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53 years old
Cape Canaveral, Florida
United States

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March 29 2015

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Lost In Space Tribute

TelevisionLost In Space
No Place To Hide
Original Un-Aired Pilot

October 16 1997
The Robinson Family is cryogenically suspended before their launch into space in the space-saucer Gemini 12 on man's first mission to colonize a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri.

Soon after leaving Earth, a meteor swarm sends the Gemini 12 spiraling out of control, ending in a crash landing on an unknown planet. The Robinsons survive the crash and set up camp, but their preparations to head south to avoid the sudden onset of the cold season are hampered by One-Eye, the giant cyclops, trapping John and Don in a cave.

(Note the two key characters that are absent and the name of the ship)

Lost In Space
Season 1 Episode 1
The Reluctant Stowaway

October 16 1997
As the Robinson family prepares to leave Earth to colonize Alpha Centauri, a spy from a foreign country, Zachary Smith, becomes trapped aboard while trying to sabotage the space vehicle. After liftoff, the ship is whisked off course and into a meteor storm due to Dr. Smith's extra weight upsetting the navigational computers. In and attempt to save himself, Smith revives the crew early, resulting in the Robinson family with Smith becoming Lost In Space.

Heroes ..


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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Space Traveller
Status: Single
Member Since:February 27, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!

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Luke Donaldson

Feb 9th 2015 00:01

I'm doing good will how are you? Wanna be best friends?
Luke Donaldson

Feb 8th 2015 00:02

Hi will
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Jul 4th 2014 10:24

A formal invitation to all my friends to join in the fun at A Southern Belle's Wedding Reception..The Doc's gotten married!
Copy and paste link to bulletin:

Pulling Charlotte's leg..I also dressed up for this event!
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Jun 18th 2014 10:59

When I'm not playing Doctor. I'm just a Space Cowboy..

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

May 15th 2014 13:20

Come Together..as we walk..The Long And Winding Road.

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

May 13th 2014 13:35

Dare to be different..

The Famous Mic..Swallowing Trick!
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

May 4th 2014 11:55

(Working on my continuous crossover of Sherlock/Star Trek)

Continuously keeping his life a secret while working and living around Baker street. McCoy had started to live a second life. One surrounding England's past. Two hundred and thirty nine years into his past..to be exact. Gaining the trust and friendships of many. McCoy now realized he could count on..Sherlock Holmes.. John Watson.. Greg Lestrade..among many others. They understood his secrets. They knew of his lost life and they were protective of him and his secrets.

His reasons for being here? Could only be blamed on that of a malfunctioning Transporter..intermingled with an Ion Storm. He of course would never give up hope of returning home. To his own place and time. But for now.. He would live out his life in London England.

- - -

As the sun beat down upon Leonard H. McCoy, the son of David Andrew McCoy and Eleanora McCoy (Parents that would not be born for another two hundred Earth years.) McCoy walked along Great Portland street..headed for the London Mission Society. Like that of  many other mornings..he would volunteer his time to help make breakfast and lunch for the homeless. He would then offer free medical exams. To those that needed it.
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Apr 2nd 2014 13:37

Another red shirt disaster..that could have been avoided!

Chris Gibson 60's Ca TL EMMA

Mar 31st 2014 23:04

Thank You Will Robinson. hows the bubble headed bubbe doing lol
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

Feb 1st 2014 22:32

Thanks Will, I'm working on adding more goodies.
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