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❤Lil❤Hunter❤Kate❤ *S&L*

03/16/2019 08:52 PM 

Kate's back story

Kate was born to Mr and Mrs Bobby Singer, Her Full Name is Katelyn Blair Singer, She was three years old when her mom got possessed by and demon, Her Dad Bobby sent three year old Kate away to keep her mom from killing her, Kate lived in foster care for years until a Ghoul killed her foster Family when she was 10 ,Kate Killed the Ghoul, But could Save her family, After that day Kate has been Hunting Monsters, She met her Real Dad Bobby on a Hunt with Rufus,and than she meet The Winchester Brothers, who have been like big Brothers to her,She is Close to Sam, She is a bit wild, yet you piss her off ,she will kill you,Kate is like Bobby more than anything, She Drinks alot

sD_Leonor Lasso de la Vega_sD

03/16/2019 07:26 PM 

Haunted story of Galician asylum-Closed Story-
Current mood:  adventurous

When Leonor Lasso de la Vega became king Philip III of Spain Chancellor she started to hear stories about Galician Asylum that visitors and workers hear things they can't explain and seen things that wasn't normal.  Leonor knew that hospital was cruel to the patients that lived there long term and the first patient to enter the place was two priest.  The stories began to the point that Leonor had to find someone who can help them to find out what is going on with the old asylum so she began to search for answers for this case which seems to trouble workers and visitors with such claims they are making.

She found a website that handles the paranormal yet she realizes this group is in united states but she wonders what are the chances they come here and help them. So she took her chance as she hit send a message to ghost adventures. " To whom this may concern, my name is Leonor Lasso de la Vega and I am chancellor to king Philip III of Spain. Sorry to bother you but we have a very old asylum here in Spain yet I am getting reports from that place just doesn't make sense seeing things that are not there or hearing like foot steps or shouting where the patients slept yet we can't answer. "

"I will say the building is quite old it dates back 1885 and we know cruelty took place with the patients there and many have died sadly. It took us a long time to close the place seeing it's unsuitable for patient care for mental illness so now we have people can visit the place as tourist  to help remind the folks in Spain we do care about the safety of patients. I would be ever grateful if you could come here and tell us what is wrong with the place. I hope to hear from you soon." she signs the e-mail as she sends it as she waits for respond. 

ʜʏᴘɴᴏᴛɪᴄ ᴍᴀᴅᴍᴀɴ.

03/16/2019 10:34 PM 


Simple and straight to the point, I'm not strict but these do apply.

001. Since this isn't a rule, I figured I'd say it anyway. On a UK timezone if that's important to anyone. Currently up to date with Gotham season five. Health is a major factor when it comes to my roleplaying, it does indeed come first so please be aware. I won't go into details but I have one major illness but you get the main point. Admin is very pleasant ooc.

002. Please leave drama at the doorknocker. There's only room for one drama queen around here and that position is taken by Mr Tetch (no drama from me IC). Drama queens and kings, will be blocked. If you've added me just for the 'sake of it' and aren't going to talk, then please delete me, there's nothing worse than being just a number.

003. Jervis will be portrayed as he is shown on Gotham. The only difference is that I leave all the romantic stuff with his sister back in the past, I have no desire to keep portraying him that way either. Despite this, I'm also multi verse friendly - I've read pretty much all of the Batman / DC comics he has been present in. I'm not fussied when it comes to who I'm writing with either. Pretty much open to all the crossovers I can get.

004. If you are here to get smut out of Jervis, then I hate to be a party pooper, it ain't happening. Smut and all that lovely stuff is between Jervis and whoever he is seeing at the time. I may be multi li on here, not really sure about that, I guess we shall see. In terms of relationships, Jervis is an open book, he's open to all genders in all honesty. If anyone wants to be a main, feel free to let me know and I'll add you to my connection list.

005. Graphics that I use on here were created by me unless stated in the caption of said graphic / photo, I do take requests via Arkham or if we're good friends, hit me up and I'll be more than happy to make you an edit / graphic.

006. Like I've said in point one, I can't be here all the time. Health comes first so please be patient for me to get to things. If I think I'm going to be longer than expected, then I shall let you know personally or via a status. Oh and side note, my internet provider sometimes isn't the best so it'll be either one of those issues why I'm not here. Although I prefer writing in paragraph to multi paragraph styles, I'm adapatable with other people's styles unless it's novella. I'm not fussied over people's spelling etc. As long as there's a story and enough to work with, it's all good.

Discord; ʜʏᴘɴᴏᴛɪᴄ ᴍᴀᴅᴍᴀɴ.#2084

☕︎Trickster King ☕︎

03/16/2019 05:25 PM 

Gabriel (college Au Rp)

Name: Gabriel Matthew Novak
Age: 25

Sex: Male

Studies: Pre Med

Brothers: Lucifer, Castiel ,and Balthazar

☕︎Trickster King ☕︎

03/16/2019 05:21 PM 

Gabriel (High School AU Rp)

Name: Gabriel Matthew Novak

Sex: Male

Year: Senior

Brothers: Lucifer, Castiel ,and Balthazar

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