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"Give me the fortune, keep the fame, Creating crime rates to fill the new prisons they build. Over money and religion there's no more blood to spill"

35 years old
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

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December 03 2019

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About me:
The name is Nyghtshade Ace, the law calls me a thief but I perfer cat burglar, that is because I slip in quietly into whatever place I find interesting and steal certain items for people or myself (as long it’s a challenge, fun), and quickly slips away undetected by the time you see me I'm alright gone.

I'm also Cousin to Kill-Joy and father of Rose Ace and one time mate of Killer Ace I left them early and gave up my title of nobility (king or group leader) because I'm what you call a free sprit and i was very young myself. But as for relationships with me, just know I’m a ladies man and lover this means I openly flirt and talk sexual with many woman at a time. I’m a bachelor. don’t take this as a sign of disrespect okay, I dislike reponsiblity of any kind unless it's a job and I'm not above flirting to get the job done or away.I'm from Hellfire like all Aces but unlike them I don't fight or kill unless I have too.

I live the fast lane, I change like the wind, I'm am outcast of sorts among the Aces because of my past which is hard to do see want they do, but I don't judge life's to short,I'm known as one of the world's most adventurous, and uncatchable thieves. I have stolen items thought unstealable: jewels, paintings, money, just about anything I so wishes, and he never gets caught.

I have many adventures such as the robbery of the Stone of Scone, the bank robbery of the Nation Bank of England. Besides being an accomplished thief, I've held many jobs such as an acrobat, tightwire artist, bank robber, teacher, antique dealer, nightclub singer and casino owner

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