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"Bite me Winchester, you ain't got the balls to do what I've done." - Zoey Elena Campbell

22 years old
Gaylord, Michigan
United States

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January 26 2020

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Characters: Zoey Elena Campbell (An Original Character)
Verses: Supernatural (TV Show)
Playbys: Avril Lavigne
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Undead,
Member Since:January 21, 2020

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About me:
Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my page blow is a little bit of OOC information for anyone interested about getting to know the person behind the screen. If you don't and are more looking to just roleplay, please have a look at the section below the second line of "~~~" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My name is Tori, and as of Sept 2019 I am 22 years old! So the age on this profile is the real age of myself, NOT the age of my character. I've been roleplaying on and off heavily since I was fourteen years old. I'm really OOC friendly, especially if your being friendly to me! I don't want any drama on my page, so if you guys could leave me out of it, that would be awesome. Want to know more? Want my Kik or Discord? Feel free to ask! I won't bite unless you ask real nicely ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So Here is my in character information. As of this present moment, Zoey doesn't have a blog. However I'm hoping to get one started as soon as possible. Right Noe I am focused on other character blogs: Zoey Campbell is 38 years of age. She's by no means some dainty high maintenance prissy chick. Played by singer Avril Lavigne Zoey has been hunting demons and other supernatural monsters since she was fifteen years old. At age fifteen she and her family were camping in a state park when they were attacked by Skin Walkers. Her family was torn to shreds and nearly dead by the time she was able to reach her fathers shotgun. Her mother, father and baby sister lay dying and screaming in pain. She gave them each a kiss, knowing they'd not survive, and used the shotgun to end their suffering. Then she went to live with her fathers brother, as he was her last living relative. She told him what she'd seen, and of course like any other rational adult he'd told her it was just wolves and she had post traumatic stress. Well Zoey knew she wasn't crazy, she studied and eventually was able to meet the Winchesters a few times. She is a hardened warrior that drives a beat up Chevy truck, she doesn't take sh*t from anyone, and can drink a fifth of Whiskey in less than an hour if she's depressed enough. Zoey has a temper, and isn't afraid to unleash it.
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