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HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6"2"/210 Pounds
OCCUPATION: Industrialist, Philanthropist.


Famously handsome and debonair, Bruce Wayne, the billionaire, stands out in any crowd. His dark black hair stands in stark contrast to his other features. His eyes, a dark green color, typically have just the slightest hint of sleep-deprivation under them. What is most striking to everyone who takes the time to notice, though, is the tortured, haunted little boy that hides deep within his eyes. Bruce does his best to deflect any such close observations by hiding behind a perfectly bright smile and avoiding any prolonged eye contact.

While playing the role of Bruce Wayne, he is always dressed to the nines, wearing all of the latest designers, expensive watches, and driving around in flashy sports cars. Hidden beneath all of the fancy clothes, though, Bruces skin is covered with scars and lacerations, the remains of a life lived on the streets and in prison in hell on earth.

Bruce is in top physical condition and is constantly striving to achieve the perfect balance of muscle bulk and flexibility and speed.

As Batman, Bruce wears a black, armored costume. The cowl, which doubles as a helmet of sorts, has two long protuberances, recalling the ears of a stylized bat. His costume covers him from head to toe, with the only visible parts of his skin being his mouth and eyes. The Batman suit was designed with functionality in mind, but imagined with the visage of a bat in mindfor the purpose of striking fear in the hearts of the criminal element of Gotham.

Batman relies heavily on his equipment, most of which Bruce has either designed himself or acquired from Wayne Enterprisess research department (with the help of Lucius Fox.) These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Bat-suit: Batmans chest piece is constructed of a highly advanced armored vest, providing flexibility and also a high resistance to stabbing weapons and even some projectile weapons of a decent caliber. The entire suit is adapted from a Nomex Survival Suit, which lends it a highly fire-resistant and durable quality. The suit has internal temperature control, keeping Bruces body at a comfortable condition at all times. His gauntlets are constructed out of Kevlar and contain a line of bladed scallops for use both offensively and defensively. The knuckles of the gloves are weighted with lead to give Batmans punches extra kick. His cape is constructed of a material codenamed memory cloth which will stiffen to a predetermined shape when an electrical current is run through it. Hence, Batman can use his cape to glide or to slow his descent from a fall. Both his cape and suit are coated with a heat-dampening spray to make heat-detection more difficult.

Utility Belt: Batman carries many specially modified shurikens, sharpened throwing stars in the shape of bats, that he can throw with great accuracy (though he is still learning). He also carries a magnetic grappling hook and heavy duty line for climbing and swinging from building to building through the city, an encrypted cell-phone, smoke pellets, a medical kit, and pouches for collecting evidence.

Batmobile: Bruce has obtained a modified car, a cross between a Lamborghini and an armored Hummer. The car uses a throttle, much like a boat, to accelerate and decelerate and is capable of a rapid acceleration thrust to enable the car to leap a great distance when supplied with a suitable ramp. This is, in fact, what the car was designed for as it was made to leap chasms, to aid in the construction of bridges. The car also has a very sophisticated GPS system and Artificial Intelligence. For emergencies, the vehicle can also fire explosive missiles to clear obstacles, etc.

With an IQ well beyond that considered genius level, Bruce Wayne probably could have done anything with his life that he wanted to. Instead, he focused his intellect on studying criminology, basic psychology, and the detective arts. Thats not to say he hasnt accumulated a vast and varied knowledge of other subjects. Blessed with an almost photographic memory, Batman has little difficulty recalling facts he might have read or heard years earlier.

Hes trained in various martial arts and is an experienced street fighter. Most of his skills were refined under the tutelage of Ras al Ghul, who also taught him many of skills unique to the ninja: subterfuge, the element of surprise, and the use of various weapons and chemicals specific to Ghuls League of Shadows.

Bruce is obsessed with his life as the Batman. The Bruce Wayne persona that is displayed to almost everyone is entirely a creation of Bruces imagination. Hence, he is somewhat prone to identity crises. His determination, too, can blind him to other responsibilities he might need to address. Without Alfred to keep him in line, it is likely he would rarely, if ever, adopt the Bruce Wayne persona at all.

In addition, Bruce has an intense hatred for firearms. It only flares up from time to time, but at times, he will react violently to having a gun drawn on him or towards any innocent.

As a normal human, Bruce is by no means immune to poison, drugs, or physical harm.

With the adoption of the mantle of Batman, Bruce has begun to identify far more with the somber, dark, brooding figure than he does with the persona that he has created known to the world as Bruce Wayne. As Batman, he is a man of few words, curt and prone to disappearing the moment he has learned what he needed. His voice deepens and takes on a cruel edge not only just to intimidate the cowardly but to prevent anyone guessing his identity.

As Bruce Wayne, he has an image of a billionaire playboy to upholda billionaire playboy who is supposedly clueless to the workings of the multi-faceted Wayne Enterprises. Wayne spends his days drinking expensive martinis and chasing the skirts of rich heiresses and famous movie stars and, conveniently enough, vacationing around the world. Visible where ever he goes, Wayne is always sure to make a scene. Quick with a joke and to laugh, and devilishly charming, Bruce is often disgusted at himself at the way he behaves in public.

Somewhere in between is the little boy whose parents were murdered senselessly right in front of his eyes and who swore an oath to protect the innocent. He would avenge his parents deaths by doing everything he can to stop crime in Gotham Citythe city that his father rebuilt practically single-handedly and that has fallen into a deplorable state.

Dr. Thomas Wayne, himself the recipient of a grand fortune, was a sharp businessman and a famous surgeon. He and his wife, Martha, were the darlings of Gotham City. Their family was complete when their only son, Bruce, was born. Thomas was as competent a father as he was at everything else, showering his son with well-balanced love and discipline. Bruce Wayne grew up knowing little of pain or discomfort, though his father did much to show him the importance of generosity and charity.

His life changed forever when he turned eight years old. Playing with one of the servants daughters, a young Rachel Dawes, Bruce stumbled across an old abandoned well and fell through the rotten wood that had been covering it. He fell the depth of the well, landing in a massive series of caves underneath his fathers mansion and breaking his leg. His cries of pain stirred the multitudes of bats that were sleeping in the cave, and their shrieks and panicked flights terrified young Bruce, instilling a deep phobia of the creatures into his heart, though he was soon rescued and comforted by his father.

Not long after that, Bruce joined his parents at the opera. The program, as fate would have it, was Mefistofele, featuring actors dressed as bat-like demons. Young Bruces phobia got the best of him and he asked to leave. His kindly father obliged. Out in the alley, behind the theater, they were approached by an armed mugger. When Thomas dropped his wallet, the mugger panicked. In a flurry of motion that would haunt Bruce for the rest of his life, the mugger shot Thomas and Martha Wayne in cold blood and rushed away. Though the criminal was captured and arrested, Bruce was traumatized by the event.

Suddenly an orphan, Bruce was raised in the following years by his familys butler, Alfred. Alfred was a perfect caregiver, but there was always a line that he never crossed--The line that butlers must enforce upon themselves when in the employ of a family. Hence, Bruce never found a substitute for the father he lost.

As the years past, it seemed to everyone that the young Wayne would never do anything to live up to his fathers reputation. Bruce struggled in school, despite his intelligence. Many assumed that he was simply spoiled or misbehaved. In truth, Bruce was never interested in what was being taught. He was singularly interested in revenge.

The trend continued into his college years, where he was tossed from just about every school Alfred could talk or buy his way into. He accumulated much knowledge from the various books and lectures (that he was interested in hearing), but he had a problem showing up for tests or class assignments. He arrived home, at Wayne Manor, shortly after being thrown from Princeton. His parents killer was up for parole, and Bruce attended the hearing with every intention of killing the man responsible for all of his pain on the courts steps.

Instead, the murdered was gunned down by one of Carmine Falcones men. Falcone ran almost all of the organized crime in Gotham. He admitted his intentions upon reuniting with Rachel Dawes, now an assistant to the DA, who immediately showed him the state that Gotham had fallen into and dropped him off to face Falcone in person. Their meeting was brief, but in it Bruce learned that he needed to face his fears and defeat them before hed ever be any good to the city of Gotham.

He disappeared for seven years, traveling the world and living like a wanderer, never staying in one place for very long. Soon, he learned what hunger was all about, knew what it meant to steal for food. He lived like a criminal, though he never stole from anyone but himself. He was captured and was soon surrounded by criminals in a Chinese prison camp. There, he would stir up fights and called them practice for the future.

One day, though, he was brought to a man who called himself Ducard and offered freedom and a chance to join an elite vigilante group known as the League of Shadows. For weeks and then months, he trained with Ducard, under the watchful eye of a man Bruce believed was known as Ras al Ghul.

As a final trial, Bruce was exposed to a type of fear toxin and then asked to fight, to find his true opponent among the many lookalikes. After conquering his fears and passing the test, Bruce was given one more taskthe assassination of a criminal. This, Bruce could not agree to, as he morally objected to the idea of murder, no matter what the motives or temptations.

The League of Shadows would not accept no for an answer, though. Bruce was forced to burn the temple to the ground and fight his way out. He narrowly managed to save Ducards life.
With the skills and knowledge that he would need earned, Bruce returned to Gotham to finally begin to fulfill the vow he had made on his parents gravesite: to fight the crime in Gotham and to protect the innocents. By this time, Gotham had fallen even more into squalor, disrepair, and corruption. Carmine Falcones influence was felt everywhere.

Bruce immediately got to work acquiring allies. Jim Gordon, a police officer whom Bruce remembers consoling him as a child, Rachel Dawes, and, within Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox (who also helps him acquire the tools he needed to assume his new identity as Batman).

In a strange twist of fate, Bruce discovered that the man he believed to be Ducard was in fact Ras al Ghul, and that the League of Shadows was much more malicious and far-reaching than he ever imagined. Ras was interested in the toppling of governments and the restoration of the globe to its natural state, no matter the cost of human lives. Ras burned Wayne Manor to the ground. Bruce and Alfred barely escaped by fleeing to the caves.

The Batman was able to foil Ras plans to eliminate Gotham, seemingly killing him in the process. Afterwards, Batman and Jim Gordon derive a system that the officer could use to contact him when he needed help from outside the corrupt police force: The Bat Signal.

For a few months now, Bruce has focused on the rebuilding of Wayne Manor while the Batman has prowled the streets of Gotham, working to restore order to the city and round up the insane criminals that escaped from Arkham Asylum during Ras attack. Many in the city consider Batman at fault for the insurgence of manic personalities. For the time being, Bruces allies remain few and far.

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