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About me:

Emrys Merlin

No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn.

None of us can choose our destiny, and none of us can escape it.


Stands Ready

Merlins Realm

I am the last Dragon Lord and it is my sacred duty to protect the last of the dragons

What of the future?.

The Special Ones


The Father I never got to know


My Mother, who gave me up to save me


The man to which I owe so much


The King who is my destiny


The Great Dragon, and friend

The History

Merlin is a multi-faceted figure- Druid, shaman, monk, bard, necromancer, magician, astronomer, youth and old sage. He was also known as a seer and a prophet, and his predictions supposedly always came true. In the legends of Arthur, it is Merlin the sorcerer, court wizard, and prophet who embodies the themes of magic and myth, and who acts as Arthur's principal advisor. It is believed that the story of Merlin originates in legends of a Celtic poet and prophet who lived in the 500's, a man named Myrddin. He lived in what was then a Cymric borderland near the Solway Firth. Fragments of poetry by and about him survive, and a man named Lailoken, a madman and prophet who figures in Scottish legend, may be the same man. Legends of Myrddin recount his creating unrest between British chieftains and causing the Battle of Arfderydd near Carlisle, which was fought in the 570's. As a supernatural punishment, he loses his reason and is sent wandering through the forest of Celidon in the Scottish lowlands.

He has also been described as a wild man of the woods c, 573 AD as mentioned in the Black Book of Carmarthen. This was compiled over a period of years in the latter half of the 13th-century by a single scribe and contains religious poetry, early praise-poems, and prophetic verse belonging to the Merlin cycle.

Merlin first takes literary shape in the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth in the early 12th century. Geoffrey published some prophecies around 1135 that dealt with British and Welsh affairs over the coming several centuries. He ascribed them to a British prophet named Merlin, and soon afterwards included those prophecies in his History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey also wrote a Latin poem entitled Vita Merlini (Life of Merlin). Geoffrey's Merlin is the son of a demon, which had lain with his mother, a nun at Carmarthen in southwest Wales, while she slept. In Geoffrey's History, Merlin is credited with using magic at the request of King Aurelius to help transport from its supposed original site in Ireland to Salisbury Plain.

Medieval legends of Merlin credit him with the birth of Arthur. King Uther Pendragon was smitten by another man's wife, Lady Igraine, and although he wanted to lay with her, she refused. Uther called upon Merlin to help him gain access to the fair lady, and Merlin devised a magical deceit where Uther appeared to Igraine as her own husband. The result of this union was Arthur, and according to Sir Thomas Malory's Tales of King Arthur one of the conditions of Merlin performing this magic for Uther was that he would turn over the child to Merlin to nourish and educate him, to which Uther agreed.

As the stories of Merlin developed through the writings of various poets, he became associated, like Arthur, with places, roots, trees, and other natural magic’s. One of his many magical skills was the ability to change shape. His prophecies were held in great esteem, and commentators endeavoured to make sense of them. Romancers added to the mythology of Merlin by crediting him with the foundation of the Round Table and by giving him a major role in the mysteries of the Grail. Sir Thomas Malory, in his Tales of King Arthur writes how the seer secured Arthur's ascension to the throne by providing the sword in the stone where Arthur can prove himself. In Malory's tales, Merlin creates the Round Table for Uther Pendragon.

Merlin falls in love with Nimuae, (called Nyneve by Malory, also known as Vivienne) with disastrous results. She accompanies Merlin on a journey to learn his magic, though never does consent to be his lover. Although Merlin foresees the tragic end through prophecy he is unable to avert it. Nimuae grows tired of him, and turns one of his own spells against him to imprison Merlin forever in a cave, buried under a great rock. Some retellings of the tale have Nimuae trapping Merlin in a bush or a Hawthorn tree, from which his voice may sometimes still be heard; Tennyson's Idylls of the King is adapted from this version. Different versions of the story have Merlin variously living forever within his confinements, dying, or descending into madness. In the romance, Suite de Merlin Vivienne tricks Merlin into a tomb and forces him to die a slow death upon being sealed within.

Afterwards, Merlin's tomb becomes known as the 'Perron de Merlin' or Stone of Merlin and there the Knights of the Round Table meet to begin their adventures. Thus, even in his withdrawn state, Merlin may be said to influence the activities of the world of Arthur.

There are many tales of Arthur and Merlin; some even contradict each other, so no one really knows the full story, part of the mystery I guess.

My tale

Greetings, I am Merlin, and welcome.

Sent away from my mother, in order to keep me safe, I arrived at the gates of Camelot looking for an old man named Gaius who was to be my guardian and later father figure, having not known mine up till then. He was the Court physician, and a past believer in the old ways of magic.

Now magic was something I had, I was born with it, and as I grew I could perform more and more spells, so much so that it was hard to keep it quiet any longer, especially as King Uther had outlawed it and those found practising it would be severely punished.

I was put to work as Prince Arthur’s manservant, which was not what I had set out to do, but it allowed me to get to know Arthur, the man and thus realise what a great King he would become. According to the Great Dragon, Kilgharrah, who was kept chained deep beneath Camelot, I was sent to help guide Arthur towards Kingship, to protect him and unite the land of Albion again; it was my destiny.

King Uther was a good man at heart, but his view towards magic is what poisoned him, having tragically lost his Queen, Igraine, in childbirth with Arthur. She was unable to conceive, so Uther turned to Gaius to help, who in turn asked those of the old religion. Of course Uther was not told of the price, and to save a life, another must be taken to keep the balance.

Uther had a ward, the Lady Morgana, who was kind and beautiful but later this was to all change.

So welcome to Camelot and let the adventures begin.


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I do not claim to be the person in the photographs. This page is for role play purposes only.

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Merlin's Friends Comments
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Feb 18th 2020 14:41

His worry for her safety communicated to Verity finally.  At last she understood the meaning behind his concerns.

Looking around as he spoke, she leaned over slightly to whisper to him.

"Does anyone besides Gaius, know who you are?--or what you can do?"

She noticed several horses with brightly clad riders, galloping out of the main gate off into the distant hills.  Verity could see that being subject to the rules of the current king would be formidable under the hands of these soldiers.

She would not want to find herself in that position, nor would she want Merlin to on her account.  She nodded again and gave him a look to say she fully understood, adding with emphasis--"I will be VERY careful."

Feb 13th 2020 11:54

She watched him with delight. 
A smile formed on her lips as she stood watching Merlin interact with one of the smallest and most humble of earth's creatures.

He had a way with animals, this was just a small sign of the magic inside him. 

She knew he would one day be a great and powerful sorcerer, but he himself did not know that yet.  
At this point in his life, he was still finding out about his powers and still being thrilled at the smallest of gifts. 
 It was heartwarming to Verity, who knew one day a jaded and aged wizard would stand here.  Would he still find so much joy in this simple interaction ?

She stood very still so she would not frighten the small creature.  Verity was still learning about life on this world and Merlin would be her teacher.

"What did you call it? A skirrel?  It's so small and cute.  Do  you think it would let me feed it?"

She crouched down and held out her hand.  She held an acorn she found on the ground between her fingers.  
Making a little kissing noise she extended her hand slowly and waited.  This tiny creature was very curious but also afraid.  

But, he sensed something inside her. A benevolence that drew him to her.  Gingerly taking the acorn, he ran back and sat on his haunches, shelling the nut as he held it between his tiny hands.

She felt so pleased.  Looking up at Merlin her face radiated with happiness.

"He took it!  Look!  He likes it."  

Feb 12th 2020 22:51

Merlin's words of warning pierced her like darts.  She not only heard them, but felt the sting inside.  That was the empath in her, revealing how sincere his concern for their safety actually was.

She nodded, taking his hand with one of her own and facing him.
How should she explain this?  
Verity pressed her lips together and rolled her eyes upward, in thought.

"Merlin, Gaius does not remember me.   I sometimes do things that are hard to explain.  Gaius was acquainted with magic, so it was easier, but with most, it's not."

She watched his face to see if he would understand what she was trying to tell him.

"When I leave, the one I was sent to help has no memory of me ever being there.  They think their lives changed by luck or fortune.  Or by the benevolent interference of their deities.  Whoever or whatever they might be."

She smiled and gave  his hand a squeeze. 
"You will be the first person I've visited, who actually will remember me. It's one of the reasons I'm enjoying this so much."

She waved her hand at the beauty around them, smiling in such a way her face radiated with soft light from within.
Verity sighed happily.  

"You will be my first true friend, Merlin.'


Feb 10th 2020 12:22

She turned to look upon his countenance with deep intensity. 

For a short time, the time of a breath on this world, she studied him. Not only his features, but his heart and soul.
He was most definitely the one she was sent to.  He was unsure, yet powerful. Most likely not even aware of how powerful as of yet.

Verity reached out her hand to him and softly beckoned him. 

"Walk with me Merlin, I will answer all your questions and perhaps ask a few of my own.  Tell me?  How is Gaius?  When last I saw him, he was much younger than now, I'm sure.  Is he well? Is he teaching  you all that you had hoped?"

She smiled softly, aware that her question would give this young man many more questions.  She liked him. He had clear truthful eyes and a good heart.
They walked along the road together, hand in hand.  

She marveled at the beauty all around her. It was a majestic and peaceful agrarian scene.  She felt her spirits soar as she took in the mountains in the background and the many trees along the  roadside.  The air was tinged with the aroma of woodsmoke and sage.  She had come to appreciate these small gifts --aromas, herbs, fire smoke, fresh air.   

Her face reflected her simple joy in all of her surroundings and for just a moment she relaxed, and became a young girl again.

Feb 9th 2020 13:51

Verity liked his voice. It was kind and gentle.

The worlds she had visited in her 800 years of living were sometimes inhabited by beings who only lived to hurt.  It was their purpose and sole reason to exist.  She had hated those assignments. 
The missions were difficult, but she had to seek out the one soul she'd been sent to help.  Most often, she had to take them from the planet.  It was too hostile for souls like the being she had helped. 

Then there were worlds where the inhabitants were all kind.  All gentle and cared for others. They had serving spirits and delighted in doing things for others.  These worlds --two that she knew of-- were wonderful to visit. 
The person she had been sent to help was someone who had rebelled against the normal behavior of his people and became a problem to society.

Risking expulsion from his world, Verity was sent to aid him in finding the right path. The one of his kind.  She had succeeded, but only because of those who lived on the planet. They were so kind and giving they had aided her in helping him find his true purpose.  She left that world happy in the knowledge that she had accomplished her mission. Which earned her a promotion on her own world.

Here, on this world, the inhabitants were in both groups.  There were some good and some with darkness in their hearts.  Most of all they all seemed to follow whoever was in power.

It was a planet of people with free-choice.  Sometimes it seemed to be their downfall, while other times it had seemed the best of all the worlds she'd visited.

Here, she had been sent to find one called Merlin.  He would be very influential in this world.  
He would mold a king, and teach many generations.

"YOU are Merlin?" She spoke with a smile as she lifted her head to look at him a little of her surprise showing in her expression.

He was just a young man. About her age in earth years.  Verity wondered what had been so special about him that she had been sent to aid him.

Feb 8th 2020 13:26

Truly, she had been many places.

To stars across the galaxies, and to places that were beyond description.
She came from such a place.  A moon of the planet Yego, where only angelic like beings lived.

But, somehow, she had taken a portal back into time and here stood a legend before her.

Verity was shocked, yet excited.  This was a new land, a wondrous land.

She was a little disoriented, but Verity knew from experience that would soon wear off.   Wondering why she had been sent here to this land, she looked around with interest.

"I hope I did not surprise or shock you, sir." She spoke with a smile and she bowed a little, as she remembered the customs of this age.

"My name is Verity.  I'm a visitor to your land...and I'm a bit lost."
Diamond: ❤'s Pippin ❤

Feb 1st 2020 13:57

He was her uncle.  Wasn't he?

But suddenly, here in front of her was this young lad.

His eyes were the same as her uncle's, but ....

She was very confused.  MAGIC--it had to be magic.

Diamond looked up at him and smiled.

"Uncle? I know you're tricking me.  Come on out."
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