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Not a friend collector but an rper. I am here to rp.

Not here for sex or Er*t*ca.

Single but isn't here to break up couple's. Once taken she isn't going to cheat.

18 years old
Chicago, Illinois
United States

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Characters: Margaret 'Maggie' Kimble
Verses: The Figitive[2000]
Playbys: Connie Britton
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About me:
Maggie Kimble was born Margaret 'Magge' Kimble, to Beth and Stuart Kimble, as their second youngest child after Richard Kimble. Growing up she and her older brother Richard were really close, even if he bossed her around a lot, but as a tease in a playful manner as he never wanted to hurt her. Which he never did, not delibrately that is. Richard could never bring himself to hurt anyone for delibrately, that much even Maggie herself knew. Especially even when they were a bit older he operated on her doll, Chatty Cathy, which made the doll to stop being able to talk. Richard did apologize but she refused to listen, which made them temporary grow apart, which hurt them both as they truly did love each other, as well as cared for each other like sibkings do. However, Maggie was way to hurt to even talk to him. Over time the two got closer again, as they hanged up together the most. Also they had other friends, not many but the two hanged out together the most, even when they hanged out with other people. With other friends.

Richard continued to boss her around playfully, right after they started to talk again. Richard's nickname growing up was mr Superiour or I am superior, whuch both came up with it as he pretended to be above her. However, all their life it was only been playful, and never changed. It carried out to their adult lives but it was just them, nothing cruel or mean so. Both liked it, to some degree even so she never forgave him for destroying her doll, but both tried to go past that. As much as they could anyway. Growing up, Maggie always wanted to be a teacher, while her older brother wanted to be a doctor. Both graduted middle school, high school and college sucessfully as both went to a univercity in Washington but different ones, due to their major. The two hanged out a lot, whenever they had time. Eventually Maggie became a teacher and he a doctor, as they moved to Chicago Illinois where they worked, and lived. The siblings still hanged out whenever they could. Prior to moving to Chicago and graduating college or eveb high school she met and fell in love with a guy named, Jonathan Hume who fell in love with her too.

The two dated for a year or so, before they got married. Maggie's brother was happy for them, even if he wasn't sure about the guy. She was friends with her oldest brother, girlfriend who was his fellow intern until the two broke up, as the girlfriend broke up with him. That made Maggie sad not just her brother, but she understood why it happened given that her brother did tend to fight himself a lot. However, Maggie still stayed with her guy, until the two got married and had two kids, Emily and Stuart. Stuart was the first child She and her husband Jonathan ever had, and when Stuart was 3 years old his sister Emily was born. Maggie and her husband started to fight more, after her brother got with a woman named Helen Ross. She eventually got divorced from her husband, but shared custody of their two kids. After tha she avoided dating, but continued to work as a teacher but moved to a different place, then the one she used to live with her husband and kids in. Maggie and her brother still hang out, whenever they didn't work or visit their sick father. She also hanged out wtith his wife Helen.

From there things were more or less alright, until one day her brother's wife was murdered. Maggie was shocked and devested by the news as she hoped, like all her family did, as well as his wife's family did too, that the killer would be found, which the cops tried to find. Eventually they just gave up search and arrested her older brother for the muurder, as they claimed that there was more than enough evidence against him. Like d.n.a/ finger prints and the murder weapon. The troubke was that the house it happened in belonged to him, and the murder weapon, baseball bat was his which was why the d.n./ and finger prints matched his but that didn't seem to matter, as they were sure that they got the guy, which pissed and hurt most of the family on his side, including Maggie. They tried to talk to the cops and tell them that he was innocent, but no one listened as people became completely hostile and cruel towards them because of that. They ended up waiting for the day of the trial, which came and even if her brother had a lawyer he still lost, as he was found guilty and sentensed to death, which brought Maggie and most of those of his side to tears, as that wasn;t fair seeing that he was innocent. The sister of his wife thought like Maggie. Maggie's and Richard's dad's condition got much worse. He uncle David however began todespise Richard, like Maggie's ex for the murder which pissed Maggie, and others on his side off, as the fact that he was found guilty and sentensed to death did.

Maggie continued to teach, however many parents pulled their kids from her class because they didn't want their kids to learn with the sister of a murderer, not realizing that the guy wasn't pretending but was really innocent. However, she like most believed that they won't see him again, however unknown to many an accident happened of the bus that transfered him to a jail where he was to be waiting for his sentence to be carried out, but it never happened and not long after that he called her school. When she heard that 'I am superior' called she realized who it was and as soon as she got the pay phone number where he stood at, she left the school and drew to a near by stop. There Maggie called him as she asked to confirm if it was him, and exclaimed when she found out that it was. She was glad but shoked to hear from her older brother, Richard. When he asked her to send him money, she asked how much and considered sending a lot more, but he told her not to as it's too dangerous. Maggie told him that he was right and that she will send him the money, to help him and the next morning she sent him money(from mrs superiour to mr superior), however she sent him one thousand dollars instead of less as he asked, as she got carried away since he is her btother after all. Which she was truly worried about him. Maggie even made sure that he stood by certain pay phones to keep contact, even if it was dangerous to do that. Maggie refused to be out of her brother's life, not again that was for sure, as they were close like best friends. In fact they were best friends. One day Richard found out about their dad being sick, as Maggie came home to Philedelphia because of it, as their uncle David and cousin Cameron came over, as they all were their tosay to their father good bye. Since he was dying. Richard called home to check on him as he realized it got worse.

It took a bit but he managed to talk to their father, until their dad returned the phone to her. Richard told her that he was coming home as she tried to convince him not to, but it was too late. Since Maggie's older brothrr were already on the way back. He hanged up and aftsr that she had a fight over it with their uncle. Who figured out it was Richard. Their cousin tried to calm the uncle down, but his father and their uncle was way too stubborn for his own dude. When the day came, Maggie left the door open but the uncle locked it. Unknown to her and Richard, but her brother found the hidden key and unlocked the door. Aftee that her older brother surprised her in the kitchen.

They spend a small brother and sister moment. After that he asked Maggie where was their dad, as she took him there. After all he needed to say goodbye to their dad too. On the way they encountered their uncle and cousin, as they had some problems with his uncle, who hated the fact that he was but he let Richard leave, as Maggie gave her brother her car's keys. She then watched as their passed away, and she even go to the funeral. After the funural she started to feel ill, as Maggie thought that she was just not feeling well, nothing more but got checked anyway. Only to find out that she had Leukemia. Maggie kept it to herself, as she continued visiting her doctor. She even got pills from her doctor which temporary helped. Until they stopped, which freaked her out, as it meant that she was dying.

Maggie ended up calling Richard as promised and as she listened to him, she said his name and told him that she was sick. As well as she told him what she had, which upset him, which she could tell by his tone of voice. To help him reach his professor to help save her own life, Maggie send her everything needed. Also she didn't agree to help at first but eventually she did, as Maggie ended up getting her older brother, Richard's bone Marrow tranfusion. Also they saw each other for a minute before that behind a glass door, as that was the best they could and after that they talked by phone. Richard ended up having to leave to soon because of the cop after him, who almost got her killed because he wanted the bone marrow that was for her, in order to charge her and Richard's friend as well as his ex meds school professor, for helping Richard but luckily it didn't happened. It was the day she met a doctor who remindes her of Richard, as she began to like him. Over time she healed, awhile after Richard sent Maggie a new chatty Cathy doll. Once coming home she told her ex husband and kids the fact that she was sick but was getting better, as well as she told them what it was that she had. Maggie got help around the house and with her kids, whenever the kids are with her. However, until she is fully well she isn't going back to work, if at all. For the time being Maggie is still alone.

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Richard Kimble

Jul 23rd 2016 14:17

Richard headed back to the internet cafe' the next moment to check for messages on the site/blog. He made sure that no one saw that, as he looked around, careful and then he looked back at the screan. Richard logged into his account, as he saw a messager from his sister, as he opened it and read it, then he replied to it. After that, he replied to the message, as he logged out, locked the window and made sure that no one found it, then he got himself some food and drink, as he paid for it. Then Richard waited for his order, as he set somewhere on his own, as he had his bag with him. Once he was done he got up and left with his bag, but right after he walked out the door he saw a few cops, wno looked at him, as he panicked but tried not to show it, until they started to go his way and asked him not to move, then he began to run. They called after him, but he ignored them, as he continued to run. Richard refused to stop or anything like that, as there was no way he would, because he was innocent and if he stopped he would be executed. which wasn't an option, at all. Not to him, or those close to him, that was for sure.

Richard hated that he had to run but until things changed, that was how his life were and he had to accept it, no matter how hard it was. He was almost caught, until he got to the bus stop, after confusing the cops and then got on the first bus and took off on it, as he hid in the middle row, after he paid for the ride. Richard all this time held his bag as close as possible to himself. It took 2 and a half hours, and 4 or so stops, until he got to his new destination as he got off the bus right on his stop. Richard then turned left and headed to a near by motel, as he got himself a room and paid for it, and then he looked for a near by diner, and as he found one he walked in, got himself some food and drink, as he paid for it. As soon as he was done eating as well as drinking, he got to talk to the manager and got himself a job. Then Richard took his bag and left, as he headed back to his motel room. He then took a shower, brushed his teeth as he then changed clothes and went to bed, even so it was hard for him to sleep.

It took Richard a bit but he did fell a sleep. Also, he woke up ever two hours, and at times after every few minutes but then he went back to bed. Richard eventually slept until seven in the morning, despite with all the waking up and going back to skleep he only had 6 or so hours of sleep but it didn't matter much, at least not to him that is. Richard then got up, got ready and headed to work, as on the way he stopped by the library where he checked his messages on the site blog. He couldn't wait for a call from his sister the next day, even so, she was going to call from a burner phone in her house, it still counted, to him anyway it did. It wasn't the same but it was better than nothing, or so he thought as he missed her after all, just as he knew that she missed him too. Richard knew where the phone booth was as he passed by him on his way to the motel and from it to the diner, so it helped him well. Anyway, once he was done in the library and the net, he got rid of all traces of the site/blog, as well as he logged off. Richard then headed too work, as he left work at eight tirty, and went to his motel room, to rest until the next day before work.
Richard Kimble

Oct 26th 2015 00:54

Richard checked the blog/ site dedicated to him, as soon as he walked in to an internet cafe. He then logged in using the e-mail the blogger/site owner Chuck created for him. Richard scrolled around, until he saw a message from his sister, as he opened it and started to read it. He looked around here and there, just to make sure that no one was picking in. Richard after that wrote her a reply, as he looked around a bit more, and then sent few messages to Chuck. After that he logged out and got rid of the window, as he tried to make sure no one finds the site/ blog. Then Richard turned it off, as he went and got himself some food, with drink as well as paid for it. Once he did that he set somewhere on his own, as he waited patiently for his order. Richard looked down, as he was as careful as possible, and hoped that it would work, as well as he hoped that no one would recognize him and report him as he was indeed innocent. Yet since no one or to be exact a lots of people didn't believe that he was innocent, as he wanted he knew he had to be careful or he would be caught, and executed which wasn't an option, not to him at least. Anyway, Richard sighed and thanked the waitress, as she brought him his order. As soon as he got it he dug in right away.

Once Richard finished, he got up took his bag that all this time was still with him, as he then left the place. He then walked to the bus stop as he waited for it to come. As Richard was only passing through this town, he didn't plan to stay, just the town he headed to, he needed two buses to get there, and that was why he wasn't staying, as he was in a town before that one. Anyhow, as soon as the bus came he got on it, and paid for his ticket, as he then found an empty sit, as he set by himself and held his bag close, as he watched out the window. Richard waited patiently until he arrived to his destination. He did his best, once more to be as careful as possible, as he looked out the window. Richard was glad no cops or such were around, as no one stopped the bus, so he could easily arrive where he had to. He planned to get there, and get a job, place to stay, then call his sister, from a pay phone after finding her new number, even if it would be hard to do. Yet first things first, and Richard knew that rather well, as first he needed to get to the destination safely, then everything else would be taken care of by him.

It took a while, but he eventually got there, as he got off the bus, while he held his bag on his shoulder. As Richard then picked a direction and headed there. As he found small diner, and walked in, as he bought himself something to eat, and drink, then he talked to an owner about a job. Which Richard ended up getting, as he finished eating, as well as drinking and walked out. He walked inside a library near by, in town as he picked an empty computer, and got on the site/blog dedicated to him as he logged in to his e-mail, as he did before and wrote his sister a message, with away for her to contact Chuck, who would get her number and give it to Richard. Also he gave the number to her in away that just she, and no one else would understand what it means. Which he hoped that it would work. As Richard then walked to a pay phone, as his bag all this time was still by him, and waited for a call from Chuck as the two talked. Then both hanged up, as he went to search for a motel, once he found one he walked in, and got a room as he paid for it. Then Richard took the key and went to his room. As he put his bag by himself, as he locked the door and lay down on his bed, lost in thoughts. Richard then took a shower and brushed his teeth, as he lay in bed, as he tried to sleep.
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