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omnia mutantur, nihil interit.
( everything changes, nothing perishes. )

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May 4th 2019 15:12

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I'd much rather you just give me back my shoelaces." 

May 3rd 2019 13:23

"I suck at poker? I'll have you know I spent my adolescence as a professional con artist. I think it's just safe to say that EVERYBODY sucks at poker compared to you."

Dec 30th 2018 20:06

mistaken identity. -- kitana of
Three figures traversed Shao Kahn’s palace in silence. The garish décor – mostly trinkets and trophies from vanquished kingdoms and opposing forces – was dulled by the orange glow of the evening torches and made the journey more bearable. Princess Kitana paid them no mind as she was escorted to the main chamber by her father’s royal guard; tried to keep from seeing the decorations as anything but blood-soaked talismans wrongfully pried from the hands of their rightful owners-… And of her role in it. Her expression was set and partially hidden beneath her mask. Her body language was closed off in preparation for the news the war-lord had felt necessary to rouse her from slumber to share. She paused before the chamber’s doors and waited as the guards broke formation, rounded her form and assumed their positions. In perfect and rehearsed rhythm, they silently pulled the doors open to reveal her to the Emperor.

Perched atop his throne, Shao Kahn’s glowing, red eyes sought out his daughter. He scrutinized her, but she did not avert her gaze. Unlike numerous others in Outworld’s royal court, Kitana did not fear her father’s wrath. After a pregnant pause he beckoned with a single hand and she obeyed, approaching him with cautious and calculated steps. Her exposed flesh burned beneath his eyes. His anger was palpable, and the reason for her summoning became glaringly clear. She bowed before him and, only upon the straightening of her form, did he address her.

“Daughter. Do you know why I have called you here?” Shao Kahn’s voice boomed as the doors closed, offering them privacy for their conversation. She took her place at his side, refusing to allow formality to seep from their late-night encounter. She remained silent, as was expected of her when she did not know the answer. Shao Kahn rolled his shoulders back and sharpened his gaze. “Kano has reneged on his end of our bargain and fled to Earth-Realm to seek asylum,” he explained, “I am dispatching you to ensure that he returns to face execution for his transgressions. To disrespect me is to disrespect Outworld, and to disrespect Outworld is to invite death.” He paused and then dropped his voice to a low growl. “Do not fail me, Kitana.”

Kitana nodded once, accepting the assignment. As Shao Kahn’s daughter, Princess of Outworld and his most loyal assassin, she would not fail. She would bring Kano back to him, dead or alive.

Earth-Realm left much to be desired. The vehicles upon the streets were metallic abominations. Their emissions were an insult to her senses. The Edenian was certainly out of place with her formal attire, but she paid the lingering looks no attention; opting to remain focused solely on the task imparted on her by her father.

The energy signature of Kano’s transport device was traced to this specific area. Unlike Shang Tsung’s sorcery, technology left trails for assassins to follow.

Kitana’s dark eyes scanned the crowd. None of these men bore Kano’s physically imposing nature. He must have been cloaking his appearance; hiding among these commoners like a snake in blades of grass. Clever. Refusing to be discouraged, Kitana continued to study the faces in the crowd and then paused when she spotted something unusual: a red glow in the eyes of what was an otherwise-unassuming man.

Not quite so clever, after all.

With dual flicks of her wrists, Kitana’s fans were ejected from her vambraces. She unfurled and twirled them in her hands before launching one directly at the man’s head. Its blade embedded itself in the wall beside his face. A warning. She lunged at him before he could recover and called the fan back to her. Once it was in her hand, she dropped into an intimidating, offensive stance. Her eyes narrowed, her expression indecipherable behind her mask. There was no time to ask questions or confirm that this was, indeed, Kano.

“Still alive, deceiver?” she greeted, “You will stand before my father and receive a death of which you are not worthy: an honorable one.” " i will see to it that my father's will is accomplished. "

Dec 25th 2018 18:29

Season's Greetings
from the Spectacular Spider-Family!

* It's Spider-Ham's job to send these out, so if this card comes attached with a falling anvil or tunnel wall paint that spontaneously generates freight trains, we're deeply sorry, and are in no way responsible for the damages.

〈 kiss & run 〉

Dec 25th 2018 15:34

From; Your favorite Black Cat.
Regal Threat

Dec 25th 2018 12:47

Christmas Drabble:

She leaned against the rod iron railing of the third floor balcony, watching with unguarded amusement at the crowded streets of the French Quarter. Here in the crescent city, Emma Frost tended to relax far more than she was known to do so. Perhaps it was the infectious atmosphere of the city or maybe it was because she knew that it was safe to be herself around him. 

Vivid blue hues glanced over her shoulder at the sound of his heavy footsteps approaching, a genuinely content smile dancing across those soft velvet pink lips of hers. Maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but Emma looked happy to see him. The shapely blonde took the hot ceramic mug from his hand and hooked her free arm around his waist as she pressed her body up against his side. She relished in the warmth of his body while watching the procession below them, raising the cup to her lips. 

Blonde brows rose in intrigue as her gaze returned to those red on black hues she had become so fond of. “A little Hennessy with the hot chocolate? Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. LeBeau?” A soft giggle came from the telepath as she rested her head against his shoulder, gaze returning to the festivities below. “Merry Christmas, Remy.”

тrυe ѕon

Nov 10th 2018 22:46

First and foremost, I'd like to extend my gratitude to you for adding me, or accepting my request.

If you'd like to discuss a storyline, my inbox is always open to you. AU or canon storylines are alright with me, as long as they are discussed prior to our roleplay.

If you'd like to see some samples of my past writing, you may click here to follow this link to read them, so you'll get a better idea on how I portray Damian.

Reaching me on discord is also another way to get quicker responses, so do feel free to add me there to just chat, banter or roleplay.

Discord: True Son#2207

True Son./1438344

Sep 15th 2018 01:30

It was official, she didn't like Metropolis.

Athanasia al Ghul wiped her brow through the mask she wore that covered but her eyes. She wasn't sure how she was going to find the person she was searching for here, especially considering this was the wrong city entirely. It wasn't far to Gotham City according to the map on her smartphone, glad she had gotten her grandfather to allow such Intel. She didn't see what his issue was, she had more than proven herself more than once. It was because she was a girl, she was sure of it. He never treated any female member of the League of Assassins like they were worth what they were. They were glorified baby carriers and nothing more to him. To Hell with that, there was no way she was going to allow that life for herself after what had happened when she was sixteen. That would not be a repeat. She had promised herself it never would be.

The now seventeen year old had better things to do, like scope out the fancy gala that was going on that Bruce Wayne and his family was attending. Security was supposed to be amazing but then so was she. There was no doubt in her mind she would find a way inside to find her target. At least, once she changed and stashed her weapons that was. That had to come first.

Priorities, after all.

Finding a good rooftop without a lot of lights, she shimmied out of her body suit to stand in her bra and panties while rummaging through her bag. The dress was form fitting and hid her scars, that was the important thing. She would have to go sans weapons, relying fully on her skill if things went awry. That didn't bother her in the least, sliding her stele down her bra for safe keeping. She merely had to find Damian Wayne and deliver the card that she had been entrusted with. It didn't make her proud to be a messenger, nor had she looked to see what was in it. She didn't even know who he was, for that matter, told she would find him easily enough. All she knew was he was Robin and could fight so she needed to be on her guard.

So then why did she feel so uneasy? It wasn't like she hadn't engaged in many fights before. Why did this one feel so different? Why did her skin want to crawl so badly?

Shaking her head, she stepped into her heels and grabbed her small handbag so she could get ready. It wouldn't be hard to become someone's plus one, she was sure, she was attractive enough to say the least, and smart enough to do so. With a small run, she launched herself off the building, catching herself with a grappling gun that she hid under the dumpster for later. She felt naked without her katana, aching to go back to the roof for it. Reminding herself to have patience, she found a guest and batted her lashes at him, asking is she could accompany him. It was almost too easy. Even getting through security was simple enough, but then when you were the Bat she was sure that didn't matter.

Blue hues scanned the room. She could see D*ck Grayson and Barbara Gordon chatting amicably in a corner with a few others that she both did and didn't have names for. Wally West and Roy Harper were definitely two of them. Turning, she found Jason Todd sitting at the bar with Donna Troy and Raven Roth, the three laughing over some inside joke.

Turning as she walked with her newfound date, she located Timothy Drake, her eyes narrowing. He was the one her grandfather wanted. She didn't like that he was willing to give the League over to some nobody that didn't deserve it. He was sitting with Conner Kent and Bart Allen, those two she had been warned about by her grandfather to be wary of. Now if only she could locate the man she was supposed to find, the birthday boy as it were. She had been informed he would be with two friends in particular which was how she found him. Colin Wilkes and Jon Kent were easy enough to spot with the man she had been sent to see.

And she finally understood why she hadn't been told anything about him or shown what he looked like.

Excusing herself to the restroom, she moved past a blonde that she recognized as Stephanie Brown before moving into a stall. Deep breathing, she reminded herself, trying to calm down as her brain screamed at her. She couldn't fathom why Ra's al Ghul would keep this information from her. He wasn't just the son of the Batman, he was the son of Talia al Ghul, her features were plain as day in his face. The woman had died giving birth to her, she had been told, so how did she have a son? And how did Sia know nothing about said son? No, this was impossible, he would never keep that from her...would he? Composing herself, she took in a deep breath and exited the bathroom, avoiding her date with ease to keep to the darker parts of the room.

Gathering her thoughts, she took a deep breath and headed for the three, keeping her gaze averted as she pulled out the card. His name was elegantly scrawled in her...their grandfather's writing. Betrayal coursed through her, she would never be able to look him in the face again once she returned to the Tokyo compound.

“Mister Wayne, a gift.” She said as she shoved the card into the seventeen year old's hand without so much as looking at him as she kept walking. She had to make it fast, knowing he would recognize the handwriting now, her heels clicking as she walked faster and exited through the doors that she had come through. Once far enough away, she ran through the alley to grab the grappling gun and shoot her way to the top of the building, the cool air leaving goosebumps on her skin. So many questions that she needed answers to, but not now, she didn't have the time. Grabbing her boots, she shoved them on and tossed her heels into her bag as she gripped her katana tightly. She would just change later, that was all there was to it, she needed out of here now, heading for the edge if the roof.

ѕтorм god

Jul 22nd 2018 13:54

I woke up today smiling as I recall our friendship because I know that years from now, I will still be waking up smiling for the same reason every morning.

You mean the world to me! Thank you for your friendship!


Storm God


Jul 18th 2018 23:47

"Well don't you seem like a charming lil man and from what i can tell has a bit of a scented spice coming from you."

//It's nice to meet you i hope i haven't kept you waiting to long for a greeting from me.
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