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Personal Info

NAME: Napieriel of the Lightguard

NICKNAMES: Nap, Napie, Napier, Broski, Bro, Demon

ALIASES: Callum Cooper, Cal Cooper

HOST: Private Callum Allen Cooper
Callum was a private in the United States Military, but hadn't yet been shipped off to the war [World War II] when he was killed during a mugging. Immediately, upon his death, his body had been possessed by Napieriel after Napieriel breached the barrier into this reality from the void.

DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown | March 17, 1926 [Vessel]
Napieriel's age is unknown even to him. He has existed for eons and never really followed the mortal concept of time.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Unknown | Lebanon, Kansas [Vessel]

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lebanon, Kansas | United States | Earth | Milky Way Galaxy

This designation is on the Celestial Scale in how the Four and the Enochi see this particular universe in the multiverse. No matter what the mortal inhabitants may want to designate it.

SPECIES: Enochi | Humam [Host]

One of the most powerful of his kind and general of his own legion of lower class Enochi in service of the Four Creator Gods known commonly as The Four or The Celestial Four.

PATRON DEITY: The Celestial Goddess of Light
He served the Celestial Goddess as the Archnochi General of its 7th Legion of the Lightguard. A Vaguard group of Enochi that were always on the frontlines in the war on Demons and Void-Corruption.

OCCUPATION: Currently Unemplyed, Student, The Hungry Bucket [Host/Formerly]

RELIGION: The Four | Catholic [Host]


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Disorders: Input Info

Addictions: Input Info

Likes: Input Info

Dislikes: Input Info

Quirks: Input Info


Napier's Family
Napieriel was created by three of The Four Celestial Creators when they brought the Enochi kind into existence. These gods are considered his parents despite not having been born like most mortals, but created instead.

MOTHER: Celestial Goddess of Light, Celestial Goddess of Life

FATHER: Celestial God of Death

SISTER(S): Januariel, Kiranael, Countless Enochi and Darnochi

BROTHER(S): Androus (triplet), Koleb (triplet), Tyleriel, Thadieriel (Thadier), Countless Enochi and Darnochi

KID(S): Currently has no known children

PET(S): Currently has no known pets

OTHER FAMILY: Celestial God of Destiny, Countless Minor Gods Connected to the Celestial Four

Host's Family
MOTHER: Midge Cooper

FATHER: David Cooper (Deceased)

SISTER(S): Annabelle "Annie" Cooper (Younger)

BROTHER(S): Eric Cooper (Younger), Jason Cooper (Older/Deceased)

KID(S): Currently has no known children

PET(S): Rufus (Dog/Deceased)

OTHER FAMILY: Betty Cooper (Paternal Grandmother/Deceased), Bob Cooper (Paternal Uncle/Deceased), Reginald "Reggie" Cooper (Paternal Uncle/Deceased)

Love Life
His host [Callum] was straight before he died, but his host's sexual identity didn't impact Napieriel's own sexual identity; which is basically he will fall in love with or sleep with anyone he finds attractive. No matter what gender, race, species, or whatever they are.


CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): To be named mortal [Crush]. Koleb [Has Feelings For]

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Jessica Grace [Host's Girlfriend up until his death]


HAIR COLOR: Light Brown

When using his powers the iris of his eyes will change to a bright flaming color

HEIGHT: 6' 3¼" | 191 cm

WEIGHT: 187.5 lbs | 85 kg

BODY TYPE: Lean-Athletic

CHEST: 40" | 102 cm

ARMS/BICEPS: 14" | 35.5 cm

WAIST: 32" | 81 cm

SHOE SIZE: Size 13

PENIS: 5" Erect | 3.5" Flaccid

CIRCUMCISION: Uncircumcised

BIRTHMARKS: No known birthmarks

SCARS: No known scars


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Characters: Napier, Napieriel
Verses: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Teen Wolf, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Marvel
Playbys: Jack Falahee
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Television, Undead,
Member Since:August 20, 2012

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Ashes To Ashes🔥

Sep 3rd 2017 07:45

((What why did you post that, El Dorko. That is just so random.. but regardless.. I must respond and leave something in return... Hmm something whitty...))


Jan 19th 2017 21:33

"If Heaven's grief, brings Hell's reign - then I would trade all my tomorrow's for just one yesterday."

What do you do when all the forces of the Universe are fighting against you? Heaven, Hell, History -- and everything in between?

Everlasting Damnation is an RPG that mashes together The Supernatural Diaries and The Secret Circle with a unique storyline that lends creative freedom.

With a four show crossover RPG storyline, there are lots of roles available - and yes we do accept original characters (as long as they can fit into our group storyline and make sense there). We would love to have you join us, so come take a look and send in your audition today!

If you are a resource site or another RPG and would like to become affiliates - please let us know. We truly believe in supporting other sites and would love to add you to our list of wonderful affiliates - we'll even share you at least once a week and repost anything that you might need us to.

xo, Kai and Caroline.

Ashes To Ashes🔥

Dec 25th 2016 14:51

Merry Merry Christmas to youtooNapier!!!

I love you too big brother.

-Hugs Napier and gives him a quick peck on the cheek;

Ashes To Ashes🔥

May 19th 2016 15:45

Seeing those soft lips form into a smile, was enough to makeNicholas's heart melt. He didn't know what it was. But as the time went on, the more he was realizing his attraction for this male, who apparently was his brother. Which was now he thought about it, just seemed strange to him. While being Nicholas, never had he once felt something any sort of sexual or romantic attraction for the same sex. However he always did consider himself to be an ally to the LGBT community. So it really didn't bother him to much, just caught him off guard a bit. If it wasn't for knowing that he wasn't really Nicholas, just somebody with his memories. He would of had a harder time, trying to figure his same-sex attraction out. Perhaps just simply being around this Napier character, was somehow starting to push his true sub conscious to the surface. That also seemed to be pushing these feelings, that he didn't recognize but was half-tempted to act upon. Was it possible that him and Napier had not just been brothers, but lovers as well? How did their kind feel about incest? Was it seen just as taboo as the humans found it to be? Or were they more accepting of it? Gah Nicholas was just so damn curious about it all. Coming up with all these questions, made his brain hurt. Hell coming up with this plan to unlock his powers and memories, gave him mixed emotions. Rather to go on about this or not. Wondering why this had happened to him. What did he do wrong, to deserve all this? Though at the same time, the thought of having all these cool abilities and having a big brother excited him. As Nicholas he always wanted a brother and now he had finally gotten one. Even if wasn't in the way, he imagined. Never the less, he trusted Napier and would see this little adventure through and see where it landed the two of them. Knowing that his big brother would be there to guide him and protect him, from any harm that came their way.

Perhaps while they were well on their way, he would ask his brother rather or not about the whole their kind and their thoughts on the whole incest thing. When he got to know his big brother a little more or maybe he would just wait and to discover the answer to this question and more, once he received his true memories back. After all, he didn't want to annoy Napier with all these questions. Especially when these questions seemed to be endless ones. Besides, he could guess that their chances of locating this mystical artifact was ticking. Figuring that their would probably be somebody who caused his memories and powers to be erased wanting to prevent this from happening. That is if this individual or group of individuals even knew yet of their plan. Whoever or whatever this individual or individuals were. He had no way of knowing.Maybe members of their own race? Members that were far older and powerful, then him and Napier? Anything was pretty much his guess.

Or something else entirely. Whoever it was, had to be extremely powerful. To erase the power and memories of somebody of his and Napier's race. Whatever the race was called that is. Which was something he had yet to ask. Hearing the chuckle escape from Napier's lips, Nicholas just flashed a bright smile, as he gazed into Napier's eyes, feeling as if he could stare deeply into them and see the true form from within, that was possessing the human. But sadly, he couldn't. How he couldn't wait to receive these powers and memories back. This current situation was starting to bug him. Especially now that he was aware magical powers really did exist and the way Napier kept using them around him. He was quite jealous and was starting to feel incomplete without them. Which was probably, because he was. When Napier had gave him the odd look and called him a dork,Nicholas rolled his eyes as he had grabbed the book and tried to make sense out of it and read the weird sigils that bared its pages and mumbled a "shut up" in a annoyed yetplayful tone of voice.

After Nicholas had apologized for not being able to read the book, he took a few moments to glance at Napier, only to see the young-looking powerful being's jaw nearly drop and a look of confusion sweeping across his face. However, though he couldn't explain it. The young mortal could of sworn, he could sense his brother's pain, it was like a wave was sweeping over him. Nicholas didn't know how to explain it exactly, hell he didn't know if he was just imagining it all in his head. Though he didn't give it much thought, as he quickly looked back at the book. This time with results. The book speaking within his mind, giving him clues on what actions to take. Which was totally bizarre. A book? Blessed with some sort of magic, to speak to him. Directly into his thoughts. That sure didn't happen everyday. Especially to humans like Nicholas. But then again, he wasn't human. Well not in reality. Sure he was currently human now, but it wasn't where he really came from. Something he had still yet to wrap his mind around and probably wouldn't until he was restored, back into the immortal being he was meant to be. As he had finished reading the book's cryptic message, the yellow and orangish glow had faded away. He flashed a smile, at his brother, who was now standing right beside him and slammed the journal shut. Nicholas was glad all of this was already starting to work out. It was if fate itself was helping the two of the men to succeed in their mission.

"Oh shut your pie-hole Napier, I couldn't of been that much of a d*ck."Nicholas responded as he held the book in one hand and pushed Napier lightly with the other. Right after Napier had spoken about how much of a d*ck his true self could be and how much it annoyed him that he could always be so damn cryptic. Though at the same time, he couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. He had to admit what his brother was saying was kind of funny and probably held some truth to it. As what his brother had said after words, Nicholas nodded his head, his eyes too looking at the night sky. Knowing his brother was right. That they couldn't risk anyone else finding the sword. Especially one of their enemies whocouldcauseso much chaosif theywielded the sword. Chaos he couldn't imagine. Not knowingthe full extent of power, that the sword wielded."Well luckily my cryptic skills came in handy then bucko," Nicholas chuckled some more, as he punched Napier in the arm. Though he doubted that could do any damage to the immortal being. Seeing as from only what little he saw of his brother's power, he was basically a fire god. Well at least in his eyes anyways. After all as Nicholas, this was the first supernatural being he had ever laid eyes on. Tilting his head to the side, he crossed both his eyes and stuck out his tongue out at his brother, for a second before slipping it back into his mouth and uncrossing them. "So nah nah!"

Standing there in the night sky, side by side with his brother. Just felt so right. It made him feel safe. Despite now knowing the fact, that magic and beings of the supernatural were indeed real. That they just didn't just exist, in television, books, movies and video games. When Napier had finally answered what was probably the biggest question, he had asked. The whole rather they can time travel regard, his eyes grew real wide, his jaw nearly dropping. "Great Scott!" Nicholas responded in his Doctor Emmet Brown impersonation. Which was spot on, if he could say so himself. Though it took him sometime to comprehend, Nicholas finally grasped the concept that their time traveling was forbidden to use. "Forbidden really? That sucks, but I could see why it would be. Though I bet that never stopped the two of us. " Perking his right eyebrow in the air,as he felta cold breeze swept through him, as he felt a thought of deja-vu catch a hold of him. Were they apart the visions he had, while he slept during the night? He couldn't remember but the words Watcher did feel very familiar to him.Though he didn'tsay a word about them, just continued towith big eyes widened and curiosity sweeping across his face. As his brother continued to speak. He really was quite the chatter box. A very cute one at that. As a bigger smile spread across Napier's lips. Listening to him speak about a time, that the both of them apparently enjoyed. An era during the Romanian Empire. "Wicked!!" The mortal thought to himself as he crossed his own arms and kept his focus on Napier, trying to keep himself as calm as possible and to hang on to Napier's every word. But he was finding it very hard to do so. The more Napier spoke, the more eager, the more excited he got. As Napier continued to talk, his voice seemed to draw out to Nicholas as he could only think ofonemajorthing. They were going to travel through time! How cool was that? It was like every nerdy fan boys dream. It really was possible after all. He knew it! But exactly how did it work? He couldn't wait to find out. There was so many different theories about time travel out there and possibly more Nicholas was very eager to ask, but he figured he could ask at least some of them. Once they actually time traveled to the past. When Napier looked at him and said something, Nicholas just smiled like a fool and nodded his head. Then shrugged. Pretending that he was paying attention. Not having anyclue of what Napier had said to him, about hoping he still could speak ancient Romanian. Though he figured if that they could time travel, and could control fire, that telepathy wasn't beyond their comprehension. So he figured if his brother scanned his thoughts, he would quickly find out, he wasn't paying all that good of an attention anymore.

It wasn't untilafter Napier had stepped away from him and set his whole body on fire. That Nicholas was shaken away from his thoughts. Curious to know what the man was doing now with his amazing flaming magic. Flaming magic that he would eventually have also. Those flames, those magnificent flames. Nicholas felt so drawn to it. To other humans, such a sight would probably scare them off. But not Nicholas, to him they were beautiful and if it wasn't for his current human state. He would reach out and try to touch them. Hell, he was half tempted to do so now. But then again he didn't wanna be burned toa crisp. That wouldn't of been very smart of him. As he watched the flames die down, the mortal couldn't help but admire his brother's new Romanian outfit. Ancient Romanian armor. It was just something about it, being clutched to Napier's vessel. That made him look oh so sexy. Nicholas could almost envision the two of them, having some heated moments between the two. Lips locked, in each other's warm embrace. Surrounded by an aura of flames. Just thinking of it, made his forehead and palms sweat, as well as give him a boner. Which was slowly staring to take form in his navy blue jeans. He just hoped his brother didn't notice. Not wanting to spark an odd and awkward conversation about it. Seeing as he had no way of knowing, if such a thing was encouraged in their race's civilization or not. Though he figured, that would be answered sooner more then later.

Especially the way he was twirling around like a little fairy princess or something. Showing off the Romanian armor that he now wore. All the more asking him rather he looked hot or what? At first he took it as Napier as joking around, so naturally he tried to play along and rolled his eyes. Pretending to be annoyed by it, while trying to push his lustful thoughts for his brother's meat suit aside. "Yeah very hot," Androus mumbled, as he looked away and shook his head, letting out another chuckle. "On fire in fact." Though no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes shifted away from Napier for long anyways. His eyes shifting back, he looked at theman's legs, not too much hair or anything. Then he heard his brother's confession of always being self-cautious about the legs showing on his vessels. Which Nicholas couldn't help but to find to be quite adorable. Walking over to his brother, he couldn't help but touch the chest plate of his Romanian armor. Rubbing it ina few circular motions as he did so. "Well damn those generals, they do not know what they are talking about. You look good," That was when he finally noticed that Napier had been looking him over some, as if his brother was imagining him what he would look like wearing armor. Complimenting him that he would probably look better, then he did. In Nicholas.. Androus's current vessel. Blushing beat red, instantly as he quickly looked away from Napier and on to the ground. Scratching the back of his head nervously. "Uhm, maybe. I doubt it though. You do look quite bad ass! You look perfect." Taking notice his brother was staring at his pant's legs. His eyes grew wide once more. "He is coming on to me.. W-w-wow.. I c-c-can't believe this!" Nicholas thought in total shock. Knowing he wasn't imagining all of this. That was when he noticed, he was still caressing his brother's chest plate, a few moments later.Quickly stopping himself, he stepped back a bit anddecidedto change the subject quickly and act like nothing had happened. Biting his bottom lip, he took a deep breathe and spoke some, though the tone in his voice obviously displayed how nervous he was, from this slight exchange of affection. "Well uhh.. I suppose we better get going on our little adventure eh?," Nicholas asked followed by another nervous chuckle. "Mind changing my clothes now? So we can get a move on? But try not to tone it down a bit on the fire. I'm not immune to it like you are, due to my current human state, Also.." He paused for a second as he handed the journal back over to Napier. "I don't know how our time traveling abilities work, but I'm sure it's gonna be one bumpy ride. You might want to hold on to this book while we travel to the past. It's probably abound to get lost in the time stream, if I ended up dropping it by accident."

If there was one thing he didn't wanna loose, it was that journal. Seeing as it was their only key way to finding the mystical pieces of the sword to restore his memories and power.If Nicholas ended up loosing it in the middle of their travel, he would never forgive himself. He knew if anyone could protect that journal, Napier sure could. Assuming along with all these numerous powers of his, some sort of upper body strength was one of them. It would about have to be. "So uhh dress me up and let's get going, yes? I'm ready whenever you are. Unless you want to complement my legs some more first." He teased, teasing being the way he was trying to cope with this awkwardness between the two of them had now shared.
Ashes To Ashes🔥

Jan 17th 2016 23:32

Nicholas, er Androus as he was now being told he was, had no way of knowing that Napier his brother had been reading his mind. Which was probably a good thing, seeing as he was still getting to used to this not really being human thing. Hell as bizarre as this all was,he found it to be quite cool. The idea of having powers and whatnot, had brought out the inner nerd in him. Besides, who wouldn't want powers if such an opportunity presented itself and well Napier clearly wasn't bluffing. From his experience, Nicholas knew such things as the forces of the supernatural was real. He just never knew, he was somehow a part of it. But still curiosity still got the best out of him and he was still curious on how he lost his power and how he could gain it back. He was even curious about what kind of powers Nap--no his and his brother's kind had. Were they so powerful that they could claim themselves as gods? Kind of like the Q-Race from Nicholas's favorite science fiction tv series. He was dying to know, he just hoped he wasn't annoying the man, his brother too much about all of the questions he had. Though he figured, Napier sort of expected such a reaction out of him. Though if Napier told him that he had been reading his mind without his consent, the currently mortal being would freak out about it and feel like the man, was invading his personal space. However, he didn't know how to explain it. He was starting to really trust this man, as if it was a natural instinct. Anxious to see how this whole situation was going to play out.

He just wished that this damn man wasn't so f***ing chatty. Here he was blubbering on and on, only for Nicholas to be left hanging, dying from anticipation, longing to have his questions answered. But if there was one thing he had to admit, was how attractive this man's body was.Oh how he was starting to almost wish this man wasn't his brother, right about now. Wait what was this high-level being telling him not to long ago? Something about being in a vessel? Wait so did that mean that Napier was in a vessel too? Was this how their kind was able to walk this world, by possessing a human? Oh how he was starting to grow uncomfortable, by taking this man's body that he had come to believe to be his own. How he feel like he was violating this poor human in someway. If such a thing was the case. But if his brother was saying was true and he too was in a vessel, he sure did have a good taste in picking one out. Luckily Nicholas didn't have to wait much longer, for Napier to finally answer some of his questions.

In a bizarre nerdy sort of way, in good ole Star Wars fashion. Which just made him laugh. Getting the reference that Napier was making, straight away. Which seemed to calm Nicholas even more, no longer feeling intimidated by the being who had made such an entrance that was both terrifying and amazing, all bottled up into one. Just minutes prior ago. Now he knew, as he searched deeper into his mind, hesomehow knew that this man wasn't a threat to him. That this man came in peace and wanted nothing more but to help him. Not to mention, Nicholas was a fool when it came to anything Star Wars. Well the real Nicholas was anyway, damn this was all getting so darn confusing.It was starting to make his head hurt.Placing a handon his head, he started to scratch it and rub itsome as if he wastrying to makethis little forming headache to go away. Hearing what he said about some sort of collective of Watchers stealing away his powers and memories, just formed more questions into his confused yet eager mind. However, he didn't dare ask these questions aloud. Figuring he had asked enough as it was and figured his current state of mind couldn't handle all this. Which it probably couldn't. But who were these Watchers? Were they dangerous? Would they come for him or Napier? All of this was starting to feel a bit scary, Nicholas didn't want to put him or this man who happened to be his brother, in any sort of danger. But then again, the both of them probably already were. Whoever these ''Watchers'' were, they didn't seem to be all that great. In fact they seem to be a huge collective of d*ck heads. But as Napier placed a hand on his cheek and listening to him say, that they could rid him of his powers and memories but not his inner feelings, Androus couldn't help but look down and blush a bit. Feeling the man's hand and how warm it was. A small smile appearing on his face, letting out a Starwars reference of his own. "Then finding the sword we shall find.. brother. Bringing balance to the force, we must." Brother oh how natural those words felt, flowing from his lips.

When Napier finally took a few steps back, only to hold out his hand. Nicholas was concerned about what his brother was doing. The facial expression mixed with confusion now flashing before his face once more. Yet anticipation and excitement never leaving his face or mind, not even for a moment. With a quick flash of flames, Androus jumped a bit with widened eyes. Mumbling a few 'woah's' as he did so, not expecting any of this. Especially not the small black book that Napier had summoned, only to quickly grab it before it hit the floor. Such reflexes, such power. This whole thing was so f***ing fascinating to him, it was hard to believe that this was all real. But deep down inside, he knew it was. He just knew it. "Oh my god! That was so cool!" Nicholas stated as he clapped his hand and giggled like some sort of school girl or overreacting nerdy fan boy. The later being the most logical, seeing as the currently mortal had always been fascinated with such things.

When Napier spoke on about how all the clues they needed, rested in this small book. The nerdy male grew instantly eager to get that small book away from Napier's and into his own. However he didn't, it took every ounce of will power not to try and make an attempt to snatch the black book out of the male's hand. After all he didn't want to appear to be rude. Besides he doubted in his current state that he even could. Seeing as Napier had the upper hand, with what he assumed was near-endless power. As the man continued to flip through the book, the more eager he got wanting to touch it and see it's contents for itself. Curious if he would be able to make sense of it all, even in his current mortal mind. With what he could only assume was in an ancient language. A language of whatever the f*** Napier and he was. Nicholas had watched and read enough science fiction and supernatural relate things, to know that stuff like this couldn't be in freakin English. Hell it would be pretty lame if it was. As if the book being in English alone, would take away some of the mystery. Which he assumed probably would not. Seeing as there was still a whole bunch of things, he still didn't know about their race. Such as where they came from or what they were capable of doing.

When Napier claimed, that he could never read his writing. He couldn't help but scowl and roll his eyes in a playful like matter. Truthfully finding it to be quite hilarious, as what Napier said sparked a few chuckles out of the mortal nerd. "Hey no need to be so rude. I can't help it if you can't read my writing and I doubt that it's that bad.." He paused, as his eyes lowered to the book that was being held out for him to grab. Which he grabbed in a near instant. Wow he couldn'tbelieve it, he was holding the key that would unlock his true self. In the palm of his hand. It was as if, he was holding some sort of sacred Grimoire that had the ability to unlock magicial secrets of the universe. He just hoped he really could make sense of this book. That he would be able to read the ancient texts written inside. After all, Napier was counting on him and the currently mortal being didn't want to fail him in anyway. Besides he really wanted these so called powers and most importantly, make sense of these visions he had been receiving. Ever since he found himself naked in the woods, he always did feel that something was missing. Now he had sort of a reason, why that was exactly. Shooting a smile at Napier, he nodded. "Y-y-yeah I can certainly try and give it a shot."

He felt a wave of nervousness and fear wash over him, as he started to have doubts about all of this. What if he couldn't read the book? What if Napier really did seek out the wrong person? Nicholas was just a man, nothing more. So even if he once was some sort of divine being, how could he read and make sense out of his godly selves' journal? Luckily, Napier kept talking to give him a bit more time, to process all of this. Hearing him say not to ask anymore questions, that they needed to get things going and seek out his memories and powers. "Okay-okay I suppose you're right," The current mortal being stated as he felt himself nearly dropping the small black book. But was able to gain a quick hold on it, before it fellfully to the floor. Letting out a heavy sigh, he took one last look at Napier, then back at the book. "Well, here goes nothing."

Letting out another heavy sigh, he ripped open the book and allowed his mortal eyes to skim the book. Trying to force himself to make sense of the book, only to discover that it indeed was in a different language. Very sloppily written, but an ancient language never the less. Filled with sigils that he didn't recognized. Just as hehad expected. "I'm s-s-sorry Napier. But I can't read it.. I think---" Nicholas paused just as the moment he was about to give up. He could feel a deep chill trickling down his spine as he felt the bookstarted to glow an orangish and yellow glow.As he heard a screeching yet whispery voice appear in his head. It was as if the book was talking to him. "Master Androus, I can help you.. you and Napier blessed me to help you when the time was right and well the time is right." Androus perked a brow as he looked from the book to Napier, he was confused now more then ever. He was about to ask Napier if he could hear the book, when he blinked his eyes and felt the book telekinetically flip itself, until it rested on a page. Looking down at it, hediscovered how blurry his vision was, only for it to finally come into focus as if he had just put on a new pair of glasses. Skimming it a few times, Androuslet out a loud gasp, he could read it.He didn't know howbut he could finally read it. Despite how sloppily it still was, he could read it."It says something about an object being split into fourpieces, I assume that must be the sword and down at the bottom.." He squinted his eyes as he traced hispointer finger through the page."Something aboutone of the pieces being found in another time.." He paused a second, gazing up at Napier with curious eyes. "Something about a place where the godsof old were worshipped. Man this thing is so freakin' cryptic." He forced a chuckle and rised a brow at Napier. "Is this making any sense to you? Because I'm so f***ing lost, can our kind even time travel?" As he waited for Napier to answer, he continued to scan through the book and even flipped a few pages, trying to wrap his mind around all of this. "Perhaps, there's an era we really enjoyed? Perhaps a time we posed as gods?" Nicholas asked, spouting off random ideas from the top of his head. Hoping Napier would be able to make sense all of this. While he kept his eyes mentally glued to the black journal. Trying to seek any more clues, that may help them, solve thisextremely difficult puzzle.

Enochian Guard

Dec 17th 2015 15:30

The call was about a total blood bath not too far from his apartment, it seemed it was right up his alley. Any time a case was weird, strange or held the signs that it could be something non-human the case was always transferred to Koleb. It also meant he tended to work on the worse of worse cases and he was only an analyst he was not supposed to see field work. However someone up above in the FBI knew who and what he was and sent cases his way, and made it so he was in the field and not just behind a computer. He was one of the few analysts in the FBI who were trained to do both. It also resulted in the case loads Koleb tended to get in being dark weird and very violent like the one today.

Koleb stepped on sight wanting to do a walk through first before he started any cyber work on the crime. It was perhaps one of the most sickest crime scenes he had walked in on. The bodies were countless, at least seven, though Koleb could not get an exact number because the bodies were in pieces blood covered them all it was no way of telling where one victim began and another ended. The real shock of this all however was how there was no witness to any of this, a brutal murder in the park like this, surely someone had to see something.

Koleb was walking around the bodies, avoiding the pools of blood and taking mental pictures when he heard another agent mention something. He nodded and looked up. "No idea on how many victims or even a motif, this is some dark sh*t. First guesses would be personal, an act of revenge, we can rule out gang violence this is too out of their league. Someone with anger issues and power who could kill or keep any witness silent."

However Koleb already had it solved, or a good guess, it was a war of some sort but he could not tell his co-workers that. This held all the sure signs of a pack turf war gone horribly wrong. If one looked close enough there were bite and scratch marks at any area a limb was removed. He would definitely have to hack the morgue and change any reports on the bodies when they get it, cannot have this being public knowledge. He will also take this to local packs and set them straight with what they could and could not do, with pain if he had to. All other creatures that knew what Enochi were, respected or feared them enough to not go against what they wished.

Koleb was almost done, ready to turn to his cyber side of things and work up a fake report for the FBI and a real one for those in the loop who needed to know when he sensed it. It was a rare feeling, one he did not trust at first because the chances of another of his kind being at the scene was crazy. However as he glanced up, there stood another one, tall, handsome with dark hair and he seemed to be lost in the crime scene not even knowing that he could see him. It was clear he was using a cloaking spell.

He looked to his co-workers. "I need to finish up here you can go ahead, get the clean up crew and M.E in while I finish my notes. I should not take too long."

The moment the others left he rushed off, glad they were in an area of the park that was not so easily seen by the public as he glared at the other and added. "What the hell, who are you and why are you here?" He asked already knowing in his gut this had to be the other Enochi the waters been mentioning him to find. However he had not expected to find him so easily at work, like he walked into this wanting to be found.

Ashes To Ashes🔥

Dec 17th 2015 01:47

When The Watchers ridded him of his memory, they really did quite the number on it. Except for the visions of the giant yellow and orange firebird, that plagued his thoughts. They probably had put them purposely. As if to taunt him and punish him further. Which was just plain cruel, which when dealing with The Watchers wasn't too unheard of. In matter of fact it was very much expected. Being the eldest and most powerful out of all the other Enochi, it was their birth right to take charge and make all the laws for all the other lesser Enochi to follow. When one broke their rules, that Enochi in question would get punished very severally. Depending what they thought was the most suiting punishment for such offense. Androus being the one responsible of breaking, what was to believed to have broken the most major law they had ever created. After all what was more law breaking, then showing mercy to those pesky parasites known as The Darnochi? Most likely nothing. So when The Watchers spared Androus life by exiling him, they sort of did him a favor. They could of killed him, giving him no chance to redeem himself. That would be that, but then again the idea of an Enochi being stripped of their memory and powers, was often seen as far worse. Most Enochi like Androus, rather of died then being reduced to such a horrid fate. Especially seeing as when they died of a human life, they didn't know they would go to. Would they cease to exist? Or would their spiritual energy some how find it's way back to the Eno-realm to be reborn as a tree or something? Or would they just cease to exist or worst be taken to Heaven and having to deal being punished by The Heavenly Creator and his angels? Whatever happened to them had yet to be proven. But the later option just seemed down right disgusting. The self-proclaimed ''Almighty One''and his angelic warriors were deemed as enemies. Scum between their toes. Again they rather of died then having to deal with them for all of eternity. Once they figured out they were once Enochi. Oh how much they hated one another. In fact angels were seen as lesser beings to them. Seeing as their race predated them and the earth as well.

Nicholasdidn't seem to notice the godlike being before him, play around with his necklace let alone had one at least not right away. He was too busy being in a mixed emotion ofawe and just plain confused. Mostly confused. Nor did he have any knowledge of his past with this man. That they use to share such a strong bond. A bond that was so eternal, that they were hardly out of each other's sight. This time being the longest, they had ever been apart from one another. No matter how hard he tried,Nicholas tried to remember. He wanted to remember, especially even more so since this man had told him that they were brothers. If this really was true, he wanted to know for sure and was willing to do whatever it took to gain his memory back. Seeing as growing up, he always wanted a brother and never got one. "No," Nicholas thought as he tried to shake the thought away. "That's what I'm being led to believe. I'm not Nicholas I'm-- somebody else destined for far greater things." All of this was proving to be so damn complicated for the man. He didn't know much longer he was going to handle all of this. Whatever this man was planning to do, to get his memories back and possibly be restored into whatever the flying f*** he was, he just hoped that this man did it soon. Nicholas was very anxious and he wanted to rid himself, of this growing headache once and for all. He waited too long for this. After so much time spent, feeling quite off. He was now going to find out exactly why.

As the man stepped closer to him, their bodies nearly touching now.Nicholas couldn't help but smile a soft genuine yet nervous smile at him. At his reassuring words that he had the right guy and his genuine touch as the godlike firebird being touched and stroked his cheek. Surely, for anyone else this was indeed be a very awkward experience. For a random stranger to walk up to you and caress your cheek like that, especially one who didn't seem to be human. What he was kidding it was very awkward, but for some reason to Nicholas it just felt right. He couldn't quite explain it to himself, but it was if something inside him was telling him that this was natural and that what this man saying was true. He didn't know how this was possible, but as the moments were moving on he was starting to trust this man, to trust his brother. Oh how good that sounded, to now know he had a brother. Especially one that was more then willing to come from whatever land he came from, to find him and make sure he was alright. But hearing what his brother had said about knowing who he was in any vessel. Nicholas got confused again and perked his right eyebrow in the air; very puzzled about what this man was saying. Clearing his voice, he found his voice and spoke once more. "Vessel? What do you mean?" But the man was too quick for him and continued to ramble on, something about how they had come up with a plan and something about a sword? Nicholas was even more confused then he was earlier. He could feel his head spinnin' trying to make sense out all of this. But he didn't answer again, at least not right away anyway. He was still too busy trying to wrap his mind around all of this. Almost not hearing the man clearly, as he continued to ramble on. "Oh how this guy just loves to ramble on and on and on!" Nicholas thought to himself as he snickerd a bit at the thought. He just hoped this man, whatever type of being he was couldn't and wouldn't read his mind right about now. "I am what you are," Androus repeated softly. As if repeating it would do him any good and help him remember. Which it didn't. Just standing there, he allowed for his self-proclaimed brother to keep both their foreheads pressed against one another, his hands still behind Nicholas's head. His other hand now placed on his shoulder. Forcing a smile upon his face, Androus tried to keep himself calm and to do so, he decided to joke a bit. Hoping that would ease his tension and mind. "Napier is it? That's a very strange name. I'm---" His voice trailed off as he stared down at his own two feet as he trailed off not knowing what or who he was anymore. When he finally got his memory back, he was very pleased. But now to find out their was a possibility he wasn't FBI agent Nicholas Miller just tore at his heart strings. But then why did he remember living a life under this human persona? Did it have to deal with this whole being in a vessel thing, that Napier spoke of just minutes prior? He had so many questions to ask which why shouldn't he? He had just witnessed some sort of divine being making himself known to him, let alone this man claiming that he was his long lost brother? Insane! But Nicholas had to admit, the idea of having powers did seem hella cool to him. So he figured the least he could was see this through and what would come out all of this.

Deciding to quickly change the subject a bit, he let out a heavy sigh and decided to reword what he was originally going to say a bit and forcing his arm to place it on the man's opposite shoulder. Trying to be as kind as possible to the man and give him some sort of comfort. Figuring it was only the right thing to do, seeing as this man was deadest that he really was his brother. Oh how much he was now wanting that to be true. "I don't know who I am anymore. But if what you are saying is true Napier, I would like nothing more but to see this through. For as long as I could remember, I always had this feeling, of feeling so out of place. Just couldn't put my finger on it. But answer me this please, exactly what are you-- I mean what exactly are we?," Androus paused just long enough to look up as tears started to form in his eyes. "I really hope you are my brother, because in my heart it's telling me you are and I just can't explain why. Seeing as I'm trying so hard to remember. Believe I am. You said something about a sword? Where is it? could it be here? Will it help me remember andmake me whole again?After all this town does seem to revolve around these sort of things."

Enochian Guard

Dec 13th 2015 15:28

Koleb, or Kol as most of the people here in the mortal realm know him as was sound asleep in the bed as the visions of what most mortals would call a dream but for him, as an Enochi, it was a way of communicating with his people, most of all the ones he work for, the watchers. It was their weekly check in, but this time they had huge news that would shake the young blond male out of his funk of the normal in's and outs of his daily life as an FBI agent analyst to keep an eye on this realm and all things supernatural and other worldly and protect this realm from anything dangerous that may be headed their way.

His imageless dress soon became a large dark room, looking similar to what a court room would be, without all the benches for an audience. Instead the large bench that a judge would sit at had six faces all hidden by dark hoods and masks as if Koleb did not already know who they were, however it was for their protection when communicating to the mortal realm. They were the watchers, Koleb's employers to guard this mortal realm from any major apcolyptic style dangers related to anything supernatural and especially Enochi or Darnochi related and report back and stop it at all costs. Most of his time was nothing more than a tracker and hunter, only killing when he needed to. Though a few years he did help stop the end of the world and before that a few crazy rogue Enochi with problems with the watchers.

The middle hooded figure stepped forward as Koleb sat on a small wooden chair in the middle of the room as he spoke. "You have a new assignment. We will be pulling you off the Mikaelson case and putting you on a more important case. The Gilbert boy of one of the Winchester's can handle them, nothing they have not dealt with before. Your new case involves an Enochi, on the mortal realm. Your mission is to locate and convince Napier he not needed or wanted on the mortal realm and return home and leave this place."

Koleb, who found his life posing as a human for the last thousand or so years rubbing off on him when the name had been mentioned. He was a war hero, a name all Enochi grew up knowing, almost like the legend of King Arthur for mortal children on this realm. He leaped from the chair, forgetting the watchers were strict for the rules and hated anything out of place and for an employee of theirs to interrupt, in such a human fashion was frowned upon.

"You are telling me I get to meet THE Napier. He is a hero to our kind, and I get to meet him and.." His words cut short by the female watcher on the far left, a shrill almost bitchy sound as she spoke up.

Clearing her throat, looking down, deep into his eyes Koleb looked back as she spoke. "And it is your job to send him from this realm. He will not go willing. He likes to do things his own way and more so he hates the watchers the only thing he hates more than us are those who work for us. He calls them puppets and that would be you."

Koleb went silent, sitting back down, muttering something that sound like cunt under his breath as she continued on with threats and the rules all the basics stuff he knew. If he failed he would be punished by being pulled from this realm, if he exposed his kind to anyone outside of the Enochi he would be sentenced to death, all the usual cloak and dagger secret stuff with the supernatural world. He remembered a time when humans were not allowed to ever know of vampires, werewolves and witches and now so many do. However he did not wish to tempt his luck, they already hated his lifestyle here sleeping with the mortals. The only reasons he had not lost his member was because he was only sleeping with men and could not procreate with them.

The dream like state ended almost as soon as it began and Koleb woke with a start, body covered in sweat as he knew what just happened was real. He could still feel their eyes on him as if they hated him but knew they needed his help or something. The male slipped from the bed, stepping onto the much colder surface of the floor and stood up, scratching his low hanging balls since he slept naked. He had a long day of work ahead of him, he had to find this Napier guy, which could be anywhere in the world and then convince him he should return to his realm. In a half tired daze, the male wandered towards the bathroom to get washed up, ignoring the odd tingling sensation in the back of his neck.

It was a sign his kind was near, in this realm. He could not tell if they were Enochi or Darnochi however he could tell if they were near. The way his body tingled, the hairs on the nape of his neck stood up on end, the person was really close like within blocks of his location. Koleb was finishing brushing his teeth when the call came in over phone, rushing out to his room, still naked and his limp d*ck swinging freely between his legs as he grabbed the cell and answered a mouth full of tooth paste foam.

"Hello.Yes Sir." He said muffled to the sound of his boss telling him he had a case, a big one down a few blocks. A huge mass murder taken place down in near Quarter and he was needed their as soon as possible. Finishing brushing his teeth he frantically began to dress.

Ashes To Ashes🔥

Dec 12th 2015 23:28

There was a reason why, Androus was exiled from the dimension of his and Napier's kind. It was because the Elder Ones, always seen him as weak and useless. Naiveeven. Ever since the very first day he was hatched and brought forth into existance. Even as a young ember fledgling, he had always been seen as the odd ball amongst the rest; the outcast that would never amount to anything. A mistake to the clutch. A big 'oopsie' that should never have been brought forth. Which there were times, when young Androus believed that. Especially since he seemed to be the runt of the litter and could hardly control his powers let alone his own two wings. In fact, he was believed to be the smallest puny Enochi, to ever have existed. Or that was how his damn surpirior's had always put it anyway. Rather that was true, Androus didn't know for sure. Neither did he really care. Though his big brother Napier, always told him not to listen to them.His big brother had told him, they were just bunch of pricks and not to take what they said, to heart. Which Androus tried not to, let it get to him. Though it was very hard not to. Especially when it seemed no matter where he roamed, there always seemed to be another Enochi judging him and mocking him. Bless his big brother's flaming heart. Androus loved Napier so much, more then anything and any one. Without him, he would literally be lost. Ever since they first lied eyes on one another, the two of them had been close. Nearly attached at the hip. In fact, Napier was the first Enochi he had seen, when he first opened his eyes. His dark eyes, the center of his eyes giving off a slight crimson glow. The veins that were around his eyes, appearing to be non-existent.His body and wings, fragile and featherless.But if one of their kind looked closely, they were there. But only just barely. Ever since the start, Napier had taken him under his wing. Sometimes quite literally and taught him everything there was to know, about being an Enochi. His big brother had even been the one, who taught him how to spread his flaming wings and learn how to fly. Sure it was a rough start. But Napier continued to remain paitent with him. Until Androus mastered it and stopped crashing into anything or anyone. Which was usually Napierfor the most part. Seeing as he was, the one he was around, the most.

Though it took quite sometime, Androus eventually got the handle on things. Learning one power at a time. Which their kind seemed to have nearly an unlimit supply of. Which made things, the most difficult for him and hard for him to control them. Though as frustrated as he often got. Napier always seemed to find a way to make things better. As well as encouraging him to keep pushing foward. As time went on, learning power after power. Going from learning how to fly, tolearn how to use it in a teleportation like method.To telekinesis, to conjuring,etc etc.Power afterpower.As the moments went on, Androus felt his mental and phsyical strength, starting togrow. From his body to his wings. He was starting to feel powerful, more focused then he had ever been. So with that, his body and wingsgrew along with it. As if it was evolving ever so slightly, to better host the sheer auraof divine power that was now coursing through his veins. His featherless body, now finally maturing. Sprouting and covering him with beautiful, feathers of orange and yellow. In fact Androus could recall the very first feather that had showed up.Which the young child was so eager about, he plucked it himself and gave it to Napier as some sortkeepsake gift. Sureitwas prettylame, but his big brother seemed to find itto beadorable. After all Androus was only a child at the time andwhatreally counted was the thought of it. To show Napier how grateful he was and toothank him for spendingalmost every moment with him, since the day of his birth.

Yep as time continued to move on and he discovered even more of his tremendous power, Androus body continued to mature and grow until he reached his finest potential. Even had learned how to combine some of his powers together and use them as some sort of special attack Practicing them on supernatural beings that Napier had conjured up, in means of perfecting his skills and being ready to be welcome into the fold and be an enochi soldier. Which he knew was expected out of him just like it was for practically everyone else who wasn't part of The Watchers. The dreadful watchers, which just like his older brother he had come to distrust them, as well. After all he didn't really like them to be start with, but when they retreated a century ago, it only confirmed his opinion even further. They were ass wipes that only cared about their own asses. How many more enochisoldier's had to die to protect the Watchers? Why couldn't they grow some balls and fight with them for once? Why couldn't they be smart about it and fight as one, for once? But no, all the Watcher did was on sit on their feathery asses and do nothing. What good were they anyway? What exactly did they contribute? Besides making rules and laws to govern their society and boss the rest of them around.

He didn't hate the enochi elders persay, no he just didn't trust them. After all like it or not, they were all technically part of the same family. But that still didn't change things, of the decision they made of hiding to protect themselves. Especially at moments, when they were needed the most. They were fighting in a constant war. A war that was brought forth by a virus called The Shade. Which was responsible in turningseveralof their kind intoliving dead monsters.Surrounded by a flaming aura of black and blue flames. Sure the blue flames were indeed quite the sight to see, in factthey were sort of beautiful. The perfect shade of blue, if it wasn't for thedarkness thatwas mixed with them.They wereclearly the dark counterparts of their kind. They wereThe Darnochi.

The Darnochi was the partial reason why, he had been banished from the Enochi Realm as of recent. Just because he had reached his breaking point and couldn't take this constant fighting no more. He was sick of the constant fighting, between the two of them. He was sick of loosing family to the incurable plague. Sure he had killed plenty of Darnochi in order to protectthose that remained on the side of good. But he didn't take any sort of pride in it, no the truth was every time he had killed one he felt a tremendous urge of hurt and regret. As if it was his fault, that so many brothers and sisters had fallen to the darkness. How he wished there was a way he could save them and bring them black to the fold. But as much as he hated to admit it, no matter how much power he or the rest of his brethren had. Nor he, the rest of the brethren nor the Elder ones could cure them and for that Androus couldn't help but feel extremely hurt. Especially at the last Darnochi he had last come across. A Darnochi he believed to be dead and wasn't one of the ones who were deemed worthy to be turned. A stunning beauty, perhaps the second enochi he had ever been close to. His sister Kiranael, who was more then just that. She was also his lover, his very first actually.

You know what they say, you never forget about your first love and Androus never did. Nor did he try, but now that he saw what had become of her, a part of him wished he could forget. Damn perfect Enochi memory! Which was clearly both a blessing and a curse, all wrapped in one. If it wasn't for running into her, Androus figured he could push his personal thoughts aside and slaughter the Darnochi before they ever had a chance of launching an attack. But this wasn't just any Darnochi. This was Kira, his sweet beautiful Kira. So he did something, he didn't think he'd ever do. For the first and only time in his eternal life, he showed mercy. He thought by confronting her and reassuring that he never stopped loving her and bringing up old memories, he would be able to bring out the old Kiranael that he come to know and love. He refused to believe, she had been reduced to some harsh and cold monster. He knew somewhere, deep down inside her very core was the same sisterly-lover he had come to know and love. Or so he forced himself to believe anyways. It wasn't until, she had blinked her eyes and sent a rush of coldtelekinetic, to knock him on his feet, only to rise him up in the air with her hands and starting to choke the life out of him. It wasn't until he saw those emotionless black eyes, with a piercing shade of blue and that devlish looking smirk. Did he realize the cold harsh truth. That the girl he had come known to love was gone and as much as he hated to admit it, was most likely never coming back. So he did, the only thing he could bring himself to do, he gathered as much strength as he could muster and pushed himself out of her grasps. As an aura of yellow and orange flames formed, around his fists. He realized that he couldn't do this. He couldn't bring himself to destroy the woman he loved. So transferring the aura of yellow and orange flames, to surround his body. He took one last look, tears streaming down his eyes, his face filled with so much hurt and teleported away. Little did he know, he would soon come to regret that. That what he did out of love and mercy would soon bite him in the ass.

It had taken a few days, before The Watchers had caught word of the huge mistake he had done. That he had broken one of their many laws and because he did just that, Androus wasprettysoon was going to pay the price. However, Androusdidn't needthe elders to tell him all that.A ew hoursafter his short meeting withKiranael. He had run into Napier. His brothertellinghim of te rumor that wasstarting to sprend around their dimension. The rumor being, that there was a Darnochiwho had managed to spread the disease even further and had turned seven more enochi, and that those that were newly recruitedwere already launching their first move. That was when Androus finally cracked and fell to his feet. He knew that this was no coincidence. He knew that this Darnochi in particular had to of been Kira. It was at this moment, Androus spilled out everything to his big brother. Knowing out of everyone, Napier was one he could never lie to. No matte how hard he tried. Napier always seemed to know when he was or wasn't telling the truth. So this time for once, he didn't even try.

He told his older brother everything, that Kiranael had never died and had been turned. That he had just got done seeing her, not too long ago and that he showed mercy. That it was his fault that she was still alive and was most likely the one who had turned those seven enochi. Sure their kind was being turned quite often, but Androus had never been one to have good luck. Seeing as he had gotten in trouble with the Elders laws on several occasions. But nothing quite this major before. That was when at that very moment, Napier had reassured him that everything was going to be alright. Sure his big brother looked disappointed but it was also mixed with sympathy. Though Androus had yet to receive a summons, both men knew what the punishment was, for those that showed mercy to their enemies, especially to the fallen. The punishment was a simple one, but very severe. Those that showed mercy to their enemies would be stripped of their 'godly hood' and forced to live a mortal life, with no memory of their previous one. That was when Napier had thought of an idea. A way for Androus, to have a chance of someday redeeming himself from the biggest mistake of his life. Guiding his little brother, he had pulled out the feather that Androus had given him so long ago and had Androus make a special artifact out of it. So focusing his power into one, Androus popped a mystical golden sword, and used his powers to make the feather circling around it, reshaping itself as a hilt. When that was done, both boys took turns blessing the sword and Napier used his power to send the sword away somewhere far away. To later be retrieved, whenever his big brother felt the time was right. Somewhere Androus had no way of knowing. Which was probably a good thing. Just in case the Watcher's try to scan his mind, before sending him into exile. If this plan was going to work successfully, Androus couldn't remember anything about the sword or that it was indeed created. Doing so, would risk everything. Not just Androus, but Napier too for being an accomplice. So with Androus's permission, he allowed Napier to erase some of his thoughts. Nothing too major, but the little detail about them coming up with a backup plan, to at least restore him to half of his power.

When the air in front of Androus had erupted into a large flaming bird of bright yellow and orange flames, he was immediately caught off guard and jumped a few inches back, shielding his green eyes as he felt the divine aura to be too much for his mortal eyes to handle, immediately closing them. Who knew what would happen, to him if he kept staring like he was. It might of risked blinding him, or cause him to burst into flames and leave behind a pile of ash. After all, he was still only human. Right? He didn't know what he was anymore, to be honest. He sure felt human, ate, slept, showered like one. Along with other basic human needs. But he couldn't be for certain, not with this being making himself known to him. Though he figured, that if something bad happened to him, he figured that this man whoever he was, would see to it that he was safely restored. Or so he hoped anyways. After all if this being really was here to kill him, he would obviously want the privilege himself to kill him single handly right? Not justhaving him simply die, if his mortal eyes couldn't handle his presence. That was when he opened them, a fewseconds later only to see the man step out of it. Or what he assumed was a man, it sure did seem like one andhad a body of one. Aside from the small burning embers, that rested on various parts of the man's body. Oh and those darkened eyes and the crimson glowed brightly in the center of them; The veins around them glowing just as brightly.

Hearing the statement from the man's lips escape out, "I do know why you are having your visions." It took Nicholas a few minutes to process all of this. So this man did know why he was receiving these visions. Well that did make sense seeing as the air temporarilytook form of a bird like being of yellow and orange flames. The exact same being, he had received short visions of several times before. But those visions weren't very detailed and were very faint and short.So he still had yet to know what to make of it. It wasn't the man's presence had dimmed down that heescaped his thoughts. The man's eyes transfiguring into ones that looked more human. Though he still couldn't help but feel extremely frightened yet a part of him couldn't help but find the man's little power display to be quite magnificent and intriguing. Like it was something straight out of a superhero movie or comic book. He listened to the fire bird being's words, his right eyebrow instantly twitching in the air when the other man had called him his brother. Which Nicholas didn't know what to think about that. It didn't feel right, he could never imagine himself being this man's brother let alone being part of the same race, of whatever the hell he was. But how could you explain those visions? Like it or not, this man was his only shot of finding the missing piece of the puzzle so to speak. Whatever exactly that meant, the man had yet to tell him. But what did Nicholas have to loose. Scratching the back of his head, he cleared his throat and decided to speak back to the firebird humanoid being. His voice very low and filled with so much nervousness. Still not knowing what to expect. "Were brothers? What, how? I'm afraid I do not understand," Nicholas looked down with a soft sigh as he looked at his fingers that seemed to have a few trails of flamesdancing on the ends of his finger tips. His voice trailing off for a few moments, as his lips turned into a frown, looking back at the man with so much confusion. "If we got more important matters to discuss i'm afraid I'm not going to be much help to you dude. So unless you don't have some way of helping me remember, there's nothing I can really do for you. You are sure, you have the right guy right? You aren't here to kill me are you?" Finishing his statement, he let out a heavy sigh, followed by a nervous chuckle. Still as confused as ever and trying to laughit off. Which was something he did whenever he got really nervous.Being the only way he knew, how to cope with it. He justhoped this man could help him make sense all of this. After all, Nicholas didn't want to disappoint the man. But when he thought about it logically, he didn't know what good it would be to talk to this man. If he didn't know possess the knowledge to know what he was talking about.

Ashes To Ashes🔥

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Though his girlfriend hated, to leave him by himself. Nicholas reassured her that he would be alright and that she should go and spend sometime with her fellow gal pals. That he would be fine being left on his lonesome and that he would fine something to do in the ole town of Beacon Hills, California. He didn't know what, but he figured Adenlia deserved a break from him. Especially since for the last few months, she had been help taking care of him. Welcoming him into her home and helping to retrieve, what he believed to be his true memory. Though he couldn't explain it, something still felt a little bit off. Sure his memory on his identity felt right, but there was still that little funny feeling he got that something was missing. Like there wasa certainsomething that was once apart of him, but was now missing. He didn't know exactly what that was or how to put it into words though. This strange feeling felt very strange even to him. This feeling of being incomplete and being desperate to find whatever it was, he needed to feel whole again. He didn't know how to explain it, but he knew it just wasn't in his head. Something was off and he knew that, ever since that night he was found naked by the woods, by his now girlfriend Adelina.

Oh Adelina, sweet sweet Adelina how he loved her and missed her already. Sure she just about an hour ago with the girls, but he couldn't help but miss her already. After all, she was one of the only few friends he had in this town and the only person he really couldtrust. Adelina truly was amazing, in fact she was a hero. She hunted down the supernatural and not to mention, she had these awsome gifts that allowed her to get visions of what was to come. He had witnessed this several times. Though she never actually showed him his visions, her abilities had proven to be true after she told him something about to happen, only to witness some events a few hours, days or so afterwords. So he knew for a fact, that she wasn't faking it. Hell, to be honest she was only one of the few supernatural beings he knew about. However he had run into a few werewolves a few times, only to barely escape with his life. Hell the whole town of Beacon Hills, seemed to filled with such beings. Like it was some of spirtiual beacon that led them all here. So while his girlfriend was away, Nicholas decided to drive to the park and just enjoying the morning air. As he parked his crimson red pickup truck, he stepped out and shut the door behind him. He was about to head over to the park area, to sit down on a bench. When he felt his back and his neck start to tingle. Something wasn't right, he couldn't explain it. But he sensed something was going on, he sensed something powerful, something supernatural. It was if, something was trying to get his attention. Somebody familiar. That was when he recalled the short vision that had appeared in his mind, shortly after his girlfriend had first took him home with her. A sound of a screeching bird, a large incoperable bird surrounded by bright red and orangish flames. Something he had almost convinced himself, was all in his head. Something powerful was defintely here. Was it the large fire bird being, from the vision he had recieved so long ago. He had no way of knowing for certain, but it sure felt like it. So if he had to think about it logically, that was probably the most likely outcome that made sense. But whoever it was, what did the f*** did they want? Especially from him? What made him so special? Did they just want to slaughter him for fun or just simply scare him? Maybe they didn't want anything to do with him at all. "Yeah right!" Nicholas thought to himself as he couldn't help but snicker and shake his head at that thought. He had recieved that vision for a reason and he had no choice, but to face it head on. Even if it costed him, his life. "Oh Adelina where are you, when I need you the most?"

Panting heavily, he tried his best to remain calm as possible. As though he would be able to fight this creature head on, he clenched both his sweaty hands into tight fists and allowed his eyes to scan the area way for any sudden movements. Trying to find someone or something, out of the ordinary. Whatever he was sensing, it was getting stronger and stronger as the moment when on. Clearing his throat, he mumbled softly desperately wanting to get this over with. "Whoever you are, I know you are there fire bird thing.." Nicholas voiced trailed off, not knowing what to call the being or knowing for a fact what he was sensing was the same thing from that vision. "What do you want from me? Please show yourself!" Trying to keep himself and his voice calm as possible. He waited and waited, showing obvious signs of fear as his fist started to shake. He just hoped he didn't accidently piss the being off. In the process of trying to get its attention. His voice getting a little louder, he continued to look around before yelling. Making sure that the park was clear, before yelling out like a total idiot. Which the park was.Not wanting to emberess himself or anything. After all, not everyone in this town knew about thesupernatural."Do you know why I'm getting these visions, by any chance?"

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