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Firefighter’s Hero™ 🚒

Mar 21st 2020 03:13

Abby's life had changed drastically in such a short span of time, About a year or two (maybe even longer) She had been a sad lonely woman who besides working her job as a 9-1-1 Operator had gone home to take care of her ailing mother who ironically did not even remember who she had been. Until one day she met the man who would end up changing her life forever, sure  he had been a great deal younger then her but he had also turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to her and now. Well now she had been married to him and they had a beautiful 1 year old child.

On this particular day she had awoken to the sound of her child and her small child garbles "Momma.. Dadda… Bubby.. Mittens" She said as if she was listing off everything and everyone in the house. This notion had caused Abby to giggle "She's calling you…" She said teasingly as she kissed Buck on the lips, Buck kissed her back and opened an eye "No, She's calling you.." "I'd argue with you Buckaroo but My I'm late soo." She offered as slowly got up "How in the hell did I get so lucky" Buck spoke as he pulled her back down, The notion had caused her to raise a brow again "Buck…" He winked and said "okay Okay I get it.. I'll be in the shower waiting for you once you've checked on her" He said seductively.

She had then quickly checked on the small child, getting her ready for day care then getting herself ready for work, She had truly once again loved her job, but she had loved her family even more, It was times like this she had much rather been with them, still she did realize she had a few moments to kill. She was set to go join Buck in the shower (Once she had known that Maddie had safely taken young Lil to her daycare) when the phone had began to ring, She raised to go answer it wondering who in the world would be calling her.

Abby hadn't heard from her cousin Owen in quite some time it was for that reason she was quite surprised that she had heard his voice. She spoke back trying to hide the shock in her voice "Oh Hey!! How are you?" She questioned, unaware that his life and health had not been all that great at the moment "of course we can hang out, but you won't be staying at a hotel,  You'll be staying with my husband and I" She offered, what a great way for Buck to meet more of her family, on a happier occasion that had not included someone's death.
Freckles™ ✈️🌴

Mar 20th 2020 21:57

Kate had not seen Owen or his son since the day she had been rescued from her step dad, that of course had been prior to The plane crash, the island, meeting  Sawyer and having her son, back then she was just a scared young woman, now she was an adult. Of course after being rescued, it had been a media circus when her and the other's had been rescued, it was wildly known that she had been pregnant, That had been why she was not surprised by TK's word's "Hi!!" She said as she spoke, "It's nice to see you guys in well a non emergency" She said as she looked at Owen and then at TK again "I did, This is Aiden" She said ruffling her son's hair, She had truly missed Sawyer but having her son had made her miss him just a little less.

She chuckled at Owen's words as she nodded "I'm Much better then I was many years prior, back when we first met, and although I do miss Sawyer, I do love my son..Not that you would even know who Sawyer is though" She said shrugging again. Aiden spoke as he looked at the man "Did you know my daddy?" He asked curiously, he often had a hard time believing anyone would even know his daddy.

Aiden grinned as he looked at them "I's saw a fiewmen once at scools, I's never been in a truck though" He said shaking his long locks. Kate spoke as she watched Aiden go in to the truck with TK. "Thanks, It hasn't been easy, he reminds me so much of his dad, and I miss his dad so much, but I love him and as odd as it might seem I love being a Mom".

Freckles™ ✈️🌴

Feb 23rd 2020 03:27

The Past - Crap Hole Island 5 years or so prior.

Of all the current survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, Of all the women this could possibly happen to, Kate had discovered she had been pregnant. It had happened due to a terrifying moment being held captive by the others in the  Polar Bear Cages, however it was then she realized how much she loved Sawyer, and it was out of that love they had made their son.

Had Kate been happy about it? Hell no she was terrified, She wasn't the type to raise a child, and Sawyer well he was most certainly not the type to be a Dad,  She sat in front of the ocean just watching the waves crash, wondering "Why Here? Why Now?, Why Me?" She knew she couldn't tell him the truth, for two reasons, They both knew what had happened to Pregnant women on the island and for two, She doubted Sawyer would even want their baby.

"You okay Kate?" Juliet had asked her as she sat down next to her, She was the one who had taken the ultrasound, the one who had shown Kate her unborn child. Kate shook her head as she spoke "That's a loaded question don't you think Jules? No I'm not okay? I… I'm not sure I can do this, I'll make a horrible mom, and what if we never get rescued? who will raise this kid if I Die?" She asked her.

Juliet shook her head as she nudged her "Kate do you think any first time mom knows what they are doing? You learn, you adjust, If we don't get rescued.. You've got me, I will do my best to keep you AND your baby alive, if for some reason something happens… I can…" She didn't want to finish her sentence because she didn't want to believe that Kate Austen would be yet another  mother that died on this island.

Kate frowned as she looked at her again "I'm not sure I…." Juliet looked at her "It might have been out of a horrible experience, that I'm still sorry I was a part of Kate, but deep down you love that baby, Do you know how I Know?" Kate shook her head , then Juliet had continued "Because You're already pondering about a life with him or her, You're already worrying about him or her" She stated. It was then Kate realized Juliet was right, This was more then loving Sawyer, It was also about the fact that she did love her baby, and truth be told she would do anything for them, even if that meant death.

The Past somewhere in the southern part of the US shortly after her "Dad" Wayne had beaten her.
Wayne had not truly been her dad, of that Kate had known for certain, Sure she was told he was but the constant abuse she suffered showed her otherwise. He had beaten the young woman to a pulp  She was strong and was to the point where she couldn't take it any more but when he acted this way she felt as though she couldn't stop it, she wouldn't say she was afraid of him but as she stared at the gun in her hand she wondered what would happen if she had.

She dialed 9-1-1 and this time actually spoke as she drew in a breath , hearing the all to familiar sound of the operators voice "9-1-1 what's your emergency" She felt small tear down her cheek as she spoke "I need help.. He….'s still here… there's a gun" she knew she wasn't making any sense but she half hoped the 9-1-1 operator would help her despite that

"who's there, is the gun pointed at you? do you need an ambulance have you been shot?" Kate frowned as she heard her "Dad" banging on the door "Katherine let me in, I'm not done with you yet!!" He yelled from the other side "I'm… I'm fine … but if he gets in her.. I have a gun.. I don't know what I'll do…" it had been then they would be cut off, This wasn't the particular day she had killed her step dad, No that event would occur much later on, No This day would be a day she would meet a first responder who had actually cared enough to help her.

The Present - mid-California highway

Of course 2 years after she had met the kind man who helped her that night,  she had ended up on a plane that crashed on an island and changed her life forever, Once she was rescued, She strived to change her life, 
And she had, Now currently she was a detective for a local Police station and had no longer been a fugitive. She had to be a good mom to her son.

Kate frowned as she tried to get her car to start, she slammed the steering wheel and said "Damn it!! Why the F*** won't you start" for a brief moment she forget she had a son in the car with her, that had been until he spoke "ooh Momma said a bad word… You'll have to put money in the swear jar when we get home" "Aiden" Kate began as she smiled, Her son turned out so much like the Dad he never met , it was amusing to her "That doesn't apply to me" She stated, He shook his full head of blonde hair as he said "How is that fair?" Kate chuckled and spoke again "Simple.. I'm the mom". Aiden gave her a look as he said "Still not fair Mom, plus You really shouldn't say words like that" She beamed, her son was to smart for his own good "I'll do better next time Kiddo, Mom's just frustrated.." She said as she shook her head and sighed, She had not seen Her old friend until they had pulled up next to her.

Kate grinned a little as she spoke "You have no idea how happy I am to see an old friend, My car just broke down" She said as if stating the obvious. "Yeah and She said a bunch of bad words" Her son said looking at the lady. Kate smiled as she looked at her again "This is my Son Aiden" She offered, She could tell her young son was looking towards the fire engine with intrigue and she couldn't imagine what he would do or how he would con them. Aiden looked at the fire fighter and smiled as he  said "are you a firefighter, can I go for a ride? can I press the horn??!!"

(OOC: Sorry if this was confusing, First I jumped back to Kate finding out she was pregnant, Then I jumped back further to when she met your character after she killed her Dad, and then of course present day, I had fun writing this though.)

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