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12/14/2019 12:38 PM 

So this is Christmas? (153)

2005 It was raining that night. So this is Christmas? December 25th, 1998. It had been three months since Damien’s mother had left, leaving a tear in the eternal void that was the Miller household. The boy couldn’t tell if his father was sad, or if he didn’t care at all. He didn’t seem to react too much about it, but even at his age, Damien was smart enough to understand that human beings seemed to expose their emotions in different ways. While he was full of them, letting them unravelling however he deemed fit. His father, however, swam in a sea of apathy. That was apparent. It was weird, the last two months. He was around his son a lot more, even if he didn’t speak much. As if he were making sure Damien was okay in his own way. He didn’t think he would have a Christmas this year. Six years old and he’d already prepared himself for disappointment under this year. Even when Henry Miller put up a tree and let his son help him decorate it, Damien didn’t expect any presents on Christmas morning. For the past few years of him being alive, it was tradition for his mother to set everything up. She was always so particular about everything too, celebrating it as a family holiday, a reason to get her husband to be around more often. Now that she was gone, this was the first Christmas he’d spend without those expectations. Christmas had finally come, and while most children were waking up and running downstairs to open their gifts, Damien didn’t have the same energy when he was climbing out of bed. His plan was to go downstairs and make himself a bowl of cereal, maybe watch the London Christmas parade on the telly, the one traditional thing the Miller family had always done that he could still do. The sunlight crashed through the window this morning, brighter than ever because of the freshly fallen snow outside, waking Damien up from his slumber. He crawled from his bed and slid his feet into his race car slippers, rubbing his eyes and letting out a little yawn as he made his way out of his bedroom. He descended the stairs of the home that led down to the living room where the Christmas tree was… and stopped dead in his tracks. There it was, in all its glory, lit up so brightly in the corner of the living room, and underneath it… there were several neatly wrapped gifts, all with his name on them. The boy gasped, racing over and picking up the first gift he could get his hands on, eyeing it and all the others in the process, overwhelmed with excitement. “Damien?” He jumped at the sound of his father’s voice behind him, dropping the present and turning around quickly, eyes widened. “I’m sorry,” He squeaked, placing his hands behind his back, “I didn’t open anythin’, I swear!” Henry stood in the doorway of the kitchen, expression blank at first, but after a few seconds a slow smile formed upon his lips. “It’s alright,” He said, stepping further into the living room, “they’re yours to open, but after breakfast, okay? I made snowman pancakes, are ya hungry?” The shock subsided and Damien nodded, a big grin with his front teeth missing now painting his features. He raced past his father into the kitchen, placing himself into a seat at the table, prepared to inhale his food so that he could finish faster and open his gifts. This year had been different than he’d expected. He’d almost forgotten that his mother had abandoned them both.

𝔹𝕒𝕕 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒

12/14/2019 07:01 AM 


Wedding video for mobileTable of Contents

𝔹𝕒𝕕 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒

12/13/2019 04:37 PM 

Pre-Wedding FaceTime

Table of Contents

𝔹𝕒𝕕 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒

12/14/2019 09:28 PM 

Lockhart-Jims - Speeches

Lockhart-Jims Wedding Cosmia Winters - Groomsmaid Best boys, I love you both, so proud of you both and wishing you all the love and the happiness for the future. You inspire me and you are the most amazing couple in the world thank you for allowing me to be part of your day Elaina Boyd- Groomsman Doing her best to keep the tears at bay, Elaina took a deep breath and looked over at her best friends. Happy, smiling and making goofy faces at each other; just how she loved them. Clearing her throat, she stood up and grabbed her champagne flute, tossing one last nervous and goofy face at Nell before tapping her knife ever so gently against it. Once the noise had died down, she started to speak. "I could be one of those cliche idiots and say that I knew this was going to happen. That would be a lie though. All I ever wanted was the two of you to be happy and you are. As the years went on, it became more and more apparent how well you two compliment each other. Only you, my dear Denny, can calm Ethan's ass down. And only you, my precious Han, can bring Holden out of his shell. You've turned into one of those fricken couples that I would normally hate but because its you, I can't help but love and gush over. I love you both, so very, very much. I'll always be here for you, no matter what. But of course, you already know all of that."she chuckles, wiping a few stray tears from her eyes. Holding her glass up to them, she grins widely. "To the handsome grooms, congratulations and here's to many, many more years, videos, and shenanigans!"Malakai Sparks- Guest Mack cleared his throat once then twice as he stood up, a bright grin on his face thanks to the infectious energy in the room. His heart lit up with joy once again for the duo - now a pair of husbands - while he picked up a notecard with notes for a speech that he'd recited word for word. The noise slowly died down bit by bit and he took one final deep breath with the hopes his voice wouldn't waver. "This was originally going to be much longer and much sappier, but think we've all done enough crying for one day, even if they were tears of joy. So, won't be needing this." He tossed the notecard over his shoulder as a few chuckles escaped from other guests. "Ethan and Holden, you incredible sons of guns. You two are great on your own for so many reasons and trust me, those praises would take hours to sing. But then when you're together? I believe that I can safely speak for everyone here when I say that we've all learned over the years to expect epic things from you guys. Ideas that practically defy gravity. For you both to hit the ground running whenever a challenge comes up. And last, but most importantly, a love that sneaks up on you and fills you with the power to take over the world. So when you finally do, promise to be benevolent leaders? Also, if you ever want a captain of the guard, give me a call." Another few chuckles while Mack's megawatt grin softened into a warm smile and he lifted his glass. "Thank you for extending an invite to this incredible event. Congratulations to the start of something legendary and that is your life as husbands. To Ethan and Holden, the living definition of a power couple."  Table of Contents

нαтяι∂ мυи ѕιgяα

12/14/2019 08:25 PM 


PERSONAL REQUESTSIn order to make any of the following requests, you must provide us with with the following information: Display Name:Name of your character:Name of your face claim:( REMEMBER, THIS IS A MUST, OTHERWISE WE WON'T CONSIDERATE YOUR REQUEST)Picture Defaults:1. Which one do you want to get displayed on the picture default?a) Your Display Nameb) The name of your characterc) Bothd) None2. Which theme do you prefer?: a)Light themeb)Dark themeGIF Defaults1. Which one do you want to get displayed on the GIF default?a) Your Display Nameb)The name of your characterc) Bothd) Your URL2. Do you want any border added to your GIF default?a) Yes (mention the color you prefer):b) NoDoorknockers1. Which one do you want to get displayed on the doorknocker?a) Your Display Nameb)The name of your characterc) Both2. Which theme do you prefer?: a)Light themeb)Dark theme3. Please mention which of the following  roleplay details you would like to get displayed on the doorknocker:a) Verse(s): [add your verse(s)]b) Writing Length: [add your prefered writing length]c) Additional text [add your additional text]d) NoneShare banners1. Which one do you want to get displayed on the share banner?a) Your Display Nameb)The name of your characterc) Bothd) Your URLe) All of the above2. Which theme do you prefer?: a)Light themeb)Dark theme Manips1. Please provide us with:a) Name of your face claimb) Name of the second face claim you want the manip with2. Which one do you want to get displayed on the manip?a) Your Display Name & The Second display name involved (if any)b)The name of your character + The name of the second character involved (if any)c) Bothd) Your URL + The URL of the second character (if any)e) All of the abovef) None3. Which theme do you prefer?: a)Light themeb)Dark theme ( Please leave all the information in the comments of this requests blog )

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