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Hewitt, Texas
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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Evoli Rain Mercer
Verses: Open
Playbys: Michelle Rodriguez
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Custom, Horror, Human, Psychological, Suspense,
Member Since:January 27, 2013

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About me:

Evoli Ann Mercer

Evoli Ann Mercer was born in.....she was born in.......F***! Evoli Ann Mercer has no f***ing clue where she was born honestly.Waking up in a hospital bed after 6 months of being in a coma wasn't exactly her idea of being welcomed back into the world of life. With aches and pains that she couldn't even understand, she had to work for another good two months before she was even able to leave the hospital.

But here is the strange part....the hospital didn't have sh*t to tell her. They had tried to bring her up based on her drivers license but got nothing every single time. It was easy to see that Evoli wasn't her real name....but no one knew what was.

When Evoli was finally released.....well.....transferred I should say, they told her what had happened. Evoli had been brought in by a couple that had been on the beach. They had found her washed up on the shore with sever damage done to the head. The doctors had cut her wet-suit from her body and the still attached but broken surf board cord from her leg. The only thing they could come up with was that she had gone under, hit her head on a rock, blacked out, and luckily washed up on shore SOMEHOW before she had drowned.I know...weird huh? Anyways, after that Evoli was passed from mental hospital to mental hospital on the account of the fact that when she had woken from her dead calm....she was no longer alone in her mind.

When Evoli had come out of her comatose, she had come back with some tag-a-long guests. Now hearing voices, she was moved around from doctor to doctor in sad little attempts to "Cure" her of her "Disease".Learning how to get away with being weird and locking up her voices when need be, she eventually just stopped talking about them and was careful when she talked with them.After five LONG years of being passed around like a new toy in a family with many children, she was finally released and deemed "Cured", but oh how wrong they were.

Evoli had been taken care of for too long that they feared she no longer could take care of herself. They offered to help her get back on her feet for as long as she needed. With an apartment she didn't pay for, groceries she didn't buy, and weekly visits to make sure she was doing okay, Evoli was beginning to get herself back. Now open to talk to her friends whenever she wanted, Evoli conversed with them more than ever. Every day was something new with them and she loved it.

While she wanted nothing to do with her old life, she found it was easy to forget about it when nothing was ever triggered. As she was a molecule under a microscope of the current mental hospital in L.A., Evoli did as she pleased....which was bad. Having moved around, she had learned many many things she was probably not supposed to learn. With each person that taught her to fight came the comment "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" and so on. It wasn't like she could say no...she had no clue. With skills she shouldn't know and voices she shouldn't have, Evoli settled into her new life just fine....until f***ers like you came along and ruined her happy little paradise of loony!
LEGAL NAME: Evoli(Eh-vo-lie)Ann Mercer
NICKNAMES: Ev, Vi, and Evey
GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: Sept, 1st 1986
AGE: 27
EDUCATION: High School
HAIR|EYE COLOR: Dark Brown|Brown
HEIGHT|WEIGHT: 5"6|130lbs
ETHNICITY: Caucasian?
BRIEF BIO: Never alone.
DISORDERS: Schizophrenia/Multiple Personalities, ADD, OCD.
FEARS: Why would I tell you this...
Who I'd like to meet:

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Kassey Sullivan.

Dec 23rd 2018 19:33


Sep 9th 2018 09:21

He knew her well enough now to know when she was in thought. Vi was probably talking to the voices in her head. “We could always just fool around.” It was one of the logical choices to see if there was actually anything there between them on her side. Terry would always care for her and with Vi being the way she was that made him want to be around her on the daily just to keep her sanity in check because he knew it could go very wrong very fast if the right ingredients came into play.

She needed to have that person to listen to her if the situation ever to happen. He was fine, with the friend zone but he couldn’t help but wonder if the two ever did what he had suggested the sounds they would make. He shook off those thoughts and focused back on her.

Vi was his kryptonite and she knew it, but never took advantage of it. That’s why with all the feelings and hurt they had both been threw he always stuck around her, because she made life better in his own f***ed up little way.


Jul 29th 2018 16:50

" You have that smirk." Terry said just grinning at her briefly. He figured maybe he needed to step up for her anyway. He did move on from Cor and even if Vi and himself did manage to build something it would at least be one for the ages.

" Maybe you need to teach me then." It was time for the old , Terry to fade and time for something new to emerge." F*** , if you were like Lestat from Interview I'd totally let you sire me." He said laughing at the thought. He'd for sure be Louis. Of course he was serious as to what he was saying but he made it into a joking manner.

Jul 17th 2018 09:54

-Stretch's his arm over the sofa , controller in hand.-" Vi , Question.  Seriously. How come we just never hooked up. We've been friends for this long , and know what buttons to push with one another and which ones to not."

Plops his feet up on his coffee table.- " I mean it really does not have to be anything serious. Maybe we can have like , a ya know.....Trial phase or something." 


" Just a thought."

Nov 7th 2017 18:56

His buzz was beginning to fade as she drove. Something about being around her was calming, even when they fought Terry still felt at home with her. A gut wrenching feeling deep within the pit of his stomach lingered as was the last question he asked her.


Terry's deep browns locked onto her own hues. She had a presence that he had admired for years, and even though she was not the share and care type he was. An out reached arm brushed his first and thumb finger very gently against the fine outline of her cheek bone." That wasn't meant to hurt, I simply forgot." Why the pair never hooked up was beyond him.


Sep 30th 2017 10:21

Roses are red Violets are blue. Sappy stuff sucks , and I guess I kinda heart you.

Just wanted to say that , I kinda dig how our friendship has lasted so long. I would smother you , with pretty things , but I suck at making those. I'll just do this instead.

-Licks his finger and gives her a wet Willy.-

Sep 29th 2017 19:20

He smiled. Terry , would never argue with vi. " You shouldn't laugh at the disabled. " He let his keys drop in her hand. He offered his arm for her to help him up. " How long have,...have We been friends? " His speech kind of soured.

Sep 29th 2017 14:07

seconds ago He stuck his tounge out at her." Do you need help that bad?" He said as he got up out of his chair , he felt his legs give way,as he almost fell over " F***." Damn he thought to much to drink. " I guess your ." His words soured. " Driving me back home." He looked at her for assistance.

Sep 23rd 2017 23:27

God she worked here. Now he felt like a boob." Sorry Ev. Didn't know you worked here." He said before she scurried off to her table. It was good to know she had a job, his shop was going belly up and he was half way thinking about shutting her down." Another shot please." Terry said, as one was placed before him.

He took a sip of beer." I'd like to buy one for Ev for when she gets off work." He knew it would be a while but he would wait to take it with her.


Sep 22nd 2017 23:24

Lost in his own thoughts, the male was reminiscing. Old times he never could get back. Then that voice broke him" Son of a slut." Terry said smacking his hand down." Ev!" He said with a happy go lucky perk to his voice. Even though he was in and out of her life like a cheap hooker, she was the one he would never let down.

"Put those on my tab yeah?"

He asked the bartender, holding up his first and middle finger in a two sign to order two more shots before the beer. It was going to be a long night for the both of them. If memory served him well she was a bad influence on him when it came to drinking, always trying to one up her and almost always thinking he would be victorious but always a step behind with her.

That was the reason he adored her, she always thought ahead.

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