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("I'm playing the villain, baby. Just like you wanted.") Girl Interrupted/OITNB. Crossovers Welcome. Lisa is Bisexual. No Sex Boys, I might just get stab happy with a syringe

30 years old
Bristow, Virginia
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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Claymoore Mental Institution
Body type:Athletic
Religion:Christian - other
Education:High school
Occupation:"Patient" in Claymoore Institution
Characters: Lisa Rowe
Verses: Girl Interrupted, Orange Is The New Black, Asylum, Crime, Supernatural, Crossovers
Playbys: Angelina Jolie
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Medical, Movie, Psychological, Suspense,
Status: Single
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About me:
Lisa is one of the many mental patients in the psyche ward, and is extremely obstreperous, cold-hearted, rebellious, cocky, and charismatic. By many of the hospital's doctors and other mental patients, she is considered to be a sociopath. After a horrifying meeting with the newest patient Susanna Kaysen (who is being treated for depression and is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder), she forms a bond with the girl and encourages her to stop taking her medication and resist therapy from the other doctors. Soon, Susanna enjoys her rebellious streak and the camaraderie she finds with Lisa and the girl's actions range from pranks, indulging in fantasies, and mild manipulations to verbally violent attacks on one another. Lisa knows the operation and layout of the facility, the people, and how to manipulate them and circumstances to suit her desires. She is undaunted by the punishments she receives. At one point, after she disappears, she convinces Susanna to break out of the hospital, and they run to the home of the newly released Daisy Randone, who was living a house provided for her by her adoring father. Lisa has no patience for Daisy, as a rule, but isn't above using her, knowing that the girl will have money and she'll give it to them. But Lisa's hatefulness soon surfaces in short order and she verbally attacks Daisy, exposing the fact that Daisy's has had an incestuous relationship with her father for years and this leaves Daisy desperate and in tears. Though Susanna tries to sooth things over, Daisy withdraws to her room. The following morning, Susanna hears "End Of The World" playing continuously from Daisy's room and is told by Lisa that Daisy has not come out of her room since the verbal abuse from last night and that the same song has been playing all morning. Going upstairs, Susanna is shocked to discover that Daisy has committed suicide by hanging from a noose with her wrists slit, and is appalled by Lisa's insensitive and callous behavior when she searches for and finds whatever cash she can (including searching Daisy's dead body), and then leaves the house to go on the run. Susanna has finally reached her nexus and realizes that she doesn't want to become like Lisa. She phones for an ambulance and then returns to Claymoore to pursue treatment. Just before her release, however, Lisa is returned to the facility. When she finds out about Susanna's impending release, Lisa strikes out at her. In an effort to secure her superior position at Claymoore and spew hatred at Susanna, Lisa steals Susanna's diary and reads it for the amusement of some of the patients so they can ridicule her together. At this, Susanna explodes, and angrily tells Lisa she is "dead already". Lisa breaks down and she reveals that perhaps she has been living a lie, that she probably isn't a sociopath at all but she is very troubled and the two reconcile. Before Susanna is released the next day, she goes to see Lisa one last time and there are indications that Lisa is going to change for the better.
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Jan 9th 2020 20:33

Resultado de imagen para animated gifs love you
If you get this means i love you very much and i have so much fun roleplaying with you. Thanks for everything and now i consider you one of my friends around here💙💙
ꝈìէէӀҽ βҽղղҽէէ చìէçհ ♥

Jan 8th 2020 10:35

Oh damn that sound's really great to me ;) and plus you don't have to send it to be honest i already read it. but you really don't have to do that really sweetie but if you like to it is up to you.
ꝈìէէӀҽ βҽղղҽէէ చìէçհ ♥

Jan 8th 2020 10:30

;) Oh mm i love yours as well so damn sexy as f*** plus i can't wait to start a storyline with you either ;) feel free to hmu sometime for something fun. I would so love to play with you sometime beautiful -Smirks-
ꝈìէէӀҽ βҽղղҽէէ చìէçհ ♥

Jan 8th 2020 10:22

Hi beautiful!! 

Thank you so much for accepting/adding me as a friend, my name is Vanessa Nicole Bennett cousin to Bonnie Bennett. Looking forward to becoming really great friend's with you along starting a storyline with you. I can't wait to see what our character's come up with in this new year! Again thank you!!


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