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01/20/2020 02:11 PM 


Parker tends to pour himself into being there for children in need. Once upon a time parker lived a life that lacked parental guidance. Parker was given the honor one year to meet a little girl whom captured his heart and soul in one second. Her name is Genevieve, she lives abroad in an orphanage in Paris. He sends donations frequently to boys and girls like her. Now in its fifteenth year, our National Adoption Recruitment Campaign promotes adoption from foster care and raises awareness of the more than 123,000 children and teens who are waiting to be adopted.Parker hopes that one day he would be able to make in impact on a life, a child's life to create a happiness to fill the void they have being in the system. No child should ever have to endure a life without parents. Genevieve brought this hope to him, and he hopes one day he will be able to impact her life tremendously.

Santa Muerte

01/20/2020 12:23 PM 


Laws of the Land   ·     There will be Religious overtones to my writing Be prepared to accept this ·     I prefer multi-para to novella format when writing ·     I prefer to take my time when writing replies as I conduct research most of the time Never rush me ·     My character is from Penny Dreadful City of Angels ·     Verses I prefer are Gothic Horror Mexican American Folk Catholicism Death Deities ·     Conduct yourself with dignity and grace or you will be removed I do not appreciate childish behaviors of any kind ·     Being that my character is viewed as a saint and deity there will be no playing house,or having babies. ·     Drugs and Criminal Aspects may come into the course of writing as well as Religious themes, If any of this offends you please delete me now ·     Appreciate the time I take to prepare and respond to posts ·     Treat me with respect and I will do the same for you ·     No out of character chatter or drama ·     No Discord or Messengers ·     No Texting or Calling me ·     I am here when I am here Deal with it or delete me ·     No Elitists ·     I will not write with anyone under twenty one, If I suspect you lied to me in this regard I will remove you ·     I reserve the right to change my laws anyway I see fit when I see fit ·     Sign Below Please                          Santa Muerte

ᴛᴇᴜꜰᴇʟ ʙᴏʏ.

01/20/2020 12:18 PM 

bold survey

** stole from Nathaniel BOLD WHAT APPLIES TO YOUR MUSE.Appearance:I am over 5′5″/ I wear glasses or contacts / I have blonde hair / I wear sweatshirts a lot / I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing / I have one or more piercings / I have at least one tattoo / I have blue eyes / I have dyed or highlighted my hair / I have gotten plastic surgery / I have or had braces / I sunburn easily / I have freckles / I paint my nails / I typically wear makeup / I don’t often smile / I am pleased with how I look / I prefer Nike to Adidas / I wear baseball hats backwardsHobbies and Talents:I can play a sport / I can play an instrument / I am artistic / I know more than one language / I have won a trophy in some sort of competition / I can cook or bake without a recipe / I know how to swim / I enjoy writing / I can do origami / I prefer movies to TV shows / I can execute a perfect somersault / I enjoy singing / I could survive in the wild on my own / I have read a new book series this year / I enjoy social time with friends / I travel during school or work breaks / I can do a handstandExperiences:I had my first kiss before age 15 / I have gotten blackout drunk / I am or have been married / I have traveled outside of the country / I have flown on an airplane / I have stayed awake for more than 48 hours / I have had a near-death experience / I have caught something on fire / I have performed in a talent show / I have shot a gun / I have been on TV / I have gone scuba diving / I have broken a bone / I have slow-danced / I have gone on a shopping spreeRelationships:I am currently in a relationship / I have been single for over a year / I have a secret romantic interest / I have a best friend / I have known a friend for over ten years / My parents are together / I have a brother or sister / I have dated my best friend / I am adopted (au) / Someone has told me they are romantically interested in me / I have had a long-distance relationship / I give good advice to my friends / I am friends with someone I shouldn't be Aesthetics:I have heard the ocean in a conch shell / I have watched the sunrise / I enjoy rainy days / I have slept under the stars / I meditate outside / The sound of nature calms me / I enjoy the smell of the beach / I know what snow tastes like / I listen to music to fall asleep / I enjoy thunderstorms / I enjoy cloud watching / I have attended or hosted a bonfire / I pay close attention to colors / I find mystery in the ocean / I enjoy hiking on scenic paths / Autumn is my favorite seasonMisc.:I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle / I am the mom/dad friend / I live by a certain quote(s) / I like the smell of Sharpies / I participate in hobbies or extracurricular activities / I enjoy Mexican food / I can drive a stick-shift / I have memorized an entire song in a day / I believe in true love / I dream up scenarios to fall asleep / I sing in the shower / I wish I lived in a video game / I have a canopy above my bed / I am multi-racial / I am a redhead / I own at least three dogs / I am LGBTQ+


01/19/2020 11:44 PM 


Don’t be sad be Rad. A campaign created in University of California Irvine, by a student who has lost his best friend to depression. No one knew this man was depressed. It comes to show that even the happiest of people could be unstable. Everyone has a breaking point. Keeping close tabs on the important people in your life is a must. Tate met this student during a spirit week at school. Her eyes landed on the t shirt and she fell in love. She sat there for hours listening to his story. Speaking about the way his friend was and how much love he had. It nearly broke her. She spent days and weeks and hours helping him distribute and sell these shirts to raise money for the family. 12,000 dollars later and ONE full box the goal had been met. Tate wore her shirt to a show she went to during Warped tour and one of the band mates for Breaking Benjamin asked where she got her shirt. She explained the story and the situation of the cause and how the money was being donated to the family of the young man who took his life. The wrote a check in that instant and asked for an address to meet the family and to pick up the last box of shirts. They raised 20,000 dollars. The family donated half the money to keep up the campaign and to help donate to causes that can help prevent suicide and anti bullying campaigns. 


01/19/2020 11:33 PM 


Gold and Crimson boots stepped quietly through the forest while Sedona Vee carefully made her way to the cave at the base of the tallest mountain of Starrdell. Approaching the entrance, she could see a few standing inside. The bonfire lit outside of it immuninated made everyone inside a silhouette. One of the defense members stepped toward her from the fire to halt her stride. Chocolate hues saw it was Sven who was much taller than her, his expression as serious as ever. “I was asked to come. You need help with a prisoner?” Sedona asked, trying to look past Sven to see what type of prisoner would need backup. “Sedona. He crashed here but the ship he was in looks to be similar to the ones that attacked us.” Sven stepped to the site, blocking her view from the cave to get her to focus. “He isn’t saying much. Something seems strange. He could be a spy. We need to approach this is a delicate manner. So you are needed here.” Sedona knew he wasn’t calling her delicate in any way but whatever she needed to do. This is someone they didn’t want to keep quiet as he could hold important information about who attacked. Could he be the one who ordered the attack? Could it be someone under his command? Sven continued. “You need to find out who he is. You use your sugar on him. If you understand what I mean. We’ll handle the rest. You’re to tend to him. Befriend him. Do whatever it takes. We’ll get to the bottom of this.” She nodded in agreement. Sven shifted to head back to the fire. Sedona walked into the cave where light flickered against the stone walls from the fire behind her. Three of the guards began to walk away from their prisoner, then past her to exit the cave. It was clear, her duty had already begun. She looked to a man, kneeling on the floor of the cave dressed in black. His wavy, ebony locks fell forward as his head hung forward, avoiding eye contact to his captors. His hands were bound behind him made from the lands strongest vines. Sedona brought herself down to a knee and looked him over, even though he still hid his face. The only movement she could see from him was his breathing. She wouldn’t to take hold of his face to meet his eyes and begin questioning him in any violent manner about if he had any involvement in the attacks on her home, endangering not only her people but the children that were dear to her heart. Her eyes closed while taking in a deep breath, calming her nerves.  Eyes opening, she looked to the man who’s face lifted to reveal hazel hues meeting hers. His top lip bled along with swelling. This was something inflicted by one of those that took him in during the first attempt of questioning. “Do you know how many you killed? How many children no longer have families? How many of our resources are gone?” She asked him in a calm manner while she searched his eyes for anger. “What would drive someone to do such evil?” As much as she tried to bring tears to her eyes, her anger took her focus. 

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