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01/26/2020 02:23 PM 

How Loki got to this point [background]

The battle had gone all wrong. Loki and his so called army defeated by a group of meta beings and a big green creature that tossed him around like a rag doll. He had laid in the cracks of the concert flooring of Stark’s tower, feeling the aches that riddled his body. When he finally moved, there they all were hovering over him. It wasn’t long before he was placed in those damn special chains his brother had which dampened his magic. Next being hustled to the elevator after he was gagged form mimicking the red, white, and blue man. The elevator ride was long and it stank of mortals which he was glad he was gagged or he would have said something. Of course offended them and end up with even more damage than he already had upon him. Of course he would heal. It just wouldn’t be fun. Upon stepping off the elevator they were greeted by another group. Loki rolled his eyes. This was getting to be way too much. But of course that was how mortals were. Always over doing things and complicating them. Surprisingly, things were happening quickly. He saw Stark fall. Thor rush to his aid. The case sliding across the floor for some reason. Then a noise behind him of the Hulk crashing about and saying something about stairs. Then to his amazement. No one noticing it. The Cube.It slid right to his feet. Oh the idiot Thor would regret putting his shackles in front. He bent over for the cube and picked it up then used it to vanish. He left it all behind to find himself back on Asgard but in another timeline. He managed to get one of his servants to set him free before he killed them. So now he had the cube and could go anywhere. Any place he wished. To any time? Which made him wonder why this all happened in the first place. Loki was always the curious one. He couldn’t resist some things which was why he was drawn to this damn cube and his scepter which... He wanted back as well. There were plenty of moments in time he could retrieve it. He thoughts for a moment and with the Cube in hand, traveled to the time where they scepter was. It had been taken to a HYDRA research base in Sokovia. A man named Strucker was going to use it to power the Chitauri weapons. And other experiments. This was his chance to get it back. With both items he would be nearly unstoppable. He appeared in the lab, a few people freaking out as he grabbed it and fired at them, killing them instantly before vanishing again. This time to the point at the end of the battle against Thanos. He waited a while to hear, he had died five years ago. But his people made it to Midguard. Thor let himself go and well... with this so called Time Heist set things right in this time line. Thanos was dead. He rather relished in that idea. No mad Titan to deal with. Thor left with these so called Guardians of the Galaxy. He didn’t have to deal with him. But he left Valkyrie in charge. Queen now. Hmmm... he could work with that. So he hid the scepter and the cube. Yes, this timeline would do.


01/26/2020 01:48 PM 

Braid Drabble With Here to Win Bitch

New friends were always something that normal people expected. Jade was not normally socially outgoing, or even made the first move in friendship. But when the pretty red-head came into Hexes alone it made her question why. Jade smiled as the woman approached the bar. She’d heard of it from various other supernatural creatures and had wanted to check it out. “Well, I hope you have fun. We have a bouncer, his name is Little John if you need him. He looks scary, but he’s not.” Of course, Little John wasn’t so little.He was a huge, blue wish demon with massive horns. At first Jade had been scared of him but Julian insisted that Jade use him while she was gone on her missions for Jade’s mother. It would make Julian feel better, as Little John was a friend of hers. So eventually she grew to like Little John who often came over for meals Jade cooked for him. It was nice to have someone over for dinner when she was in the apartment she shared with her girlfriend.Jade went on to serving her drinks and a few meals, keeping an eye on the red-head. Finally the bar came to a lull and she was able to stop by the red-head’s table. “Hey. I’m Jade.” She greeted. “I never got to ask your name.” She said. She handed the woman a shot, it was a girly pink drink that many of her female patrons asked for after they had it, something Jade herself made up. It was sweet tasting, and pink. “On the house.” She surveyed the red head. “I know this might sound weird, but...I love your braid.”Beth’s bright red hair had been bound into a simple french braid and looked elegant. So elegant in fact, Jade felt self conscious knowing her dark brown hair was up in puffs, looking a fright. “This might sound weird, but can you do my hair like that?” She asked the woman. “I’ll completely pay you for it. Most I can do with this bird’s nest is put it in a pony and hope for the best.” She gave Beth a smile.


01/26/2020 01:18 PM 

Rebellions are built on hope

Christophers parents were probably one of the most unique relationships he had ever heard of, not just because they were his parents but also because just the story behind it. Christophers father, Hunter, was a smuggler not for anyone specifc, just a freelancer and a good one at that to as he flew a old YT-1300 Corellian Corvette. He wasn't well known, but at the same time he was known not to be f***ed with if came across and to be polite. He flew during the clone wars and a little before starting at the age of 12. During the last year of the Clone Wars he turned 18 years old and knew nearly all of the trade routes both major and backspace routes. The Jedi Council learning of him appointed a newly annointed Jedi Knight Kara as a undercover spy to gather the intel. She went undercover as a partner and soon met him on the planet of Tattooine, at the Mos Eisley Spaceport. He needed a partner for a job and hired her, and both worked together. His mission was to steal a cache of weapons for his supplier. They went deep into the outer rim and landed on some backwater planet where apparently a black market arms supplier operated. They landed the ship out of sensor range and took the rest of the trip on foot, leaving his old droid to guard the ship. The plan went well until they finally found where the cache was but was ambushed by the supplier and several of his goons. A fight broke out and eventually Hunter was injured taking a blaster bolt and collapsed to the ground. Kara saw this and moved to protect him when the boss nearly blind sided her as he was a rather large Trandoshian. Instead of using a blaster though he brandished a lightsaber he gained from slaying a jedi, and activated it a purple saber forming. The two engaged in a fierce duel until finally she was forced to use her abilities and gave her away to Hunter who was still conscious but barely. Kara killed the Trandoshian and collected the lightsaber from him before running to Hunter and picked him up. She ran him back to the ship having him submerged in the bacta tank tat was present on his ship. But she also completed the mission they were sent on and collected the rather large weapons cache and flew away.Finally Hunter was healed two days later and left the tank. He immidiately confronted her about her being able to use the Force. She explained that she had ran away from the Jedi Order, not agreeing with them and managing to mainain her cover. But when she saw Hunter had been injured she had nearly compromised the mission and thus realized that even though against everything she had been taught and grew up with, she was starting to develop feelings and attachments toward the young smuggler. They delivered the weapons cache to a group of Mandalorian terrorists, unknown at the time and was paid a very generously. But before they could leave, Hunter identified one of them as a terrorists that was wanted and asked if it was indeed him. The Mandalorian laughed and exclaimed that it was indeed him. Kara watched Hunter curiously as she saw him tense up and was slightly intiruged. Hunter drew his blaster almost fluidly as the gunslinger put a blaster bolt directly between the mans eyes, before he began to fire at the others gunning them down before they had the chance to react.Not one was able to fire a shot as they were gunned down without mercy or hesitation. Once finished Hunter walked over each of them and collected their blasters along with anything else that was valuable or useful. Going through a crate he even found a complete set of Mandalorian armor and grabbed it. Each time Kara tried to ask him what it was all about he just shot her a glare and continued to go about what he was doing until finally he finished and walked back aboard the ship as he now had both his payment and the weapons cache. He ordered his droid to take off and fly back towards his hideout. Kara yet again tried to confront him about what had happened. He didn't understand why he had reacted the way he had, and finally all he told her was that the group had it coming. Ever since then for the next six months he was a great mystery to her and she was craving to know more about him, along those six months as well the tension and attraction between them was constantly growing between the missions and experiences they were going through and was beginning to build up like a volcano and just waiting to explode, when finally one night it did.They had just gotten back from a rather dangerous run but completed it and were at his hideout recuperating. Both having cleaned up and ate, now just sitting in their respective rooms. A storm was beginning to brew and develop outside and just looking out the windows it could be seen that it was going to be a strong one to. Late that night, Kara woke up with a start feeling something was wrong with Hunter. Slowly she exited her room in just a nightgown and was walking towards the common room. As she entered the room silently she saw him just sitting on a chair and looking out the window. She watched him for what seemed like a hour when in reality was only a couple of minutes before he finally spoke and said it was impolite to spy on someone. She blushed to herself and walked over to him as she sat next to him. He turned to look at her silently and asked if she still wanted to know why he had killed those mandalorians that day. She nodded softly not speaking a word as he had captured her attention and was slightly shocked as this seemed to have come out of the blue. He sighed and began to explain to her that the group had been at large for more then 20 years, and during that time they had terroized the town he had been born in and killed his entire family. His father and brother had been killed like animals, and his mother and older sister had been forcefully used before being killed as well. He explained it to her and his voice cracked several times before slowly standing up and just began to pace. He told her he had killed them out of anger and revenge and it was nothing else, it had been personal for him.Seeing this she had got up and walked over to him as she gently wrapped her arms around him, her heart pounding as it ached and hurt seeing him like this. She looked up into his eyes and all the romantic tension that had been building up had finally exploded as she leaned forward on her tip toes and kissed him eagerly and passionately. Hunter shocked but not missing a beat wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off of the ground and reciprocated the kiss as he felt a fire inside of him he had never felt before. Her legs wrapped around him almost instictively and she continued the kiss. Hunter carried her out of the room and back to his quarters where it escalated quickly and the sounds of the storm covered the noises of the two as they made love. Waking up the next morning Kara was slightly confused as she was now torn between what she knew was love for the first time and the Jedi Order. But soon it was no competition as she left the Order and spent her life with Hunter as the two got married, Well less then a year later the Clone Order 66 fell and the republic collapsed and became the Empire forcing the two to stop smuggling for a few and lay low. They began to lay low but at the same time continued to smuggle and eventually when the alliance was formed and after several discussions. Kara convinced Hunter to join the Rebel Alliance.17 years before the first Death Star was destroyed Kara had conceived and gave birth to a boy who they named Lucas after Hunters father. Having a child was slightly challenging to be apart of the Rebellion but they made it work. Nobody knew that Kara was a force wielder and they kept it that way, but as Lucas was growing up and developing, he was already showing signs of being able to wield The Force and was very powerful even more then Kara herself. Discretely when he became able to, she began to teach him the ways. Mainly she used the Jedi ways to teach him along with a Jedi Holycron that had been give to her by her Master before everything had began. But one thing she made clear to him was that when he grew older he wanted her to grow attached to someone. She never agreed with that now and she wanted him to know that as well, she wanted him to pursue love and happiness. While she trained him in the ways, his father began to train him as he was. He taught him how to fix the ships, and identify parts becoming a very handy mechanice, along with teaching him how to use blasterss, explosives, how to stay low, lock picking, hacking, and smuggling telling him he was a jack of all trades, master of none. When he became of age and the time came, Kara took him to one of the planets that held Kyber crystals and sent him for his trial. He spent nearly two days inside of the caves but emerged with a green crystal. Going back to the hidden rebel base he constructed his lightsaber and felt proud of himself.Fast forward to when he was 10 years old, he begged both his parents to let him join the Rebellion and go on a mission. At first the answers were strictly no but finally his father gave in, against Karas wishes and let him come along on a mission. It went fairly smoothly as they sabotaged a imperial scrapping facility and gained several U Wing starfighters. But Lucas had also gained a new ship as well as it became his own personal ship a YT-1930 Corellian Corvette that had replaced the 1300 model like his fathers ship. Quickly when they arrived back at base he modifed the ship adding a proton torpedo launcher along with a concussion launcher. The ship became his own and he named it the Foehammer. But that mission would be the last successful one for that rebellion cell in a long time. The next morning he was awoken with the sounds of alarms blaring and the additional sounds of explosions, blaster fire, and screams of pain and death. Jumping out of bed he got dressed as quickly as he could and ran out of his room and through one of the hangars emerging outside to see a Imperial invasion as two AT-ATs were advancing towards the base along with a large amount of Stormtroopers seen. The evacuation order was being given and ships were taking off to scatter, several shot down in the process as well. Chris volunteered to help defend the base along with several others including his mother and father, as everyone else was being evacuated. Picking the main hangar where the Imperial forces were advancing to be where they would make their stand. They build makeshift barricades along with a couple of alliance tanks were brought up to help.The AT-ATs stopped in front of the hangar as the massive blast doors closed, and they soon shook as the massive walkers fired on them. Finally a blast blew them open slightly and the first wave of Stormtroopers poured through the hole and the hangar filled with blaster fire. The rebels having a defensive advantage pushed the first couple of waves back with ease but the third came with a new and unexpected turn as Stormtroopers poured through but leading them were two of the Imperial Inquisitors who brandished lightsabers. Quickly the rebels were now being pushed back until Kara brandished her own and her secret was revealed to both sides and she began to engage the two in a duel. The rebels continued to put up a defense as most of the base was evacuated and the last shuttle and group of ships were about to take off. The defenders turned and began to run to board. As Kara kept the two Iquisitors busy and eventually killed one.As she did, the other snuck up behind her and slid his saber through her stomach and wounded her gravely as she fell to the ground. Hunter seeing this yelled out in rage and ran to his wife as he grabbed her lightsaber and began slashing at the Inquistor clumsily. This was in vain as he was quickly killed. Chris about to leave turned to see this as well and felt something new inside him as he yelled out in anger, the light blue grey in his eyes turning yellow as he felt the darkside run over him like a wave of water. He gripped the Inquisitor with the Force and threw him against a wall. Letting the body fall, he ignited his lightsaber and ran forward as he jumped and flew across the room landing and struck but was deflected with a hasty defense from the stunned Inquisitor. He wasn't going to have any of it as he slashed again cutting the mans arm off, and with one swift motion he decapitated him. Seeing him die everything flowed out of him as well and he felt strangely empty as he turned and saw the slightest of movement from his mother. Seeing this he ran over to her and dropped to his knees as he cradled her head in his arms. Looking up at her son, Kara slowly cupped one of his cheeks and choked out how much she loved him, but also warned of the Dark Side and to never turn. She whispered at how much of a man he was already becoming and then she died in his arms. Lucas felt alone for the first time in his life and gently cradled his mother along with grabbing his fathers body and carried the two on his ship and flew out. His fathers ship had escaped as well due to his droid and so Lucas docked with it and was met at the airlock with the droid beeping wildly and madly.Lucas tried to soothe it and was only met with resistance as the droid shot forward and emerge in the cockpit pulling up a set of coordinates. Looking at them closely he realized it was a long abandoned Republic outpost. Trusting the droid he set course and the ships jumped into Hyperspace and emerged at the outpost a few hours later. When he landed he explored it and found a hologram as he activated it. It was both his mother and father as they explained it had been their hideout and was now his as if he saw it that meant they were both dead. Watching it, he collapsed to his knees and sobbed uncontrolably. He didn't know how long he did and didn't care either until he eventually forced himself up and collected his parents bodies and set up a funeral burning them both.He spent a month just training their, exploring the base to see all of its features and what it had to offer. Along with getting stronger in both The Force and physically. He turned his back on the Alliance as he knew now that they knew what they would be asking him to do if he returned and knew he wasn't ready. He turned to what he knew to do, he became his father and worked as a smuggler for whoever hired and paid the best. For the next seven years he did that become a very well known smuggler and worked for a very select and high class clientel including Jabba on several occasions. But then finally he was drawn back into the rebellion when he came across Jyn Erso and Captain Anderson when he was making a run on Jedha. Getting wrapped up in it all, he became apart of the mission helping when he could and came back to the Rebellio on Yavin 4. He wanted to leave and was going to when one of the Generals had pulled him to the side and was questioning where he had been all this time as apparently he knew who he was. Having to explain himself he stayed and then when he found out about the mission happening on Scarif, he quickly jumped aboard and began to make way.Emerging from Hyperspace with the rebel fleet, he saw his chance and shot straight towards the shield gate and made it inside heading towards the planet with most of Blue Squadron and began to provide support with the rebels attacking. He kept trying to keep contact and provide help where he could but he wasn't fast enough and saw Chirruts death personally, seeing Bodhis ship explode and the Chirruts companion as well fall. Only Anderson and Jyn were left alive out of everyone and few rebel ships were still flying when he saw the Death Star arrive finally. Scanning all frequencies and using The Force, he honed in on the Kyber crystal that was around Jyns neck and flew towards them helping them get aboard and then escaped the planet with most of the rebel fleet, just before the Death Star fired destroying the Imperial facility on the planet.


01/26/2020 12:21 PM 


Not a love interest role, but if anyone would like to join myself, Misha, Kathryn, and Jared as Danneel, that would be amazing. You'd be very loved.


01/25/2020 10:43 PM 

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