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Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing.

30 years old
Woodstock, Vermont
United States

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May 31 2020

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MusicBea Miller, Within Temptation, In This Moment, The Pretty Reckless, Britney Spears.
MoviesThe Nun, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, Annabelle: The Creation, Annabelle: Coming Home, Devil's Diary, Five Girls, Bless The Child, Carrie, Rose Red.
TelevisionSupernatural, Riverdale, Stranger Things.
BooksHarry Potter, Twilight, Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare.

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Characters: Annabelle Martin
Playbys: Bella Thorne
Member Since:May 23, 2020

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About me:

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Layouts / Black and pink / Cute Pictures

All About Me In 80 Questions!!!!!! by jasmineelliott
name: Annabelle
nickname: Anna
age: 28
b-day: September 9th, 1992
birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
current location: Hawkins, Indiania
eyecolor: Brown
hair color: Auburn
peircings: Ears; Navel
tattoos: None
boyfriend/girlfriend: N/A
siblings: Caleb
color: Black & Pink
music: Metal; Dance; Pop
sport: None
holiday: Halloween; Christmas
food: Pizza
number: 13
movie: The Conjuring
celebrity: Hilary Duff
place: Night Club
drink: Soda
day of week: Everyday
month: October
city: N/A
animal: Kittens
time of day: Nighttime
smell: Peppermint
t.v. channel: Lifetime
song: Bubblegum Bitch
This Or That
hugs or kisses: Hugs
pepsi or coke: Pepsi
mcdonalds or burger king: Burger King
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
lover or fighter: Lover
friends or family: Friends
love or money: Love
listen to someone talk ot talking: Listen
personality or looks: Personality
magazines or comics: Magazines
pop star or word up: Pop Star
are you in luv: N/A
have you ever been in luv: N/A
ddo you believe in love at first sight: N/A
longest relationship: N/A
kiss on first date: N/A
ever cheated on someone(be honest): N/A
do you do drugs: No
do you drink: No
do you have any regrets: No
want to get married: N/A
want kids: N/A
do you believe in yourself: Sometimes
last movie you saw at the movies? was it good: Breaking Dawn; Yes
can you handle the truth: Sometimes
biggest fear: Dying a gruesome death
most missed memory: My brother
first thought waking up: Where's the coffee?
how do you want to die: Bursting into glitter
do you get along with your parents: Eh?
do you swear: Every damn day
do you have a pet: Yes
have you ever passed out: Yes
do you party: Yes
do you get good grades: Yes
Do You Believe In
god: Spiritual
religion: Spiritual
aliens: No
ghost: Yes
afterlife: Yes
myself: Sometimes
karma: Eh?
magic: Yes
In a Boy
eye color: Brown
hair color: Dark
short or long hair: Either
height: Tall
peircings or tattoos: Both/Either
just cute or sexy: Both/Either
hobbies: Adventerous
one girl man: N/A
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Annabelle Martin was born on September 9th, 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she was born, her father was in jail and her mother died due to complications during childbirth, putting Annabelle into the foster care system. Throughout most of her childhood, Annabelle was bounced around from one group home to the next. It was when she was nine years old she was placed into a new foster home where she met Caleb. During their time at the Anderson's, Annabelle and Caleb became more like siblings than all the children there. Unfortunately, Mrs. Anderson was not mentally stable and after one horrible day that scarred them all for life, Annabelle and Caleb were separated and put into different homes. Some time went by before Annabelle was finally adopted by the Martin family. Throughout her teenage years, she attended Miss Goddard's School for Girls.

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