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08/20/2019 01:30 PM 

Mix Tape

11 Minutes (Halsey & Yungblood)Say You Won't Let Go (James Arthur)War (Poets of the Fall)Perfect (Ed Sheeran)Never Gunna Give You Up (Rick Astley)Dangerously (Charlie Puth)Leave The Night On (Sam Hunt)Won't Go Home Without You (Maroon 5)Can't Stop This Thing We Started (Bryan Adams)Losing Sleep (Chris Young)

𝒞𝒶𝓈𝓈𝒾𝒹𝒾 𝑅𝒾𝒸𝑒

08/20/2019 01:21 PM 

Older Sister needed

Amelia Rice play by play : Julianne Hough.. Chlöe Rice play by play : Anne Winters


08/19/2019 11:45 PM 


After being slammed up against the wall by Greta, I found myself being lifted off of the ground when her hand wrapped around my throat. The pain from her hold and my weight increased the higher she lifted me off of the ground, up against the wall. I let out a cry and wrapped my hand around hers, trying in vain to lessen the pressure against my windpipe. That is until I heard someone burst through the front door not far from me. I looked over at the sound at the same time Greta did, which happened to be none other than Klaus. As soon as he was fully into the room and our eyes locked, Elijah appeared behind him and staked him in the back. Which caused him to fall to his knees. As Elijah closed the door behind him. “Elijah,” I said his name. But the look he gave me in return, was one of complete confusion. We continued to stare at each other, while he reached down and pulled Klaus towards him, just long enough to shove the stake in deeper, with his other hand. I flinched and knew then; he was still not himself and therefore would not save me. I couldn’t help to remember the last time I had seen him in France. Though it was brief, I knew my final words to him was true. “If we are destined to meet in another life, I look forward to another dance.” Elijah left the room as Klaus fell onto his hands. Greta turned her attention back to me and in the next moment, she shoved her hand into my chest and grabbed my heart. the pain was so blinding I couldn’t help but scream. Everything slowed down and as her hand twisted my heart slowly, I tried to focus through the pain. I turned my head back towards the doorway and looked down at Klaus. His head was down and I could see blood dripping from his mouth. As I focused on my breathing, I stared at him for a moment. Then turned my gaze toward my daughter who laid unconscious on the floor in the other room. Which I could see through the doorway. As the tears welled up in my eyes, I thought about the day I had given birth to her. That was the first time I had died and been returned a hybrid. With so much love and loyalty to her that it hurt. And even now, I loved her so much, sometimes it felt like too much. I wanted nothing but the best for her. I wanted her to be happy, safe and loved. Turning my head slowly back towards Greta. I glanced down for a moment, as her hand twisted one last time, and then closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. I envisioned my time with the Mikaelson’s. Most of whom, I had grown to love, as my own family. Elijah and I had grown to love each other over time and I still adored him. Even now, despite knowing that I would not make it out of this alive. They say you see your life flash before your eyes, right before your death. However, I envisioned what our lives would have been like, had Elijah still had his memory and the hollow had been defeated. I smiled even as I ached for them all. I wanted nothing more than to be by their side for all eternity. Fate had other plans and at that moment. I had no choice but to accept the hand that I had been dealt with. Reopening my eyes and focusing them on Greta, I put my final plan into motion. My family would no longer have to deal with her, for she would be going with me into the abyss. I moved my hand up to grab her ring finger, which held her daylight ring and pulled until I broke it off. We both screamed in pain. Her at what I had done, and I at her squeezing my heart. When her finger hit the floor, I reached up and grabbed her shoulder using the pain as a distraction just long enough to use my vampire ability of speed one last time and run us both passed Klaus and straight through the double doors out into the sunlight. As my body hit the ground and caught fire. I could no longer hold back my screams. The pain consumed my very being and my body burned to a crisp. It was not long before everything went black. When I came to, the first thing I noticed was that the scorching hot pain was gone. I was still laying on the ground and as I opened my eyes. Instead of being outside of the house, that I had just jumped from, I was now in the middle of the woods. Testing my limbs, I moved my legs and then my arms. Everything was still attached and in working order. However, I knew I was no longer on earth. There was no way I had survived that fire. But the question remained, where had I gone? Standing up, I took a moment to take in my surroundings. The sun was blinding and it forced me to shield my eyes for a moment. This place didn’t feel right and I couldn’t ignore the feeling of dread flowing through me. That was when I heard it. A scream accompanied by a growl nearby. Turning towards the sound, I crouched down prepared for an attack. Not seeing anything or hearing anyone, I waited for a moment before straightening back up and moving over to the nearest tree. I climbed to the top to try to get a better view. However, there was nothing but trees as far as the eye could see in all directions. It was not long after that first day, I had learned everything about where I was and what this place was about. Others had called it Purgatory and it was a place dedicated to monsters. Were we all hunted and killed each other, in a primal game of survival. Of course, I had learned that the hard way. I had been attacked and captured by a small group of vampires. They saw me as fresh meat and thoroughly enjoyed beating and throwing me around. However, after several years of dealing with Klaus, I found them to be simply annoying. I knew now that I was no longer a hybrid. I only had my vampire abilities to work with and years of fighting alongside the originals at my disposal, these fools stood no chance. I waited till they were distracted and took each one of them out one by one. Much like I had seen and even helped Elijah do with his strix back on earth. The fight, the kill, all of it became second nature to me. After several years in this place, I had only grown stronger. You have too because if you drop your guard for even a second, it would be your downfall. the ground shifted under my feet but I was able to keep my balance. Despite this being something, I had not experienced in the place yet. I walked towards a small area trying to figure this out when I heard a loud crack that pierced the sky. Looking up, I continued deeper into the area. Even though I could see the backs of two males in front of me. But like them, I had turned my attention to the crack in the sky. Her eyes widened in awe and realization. This could mean I would be able to go home and return to my family, to my daughter. To Elijah. However, as I shifted my gaze back down to the men in front of me. Their faces turned towards each other not paying any attention to me. I froze. Recognizing them almost instantly as the very people I had lounged to return too back on earth. “Elijah…...Klaus……what are you to doing here? You shouldn’t be here. You are supposed to be with Hope.” I took in their disheveled appearance and changes with their hair and gasped. They had been here for a while now. “it seems, there is a way back home.” Looking briefly back up at the sky. I thought of about them for a moment. I was not sure what happened. But, apart of me was relieved they were here. Despite this place is the worst place, I could ever imagen. At that moment, I did not care about anything else but them. When I returned my gaze to them. I allowed the tears to fall. I had missed them so much, that it hurt and even though this place, I was sure changed all of us. I didn’t care. I knew my appearance was not perfect. My hair had grown longer and flowed down my back and around my shoulders. My clothes the very clothes I had died in, had not been destroyed completely. I had found a way to wash them and keep them clean, the best that I could. There were a few tears but nothing too bad. And even as I looked at Elijah unsure if he even remembered me. I found at that moment he could rip me to shreds and I would die happily for just a moment’s reprieve from this madness. I ran toward both of them and wrapped my arms around the brothers as another tear ran down my face. “I never thought I would see either of you again. I have missed you so much.”


08/19/2019 11:35 PM 

Mixtape Task

Ryker. I know in the past I've messed up. But I honestly would be lost without you. I'm glad you're back in my life, this is a mixtape of everything I feel for you.“Can’t help falling in love” -Elvis Presley “Can’t get enough of you” -Barry White “Don’t let go (love)” -En Vogu’e “I just called to say I love you” -Stevie Wonder “She loves you” -The Beatles “Need you now” -Lady Antebellum “Total eclipse of the heart” -Bonnie Tyler “I’m Sorry” -Brenda Lee “Apologize” -One Republic “So Sorry” -Feist

Dark Mind™

08/19/2019 11:33 PM 

Melkor (Dol Guldor)

"Therefore Morgoth came, climbing slowly from his subterranean throne, and the rumour of his feet was like thunder underground. And he issued forth clad in black armour; and he stood before the King like a tower, iron-crowned, and his vast shield, sable unblazoned, cast a shadow over him like a stormcloud."J.R.R. Tolkien                                 The Forrest lay denser them most, with the path giving way  to the wide trunks or boughs of fallen trees; which over the years had been worn smooth, like winding ledges which rose and twisted above the Forrest floor, gradual descending to turn a watchful traveller far from their desired path. In places the sun all but vanished from the sky over head, replaced by the thick blanket of eaves which turned the Forrest to night. The air was soaked in the humid stench of decaying fauna, for Mirkwood was not a welcoming Forrest where the breeze would shift the falling leaves while one sits or walks daydreaming, with their gaze lifted to the warm sun.  It was dark, foreboding, unforgiving in its rest of unease. Ancient, beyond the measure of mortal man’s thoughts or memories. Stick to the path or you will never be seen again! A warning not to be taken lightly by any whom would dare to cross into its threshold. For the elves whom dwelt there, were not so welcoming as to give aid to any whom intruded with unheeded thought or careless action.  And the Forrest had a way of claiming the lost for good.   It was said; it started long ago, after the elves had passed through upon their great journey from Cuivienen into the far west. And thereafter had become the home, the dwelling of the wood elves. The Nandor; descendants of the Telri elve, Lenwe, when a grey elve;  a Sindarin, Oropher had established the woodland realm proper…. It had once been known as Greenwood the Great, but that had changed with the third age of the sun! When the shadow of the Dark Lord Sauron fell upon it, and men began to call it Mirkwood, or Taur-nu-Fuin; The Forrest of great Fear….It became a haunted place inhabited by many dark and savage things. Sauron established himself at the hill-fortress of Dol Guldur, an old Elven fortress that Oropher had control of, on Amon Lanc within its southern region, and drove Thranduil and his people ever northward, so that by the end of the Third Age they were a diminished and wary people, who had entrenched themselves within the Mountains of Mirkwood. It was there that Sauron embarked upon his ultimate quest… to release the dark Valar Melkor for the binds that bound him until the end of days to the eternal abyss….Long had it been since any had ventured so close to the hill of dark sorcery…Dol Guldor… For hundreds of years Sauron, his loyal apprentice had delved within the shadows of magic to release him. They did not question his increasing  power as he had fled Dol Gulor after the attack from the white council… For in their bid to banish Sauron they, the White Council, had been oblivious to the darkness that hid within the fortress and the ever darkening Forrest around it. For from its shadows, its humid decaying fauna shrouded in the webs of Ungoliants descendants, the darkness had stirred and Melkor whom all had thought gone from Middle Earth forever…could once again see, and roam bound to the shadows of the hill of sorcery…And yet now the 'dark Valar' watched from within the looming shadows, as the small creature, a halfling,  childlike in stature and shape began to settle herself within a small forsaken hut upon the rise to Dol Guldor...He waited, watching as she worked, could she not feel the cold stifling darkness of dread? Could she not smell the stench of fear which lingered in the creeping mist about the hut; as she brushed away the forsaken webs of Spiders long departed... Who was she to not be afraid? Afraid of the very ground on which she stood, or the air she breathed within his cursed domain...Could she not feel him, his eyes as they bore deep into her soul; Or was her innocence so pure it was naive to fear or dread...Melkor's lips curved creasing at the corners into a devious smile... perhaps she would be the one. The one to finally free him. The purest soul to unlock his binds.He watched her busily work through the afternoon and into the dusk of night, stepping closer as the shadows of darkness stirred waking to descend slowly down the hill and shroud the small hut in darkness...And as he came to stand before the small huts closed door he lulled the redness from his eyes, and shrouded his face beneath a cowl of cloaked mist before raising his hand, to tap lightly upon worn wooden door...

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