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01/19/2020 12:55 PM 

1/19 task

So, on this day Jan 19th, 2020 we were told to pic a cause we were passionate about. I chose the ASPCA in Fresno California. Why? The ASPCA will help all animals but the specialize in those animals that suffer. Animals that have suffered abuse or any other form of animal cruelty and those that are homeless with no place to go. Though they do take on any animal even owner surrender they try to rehabilitate the worst of the worst and make it so they too can feel any amount of love.I got involved when I was sixteen and came across a house with an abandoned dog inside. I was used to seeing strays, but this guy was in a kennel inside the house. No food or water. I contacted the local ASPCA and when they arrived on scene, they explained what they would be doing. I had away with animals since I was younger, so I figured why not? right? What could it hurt? I started out by fostering and when they saw how great I was with the dogs and horses they allowed me to stay on and help train. To this day I still help train and have even helped with other parts of what they do. I have never once regretted the decision. It has taught me more then I care to admit.


01/19/2020 12:25 PM 

Save them all.

"The Loa are not toys to be played with, cherie. They are gods to be respected and worshipped… and for a smart girl like you, some of them should be feared." Kendall listened carefully as her mother tossed a few different herbs into the mortar and began the slow process of grinding it down with a special pestle. "There is a Loa for everything in life and you make sure you honor them properly." The six year old sat with her legs folded beneath her, perched on the counter in the back room of her mother's little shop. Kendall lived for these moments, when her mother would tell her of the world that some chose to ignore."Mama, what are you mixing up?" Her mother's hands stopped their work to cup her daughters face in them. The smile on her features so full of love Kendall could feel it. "Too many people forget that the world can only give so much, and without the help of the Loa's, I fear we will burn this world to cinder and wonder where we went wrong." Ken nodded as she followed along, "So… you're making a present for the Loas so they will help us?" Her mother looked so proud even though she shook her head, "No, ma petite, I am making a present to apologize for the damage and thank them for the help they have already given us. The best way to ask for help with this is to do something about it." The soft smile her mother gave her after that stayed with her, motivated her, and gave her strength as she fought to save the world people had forgotten to care about.


01/19/2020 11:40 PM 

A Supernatural Life Of A Royal

Biological Information:Full Name: Nikita Rose AlexeevNickname(s): NikiDate Of Birth: Around the 1700'sJob:BartenderHeight: 5ft 9inHair Color: Naturally RedEye Color: BlueBuild: Athletic/SlenderMode Of Transportation: Black CamaroWeapon Of Choice: It's a secretTHE BEGINNING:Nikita was born in the early 1700's, her father was a vampire, and her mother was a fae (for a lack of a better term, she was a faerie). However her mother didn't know she was a fae, and vampires still stayed in the shadows. But vampires knew of all the creatures that walked the earth. And one that they favored over others, were the Fae, because of the taste of their blood. Nikita's mother was to be married off to a man who was three times her age, and she didn't love him. So to get away from it, she ran away. It was while she was living on the street when she met Nikita's father. He would pass her nightly, and give her money for food. Soon he got her mother to trust him enough, to offer her a place to stay. Feeling alone and broken her mother accepted. But he was a lair. A few days after having her mother in his house, he made his move, and he drank her, he thought he had glamoured her, but when he realized it didn't work, he had to force her to live with him, because vampires were to stay in the shadows. During her stay he attacked her every night taking her blood, one night was different from the rest, and he raped her. Soon she began to show, and he didn't want anything to do with a child. So he kicked her out, and anyone who knew his name, he glamoured them to forget, so when she told what had happened to her, she was institutionalized. When she gave birth to Nikita, Nikita was immediately taken away, and placed in an orphanage, to never know who her real mother was.Nikita was adopted by the Alexeev family, and they made her believe she was of their own, even though she was the only red head in the family. She grew up wealthy, but when she turned twenty one, it was as if that was when everything happened. Her Fae and Vampiric side came to light, and she couldn't fight the thirst at first, and actually ended up killing her entire family. Scared of what she did, and what she possibly could be. As she was on the run, she made her way to Texas, and she stayed there for some time, and while there, she found a coven of vampires, and they welcomed her in. They taught her how to be a vampire, but couldn't help her with her fae side. And though there were so many vampires older than her, meaning more powerful, she was able to fight them off, because the Fae side of her, made her vampire side as strong as the older vampires. She also could walk in the daylight, which the vampires envied.THE PRESENT:Nikita enjoyed her life, when she had to hide in the shadows, but there came a time when the vampire's 'came into light', showing their existence, which they actually called it 'Coming Out Of The Coffin'. When this happened, Nikita got to enjoy her life even more, as she could be free to do as she wished, as long as she followed the Vampiric rules and codes. She was tired of Texas, and being around jealous vampires. So she left her coven, and headed to Louisiana. When she got there she heard some whispers about a vampire bar called 'Fangtasia' that was in Shreveport Louisiana, so she made her way there. When she got there she met Pam, and was able to get into the bar, when she did, she felt all the vampires on her, but she ignored them, as she went to the bar and ordered a drink. It was then, that a specific vampire decided to 'test' her. And when he did, he lost that test.She didn't kill him, for that was one of the rules to follow, but she made damned sure that he wouldn't bother her anymore. She realized that the vampires stopped looking at her, and she got her drink, but what she didn't realize was that she caught the eye of the Infamous Sheriff Eric Northman. After going to the bar for close to a month, Pam spoke to Nikita about being a bartender at Fangtasia. Of course Nikita accepted, if she made enough money, then she could get her own place. At this time, she was still oblivious that Eric was intrigued by her. That was until he approached her one night.Eric simply spoke to Nikita, and she was actually shocked to know he was 'watching' her for a lack of better words, as well as intrigued by her. There was no threats, no violence, and he didn't ask her to be his. But he did tell her that one day she WOULD belong to him and be his. Which made her heart beat faster than before, because even though she didn't realize he noticed her, she had definitely noticed him. It has been about two years since that conversation, but Nikita hasn't forgotten it. She and Eric have created a bond, something like what he was with Pam, but on a different level. And whenever something needed to be done, and she was ordered to do it, she did it without bitching about it, unlike Pam. Because Nikita could hear all thoughts, except vampires, she was able to signal Eric if there was someone planning something. Before she realized it, Nikita had fallen in love with Eric, but has never mentioned it. She knew that they were meant to be, but she didn't know when exactly that was supposed to happen. So she works with him, talks with him, spends time with him, and does as he orders, as she has always done, until she knows what is next to come.FAE POWERS:TelepathyTeleportationTelekinesisSuper NovaEmphaticDaywalkerVAMPIRIC POWERS:Enhanced StrengthEnhanced SpeedEnhanced SensesEnhanced StaminaEnhanced AgilityEnhanced Keen ReflexesGlamouringImmortalityImmunityGENERAL ABILITIES:Kick BoxerHand To Hand CombatExpert SniperOffensive/Defensive DriverExpert Manipulation/NegotiationHighly IntelligentDeeply LoyalThirst Control 

ᴊᴀᴍᴇs ᴛ. ᴋɪʀᴋ

01/19/2020 06:27 PM 


DARKNESS RISING: Chapter 2 - Manhattan Calling. C H A P T E R - 2 NEW MANHATTAN ISLAND It was a pleasant death, to be shot dead in the head. A quick end, without the painful suffering - without watching your own blood leave your body in rivers and waves. For the ‘lucky’ ones… that is how they died. However, for the majority of humankind, they were captured and literally thrown into a dark capsule: minimal food and water provided. Of course, these invaders of Earth would want their cattle good and healthy. People became their source of food. Humans became harvested, and eventually, much like cows, pigs, and chickens before the invasion, essentially, manufactured for a steady food source. Your living and breathing body would be collected, and then mercilessly strapped onto an inclined metal slab. Perhaps the alien invaders possessed no sense of pain and torment, because as they sliced their way to vital organs for collection, the human was not provided with a numbing agent. Thighs, upper arms, and torso parts were also collected and stored for a food source. The rest of the body was then discarded, as if it had no meaning and purpose in the world it once lived on. Amelia Belle was one very fortunate, though equally, unfortunate witness to these procedures. During the human collection phase, she was scanned by one of their devices, marked, and then tossed aside for incineration. Small groups at a time would go through this process, and only two individuals from her group had made a successful escape from the incinerator: herself and a twelve year old boy, who has not been able to speak since. Amelia knew why she was discarded, however, the boy found out the hard way. An erratic beeping on her screen snapped Amelia back into her unwanted reality. Her eyes narrowed in on the multiple objects that appeared on her radar. Immediately, she sparked the attention of the deck officer in charge. “Sir! I’m reading multiple unidentified entering Earth’s atmosphere!” The announcement piqued the interest of multiple survivors of their stronghold. “Are they more invaders?” “It doesn’t seem to be. They usually arrive in much larger vessels. These particular objects are smaller… and heading straight for our location.” she continued to report. As the objects neared the surface of Manhattan Island, several survivors ran outside into the bitter cold of winter, looking up to the skies. Amelia joined them. Looking up in awe, several emotions surged through her: ...fear that they could be more threats to Earth. ...hope that they were their salvation. ...amazement of their construction. As the eight unique forms landed, towering over the survivors, one of them spoke in a confident firm and feminine tone: “I am called Windblade, and we have arrived as a response to your call.” Deck Officer Castle took two steps forward. “We sent that call out months ago.” “Messages through space take time to receive, and we received your message a day ago.” Windblade responded. Castle struggled to maintain his composure due to utter ignorance of their kind. “What… what are you and where do you come from?” he asked. “We are Cybertronians called Autobots from a world known to us as Cybertron.” Windblade answered. “However, our home has been widespread as of late.” Windblade did not get into the specifics of her own origin, though, she was sure to be more precise about it when time allows for her to be. Technically, Windblade is not an Autobot. Native to the planet of Caminus, war was foreign to her race of Transformers, until their arrival to Cybertron as delegates. To the military personnel and the handful of survivors, it was no secret that they were no longer alone in the universe, so the arrival of another alien race, while it was still startling, was not surprising. “Could you help us?” “We can try. You must tell us everything.” Windblade gestured to the rest of her robotic companions. “Before we move forward, I’ll introduce to you, my comrades: Drift. Perceptor. Ironhide. Prowl. Jazz. Arcee. And Blurr.” The humans looked upon them, heads raised high, only to notice another source of movement - one that their radars did not pick up on. “Uh… sir?” Hearing Amelia’s voice of concern, Castle following the path of her gaze, nearly buckling at the knees due to what he witnessed. Not far behind the robotic forms, three glowing anomalies began to materialize, with humanoid shapes becoming more apparent from inside. Within seconds, the glowing materializations resulted in three human beings who looked just as confused as the rest who stood on the island. “Well this isn’t intimidating at all.” Leonard McCoy, known as Bones, commented. In an instant, military weapons were pointed at the three visitors from every direction. The man in the middle raised his hands immediately, showing that they were unarmed. Shortly after materializing onto the planet, Kirk and his two away mission members were met face to face with rifles and other forms of weaponry. He couldn’t help but stare at the more obvious, larger living embodiments of robots in front of him. One of them spoke: “There is no need for violence. Please, stow your weapons.” she said. This was an opportune moment for the Captain to speak. “We aren’t here to cause trouble. We picked up on a signal. It was a call for help, so we’re here to respond.” “And who are you?” Castle asked in an almost demanding tone. “How many lifeforms did our message reach?” “My name is James Kirk. This is Doctor Leonard McCoy, and Hikaru Sulu. We…” He was already finding it hard to communicate where he was from. “We… are from the future… of a universe parallel to your own.” He said. “I’m not sure how to answer your last question.” “We’re the good guys, so I’m going to go ahead and say that’s a win.” Blurr commented, attempting to lift the heaviness that surrounded them. “I second that.” Kirk agreed. “Great, we’re all friends now. Can we go inside and discuss this further?” Blurr asked. The Deck Officer nodded. “We’ll go into one of the equipment storage garages. They’re larger.” he suggested, looking up at the Transformers as he did so. “And I thought we’ve seen it all.” McCoy stated quietly. Kirk acknowledged as he followed their new hosts towards the equipment garage, unable to take his cerulean hues off the bots. ❖    - Captain James T. Kirk.

[𝙳𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝙺𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝]

01/19/2020 02:27 PM 

OWWP: Eclipse     Startled awake by the sound of her window sliding open, Stephanie sat bolt upright in bed, grabbed the nearest object to her from the nightstand and hiked it across the room. “Ow!” Even in the dark, Stephanie knew her room well enough to be able to hit her mark. However, she knew the voice. Sniffling before she cleared her throat to speak, her voice croaky. “Nightwing?” Hearing the movement continue, and the window slip shut again, the ‘intruder’ spoke. “Who else crawls through your window, you dork. You threw something at me!” Sniffling again, pulling her knees up to her chest, she mumbled into the comforter. “I was sleeping… You startled me…” The light flicked on, Grayson smiling warmly over at her. “Well, you’re sick. So I brought you sick person food.” Crossing to sit on the bed with her, putting the bag in his hand next to her, he looked across to see what she threw at him, before slowly turning his head to stare back at her. “Stephanie, does that book say 'Eclipse' on it? Are you reading Twi-” “I’M SICK OK, LEAVE ME ALONE!” Stephanie Browntemplate credit.

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