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The Kingdom Of Kain established 11/20/2014 FB RP shocked this place even still exisit, to be frank Female
28 years old
Satanta, Kansas
United States

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February 12 2020

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Primary Obejective

Eliminate all project Abby and Ethens. Asmodeus creates things too well. So much so memories implanted exposed things intended to not be known.

Secondary Objective

Capture all known seeds of Kain for reprogramming.

Locate doppleganger who they draw their witchcafts from

destory thier becon of hope

Reactivate Project Rebecca


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Characters: Kingdom Of Kain Facebook group moving back here.
Verses: Demonic,Artistic,Creative minds
Playbys: Jill Valentine
Genre: Ancient, Band, Custom, Fantasy, Supernatural, Undead,
Member Since:January 17, 2020

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About me:

After the Break up of two well-known writers within the Devils family lead things to be a nest of Drama. We no longer share bio details. With complete strangers. Kingdom of Kain much like the known group the Enlightenment of Knowledge. Has many different levels. Only those who have proved their worth know who we are and why we are the way we are today.

Who I'd like to meet:

I don't have time for strangers only foot soldiers.

A Foot soldier follows orders. Given no questions asked. No matter how little nor how great. If you desire this role. Then Title yourself Foot Solider. If you deny orders given. Will quickly be removed. Not Authorized for any Facebook transfers. Please do not ask the request will be denied.

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POD Danny.

Jan 17th 2020 19:57

okay I will post it in the blog now.
POD Danny.

Jan 17th 2020 19:55

I found out a little. Do you want it here?
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