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Women played an important role in the history of Ninjutsu. They were known as "Kunoichi," the female Ninja. These women were experts in deception and masters of assassination. Most of the Kunoichi's physical skills were generally used as a last resort or in self-defense. They were best applied in combination with psychological warfare or as a surprise attack.

Lady White Kunoichi

Graceful, sweet, charming, is what this kunoichi appears to be, but they are what mask what truly lies behind her facade. Born in 15th century Japan, White lived though many experiences in her immortal life. With her Father a human, and her mother a demon[Yasha], White had been shunned from the day she was born. As an infant, the local villagers were alarmed by her pure white hair and thought it to be a sign of bad omens for the town. Miyuki Tsukiko was the name her beloved mother gifted her with at birth. With her mother soon deceased and being half demon, she lived in solitude under the protection of her father, from the other villagers. At the delicate age of 7, She tragically lost her her beloved father to a fatal illness. With no family or much knowledge of her mother, Miyuki became a helpless orphaned child. With news of this, the villages invaded her house and set it to flames with belief that she was the cause. Wrongfully and brutally beating her, they chased her out of the village, leaving her for dead in hopes to parish any bad omens. Losing everything she ever knew and loved, she managed to make a new life within the wilderness. Quickly She learned the ways of the wind and mother earth to use to her advantage in order to survive. Also while learning how to fight and hunt under the protection of a mother tiger who had accepted her, natural instincts were mastered into her ability. Years later, news reached her that her village was under attack by pirates in search of ancient artifacts. Rushing to aid her people despite the fact that they disowned her, the town was consumed in flames by the time of her arrival. She was much to late when she reached her former home when she discovered piles of scorched corpse of the people she once knew. Filled With extreme anguish and regret,this triggered Miyuki to unleash her yasha abilities with a burst of pent up concealed energy and annihilate a majority of the intruders while causing the remaining to retreat in peril. The limits of her power have yet to be determined but consist of high level telekinesis and telepathy. In this form, her powers are the equivalent to that of an Omega level mutant.

Reaching her peek of destruction after causing a massacre, she was shot in the head by one of the last survivors. On her verge of death, she blacked out, only to wake days later in the presence of woman with violet eyes and hair the color of rich sapphire, tending to her wounds. Little did she know that this woman would be the one to change her life. She was also the second person in her life to ever show her kindness, other then her father. This woman called herself "Lady Blue". From then on Miyuki vowed to lock the tragedies of her past behind her and took the name "White" as her new identity. White gained much respect for Blue within a short period of time since their first encounter. She soon followed in her foot steps learning the way of Kunoichi. Gaining the status of being the top student of the legend herself, Blue naturally selected her as her protege. Little memory of her yasha heritage remained within her after Lady Blue went through great lengths to perform an ancient sacrificial ceremony that permanently sealed that part of her away.

Through her training, White became highly skilled with the katana as well as a vast variety of weapons though her weapon of choice is her Yumi bow. She was the youngest in history to master the eighteen disciplines of Ninjutsu, making her top ranking in espionage. As White grew so did her appetite to kill. Aside from other demons, Lady Blue remained the only living soul that knew about her demon heritage, even faithfully keeping this secret from White herself. During the hundreds of years that followed White and Blue traveled everywhere. From Japan to Europe the deadly dou honed their skills and plied their trade. But always when the mission was over, they returned to Japan. The rest of the world was just a site, Japan was home. Although White would always return to Japan with Blue, she felt a deep yearning to explore the world outside of the lands she knew. Sometime during the 19th century Blue disappeared. She had taught White all she needed to know, this would then be the final test of her student: Could White survive on her own? Japan was no longer home. Thought White had never known any other place, and her connections to the rich history and traditions of Japan were strong; memories of Blue plagued her there. She could find no rest amongst her people. White traveled, but everywhere she went, memories of Blue followed. Finally White went to the new world, a place untouched by the Kunoichi: America. The young nation was just going through its cataclysmic civil war, an era of definition and breaks from the past. White identified with the young nation's people, they were trying to make a new place, without the memories of the old lands consuming them.

No place is this more true than in Gotham, one of America's oldest cities. Here, ties to European culture were strong, however not as strong as to its Asian, as Gotham's China-town is nearly as old as the city itself. The melting pot has no better beacon than Gotham. But Gotham also has its darkness, a crushing devotion to crime. White thrived there, running many different businesses. All were a front to her true profession. Gotham became a hub of international communication, a great deal of this is owed to White's customers traveling to visit the Kunoichi. As Gotham grew, so did White. She has roots now, a new home. And though Japan will always have a place in White's heart, she is committed to using the new world as her base of operations. Now carrying a legacy of her own, she quickly gained rank in an underground clan called League of Assassins as their secret weapon. Not much was known about her amongst the other members, but she had a reputation for being the devil with the face of an angel. Even some of the Leagues members feared her because she was unpredictable and untraceable, making her the perfect weapon.

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-gasp- defaulted it?! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wasn't sure if you'd like the first one or not so I made the second one just encase. :3 ♥
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If you didn't like the other one I made this one too. XP

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Awe. I did it out of the goodness of my black heart. No return favour is needed. ♥
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"Tabi. Heels. 'Nuff said."

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