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;αltгυιѕtε {gone}

03/01/2012 11:07 PM 

Rules & Tips

оо1. I don't like people controlling my character so don't do it.
оо2. I don't edit for people so don't ask. (I do friend edits but only when I know you)

оо3. I have other accounts other than this one all of which take up my time, so be patient. 

оо4. If your not going to talk delete me now.

оо5. I want you to listen clearly to this fact I do NOT rp anymore. I'm sorry I have a busy life. College takes up most of my time and I'm not going to lie to you and start an rp and then take months to reply it makes me feel like a bitch.

oo6. If you added me it's only natural to assume that you should send the first comment, otherwise what would have been your reason for adding me? If I add I always send the first comment

oo7. Messages are for Privacy & Comments are for Chit Chat simple as that

оо8. Don't start drama, I am simply telling you things the way they are.

оо9. I am an AU roleplayer. I am with an Edward. He was never with or almost with a Bella. Nessie doesn't Exist. and We were both born around the same era and changed around-ish the same time so we can't have children. Dun ask to be our child kk? kk thanks. (no nessie mains)

оo10. Proper grammar is a must, it makes it easier to read and you'll get a much quicker reply from me.

oo11. I am taken in real life by the person I'm taken by here and on every other page I have. (because we're awesome like that.) SCREW AROUND WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP AND JUST WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. >:P 

oo12. Go ahead and talk shit about me if you want. You don't know me, but whatevers you wouldn't be worth my breath. Talk shit about my Elizabeth or make her feel uncomfortable or hurt her in any way your asking for a fucking war. I don't care if you disrespect me, that is bs to brush off, disrespect Lizzy though and you'll bring out the bitch in me. I'm really protective of my baby in almost an obsessed way and vice-versa for her. I'm not trying to troll or anything it's just my over protective side cause bitches always try to take her from me. I'm Just giving you all a fair Warning.

I'll add more as I can remember them...Thank you for reading...

Lady Nikita Vader

03/01/2012 05:26 PM 


First off I am not anyone you see in any picture used on this profile. I am a roleplayer using them to give a face to my character, nothing more nothing less.

Also you will notice a lot of similarities between Nikita Vader and Kida Skywalker.... they are two halves of the same character. Nikita being the Sith'ari half, Kida being the Jedi Master who at times does walk the path of a Dark sider as she is a Grey. As the story line has evolved it has become necessary to split the two halves into two character's independent of one another. In other words yes they look a lot alike but those that know each of them can tell them apart, yes they share a very strong mental link as they are alter ego's of one another, no they won't react to something in the same way all the time.

1) Show respect to me both IC and OOC and I shall do the same for you.

2) Don't auto against me or you will get one nasty response from me depending on my mood.

3) Don't God-mode when RPing with me or the same will happen as with auto-hitting.

4) I try to para and multi-para, not big on one-liners. I will allow it to a point if your new or if you've already warned me that your not really 100% awake enough to think of much to say, or if I RP with you a lot and can tell when your not totally in the mood to RP. I love detail and try my best to include as much as I can in starters, replies, blogs and the rare message. I tend to like quality over quantity, to be honest so I will give on length.

5) I prefer to RP in blogs and comments.
I will make a few exceptions to this though: if comments/blogs aren't working right, if you and I've talked about it and agree to use messages, or depending on the SL.

Don't give me a hard way to go as I've been RPing for far too long to enjoy dealing with disrespectful people. You give me a hard way to go and I promise I will become your worst nightmare. Please don't make me do that as I hate to be mean when on the computer.

Its very rare you'll see me use that blasted 18-hour rule as I hate it with a passion. Same goes for the 24 and 48 hour rules.

Do not approach me and pick a fight without asking my permission. Never will I give permission for someone to kill off my character.

My character is a demon thus she will have abilities outside the Force. If you don't understand something she does just ask me OOC and I will gladly explain it for you.

Do not puppeteer my character. Meaning don't speak, move, or control Nikita in any way. She is my creation and as such I hold all of the control over what she does or says.

11) Relationships.... Nikita is already spoken for. She is the wife of Darth Vader, something that will never change. So boys flirt with her at your own risk as you never know where Vader might be hiding, or when he's watching over his beloved wife. You'll notice their relationship is rather unique due to her past. Palpatine enslaved her to Vader, as such you will notice aggression between the two of them that you wouldn't see in a "normal" marriage. If you don't understand it ask one of us in private and we will gladly explain it for you.

Do not steal any pictures from my albums or my profile itself. Some of my pictures I edit myself or others edit it for me so don't steal any of them. If you want to use something you see in my albums, on my profile, or in any of my blogs then ask me first and I might hunt down the original for you or if it is something that is dealing with photos relating to any faction I'm in or created myself ask me before you take as they are only meant for members of the SIO faction and/or any other faction I create or participate in.


03/01/2012 03:22 PM 

The Tragic Tale of Melia

Melia, originally given the name Amelia, was born to the mortal, Gabrielle and Cupid, god of love.


When Gabrielle had found out she was pregnant, Cupid denied the child, not wanting to risk his marriage to Psyche, therefore leaving Gabrielle alone to fend for herself.


Gabrielle had previously given birth to another child, Telemacus, but quickly found herself pregnant again. Since Gabrielle was only mortal, pregnancy with another god or goddess put her life at risk. Because of this, Hephaestus, god of the forge, had created an artificial womb, where he was able to transfer Gabrielle's child from her womb to the artificial one.


Shortly after the transfer, Creed, son of Hephaestus, came across the child. Wanting to make his father suffer, and anyone he cared about, Creed took the child, replacing it with the body of a stillborn child, causing Gabrielle to believe her daughter had died.


Creed took the unborn child to his home where he used his powers to age her. Raising her as his own, he gave her the name Melia, either in confusion when he overheard Gabrielle speaking of the child, or in spite.

He raised Melia to believe she had been abandoned, and left for dead. He gave her the govern, Goddess of Tainted love, to teach her to ruin love for anyone around her.


She grew up bitter, and angry, only trusting Creed, and no one else. Now she seeks to find her parents, ready to make them pay for the pain she had suffered.


But what will happen when she finds out the truth? Will she believe Gabrielle, or Creed, the man who raised her?



--basically, run;

02/29/2012 12:01 PM 


Full Name: Charles Irving Bartowski

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Chuck, Bud, Aces, Charles Carmichael, 'The Intersect'

Title(s): Agent

Preferred name: Chuck

Age/Date of Birth: 26/September 29th, 1985 

Sex: Male 

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Heterosexual 

Race/Ethnicity: Human

Skin Tone: Light brown

Height: 6'2" 

Weight: 140 

Build: Nerdy Athletic 

Eyes: Caramel brown 

Hair: Brown, usually ear length. In the beginning of the series it was curly, but later became more of a buzz cut type.

Clothes Style: Particularly he is seen in his uniform; a white shirt, gray tie, pocket protector, and dark black slacks, with black Chuck Taylors. Later in the series he wore more business suits, often preferring blue or dark gray. 

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: n/a 

Religion: Seemlingly pacifist. 

Political Affiliation: n/a 

Education: He had gone to Stanford, but was expelled for cheating twelve credits shy of graduation. 

Languages spoken: With the intersect; any language. Without; English. 

Weapons (if any): He usually prefers to use 5mm or 10mm tranquilizer guns as opposed to a real gun, since he doesn't like killing. Occasionally, he'll use whatever is available - as demonstrated in one episode when he used shattered CD's as shurikans. He is often seen wearing a ballistics vest, and will occasionally carry a gun but not use it.

Occupation(s): Chuck is the head Nerd Herder at the Burbank Buy More, his chief duty to repair and fix any technical problems that arise, and be on call to go to other buildings if needed. He has experience with Apple, Mac, Windows, and nearly any other device that comes into his path. He's mostly known for IT and software repair. His secondary job as a spy is to use the Intersect to detect assets.

Past Occupation(s): N/A 

Special Abilities/Skills: He can fix nearly any technical issue without the help of the intersect. He is fluent in the Star Wars universe as well as languages. With the intersect, he can do anything within his physical limitations, including stopping knives with his bare hands. 

Activities/Organizations: He used to be part of the Debate club in college. He also took Kendo in eighth grade, presumably from being picked on. He also is part of the CIA and NSA. 

Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music, fixing things, beating up Morgan. 

Interests: n/a

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: In season 3 it is revealed that the Intersect is slowly deteriorating his mind and slowly taking over. It started off with nightmares that were incredibly vivid, leading into paranoia, followed by random uncontrollable flashes that didn't stop. He controls this now with what is known as a "governor", a neural device created by his father to stop the flashes.

Citizenship: America 

Place of Birth: Burbank, California, USA. 

Now lives: Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, USA 

Lives with: Originally Ellie and Awesome, but later moved in with Morgan. At the end of the series, he lives with Sarah, his handler. 

Current Relationship Status: His first relationship was with Jill, however she left him when she joined Fulcrum. He also briefly dated another girl in between, but nothing serious. His last relationship was with his handler, Sarah Walker, whom he married later. At the end of the series, however, she lost her memory and left.


-Stephen J. Bartowski; Father, Deceased
-Mary E. Bartowski; Mother, Missing
-Elanore F. Bartowski-Woodcomb; Sister
-Devon Woodcomb; Brother in Law
-Clara Woodcomb; Niece.


02/29/2012 12:02 PM 

Facebook Adventures part3

Just for Santana, I am updating chapter 3 now xD 

This chapter features Samcedes, cock-block Brittana and a Katy-sexual Blaine.

Sam Evans -- Mercedes Jones Lor menari
Mercedes Jones What you saying, white boy?
Sam Evans It means you have beautiful eyes. Avatar language.
Mercedes Jones Oh, well, thank-you. Your eyes aren't too bad themselves.

Mercedes Jones
is now in a relationship with Sam Evans.
Kurt Hummel You be careful with her, Sam. Just remember, I'm her best friend and I will cut you if you mistreat her!
Mercedes Jones <3
Sam Evans *hands up in surrender* I'll remember.

Santana Lopez I wants me some Dolphicorn babies. Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman, hurry up!
Noah Puckerman, Kurt Hummel and 69 others like this.
Brittany Pierce What's a Dolphicorn?
Kurt Hummel It's a Dolphin crossed with a Unicorn.
Brittany Pierce Oh, can I watch you and Puck make one?
Santana Lopez Ooh, me too.
Kurt Hummel No!
Noah Puckerman Sure thing ;)
Kurt Hummel Noah!
Brittany Pierce Yay!
Santana Lopez Yay! We'll be right over to puck's.
Kurt Hummel Look what you allowed them to do. There will be no Dolphicorn making for a week now.
Noah Puckerman Kurt? Why?
Kurt Hummel You said Santana and Brittany could watch us!
Noah Puckerman I wasn't serious. I thought they'd know that.
Kurt Hummel Noah, its Santana and Brittany we're talking about.
Noah Puckerman *hangs head in shame* Your right. But what am I supposed to tell them? They are at my front door, right now.
Santana Lopez Open up or I'll huff and puff and blow your house in.
Brittany Pierce Not by the hairs on my chiney, chin, chin. I will not let you in!
Kurt Hummel *shakes head*
Noah Puckerman *shakes head*
Santana Lopez *shakes head*
Blaine Anderson *shakes head*
Tina Cohen-Chang *shakes head*

Finn Hudson Why is it so hard to find a girl friend that won't cheat on me?
Sam Evans Well, maybe you shouldn't make them cheat on other boys.
Finn Hudson You still going on about that?
Sam Evans That happened after the two times you were cheated on.

Noah Puckerman It's your WEDDING DAY!!! Look to the left of your profile and use the first 10 friends. No cheating!

You Marry: Sam Evans

Maid of Honor: Santana Lopez

Strips down to underwear on the dancefloor: Kurt Hummel

Makes out with the grooms brother: Finn Hudson

Tries to stop you: Brittany Pierce

Wedding Crasher: Mercedes Jones

The Priest: Quinn Fabray

Eats all the wedding cake: Mike Chang

Gets way too drunk: Rachel Berry

Noah Puckerman
Oh, no way. I would not marry Sam! Kurt all the way.
Santana Lopez Even if he isn't giving it up to you for the next week?
Noah Puckerman Yes! But I would like to see him striped down on the dancefloor.
Kurt Hummel Maybe we can make our own dancefloor ;)
Mercedes Jones Oh hell to the no! You are not marrying my boy.
Kurt Hummel And your boy is not marrying my boy.
Brittany Pierce Why do I try to stop them marrying?
Mercedes Jones Cos you love Kurt and I too much to let this go on.
Brittany Pierce Okay. Puck and Sam cannot get married!
Rachel Berry I do not get drunk!
Santana Lopez What about during Alcohol Awareness week?
Rachel Berry That was a one-off.
Mike Chang I love cake.
Sam Evans *narrows eyes* Finn better stay away from my little brother!

Blaine Anderson You think I'm pretty without any make-up on.
Wes Montgomery I hope you don't wear make-up, Blaine.
Blaine Anderson You think I'm funny, when I tell the punchline wrong.
David Thompson It is funny when he curses himself for doing it wrong.
Blaine Anderson I know you get me, so I let my walls come down. Down.
Kurt Hummel You guys do realize what he's singing, right?
Blaine Anderson Let's go all the way tonight. No regrets. Just love.
Jeff Sterling Why guys? Why were you encouraging him? You're not the one who has to share a dorm with him. 
Blaine Anderson We can dance, until we die. You and I.
Nick Duval I can hear it from my dorm. Thad is dancing away.
Blaine Anderson Could be young forever.
Jeff Sterling Please, someone come save me! I'm being murdered by listening to too many Katy Perry songs!
Blaine Anderson You make me, feel like I'm living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on.
Nick Duval Oh, god. I walk in the room to save Jeff and Blaine is dancing on his desk chair!
Thad Harwood He's got his life-sized cardboard cut-out of her too.
Blaine Anderson I can't sleep, let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back.
Kurt Hummel I'm thinking of you all.
Jeff Sterling Please come help, Kurt!
Kurt Hummel It'll all be finished hopefully by the time I would get there. Just wait it out.
Noah Puckerman Sounds fun. Can I come over with my video camera?
Kurt Hummel Noah! Blaine has a serious obsession with Katy Perry. It's pretty bad.
Noah Puckerman But this video might help him meet her. She might see it and want to meet him.
Kurt Hummel Or she might get freaked out and never want to meet him.
Wes Montgomery Please, don't. If he meets her, we'll never hear the end of it!
Kurt Hummel Don't worry, like I said, even if we left now, he'd probably be finished by the time we got there.
Jeff Sterling Doubt it.

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