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Angel of chaos

10/15/2019 08:48 PM 

Angelica Winchester

Name:Angelica Winchester Nickname:Angel Age: 23Gender:female Birthday: 2 MaySkin Color: tannedHair Color: blondeEye Color: blue Height: 5'2Weight: 120lbsPersonality: kind loyal caring bubbly Role: hunterSexuality: straight Health problems: noneAngel is a hunter Twin sister of Sam she is close to both brother but not to John like sam she always wanted a normal life. She left with Sam to university and was training to be a nurse when Dean came and got them both. Finding out that both the twin where hooked to Demon blood from a young age her power of telekinesis started the same time sammy s powers did. Once they lost there father she vowed not to drink blood inside she learnt white magic. 


10/15/2019 03:50 PM 


Hey so we all know those basic rules that experienced roleplayers have right? No one liners, multi- LI, life comes before everything else; YEAH! Those are my basic rules and if you need any clarification just ask, a lot of us have been here so long I don't see why these need to be written down but for any newbies you can just ask. Different rules for me are -Don't put rapidly flashing gifs in our roleplays (My epilepsy is something I don't want to test) -My health isn't always the best so I might just chat for a day- sorry! (That's about it tbh)


10/15/2019 03:48 PM 

SUBJECT: Backstory

Truth be told I don't have a solid backstory for Peter, there are so many different ones for him that have just similar elements that I'm happy to just mix them all and put what needs to be there so don't worry too much about a "canon". Peter is Peter and lives his life differently in each storyline. Which may require a lot of fourth wall breaking in the future XD. We'll all get used to it I'm sure! 


10/15/2019 03:39 PM 


Now I know a lot of people ship with Peter Parker and that is fine with me, I just want to state my main ships with Peter. DISCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WON'T SHIP OTHER THINGS. DON'T BE SHY I'M OPEN TO OTHER OPTIONS. My Peter is older than fifteen, in fact he is in his early twenties. 1) Spideypool 2) Teen Loki X Peter3) Spider Jane 4) Teen Loki X Peter5) Spider Silk Other than those I'm still open to ideas so don't get freaked, I just live life and go with the flow~.

вŁÜ€ €¥€Ð вǺв¥ iи Ǻ тя€иcЋc

10/15/2019 01:13 PM 


#1. I have been Playing as Cas for 6 years#2. No Drama#3.No Stealing my photos. Unless i say you can#4. I ship Destiel. So  no  Crowstiel,  Gastiel Megstiel or Sastiel#5. You add you talk. I Add I talk

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