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Dr. Arthur Sword

07/06/2013 05:33 PM 


- I dislike little girls in bikinis, I'm not here to get laid, or get "taken". In a few words I am not what you call an erotic /romance character.-If I denied your request, don't send it again. If I did is because of a reason, and that reason is that I'm not interested in your character. Sending a request over and over again, and creeping in to view my profile makes me uncomfortable, if not upset. Stop,turn on your heels and look for another Benedict face to fangirl over.- Any length or roleplay is welcomed,I'm not making much of an effort nowadays, as other roleplayers always seem to be uninterested.- I won't be ~ ♥ TAKEN ♥~ or married,or dating, or whatever. Arthur is a cynical cold bastard, the last thing in his mind is finding "the right one". BUT,I won't say it can't happen. In case his heart melts or something you will have to agree that this is a multistory line profile,that is, I won't "belong" to just one person.- The alien concept wasn't stolen, I kindly asked permission to my friend to use their concept...this to flesh the story line of another character I own.- Don't threaten me with deletion if I don't reply NOW, don't nag me around with status,messages and comments to send you replies and starters. The more you do it, the more chances my finger will slip and press "delete".-I am not who you think I am. I don't know ANYONE in RL in this whole place, but two-three people, and from those only one has my whole trust. So,please, avoid stalking me, avoid blocking me, avoid adding me and then deleting me.I repeat, you don't know me,I don't know you. Got it?-Speaking of blocking, I never do that. I don't block or bully people. I might rant from time to time, but it's usually harmless whining.-Place holder for future rule.-Sign with a picture or gif,please.Final note:See rule one? That last line is meant for all those girls who added/tried to add me because of m playby. I'm not here to feed any fangirl/fanboy fantasies. Intimate scenes can happen,but in privacy and after a long time of interaction to see if there is even a small hint of chemistry.Edit:If you see my character having an awkward romance with someone, PLEASE, don't stop talking to me. It seems to be common that once you are writing a little of romance, you get leprosy and everyone stays away from you. My friend, won't ever get jealous, or throw those stupid "Leave my man aloneeeeee..." shit. As well,I won't get jealous if you ever flirt with any lover my character has.  :) Yeah? So don't be afraid of speaking to me!


07/06/2013 09:25 PM 

Richard III (Duke of Gloucester)
Current mood:  adventurous

I am a roleplayer from New York City with seven years plus experience in various genres. Some of the genres I do play are...Historical (Wars of the Roses, Sunne in Spelndour)Tudors (Henry VIII)Borgias (Cesare Borgia)Games of Thrones (Sandor Clegane, Ser Jorah Mormont, Eddard Stark, Jaqen H'Ghar, Viserys Targaryen and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jaimie Lannister, Robb Stark)Hearts of Ellan Vannin (full cast, main Roan of Ellan Vannin and some non canons)Pirates of the High Seas ( Original, Sebastian De La Cruz)Robin Hood (King John and Robin the Hood)Arthurian Legend (TH White, Sword in the Stone, King Lot, Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, Gareth, Mordred, Merlin and non canon, Morgan)Yep, thats about it. 


07/05/2013 02:53 PM 


After a brief encounter and learning his long lost wife was alive. Havok  decided to secretly meet with her in Tarn.

[CLOSED] The Labymirth of Dress-Up

07/04/2013 03:02 PM 

Headcanon: Half Witch, Half Magical GIrl

Mami knew herself more than what Jessica can learn. From the "Half Witch" system, Mami had two "mind sets", one of her old self (magical girl, serious civilian self), and the new half as the Witch (the one with child-like behavior and the lonely side of Mami). During Jessica's Soul Connection Contract, Mami began to have this "split personality" syndrome, but bringing out her not-so-friendly pampered attitude was a rare occurrence, and mostly can be done if someone torments/teases the sensitive Candeloro side for hours. To include the ingredients, a little tormenting on Jessica's body and isolation (AKA forced to be locked alone) will bring this side of Mami out.


Freya Sunkiller, Smuggler, CK

07/02/2013 04:15 PM 

The Smugglers Hoard

under constructionThis is a place for parties and to relax safe from the GE due to a mando fleet waiting above and several attack freighters((more to come))

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