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мιℓℓιє ρнιℓιρѕ

12/18/2018 07:08 PM 

Christmas in the NICU

𝔽𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕞𝕒𝕤
This was not how they was planing to spend their first Christmas together as a family. Sitting next to an incubator keeping the baby boy alive. Millie still recovering from the c-section, her family was called, letting them all know what was going on. Millie rocked in a rocking chair next to the baby boy, watching him, watching as his chest went up and down from breathing. His eyes covered still from being so small. Christmas was only in a few days, the girls were both exited for that, but they wouldn't be spending it with their little bother. They wasn't sure when they little boy was going to be able to go home. 

(A safe blog for family and friends) 




12/18/2018 02:37 PM 

part 2... some people never learn.

before you get confused. <--- please read and open the links for that blog and this one.

i don't even feel like cap locking or whatever, so let's get this out of the way. so, you must've noticed read/noticed the other post? well, yeah... some people never learn. This isn't about drama. This is for people to know. What do you guys not get?
okay, well, this happened.
mind you, i don't have a line, but Mars showed me this. Are you kidding me, Shandi? Whatever your name is... Erin doesn't owe you anything. Fox blocked Erin, not the other way around. He even said it in the LINE chat with Mars, but here you go, kissing his arse again. It's pathetic. What's going on between you two (Shandi and Eric)? Speak up and forfeit, or more and more will come? I even noticed that you focused on the kids, more than your 'level of pettiness'... I don't tolerate mouthbreathers or hypocrites in my office.

You even deleted Erin off your list-- when she did nothing wrong-- CONCERNED FOR YOU. What are you? Eric's golden girl? Then, I realized you named your character after a KISS song for a man who played 'cat-and-mouse' with, so should I ever take you seriously? This is so weird... What's even sadder is that YOU KNOW that Erin is expressing concern, but you make her the bad guy, but if she never cared, you would've make her the bad guy still, call her 'fake', and say you have no friends. You're obvious. Show such feelings again and you won't have  any.
But, nevertheless... Eric. Oh, the pitiful you. Call me a 'bully', but I'm letting people know. You gone way too far. Some people are noticing that you and Michelle act alike. Type alike. Same manips. Everything. Both of you say 'jealousy', 'grow up', 'childish', and fail to throw shade... Weird, is it? When Fox is online, Michelle is gone. When Michelle logs on, Fox is gone or appear for a short period of time. Yes, I get it it's the same for Mars and I, but sometimes, we use the same device, we have poor wifi, we send each other reminders like the impatient people we are... We type fast. We act normal. It's called standards.
I get it you're alone. But, you're going beyond boundaries. It's always the same people who like Michelle's posts and I just wonder: is everything okay? Sophie, Fox, Shandi, and sometimes-- Paul, Shannon, whoever. I don't want to target most of these people, but it's catching hints. Who even are these people?
What's really bothering me is that why the hell do adults make children accounts and view themselves as 'adults', but get the whole thing of children wrong? Children may be naive, but they have a sense of morals. Is no one commenting on how Michelle automatically approves what Eric (or Shandi) does? [ and do not take the green text to heart.] Children aren't robots. They are human. They will say something different or whatever come out of their little blabbermouths. And don't give me the 'Daddy's Girl' excuse. Stop talking to yourself. Even 'Daddy Girls' sometimes disagree with the Dad.
I can take you never really been full-front with a child. [if you say 'XD', go away, please.]
(Similar, yes?)
But, what the hell?! Even if Michelle isn't you, explain this. 

Don't give me an excuse, because as time passes, we see right through you. This is making me sick to the core, because what did Erin even do to you? Forget what you said to me, on MY post/blog, but what the hell is wrong with you? You insulted Erin... In her native language... German. My language. Calling her a 'rat', playing victim when she was scared... Get over yourself. And you're literally exploiting a child by using her photos? 

I can literally go through your gallery, reverse search one of the photos you used for Michelle, and if one of the photos come up with a social media (most likely, Instagram), I can go alert that person that you're exploiting their child while harassing others. One person you used is Tiffani Thiessen's daughter. I cannot like children pages. I find them quite weird. Yes, on roleplay, we're using the face of celebrities and if you roleplay a child... Go ahead. But, don't use a faceclaim to harass others, what in the world.
It's so weird that you, Eric, will complain about living with people, who 'mistreat' you and I don't agree with such conditions, as well. But, you also complain narcissists and jealousy. But, have you seen yourself? I say I don't diagnose by judging, but this is really getting me. You want to know who get jealous and act competitive? Narcissists. 

You want to know who can love, but once that is gone, they backstab? Narcissists

You want to know who will lie, cheat, twist, obsess, control, have false sense of high self esteem and much more? Narcissists.

You keep complaining that the man who threw something at you because of the dog? That's very wrong, yes, but you're over here, doing the same to others, excluding the thrown object, but you're hurting them.. You even involve a real life minor. Check yourself, before you check others. What is it that you want? Do you get off by everytime I expose you, you try to create more and more drama. Do you crave attention that bad? Because, it's failing. And the next attention you would go is to the law and a cell.

But, Narcs never listen. They never learn. I don't like judging others by assuming, but let's take this up a notch, shall we?... Now, this is over with. 

Please report these profiles or do whatever. 

It's harmful, really. I didn't ask for this. No one didn't ask for this. You didn't ask for this. I want roleplay to be a fun place, where everyone communicate and have fun in glee. What do you want? Hopefully, Not drama that can slowly spread, especially in the verse I know and love best. (Vintage music, etc)...

Thank you.


12/18/2018 07:27 PM 

Ava's Adoption

The day had finally come. It was one Val was truly waiting for. Ever since Ry had asked her to marry him, she had also brought up the thought of adopting Ava. Well, in all honesty, the two of them had brought it up together.

A little laugh left her lips. It was amazing knowing her and her fiancé was on the same page when it came to this. It brought her so much happiness to know that by the end of the day, Ava was going to legally be hers. She never needed the papers though, in her heart, she already knew Ava was hers.

Looking down at the little girl slumbering peacefully in her bed, Val's smile grew. Her eyes burned as tears threatened to escape them. Everything in her life was falling into place beautifully. Rubbing Ava's cheek, she slowly turned to walk out the door. Wrapping an arm loosely around her best friend's shoulder, she grinned. “Ethel,” it was the name she called Ry's niece Scarlett, “please forgive me for being an emotional mess, but right now, I am just so happy.”

Wiping tears from her eyes, she hugged her Ethel tightly. She knew she was leaving Ava in capable hands. All of Ry's family would kill for the little girl who was oblivious to everything going on around her. “Keep a good eye on her. You have our numbers.” She said walking out to meet Ry in the car. As she passed the security team, each of them greeted her. She did so as well. In the time they have been there, she had learned each of them by name. She even knew the newer ones.

Val's mind wandered on the walk to the car. She didn't see how one person could care so little about a child she would give her life for. The tripled security was needed. Both she and Ry worried that Bitchissa would come into their home and harm Ava. After that night at the tree lot, Ry had tripled the security around the house. He started carrying a gun around with him as well, though she acted like she never noticed it. She was not about to stop him from protecting the two of them in whatever way he could. She was horrified he would get in trouble with the law, but knew she needed to let him do this.

The dark haired girl looked at the house one last time before she slipped in beside her fiancé. “It's about time,” he said laughing, “I was about to send a search party out for your ass. I thought you changed your mind.” Looking over to Ry, she laughed with him. “Nah, you can't get rid of me that easily.” She said with a smirk. After slipping on her seatbelt, she reached for Ry's hand giving it a gently squeeze.

With his newest album playing softly in the background, Val was able to let her thoughts drift. Marissa had stirred up so many doubts and feeling Val never knew existed for her. Starting with the fact that she wasn't actually Ava's mother. It never bothered her until Bitchissa said something. From the moment she met the little girl, she felt like she was hers. Sure she didn't give birth to her, but as her fiancé liked to point out. Blood is not always everything.

The young woman had always known that Bitchissa had said it to attack her to the core of her being. She said it because she knew it was a sure fire way to hurt Val, but that never made it hurt any less. She loved Ava like she was her own, and took her as if she was. Ava was hers and she didn't need a paper to say it.

Pulling up outside the court house, she looked over to Ry. She could feel her heart soaring as she started bouncing slightly in her seat. “This is really happening?” She questioned. “I'm not dreaming at all.” She said her voice giving way to the excitement she felt. “Come on!” She exclaimed opening the door and climbing out. She couldn't wait another minute for this to be done.

Walking up the stairs, she stood hand in hand with the love of her life. Looking over to him, she laughed. “If I cry, step on my toes or something.” She said before walking into the door he opened for her. After passing security, they went straight to the judge's chambers.

Once in there, she sat across the table as the judge slipped the paper for her to sign to her. All it was going to take was one little scribble across the paper, and Ava was officially going to be hers.

Right as she lifted the pen, a shiver passed through her entire body. The tears she had been holding in finally broke free. She knew it was her mom letting her know she was there. “Thank you for showing up today.” She whispered to the air. “Thank you for being here, mom.” She said as she looked down at the paper.

Finally lifting it once more, she scribbled her signature across the line that was indicated. Looking over to Ry, she threw her arms around his neck. It was done. Now, Ava was legally hers. The judge stood and held out his hand to Val. Standing, she wiped at her eyes. “Congratulations, Ms. Spicoli. You've officially adopted Ava Tesoro. Good luck to you three.” He said before turning to go back to work.

With a lifted heart, she kissed Ry deeply. Pulling away, she couldn't contain the smile on her face. “Let's go home to out little girl.” She said linking her hand into his once more.


12/18/2018 06:32 PM 

Owes List.

Coming Soon.


12/18/2018 03:54 PM 

Wicked Witch Of The West

Name: Elphaba Thropp 

Nick Name(s): Elphie, Fea, Wicked Witch Of The West, Sister/Saint Elphaba 
Age: 23
DOB: May 28th, 1998
Height: 5'5
Weight: 142 lbs 
Hair Color: Coal Black
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Species: Unknown
Special Characteristic: Florecent, bright green skin and sharp teeth
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Assassin, Wicked Witch Of The West, Leader Of The West, Activist 
Mother- Melena Thropp
Father- Wizard Of Oz
Half Sister- Nessarose Thropp
Shell Thropp- Half Brother
Frexspar- Step father
Best friend- Glinda

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