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in cold blood.

06/17/2019 10:09 PM 

CH. ARC ( 1 / 6 )

CHILDHOOD, PART 1 / 2JAMESON PARKER, PART 1 / 6it was just a game of cops and robbers. he never did understand what the issue was, why his mother confiscated each of the plastic pistols and threw them into the trash(the one by the road--you weren't tall enough to reach in there quite yet.) despite your aunt Moira saying, "boys will be boys. they ain't hurtin' no one." tales of the notorious Bonnie & Clyde arose in elementary school, whether it be from a poorly adapted cartoon or a more child friendly book. no matter which way the tale had been spun, it was clear to every child in his grade: they were an infamous and iconic duo who were to be feared. still, his classmates would run through out the playground shouting, "this is a stick up!" and "i'm Bonnie Parker, put your hands up!" until one or two of the landed in a makeshift jail, composed of twigs and other props the jungle gym's had to offer. other's wound up on the ground with their tongues out at an attempt to mimic being shot. Jameson always stood over top of them, blowing the gun powder and smoke from an imaginary pistol. he always wasn't until Jameson had been pulled into the office shortly into fourth grade that his mother knew of these games, that it had been brought to her attention the extent of dedication and interest her son had found in them. he'd been temporarily suspended for shoving another child until they fell into the mulch which resulted in a full blown fight and a bloody nose, all from the other young boy "arresting" Jameson as he played the part of Clyde. there was a moment when sitting outside of the principles door with his step-father(the second one of many to come) where he could hear his mother yelling behind a closed door. she screamed something that he could only make out to be, "i told you i do not want my son participating in any activity associated with that!" and "if you do not do something about this, i will!" of course, he sat confused. the issue had to be with the way he handled the game, right? with the way he assaulted another classmate. that is what the suspension slip read, so why was that truly such a big deal?                                         .  .  ."we're related to her, dumb ass.""get real." a conversation over a summer detention shared with his cousin, named after Clyde himself had never made Jameson angrier. angry that he would lie about something, that he would spew insults and names when told he was full of crap and their sentence would be extended. between the fourth and fifth year of school, Jameson's mother transferred him to a private school with curriculum centered around Christianity. . .which he was quickly expelled from after spitting in a classmates face and threatening multiple others. the threats were always empty--they were a way to assert dominance in the only place that he could, for he had no control over any other aspect of his life. his mother had separated from her second husband and found love in another man by the name of Anthony, who held a much more military based life style. each time a growing and un-diagnosed  Jameson had a melt down from what would come out to be an incredible bipolar disorder, he would receive punishment at the hand of Anthony's fists or props chosen from around the home. the bruises left questions rising from the teachers at another new school, so he was pulled into home schooling in the middle of his sixth grade year.


06/17/2019 08:51 PM 

Super Junior/Kyuhyun {1x1}

Hi! I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner in a romantic plot. I'd also like a partner who likes headcanons and talking ooc, since I believe communication between partners is important. I'd love to find someone who would like to write Super Junior's Kyuhyun against my OC (bio will be shared if contacted). I'd like a literate roleplay, no one liners. Someone who's 18+ and can be active to reply at least once a week. Anything else can be discussed. Discord or Email preferred.Plot: She’s a popular British actress from some movie saga/book based TV show, and he’s a very popular k-pop idol, and meet on a vacation (my preference), or anything else (up to discussion) and they just click. So they start dating in secret, traveling across the world to see each other. Something super cute and sweet, a bicultural couple that learns about each other and their country and customs and they’re just very happy, literal soulmates that managed to meet. I’d love it to be long-term, like them dating and more, dealing with fame and things, and being just in love.PM if interested!


06/17/2019 05:58 PM 

-The Code;

The following are the few musts I have in roleplay. They're pretty standard, but in the interest of full disclosure and the prevention of misunderstanding, I'm posting them anyway. - I have a clear policy of deleting and blocking those who engage in bullying and/or passive agressive behavior. I don't give warnings, as they're not likely to be heeded and would result in more conflict.- Anything posted on my page, in my status' or blog is subject to my approval. If I deem it harmful or inappropriate, I will remove it. If that bothers you, you are more than welcome to post your comments on your own space.- I will roleplay with any length of posts. If you send me a coherent story to play off of, I will respond. - I'm an adult with children and a lot of obligations. My priority is reality first, then group roleplay[Ashes & Dust], then 1x1 storylines. I can't guarantee replies on a specific day, only in as timely a manner as possible. That being said, I have my discord app on my phone on at all times and check in during daylight hours and typically type RP replies in the late evening.- Everything I write comes with a disclaimer and rating of at least PG-13 if not R for violence and adult subject matter. I do not often write family friendly stories and I will always put a warning with publicly published works. However, if you make it clear you are uncomfortable with such things, I will adjust my writing in our private storyline to fit your comfort level. (I'm happy to, in fact. I want to write the sort of dark stories I love, but I certainly don't want to actually hurt/upset you or anyone else.)- COMBAT RP: When posting a hit or harmful physical action, I reserve the right to prevent and/or ignore posts that don't give my character the option to respond. All combat or physically aggressive actions are attempts. I certainly will acknowledge hits, but my character is a force sensitive warrior, she isn't going to go down without a very difficult fight. That being said, I LOVE combat rp. Be it space or melee, I'm down. Bring it.- My length of posts will likely never exceed 5 paragraphs now. I know in the past people knew me to write 1500 words or more, but I can't manage to do so anymore. Your understanding is appreciated.- I'm a fairly friendly individual OOC, but I have social anxiety. Sometimes replying to messages takes me a little while and a whole lot of energy. Please be patient. If I'm not responding, I'm either busy or isolating, it's absolutely not personal. If it was, I'd hit the delete button. Thank you for your understanding, patience and friendship! 

Xmen: The Gifted

06/17/2019 06:02 PM 



Supreme Vengeance

06/17/2019 05:51 PM 

Powers and abilities

*Taken from Marvel wiki*Morgana possesses a gifted intellect, and as a former pupil of Merlin, she knows a great deal of magical lore, considered one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth's history. To prove this, the Eye of Agamotto appeared to Morgan as it considered her as a possible replacement for Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme. She is also a high priestess of the Earth goddess (Gaea) by invoking her Celtic name, Danu.Spell Casting: Morgana is a very powerful sorceress capable of casting prodigious spells. Morgana once cast a spell that resurrected the entire sunken continent of Atlantis, killing the vast majority of its water-breathing inhabitants in the process. Morgana can cast location spells. She once cast a spell to locate Doom to see where he was hidden through time and space. She used this same spell to watch him in the modern day from her location in medieval times. Morgana can cast spells to control her enemies. She cast a spell to enslave Thor into doing whatever she asked. And she also cast a spell to take control of Spider-Man's symbiote form to attack his teammates. Again proving her power, Morgana cast a spell to trap the Elder god Chthon within Mount Wundagore, where he remained for centuries until he was able to use the Scarlet Witch in the modern day to escape. Morgan has used the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Doctor Strange and Balor, proving her capabilities of manipulating extra-dimensional mystical energies from the Octessence if needed. Reality Warping: Morgana once cast a very powerful spell to warp all of reality in her image by harnessing the Norn Stones. She was able to do this because of her own link to the Asgardians since she is half-Faerie, the same race as the Dark Elves. She also used the Twilight Sword in this effort; however, she required The Scarlet Witch to bridge the gap between her own magic and the sword itself. Morgana once again cast a spell to warp all of reality around the globe by just using the masculine energies of Mordred; however, the spell was foiled by the Black Knight. This brings into question the necessity of the Norn Stones, the Twilight Sword, and the Scarlet Witch in her previous effort.Time Travel: Morgana was very skilled in magical time travel. It was one of her most frequently used magics. She once traveled back in time to kill Doom as a child but didn't, having decided that she wanted him to know why she was going to kill him instead. Morgana used time travel to transport her entire army of monsters from medieval times to the modern day. Morgan's skill at time travel is sufficient for her to remain ongoing enemies with opponents centuries apart. She can manipulate the rules of time travel to repeatedly undo her own death and return unaffected to the same battle.Necromancy: Morgana was very powerful in necromancy, so much so that Doom actually traveled back in time in order to learn from her how to create an army of monsters, something she frequently did. Morgana also cast a spell to re-animate every person killed by the sword Excalibur by using a shard of the sword itself in an effort to create an army of the dead. Morgana also used necromancy to unleash a global-sized army of the dead all over Europe by utilizing the hidden cities of the dead. Morgana once used necromancy to create an entire army of monsters that she unleashed upon the Dark Avengers. She also transported this army through time and space from medieval times to the modern day to fight her enemies.Resurrection: Morgan has proven capable of surviving the death of her physical body. Morgan can possess the bodies of women and, over time, reform them into perfect duplicates of her original. As a result, she can be perpetually reincarnated so long as her spirit survives. Her spirit can exist independently of any host, apparently for centuries and with little loss of power.Power Granting: Morgana has demonstrated the ability to grant powers to others. She once enchanted a stone petal from the Ebon Rose and told Ian Mcknee to swallow it. She told him that the petal would allow him to speak with Gaea's children, both flora and fauna, giving him control over them. She also granted Ian all of her powers for a period of time to help him use the cornerstones of creation.FlightTeleportation : Morgana was capable of teleporting across great distances. She has also demonstrated an ability to teleport entire armies and to relocate her entire castle into another dimension. She once used teleportation to kill the Sentry by literally teleporting into his physical form and causing him to explode.Omnipresence: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to be everywhere at once. In the pages of Avengers World, she unleashed an army of the dead all over Europe. She proceeded to watch that same army by projecting her image into the skies, watching over the various cities and speaking down to the public regarding her take over.Shape Shifting: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to change her shape and form. She has on occasion used magic to grow in size to assume a giant version of herself. She has also assumed different forms altogether, including a dragon.Transmutation: Morgana has demonstrated the power to transform one thing into another. She once cast a spell that turned various suits of armour into a monstrous creature to attack the Black Knight. Morgana once cast a spell to turn normal trees into monstrous ones and sent them to fight Ian Mcknee. Morgana turned Ares to stone when she battled the Dark Avengers.Energy Projection: Morgana is incredibly powerful. Her projection of magical energy in the form of bolts, beams and various others when battling, has on several occasions proved devastating. When she battled Doom in a magical fight, her energy projection proved far too strong for him and she left him completely comatose for a period of time until he was able to get help from the Dark Avengers.Illusions: Morgana has demonstrated the power to create illusions. Not only this, but she actually sent her illusions through time and space to 'haunt' Spider-Woman in the present day.Astral Projection: Morgan has frequently displayed the ability to project herself in astral form. While in astral form, she has also been able to utilize her entire array of magical powers. She has also been able to bring others into an astral plane of existence too and battle them there. She can also affect physical beings and objects while in astral form.WeaknessesMorgan Le Fae is weak to iron or ferrous metallic objects.

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