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Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/11/2011 01: PM 

Group chats

G R O U P  C H A T S
R P G  G R O U P  M E M O R I E S

Moments on Aim/Chatzy.Memebers memories. Some will be scheduled group chats others will be unscheduled lets have fun!... Joined the madness of our group chats. Read the Rules Click here

For members Enjoy our memories.

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/11/2011 01: PM 

Member Banner and Icons

We have a resizable banner code  just adjust it to fit your layout. Need help don't hesitate in asking Rose Or Lissa. when we get a new members the code will be updated and we will inform all members when that happens so you can update yours as well.
Here's your code:

Louis -

06/10/2011 07: PM 

Some rules, expectations and stuff
Current mood:  adored

Louis is a complex character and I play him to the best of my abilities and with the utmost respect for his creator.  I have read the books up to and including Merrick.  I am well versed in the Anne Rice Characters.  Although Rice saw to have him resurrected and heightened, I do not emphasize those traits in my writing.  I do play him physically strong with enhanced senses and intuitive but, he cannot read minds, fly, set you on fire etc.  I leave those powers for the ancients to enjoy.

Many see Louis as a weak, whimpering poor excuse for a vampire.  I do not play him as the brooding, feeding on rats, crying over his lost mortally portrayed in the movie.  If that image (which by the way is a very short scene) is stuck in your head please leave.  I will only allow such arrogance from a VERY GOOD Lestat.  Why?  Because I know Lestat and the love hate relationship the characters share.      

I keep it canon but am open to playing with non-Rice characters.  Regardless of what character you portray, I expect for you know my character.  I can assure you that I will study your bio, look at your pictures and read your bulletins. 

Here are some character traits to keep in mind as we play: 

A loner to a degree. 

Religious but questions his faith.

A lover of beauty in nature, creativity and above all mortals.  

A romantic and emotional nature (not to be confused with boy toy or emo)  

He can be a vicious killer (that's right.  He's a vampire.)

A pondering and questioning mind.

He does not trust easily.  Trust must be earned and I assure you if it is it will be eternal, even if we go our separate ways (properly of course).  Yes, it happens.  Nothing lasts forever. 

A current day plot will have Louis assimilated in everyday life (butcher, baker, candle stick maker...all depends on the collaboration).

Role play in general:

I am a para/novella writer.  I make an effort to spell and grammar check.  I appreciate the same effort from those I write with.  

I have no problem with sending the starter.  Just ask and give me time to look at your bio.

Not the fastest writer in the role play realm.  If you can't wait then don't play with me.

Don't hesitate to message me with any questions or concerns.  I can't read your mind.     

In closing I'd like to say that writing should be a joy, not a chore.  It is an ongoing learning experience and sharing through role play can be very rewarding.  The ability to inspire a co-writers creativity is a thrill.  If it's not fun, respectful and productive, it's not worth the effort.  I thank my mentors for their patience.  I have learned more from them than any instructional book.  And, thank you for taking the time to read this. 

NOTE: Not RolePlaying at this time.            


06/10/2011 04: PM 

Other Accounts;


Am I not online? Can't find me?

That may be for the reason that I have different accounts; ten, to be precise, and it is sometimes difficult to keep caught up with all of them.

So. Here is a list of those other characters / pages -

  • - Dr. Carson Beckett. [x_Carson Beckett.] (Stargate: Atlantis verse)
  • - Sam Winchester. [xx_S;Winchester.] (Supernatural verse)
  • - Reid Garwin. [x_Reid;G] (The Covenant verse)
  • - Kurt Hummel. [ęKurt Hummel.] (Glee verse)
  • - Merlin Emrys. [x_Merlin.] (Merlin verse)
  • - The Doctor. [x_The 10th Incarnation.] (Doctor Who verse)
  • - Connor Temple. [x_Connor Temple.] (Primeval verse)
  • - Nikola Tesla. [xx_Electric Impulse.] (Sanctuary verse)
  • - Eric Blaine. [x_Blaine;Eric.] (OC - demon / open verse)
  • - Jonathon Remsey. [x_Jonathon.] (Dead Like Me verse)

There is the list, so; add them if you'd like.

Also. Excuse if this page is on the list... I made this for each account, and felt it was easier to list all of them now and avoid the possibility that I forgot one.


06/09/2011 08: PM 

Current mood:  adored

Disclaimer: Not Alex Pettyfer nor am I Theodore Nott. I was the first to use Pettyfer as Nott. Others are secondary.


Be honoured to even be able to read this. My deny over accept ratio is quite high. 

1. I control MY character. No god mode. 

2. If you cannot conjure up at least 3 paragraphs, then you have no business here. I prefer detail and structure, something that's going to keep me interested. And I'm very hard to keep entertained. I am Multi Para, I stopped Novella because I do not have the time for it.  

3. Don't embarrass yourself and write like a bloody clot. At least pretend like you have some education. Please refrain from using text/net talk whilst in para as this is irritating and do make spell check your new friend. I make mistakes, we all do but when I cannot decipher your paras it's a problem and I'll probably delete you. I know people out there speak other languages, but they speak better English then some of you.

4. I'm canon, with a few spins. I will not befriend Mudbloods, Blood traitors, and Hufflepuffs. No shippings with such either. Do not care that this is roleplay. I like the world in which J.K created, no need to go and offset it.

5. No OOC drama. There can be drama within RP, we'd have to have discussed it first, of course. I will not, however, put up with drama of any sort outside of RP. I'm a fucking adult and I don't want to associate myself with those who have no life and just are here to cause problems like fucking children.

6. Theodore does not do relationships. Period.  That does't mean he's going to fuck you, either. (I adore mentally fucking someone rather than physically. Problem? ) Besides, this place isn't about finding relationships or fucks. If you have those intentions, then kindly remove myself from your list. Sex is great and all, but let's be honest the only reason all you people want it from here is because you don't get it in RL. Pity. 

7. I have a little thing called a life away from the screen, (I know, shocking!) and will sometimes be really slow on replies but be patient as I am with all of you. I am also what you may call a lazy fuck. My priorities are all sorts of fucked up, so please excuse me when I find college, work, volunteering, and my beloved social life more important than being here. Half the time I don't even turn my laptop on. So if I go missing for a few days, weeks, even a month without signing on.. you'll know why.

8. I have a filthy mouth, for those who haven't noticed. I curse like a fucking sailor. I show my feelings through those naughty fucking words. But I am on and off with the cursing in my replies, normally only applying the words in appropriate context.

9. People I will not role play with: Multiple character pages. Whores. Open Verses. Offspring of Dumbledore, Snape, brothers of Potter, you get the jiff. People whom use Megan Fox as a playby. (Can't stand to look at that woman's face.) Those with (S&L) and crap like that in their display will automatically be denied. NO CROSS OVERS. 

10. Comments only for both OOC/IC. I despise messages and half the time they never work anyway. 

11. Keep your RL crap out of my news feed. I don't want to hear you whining about your boyfriend dumping you or someone is in the hospital. Like really? Don't you think that's private stuff? We're strangers, for one, and why would you think we care? 'Cause I sure as hell don't. Nor do I want to hear about your whiny RP drama and shit. NOBODY CARES. Stop looking for attention or sympathy because you won't see any of the sort from me. Also if I see any blacklisting you will be deleted.

12. For those who would like to get a bit of a peek on the human behind Theodore Nott, don't even think about it. I will not give out my number, Facebook, and whatever else people are sharing now-a-days. If you are lucky enough to get to know me then I would hope that you keep my personal information to yourself. I'm a very easy going lad, but if you fuck with me... well.. you'll just will have to find out for yourself, now won't you? And by the Angel, whatever you do, DO NOT FALL FOR ME. -sighs- "Lyke omg, Theodore, I'm in love with you, lyke ooc." Sometimes I wonder if females have any brains. It's sad that I even have to have this in my rules, but it has  happened plenty of times to the point where it's fucking ridiculous. You are internet people, you mean nothing to me, get over yourselves, because I won't ever date you. Oh, did I mention most of your mean nothing to me? Okay. Just wanted to double check. -.-

NOTE: I'm a prick to EVERYONE. Theodore is not a person people would willingly surround themselves with. He shows no compassion for anyone. He uses and abuses women. As well as manipulates others to his whim. He was never raised by a woman, he does not have that soft spot like Blaise and Malfoy have. His story is full of mature content. I am the only Nott, that I know, whom has him portrayed as mentally fucked up. He was forced to watch his father kill his mother as a child. So, whatever expectations you have of him will be entirely the opposite.

Wanna steal my shit? 
Layout: here
Pictures: here 
Steal my storyline(s)- that's a different story. 

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