at. I was engrossed with a bird and didn't see who I ran into until it was too late. I paused for a moment to pick up the stuff that I had accidentally dropped when I jumped back trying to avoid him to no avail. I dropped everything and kneeled down to pick it all up. Once I had picked up everything, I looked to see who I ran into. "Hello," I said with a soft smile." I am sorry I ran into you. Are you alright?" I asked with a slight tilt of my head.



04/23/2019 02:08 PM 

music muses β€”

steve rogers. music muse mondays.

( prince kyros, )

04/23/2019 12:36 PM 

(( im still sick, send help. ))

The Prince of the North had the simplest reaction as any man who was guarded well throughout LA JUVE would react - unphased & not batting a single eye about it. he felt he had no need to be worried due to the fact his surname was one of respect, power, and money. as long as he had his cousin, Riko, to his side then all would be fine and dandy.

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