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01/23/2019 10:01 PM 




War was easier to deal with from the cockpit of a Y-Wing. Sure, the threat of death exponentially increased every time a pilot strapped themselves in, but things were simpler, or at least Captain Evaan Verlaine of Gold Squadron liked to think so. When flying, there were targets and missions and objectives. Go there, shoot that out of the sky, protect this; it was simple. But war wasn’t always flying off on missions. After two years of it, Evaan could count with ease the number of actual flight missions her squadron had been assigned to. Most of war was sitting around, biding time, waiting, and wondering when your time to die was gonna find you. But of all the places to wait, the Sunspire was as good a place as any to do so.

Two years ago, the Empire turned Evaan’s homeworld of Alderaan into space dust which meant there was little out there that Evaan could hold on to where she could feel home. The Sunspire was an Alderaanian Frigate, a tactile piece of home that Evaan could walk through, touch, and live in. She hated being grounded and confined to a barracks, but she didn’t mind it as much when she could be surrounded by home. Sometimes, she would find herself just walking the corridors and running her fingers over the walls. She didn’t have much experience around these old frigates before the cataclysm that claimed her home, but things were different now. Running her fingers over those walls was like running her hand over the bones of Alderaan, and for the faintest moment—for the span it took a finger to glide across durasteel—the pain of what she lost didn’t cripple her.

Evaan had been called up for a meeting with the heads of the ship on the command deck; she didn’t have much time to waste but she ran her hands along those walls anyway. She’d never take Alderaan—even just a small piece—for granted again. She walked a long hall, let her fingers feel the cold metal of a railing as she went up a few stairs, and she leaned against the side of the turbo lift as she ventured toward her summoning. She wasn’t sure what they wanted from her, she was just a pilot after all, it was a little out of the ordinary for rebel command on any ship to single out a lone pilot, but she went without hesitation, and treasured whatever opportunity she could get to walk the Sunspire.

When the doors to the command deck slid open, a few heads pivoted to watch Evaan enter. Commander Kyrsta Agate was the only one Evaan immediately recognized. She was the captain of the Sunspire, a quiet but respectable leader that Evaan trusted. She stood around a holotank in the center of the room with a sandy bearded man to her right and a green skinned Duros woman on her left. Evaan approached the holotank and stood at attention with her hands behind her back until she was addressed, waiting to see what all this was about.

“Captain Verlaine,” Agate said, “Thank you for joining us. This Alexsandr Kallus,” she pointed to the sandy bearded man on her right, a man Evaan was just now placing as a face she saw around the Massassi temple back in the Yavin days. “He’s with Alliance Intelligence. And this here is Commodore Werti,” she gestured to the Duros.

“Kallus. Commodore.” Evaan nodded to each but otherwise remained silent.

“I’ll get to it, Captain,” Agate continued, “As you know, the Sunspire recently shipped out to require a fuel source from an old Separatist mining colony in the Outer Rim. We didn’t find gas, but we did come across Commodore Werti here, who with the assistance of Agent Kallus, was in the process of hunting down an Imperial governor that the Alliance could use for hostage negotiations.”

“I’m sorry,” Evaan shrugged, “I’m not exactly sure what help I am here. I’m just a pilot.”

“An Alderaanian pilot, according to your record,” Commodore Werti added.

Evaan nodded and swallowed. “Yes.”

“The Imperial Governor that we picked up on this mining platform is, by all accounts, the former governor of the sector of space where Alderaan used to reside,” Kallus said.

“By all accounts?” Evaan asked.

Kallus scratched at his sandy beard. “It is my job, Captain Verlaine, to hunt down information and suss out the truth. The information that led me to that platform where the Commodore and I found Governor Huffly was given to us under suspicious means.”

“Not unlike the information that was given to us about the fuel supply,” Agate chimed in.

“Indeed,” Commodore Werti nodded. “Governor Huffly would be a big get for the Alliance. His codes check out though they’re old.”

“And verification has been a challenge,” Kallus said. “The Empire is classifying records left and right ever since the Death Star. I met my fair share of Imperials back in the day but never had the displeasure of meeting the governor of your sector. I read over your file. Not only did you serve close to Senator Organa before his untimely death, but you worked with his wife, the Queen, before that. You would recognize Governor Huffly if you saw him, wouldn’t you?”

Evaan thought it over. “In theory. I was a kid when I served the Queen. I met a lot of Imperials that I didn’t care for greatly. Their faces tended to blend together after a while. But I can take a look for you.”

“A look is all we ask,” Agate smiled.

She pressed a button on the holotank and an image of the security feed down in the brig lit up in three dimensions between them. Evaan’s eyes narrowed on the feed of the man sitting in a dark cell. The image was grainy but Evaan could still make out the untucked Imperial uniform. He had a messy beard covering his face, making it hard to pin down exactly who he was, though the poor quality of the image didn’t help either.

“You didn’t remove his arm before jailing him?” Evaan asked.

The three others shared a look. Eventually, it was Kallus who asked, “Remove his arm?”

“Isn’t it protocol to remove a prisoners uncovered mechanical limb until they’ve been properly registered? Governor Huffly lost his left arm in a riding accident when I was a girl.”

Again, the three of them shared a look. This time it was Agate who said, “This man had all of his limbs.”

Alarms and klaxons blared as the image on the holotank flashed away and was replaced with a digital representation of the Sunspire and the space around it. Three other ships—half as large but armed to the teeth—dropped out of hyperspace and surrounded the Alliance Frigate. Someone across the bridge called out, “Pirates!” The ship rocked a second later as the attack began and the pirate ships that surrounded the Sunspire opened fire.

“It was a trap,” Commodore Werti groaned.

Kallus added, “They set us up.”

“Scramble all fighters,” Agate called out, leaping into command mode. “Gold and Teal Squadrons, take out those ships.”

Evaan was already on the move.

Despite the loud sirens and the commotion and the hustle, Evaan still ran her fingers over the walls as she ran out of the command deck and toward the hangar where she could fly and be useful once again. The Sunspire rocked as the shields endured more and more turbo laser fire from the pirates, and the crew of the frigate ran in every direction, somehow managing to not knock one another over as they hurried to their initial jobs.

By the time Evaan made it down to the hangar, Teal Squadron was already flying off into action in their X-Wings and half of Gold Squadron was jumping into the cockpits of their Y-Wings. Evaan unzipped her bomber jacket and quickly changed into her flight suit, not wasting a second. She made sure that her astromech was on his way to his socket as she pulled her flight hood up over her head and tightened her boots. Once she was out there, she would do her part to stop the attack, and she looked forward to it. She couldn’t wait until she watched those pirates crumbling under the weight of her proton torpedoes. She would never let them destroy the Sunspire. Home couldn’t be destroyed again—

The thought crippled her. None of this made sense. The wheels in her mind churned as the rest of Gold Squadron departed the hangar without her. Imperials attacked a rebel ship to destroy… pirates played a whole different game. The set up was around the planet that the Sunspire had been sent to for the fuel, but planting a pirate disguised as an Imperial officer on board? That was something else. Pirates didn’t destroy, pirates stole. They weren’t trying to obliterate the frigate, they were going to try and board it, and there was already a pirate on board ready to open the doors!

Evaan yanked her flight hood off her head and turned away from her precious bomber. Arfive—the astromech droid already sitting in the droid socket of the Y-Wing—beeped a coo of concern toward her. She didn’t understand the binary without a translator but the message was not lost on her. “I have to do something,” Evaan told him, “And I can’t do it from the cockpit of a Y-Wing.”

Grabbing a blaster, Evaan hustled out of the hangar and ventured down to the depths of the frigate, down where they kept the brig as well as where she would find the docking ports. This time when Evaan ran she did so without distraction. Her hand gripped her blaster, there was no time to run her fingers over the bones of Alderaan that surrounded her. She was fighting for Alderaan again, and for a moment her planet lived, it beat in her racing heart as she fought to protect it. This wasn’t just about stopping pirates from taking a rebel command ship… it was about saving what was left of everything Evaan had lost.

A door to the port hall opened with a loud whoosh, and Evaan raised her blaster pistol and stepped forward just in time to see the pirate disguised as Imperial Governor Huffly reaching for a control panel to open the port doors. No doubt, pirates on their boarding crafts were waiting on the other side as their main cruisers distracted the crew of the Sunspire with their bright and useless bombardment. Evaan squeezed the trigger and fired a blaster bolt into the control panel before the pirate could reach it. It sizzled and sparked at his fingers, the bones of Alderaan fighting back, and the pirate yelped as he pulled away and turned toward Evaan with a puzzled look across his scarred face.

“Sorry, Governor,” Evaan said, “Your pirate friends are going to have to wait outside. If they want to fight rebels, they can fight them fair and square.”

There was banging coming from the other side of the port hole. Surely, it was the other pirates wondering why they weren’t being let in. They’d only be able to linger on their boarding ships for so long before they got discovered and picked off by Teal Squadron, but however this played out, the pirates game was up and the pirate that Evaan had at blaster point was starting to realize that. He raised his hands with the looks of a surrender, but he moved quick and reached for something at his hip, but before Evaan could act a swirl of blue rings shot out of the darkness behind him and knocked him into the port door, and he fell to the floor unconscious—the pointed blade he was reaching for slipping out of his hands.

Agent Kallus walked out of the shadows, his blaster set on stun still pointed up. “Looks like you figured it out before me,” he said. “Good work, Captain Verlaine.” Kallus holstered his weapon and scooped up the pirate with one arm as he used the other to comm the command deck. “Commander Agate, this is Kallus. The pirate attack is a distraction meant to keep our focus away from a boarding party. These plans have been thwarted by Captain Verlaine. Order all squadrons to focus their attacks on the boarding ships on the side of the Sunspire.”

Kallus pocketed his comm unit and slung the pirate’s arm around his shoulder as he started to take him back to his cell. “Had I known he was a pirate, I would’ve kept a guard on him. Pirates are known for slipping free of cells.”

“Do you need a hand?” Evaan asked, holstering her own weapon.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry I brought some of this foolishness aboard your ship. I’ll be sure your cleverness will be noted in my report.” Kallus disappeared back down the hall and carried the pirate back to his cell.

“Just doing my job,” Evaan whispered to herself. She went over to the control panel she shot and ran a hand over it. On the other side of that wall, the pirates were fleeing and being taken down by rebel pilots, but her focus was on the frayed bits of wire and jagged metal that stuck out where her blaster bolt struck. The part would be fixed soon enough, replaced with something new, something not Alderaanian, and Evaan understood that that was how the galaxy was now. Anything left that was Alderaanian would eventually fade away to the sands of time, and as sad as that thought was, Evaan was okay with it, because it wasn’t gone yet… there was still life left in the ghost, and as long as Evaan’s heart beat, Alderaan would live.

The battle raged on outside the Sunspire, and Evaan Verlaine lingered in the shadows of the ship, holding on to the charred and frayed bones for as long as she could.


01/23/2019 10:01 PM 

AC 1/23

Las Vegas Gazette

December 26th, 2018:

Saturday night at approximately 1137 PM, The Bellagio Casino, The Mirage Casino and the Hard Rock Casino were simultaneously robbed resulting in a 37 million dollar loss of money. Las Vegas PD was on the scene within 8 minutes and are still investigating the crime.

Whilst the suspects are still at large, Las Vegas PD is currently still investigating and following several leads. The crimes are believed to be linked to the infamous Night Fox, whose past crimes include, but are not limited to, The Louvre Burglary in Paris of 2014, The Museum of Modern Art of 2016, and The Met Robbery of 2017 . If you or anyone you know  has any information regarding said crimes please contact the Las Vegas PD and a reward of $100,000 will be issued.

Clairvoyant Protector

01/23/2019 09:10 PM 

Character Study

It’s an insight, it’s like a…like a peek through the curtain into another person’s life.

FlowerChild Jos *S/L Cameron*

01/23/2019 08:11 PM 

My Rules!!!

1. Not Eden McCoy/ Josslyn Jack Strickly Rping Don't know what it is you'll be blocked.

2. Drama Free. Keep the drama Off Or trashing of people on Stream that will cost you a block I have little or no tolerance for it I got my own and don't wanna hear it.

3. I rp in Stream/Comments or Msgs.. Warning All Comments will be deleted once I replyed to them so don't get noisy thinking I'm chasing your guy guess what that will make me go after t him then soo Watch it.

4. What you do with Sex and the rper  you with keep it off stream I see it  you will be deleted that is between you and who you rp with. use common sense Children do rp on here and I won't hesatate to report you plan simple Its Discusting..

5. My Love Sence are graphic and will go prive msg between who I rp with. I expect them not to Cheat as I won't cheet on them. NO HUMP Sh*t it must be good  rp sex.

6. Don't assum I'm gonna take the first guy I rp with we must be comfortable with the rp and PARA/Semi Para Rper nothing less or more that the way I want to rp .

7. Don't Repeat yourself that means if I don't get your message at first don't keep sending me same message asking me if I got the comment or just keep seing me sam Comment will get you block.. give it a couple of days if I don't reply then msg me I do have a life outside rping.


9. More to come ..

Sign our name and your favorite show so I know you read this.

(FlowerGirl Josslyn) oc. AW

god is a woman,

01/23/2019 08:06 PM 

「 The dhampir & Celesto ( 2/3) 」

Twilight turned into sunlight, countless days shifted by and not a peep out of Nikita or the capture. It was pointless as she had already tried to talk her way out but it only made it seem as if she was talking to herself. Whoever had the great idea to kidnap someone who was supernatural had been holding out, depriving the dhampir - seeing how long one could hold out. Finding herself sitting against the unforgiving floor. Legs arched upward where the base of her feet were pressed against the surface. Arms had folden in order for her forehead to rest upon them as she signed in annoyance. - Nikita trained for moments like these in the league as it came in the job description. Countless days locked away in a cell, no outside contact, food or blood. It was useless trying to yank the chains, or some-how try to break out. The place was a fortress. Steel walls, protected glass windows. Whoever this man was came prepared.

The high pitched squeal of the door brought her attention upward. Moving one of her limbs up to shade and protect those ocean blue optics of her - the light almost blinding. A shadow appearing from the light only to have have his face be shown. Slowly placing her arm back down, not shifting the position she had placed herself in. The man had one big gash across his right cheekbone sewed back together, scabs crushing around it - almost puke worthy, but Nikita didn’t have anything to up chuck enough to create such a desire. So many questions needed to be answered - with her job came many enemies. Nikita just wondered who couldn’t get over a grudge this time, getting their boxers all in a twist over a little dhampir.

Hues bothered to narrow when the man bent down to her eye level. “кусок дерьма!” ( piece of sh*t. ) mustering up enough saliva to then push it outward enough to were Nikita was able to spat in his face. She wasn’t scared of him. The capture was just another man who thought he was all mighty and deserved respect - clearly he couldn’t be more wrong. “What do you want from me?” a Russian accent making itself apparent. Yet nothing had been spoken from the scar faced man. “How do you even know me?” questions started to flow. Scar removing himself as he cleaned off his face from the saliva, taking it with no punishment given.

“What? Are you not going to talk to me?”

Items jingled as a cart rolled through the front door, rolled by another. Optics drew over to the cart as she pushed herself off the floor. - chains limiting her actions, lips pressed into a fine line. Torture tools. The desire to take a step back was real but she wouldn’t allow the man the pleasure of getting a reaction out of Nikita. However, she had to admit; being tortured wasn’t on her bucket list of what she wanted to do in life . The sound of the squeaky door shutting played out in the background. The scared man made his way over towards the equipment with a devilish smile. The look he had given those tools was a look a mother would give her child - they were something of importance to him.

“The name is Celesto by the way.”

Also a hint of Russian within his speech. A knife circling within his digits, sharp as a bee sting with a twinkle in his eye. “So here is the deal.” finally his hues lifted from the knife to meet with Nikita’s sky like hues. “I ask a question, you answer with what I need to know and if not….” that devilish green only grew wider if that was possible. “Well, you get the gist.” - “And if I don’t?” that was a rhetorical question. Of course she knew the answer but she just wanted to get under his skin.

A sharp pain suddenly echoed against her skin, flesh tearing back, blood dripping. The knife had inflicted it’s pain against the dhampir with such ease and precision. Nikita tried everything not to show the pain but all she could do was wince. “Ow, f***!” her left hand quickly reaching over to the right where the gash had formed in order to stop the bleeding, which wasn’t much. “Answer your question?” Cleseto said in a playful done. It was a minor cut but the blade had ran deep to make a point. Point made.

Quick and do the point. “Your father - he’s alive and I’m assuming you knew. Where is he?” he took the rag that was set on the cart, cleaning his weapon of choice.

“You’re just as delusional as I thought.” rolling those hues in response.  “I don’t even know my father - my mother told me he was dead.”

“Liar!” quickly dropping the rag as he inched closer, taking the knife and slashing it through her shirt; blood quickly becoming apparent through now the stained shirt.

“Ahh!” both arms wrapping around her waist, backing self up against the wall. “I’m not lying.. Why would my own mother lie to me?” she wouldn’t - Nadine was the most honest person she knew.

“Clearly you don’t know your mother at all then.” chuckling softly as he shook his head in disappointment.

“And you do?” a snarky comeback rolled off the base of her tongue as if it was something natural.

Avoiding the question at hand. “Now I shall ask again…. Where is your father?”

He not  understand the fact that her father was dead. “Are you daf? Because I honestly think you are.” that only seemed to anger him as she was now pinned up against the wall, his hand cupping her throat, almost wanting to squeeze of life out of the dhampir. It left Nikita gasping for air. Digits clawing at his arms in attempt to get him to let go. It was no sooner than her grasping for his hands that she felt the sharpened knife plunged into her stomach, twisting it - struggling to gasp for air.

“I advise you to think again - you’re smarter than that. Where would he be hiding?” his grasp only grew tighter , pushing her higher up against the wall but the chains restricting her movement, bruised wrist forming, them curling up into a ball as she tried to ease the pain.Body suddenly being dropped, sliding down the stone wall, knife left in place - Nikita in a fetal position. “ father…” the wound itself wasn’t healing even as she pulled the knife out herself. The vampire side wasn’t taking in effect, leaving the human side to dwindle.

“... yes?” Celesto said eagerly.

“Is none of your business..” being protective - Nikita never truly had a father figure in her life, so why suddenly was her father so important? The feeling of her skin growing cold by the minute. “..what… did you do to me…?” the knife had to be laced with something enough to stop her vampire side from healing.

Reacting out of anger, Celesto flipped the cart - sending everything bouncing and clashing against the floor. “You asshat of a dhampir !” bending down to her level once again, mocking the same move Nikita had done once before; spitting in her face. “Next time I come back, you better have answers or it’s only going to get worse..”

All she could do was wince from the pain, her hand covered in nothing but blood from that gashing hole in her stomach. Cleesto leaving her sight as she was left there . She was too special to be left too die or well, at least that’s what she was hoping anyway.

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