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Characters: Jughead Jones
Verses: normal,magical, mature. 21 +trigger warnings, crime.
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10 hours ago

The Escape
attn: Freya Labonair / mention: archie andrews , jughead jones, Crescent werewolves
Freya was born in Louisiana in the small town bayou of Atchafalaya, little was she aware of though she was the doppelganger to a vengeful witch, Anne de Chantraine. Everything though was different now, she was orphaned, her parents murdered and Freya murdered and killed out of her own self defence only three years old the hunters who tried to kill her, she considered it a accident, or was it really a accident? Freya didn't have a clue, she was too small to understand the things which were going on but her parents were dead now, her mother the first to die then her father after. Both her parents died trying to protect her but it was a vampire who had taken her to safety, His name was Elijah Mikaelson but Freya wasn't your usual werewolf, she was born with the advanced bloodline of the Balcoin family and her father was a Labonair, she had a crescent birthmark on her right shoulder which belonged to her family the Labonair among the Crescent Wolf pack, they were becoming fewer and fewer and now Freya was alone but being trained by the Original Hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson her godparent, she had to learn control but Klaus simply used her for a means to a end to rid his enemies. 

"Again!" Klaus shouted and Freya had been forced to turn into the wolf she activated her curse to, the crimson eyes showing of her mother's bloodline, her body trembled as she turned so many times already, it was so painful to begin with but it became easier as time went on "Interesting...." he muttered as he had a vampire chained up and watched how quickly her bite killed that vampire, he placed his finger beneath her chin once she turned back to her human form, her eyes shifting back to her own blue eyes "Balcoin with the Labonair bloodline.. Interesting indeed. You will prove useful to me after all" he spoke before walking out, Elijah rushed over covering her trembling body up "Shhh it's ok, you can rest now" Elijah didn't like seeing her suffer like this but after he went and carried her to her bed, the vampire she killed lay on the floor in the basement below the house.
Elijah all he ever did was make promises to the little wolf and they were right it did get easier, Freya learned to control it and became a very dangerous weapon for the original vampire family, well to Klaus that is. But now that Freya was grown up she chose to leave the Mikaelson family behind, she wanted a fresh start and she finally was going to get it, she was just a teenager of 19 years old, She had her own thing to do, She wanted to be among the werewolves, she had met Cailey who had come looking for family, she became so very close with her but once she was with the wolves, she never felt more at home, she had been there for a year and a half almost two years, taking her place as alpha by force. None of them could refuse, Cailey and herself were Alpha and Beta of the pack, uniting the packs of Atchafalaya and of the Crescent Packs, working to keep them at peace. They didn't have the worries of drugs or nothing dangerous really out there, they were highly protective of the land they called theres. 

But that would all soon quickly change, Freya had finished one of her runs in the bayou, her crimson red eyes shifting to there normal color as she returned to her human form getting dressed then walking into the cabin to get something to eat and drink. She didn't expect to find two people who had been wandering for days stumbling across her territory, "Freya! We have two outsiders" a werewolf told her, it was Jared who was her third in command out there, the wolves protected the grounds well but Freya turned to Jared "Are they human?" Jared quickly nodded 

"Yes they appear to be for the most part" the werewolf told Freya and Freya stepped outside to see who comes to Louisiana to the Bayou "let them pass, come on they cannot be too much of a threat, give them some food and water to start with and we will find out there reasons for wandering here" Freya demanded, Archie who had come with the man beside him wearing a southside serpent jacket Freya stared at him trying to figure out if he could be trusted, if either of them could. The camp fire burned outside on the grounds which the werewolves kept going, they all appeared human not exposing themselves to humans in worries they would bring hunters to there territory, something which they could never afford, not again. 

"So, Who are you and why have you come here? Not many come to the bayou unless they're foolish of course, we got crocodiles and wild animals out here." She couldn't help but be curious but remained polite to the both of them not of course knowing the reason they were here was to get away from a very bad drug lord named Hiram Lodge who was a threat to Archie and whoever crossed paths with the man named Hiram Lodge, Freya was a stranger to all of that mess thankfully but she was going to get to the bottom of all of this.
“So who are you and why have you come here? not many come to the bayou unless they are foolish of course, we got crocodiles and wild animals out here.”
credit: james kriet

Feb 3rd 2020 20:14

Freya Labonair

“Come lets be friends not enemies, I promise I won't bite”
Every werewolf has there beginning, I have mine.
My life begins as a young toddler  in Louisiana, I was born to two very loving parents, my life was taken from me when I was three years old, my parents both murdered but I was not aware my future would lead me to living with a family my ancestor hated.  I'm the doppelganger  to a witch, Anne de Chanteraine and she was executed in 1603 in Belgium and burned at the stake. her anguish started the doppelganger  bloodline including myself in the future. Her hatred punished the Mikaelson family who took me in who was a family of vampires, the original vampires.

I know unique of course but as a werewolf I activated my curse when I was only three out of self defense, Hey hunters killed my parents and I had to protect myself somehow being a small child. Deep down I never knew the future would give me and that I was a hybrid link between werewolves and witches within my bloodline, my father was the crescent alpha's younger brother  and my mother was from a darkened bloodline of  werewolves who intermixed with witches and my family died off at the will of a ancient witch out for blood.  

Well enough of that, I hope we can build a connection with one another. I love meeting new friends and blend in well with humans too ♥ 
Hope to hear back soon, 
Freya Labonair, Crescent Wolf of Atchafalaya
“I will choose my own destiny, I want to live a normal life.”
credit: james kriet
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