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Freckles™ ✈️🌴

Feb 14th 2020 21:48

Kate had grown up believing that her parents had been Diane and Sam Austen, it would only be much later on that she would find out that Her dad was not Sam but  a man named Wayne, The horrible thing however had been that Wayne had been abusive to both her and her mother , This had been the sole reason why Kate had killed him, Call it self defense if you will but she had to put a stop to all the hurt, of course In truth it had become a bit of fate, due to the simple fact that once she had been apprehended for her crimes she would end up on a plane crash that would change her life forever.

In a more later date Kate had discovered that Diane and Wayne were not even remotely related to her, They had kidnapped her from someone else, kidnapped her from someone much more powerful then either one of them, Knowing all of this now had broken her heart, but perhaps in a way it had been a good thing seeing as Now She got to know her real mother, someone she had cared for a great deal.

Kate would come to meet Rey (Her real mother) During a crash of her own, landing on the beach in confusion, Kate had been the one to find her, She herself just a mere few month's pregnant, she had seen Rey and approached her "You Look Lost (LOL See what I Did there) , You wouldn't be the first to be stranded on this island due to a crash, I myself am included, we crashed here probably about a year ago, though the way time here is, It's hard to say" She offered with a shrug, then had added "I'm Kate by the way"

Present day:

That day so many years prior, had truly changed her life forever, She would befriend Rey, and then discover that she was her actual mother, due to the time fluctuations and the magic of it all She had met her mother Rey when She was pregnant with her. Through the years Kate had tried to remain in contact with her, despite it being difficult, perhaps getting back to the island, to retrieve Sawyer would mean setting back time and once again meeting Rey.

(OOC I'm sorry if this sucks, My brain is fried due to the crap replies from the f***ing Richard Kimble's, so my apologize if this doesn't make sense or isn't what you had in mind)
Blood and Whiskey.

Feb 14th 2020 00:23

The Past - Paris, France
Mission Objective: Omar Assad
Gabriella Booth had been a part of the black ops team for years, serving under her older brother Adam Dalton. She had become very close with Rey, closer with her than she had when the younger woman was growing up. Other than Rey, she still had her best guy friend and former friend with benefits, Amir, there as well. She had come into the room halfway into the conversation originally to tell them that everything was ready. However, when she saw her brother go at it with Rey, she raised an eyebrow before sighing heavily. She had listened to everything and just shook her head. She looked at Amir who had come to stand next to her and ask her.

"Gabby, what's that look for?" Amir knew Gabriella better than almost anyone else in the group other than Rey who was his daughter. He knew that there was something going on that she was picking up on, though part of him wasnt sure that he wanted to truly know.

Gabby looked at him with a deep breath. "First, he really should just let her come on this mission. he should know her by now, making her sit out wont stop her. Besides, it could be good for her. If worst comes to worst throw her on surveilance where she stays in the truck and doesnt go in but benching her? It's a bit much at this point in the mission."

Amir shook his head and said to Gabby. "On this, I have to say I agree with Dalton, though you're right too, though it's not our place to debate right here and now anyway." He looked to Dalton and nodded before walking out of the warehouse to the truck and getting in.

Gabby stayed after everyone else turned to leave. She gave Dalton a look and muttered just loud enough for him to hear but not loud enough for everyone else to. "You're wrong on this, bro." She left it at that and took a deep breath before going over and giving Rey a hug. She whispered. "This shouldnt go down without you." She left it at that and kissed Rey's cheek before she pulled away and smiled slightly. She heard Dalton hollar for her again from the door as she hollared back. "I'm coming!" She looked at Rey and said. "I'm sorry." She turned and walked to the door and got into the truck with Dalton.

Gabby sat there with Jaz and Dalton, trying not to discuss it further, especially since Gabby and Dalton had an agreement that she wouldnt question him or try to lecture him infront of everyone, she would save that for when no one else was around. Though boy did she want to have a few choice words with him right about them. However, she knew his thoughts were elsewhere, she could feel it.

Once arriving at the meeting spot, everyone got out of the trucks and Dalton remained distracted which caused her to chuckle and shake her head. She didnt say anything else at the moment about it but couldnt help but chuckle when Jaz teased him about spacing out. She looked to him and shrugged. "What? she has a point."

Amir heard that and raised a protective eyebrow at Dalton but nodded. "Lets do this then." He patted Maguire on the arm and turned to start heading for the trucks again. "You be safe now, remember no high risk antics...Gabby." He winked playfully and chuckled before getting into the truck.

Gabby heard what Amir said and smirked with a shrug. "Me? Antics? You must have me confused with someone else." She took her outer layer of clothes off and tossed them at the back of Amir's head. "Oops." She then adjusted her skin tight red dress, toussled her hair a little bit and wrapped an arm around Jaz's waist for a moment. Then she paused and saw the look Dalton gave her before she let go of Jaz and wrapped an arm around one of Dalton's and picked up the third and final case of guns, while Jaz walked slightly behind them. She whispered to him. "What? You said eye candy, so I'm bringing the eye candy." She watched their surroundings as they made their way through to the back, where the guy in charge happened to be waiting for them.

Amir got hit in the back of the head by Gabby's sweat clothes and turned around with a raised eyebrow when he saw Gabby's skimpy, skin tight red dress and took a deep breath as he said. "Some things never change." He smirked and then grabbed the clothes and took them with him into the truck so they wouldnt be made before they even walk in. He immediately turned on the monitors and clicked the ear wig to make sure they were all secure as he looked to Maguire who hopped into the truck shortly after. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, Nadia stood with Weiss, her fiance, and Rey, her sister. The two were the team that happened to be in Paris when Rey called for help, on more of a romantic vacation than on assignment. However, when Sydney called them, they jumped to help. She took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes, we know, all he was asking is this something you want to risk, this could change everything if you get caught by Dalton."

Nadia looked to Rey and then bit her lip. "So lets do this then." She looked between them and loaded guns in her holsters, boots and in her clothes. She nodded and said. "I'm ready whenever you are." She bit her lip and went to follow Rey in the back after giving a quick glance to Wiess.

The Present - Dominican Republic
Mission Objective: take down crime/drug lord and sex trafficker, Julian Davenport

Gabby had been looking forward to this mission, any mission really, but this one especially because she could actually go in with her girlfriend and partner as her girlfriend. She had to admit she enjoyed any opportunities to be with her. She looked to her older brother give the brief of the mission to them. She gave him a look and tried to diffuse the situation before Rey and Dalton went at it again. "We got it. It's not that difficult so lets do it and get it overwith, yeah?" she moved out of the way to let Jaz out. she heard him ask her to head out and she gave them both a look before sighing. "Yeah, fine, whatever." She got out of the van and waited.

Gabby let Rey take her hand as she smirked, wathing the younger woman start chewing on some gum and pop it. She nodded and wrapped her arm around Rey's waist. "So am I so lets have some fun." She winked and followed Rey onto the dancefloor and started grinding with her to the music. She smirked. "I always have loved this song." She winked and grabbed Rey's hand, pushing her away in a twirl before twirling her back into her, swaying her hips back and forth in a grinding motion against the younger woman. She slid a hand up to Rey's neck and moved her hair out of the way before placing kisses to it. She whispered against Rey's skin. "We might have to turn it up a little more." she trailed her mouth to meet Reys in a passionate kiss.

They didnt get too much further into the dance before someone came up and tapped them on the shoulders. "Sorry to interrupt ladies, but your presence was requested in the back." He turned around and said. "Follow me." he led the two ladies into the back rooms where Julian Davenport was along with a few other people.

Gabby broke the kiss and looked at the guy with a sigh. "So much for finishing the song." She shrugged and wrapped her arm around Rey's waist again as they walked into the back. Her eyes glanced around the room, scoping it out as she started getting that wierd feeling in the pit of her stomach that she had come to associate with what someone else had been feeling, a mixture between arrousal and nerves. She forced herself to ignore it, guessing the nerves was from one of the lackys that hadnt been working for Julian for long. "You asked to see us?" She left it at that as her eyes never left Julian.

Amir had gone through the briefing and waited until he saw Rey and Gabby go inside the building before he got into the van. He had noticed Dalton had changed how he reacted to rey dramatically over the past few months and he knew that he was attracted to her. However, this was his daughter, the daughter he raised and the daughter he was highly protective over. He sat down and just started at his male best friend with his arms crossed over his chest. He waited until they saw Rey and Gabby dancing before he said. "I know you have feelings for Rey. It's obvious. Are you planning on making a move and telling her? Or you suffering in silence and getting more and more snappy with her?"
Amazon Lioness.

Feb 14th 2020 00:19

Jack heard what Taron said and then sighed as he said. "I prey you never have to have that problem then." He gave Taron a skeptical look when he said to give it time and that Annabelle will come around sooner or later and just shook his head. "Forgive me if I don't hold my breath." He then added. "He'll be alright in time as long as we can get him back without any issues." He began making his way through the jungle with everyone else.

Veronica shrugged. "Not to worry, it's not too bad as long as you dont mind nature." She looked at them and then listened to Lorraine's story as they walked. She could see the fear in the womans eyes as she spoke about this Ed guy. Part of her had a feeling that he wasnt there on the island but she wasnt going to count anything out. She let finn talk with Lorraine then she added in. "Besides, a lot of us get bored just hanging around the beach so I'm sure when everything gets settled that you'd be able to find a few people go with you to look for him until we cover all parts of this island." She looked to Finn and Malone with a nod before going to walk with everyone away from the crash site. 

Varia heard what Richard said in response to what she had suggested which caused her to take a deep breath and roll her eyes. She then couldnt help but think: That's what I said...AFTER... Damn what happened to listening? She kept her thoughts tightly concealed in the back of her brain so they wouldnt accidentally get sent to him. She couldnt help but start to get frustrated by how childish he was being at the moment. She muttered the words. "Fine. Whatever."

Varia followed Richard through the jungle towards the crash site. She searched the wrackage with him and raised an eyebrow when he stopped and said that he new that man, especially when he said that he was ben's newly appointed right hand. She nodded. "Yeah, I knew he didn't trust you but I didnt think he was that stupid or desperate to replace you altogether as his right hand man. Disagreements be damned, you know this place and everyone on it like the back of your hand and you could still help him. You deserve that say. hell, he doesnt need to trust you for that he just needs to respect or at the bare minimum listen." She was legitimately pissed off for Richard being shoved aside by Ben.

Although Varia and Richard seemed to be in a slowly downward spiral for the past couple hours, she still loved him more than anyone or anything. She wanted the best for him. Yes, she agreed that Richard being the one to align himself with Ben wasnt the best idea in the first place. However, she knew that out of the four with anytype of say or power on the island all these centuries Richard was the one that always was highly skilled at that. Hell, he adapted better than the rest of them and he knew what to say and how to be subtle. Those were things, she never posessed and she wouldve never wanted to be the one there. Though after everything Richard's done for Ben to be thrown aside because of some disagreements and other things she felt was downright offensive and she had half the mind to go and kick Ben's ass for Richard.

Varia took a heavy breath before nodding. "Oh, I know how dirty he likes to play." She gave a look and then shrugged. "Yeah, lets make sure because this feeling in the pit of my stomach sure isnt helping at all." She said, more just in general than to anyone. She cleared her throat and then went behind him as he led the way. She could track very well, but she figured that he could probably use the feeling of taking the lead right then. Now she was feeling even worse about just not giving him a straight answer to the proposal, especially since it wasn't exactly an issue with how she felt about him but more an issue with the concept of marriage itself. She was starting to realize that he must've recently been demoted so to speak and eventhough it was a crappy thing to begin with, it was better than being a lacky and her not giving him a straight answer probably only added to the frustration. She so badly wanted to talk with him, though like he said, now wasnt the time. Not to mention, she had a tendency of putting her foot in her mouth and not always saying stuff the right way. So it was a small gesture, though one none the less to try and atleast help him feel a little better. Make no mistake she wasnt pitying him or anything like that, she was just realizing that with the conversation in the clearing, she did put her foot in her mouth and probably should have just said how she felt about him rather than how she felt about marriage.

Valerie caught up with Alaric as she caught her breath. She heard him instruct her to lead the way and she nodded and began leaded the way through the jungle. She heard his question and took a deep breath, shaking her head. "I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it's not good." She suddenly found herself smirking when he said that they better not touch a strand of Rey's hair. She looked back towards him without slowing down in the slightest. "Oh, i know you will make them pay babe and I'll be right there with you." She smirked and was about to take a next step but stopped in her tracks when she heard the twig snap. She had been solely focused on finding Rey for Alaric that she didnt even notice they were being followed. She held up her hand, ready to strike with magic since she didnt bring a gun.

Valerie saw Charlotte and Daniel come out of the tall grass and lowered her magic and looked at them with a raised eyebrow. "Wanted us to hear you?" She smirked and looked between them and Alaric, listening to them talk. She turned to Daniel and couldnt help but make the comment. "Along for the ride, huh?" She smirked and just shook her head before making her way with the redhead, scientist, and her lover to the barracks.

Daniel shrugged at what they said and then added in. "Well it is always an interesting ride, so why sit out?" He said back to Valerie with a small smile on his face. Once he saw Charlotte try to order everyone there, he smiled and held out his hands as he said. "Well eventhough she doesnt know where you were going she sure does enjoy leading." He smiled and winked to Charlotte when seeing her turn back to him. "What? It's true." He then shut up and just followed the women that were leading the way for the men to follow.

Once making it to the barracks, Valerie heard what Alaric said and nodded to him before raising an eyebrow to Charlotte. She looked between the three before saying. "We're looking for someone that was on that plane that crashed." She looked to him before looking back at the younger couple. "His daughter and I know that she was taken here. The only question is where." she paused before describing Rey to a T for them, right down to her brown eyes and her white and tan layered clothes and the wounds that she had. She also knew that it was the first time that Alaric had probably heard the description of his daughter. She reached over and instinctively went to take Alaric's hand.  Then she turned to the other two and said. "Be careful as we well know eventhough its mainly women and children sometimes its the women and children that can really be more of a threat." She left it at that before turning and leaving with Alaric to check the houses that he had pointed to earlier.

Daniel heard that and raised an eyebrow before nodding. "Will do and dont you worry Rick, we'll find her safely." He gave a warm smile before turning and going with charlotte to check the houses on the other side of the barracks. What he didnt realize was that they had been spotted by Friendly when they went to the second house which litterally made them walking targets.

Valerie went to the first house, no one was there and nothing was there. Infact, Valerie had no intentions of going around to all of their houses. She only needed them to stop in that first house to keep from being seen, having had sensed Ben start coming back. She saw Alaric go to try and leave the house first, but she grabbed him and pulled him back away from the door. She said quietly. "No one's coming back to this house anytime soon. The guy who lived here is now very dead." She paused before adding. "Ben's going to walk with his crew back to the barracks from the jungle just outside the door in about a minute. We can do this we just have to time it right." She told him just trying to make sure he realized going barrelling out there would only cause issues for all of them and especially Rey. They went and sat down away from the windows and just went about shooting the sh*t. "Look, I'm sorry I invaded you so to speak about Rey. It just happened, somethings just come to me eventhough I dont want them to."

Valerie looked at him and swallowed hard as she said. "I know a lot of people dont like that, but like I said. I'm sorry if I upset you or anything." She had to clear the air, knowing that the two still had areas of their lives that they hadnt discussed yet and she didnt want him to think that that level of descretion about certain things only went one way. It wasnt something that she had been digging for. Once they had talked for a little while and the coast was clear, she said. "Follow me, I'll get you to her." She led the way around the back of the houses to station 3. She snuck in the back door with him and crept through the hallways. When someone came they rushed into a closet to avoid being seen, once they passed she waited a moment before leading the way through the hallways to the side entrance to the medical bay. Once they went through the doors, she took Alarics hand and started sneaking towards where Rey and Ethan were, wathing the interaction.

Sayid took out his gun and nodded as he made his way with Kate and Juliet into the barracks. Juliet took her own gun out and thought about it. "They seemed really interested in giving her medical attention and there's only two Med Bays here at the barracks. One happens to be in the direction we're supposed to look." She smirked. Sayid looked to Juliet with a smirk and then nodded before stepping out of the way. "Then lets check there first."

Annabelle heard a noise behind them and turned around, c*cking her gun in the same motion. She kept it aimed at the area that she heard the noise from. Once she saw Richard step out first, she raised an eyebrow and kept her gun aimed. When she saw Varia step out, she couldnt help but smirk and say "Aw hell." She left it at that.

Varia was nocked out of her thoughts when she heard a ton of guns c*ck and move. She stepped out of the grass and looked at them all with a look on her face. "Well, hello to you all too." she said and then pointed to the guns. "Mind putting those away?" She knew they had a hard time trusting Richard because of his associations with Ben but honestly he'd be the first one to have all of their backs. She just wished some of them would see that.

Jack looked at Richard and then Varia with a raised eyebrow. "Answer the question and we'll consider it."

The minute Annabelle heard Jack say that, she lowered her gun, almost out of defiance but also because to her, Richard - especially when he's with Varia - wasn't much of a threat and neither was Varia. Jack and Locke and some others were the ones that had the trust issues when it came to those two not her. Annabelle saw how they were, especially reguarding people like Kate and Taron among others who were decended from Varia. Varia would protect them with every fiber of her being and Richard would be right there with her. She said to them. "Put the guns down if for no other reason than for us to hear them out."

Jack gave annabelle a look of disbelief when she said that and reluctantly told everyone. "Alright, lower your guns." He then asked. "So, why are you here?"

Varia saw that and couldnt help but smirk at Annabelle, knowing what the other woman was doing without actually saying so. She approved. She then looked to Richard then back to everyone else. "We were just coming to help make sure that you were the ones to get every survivor off of that plane." She paused and looked around not feeling the connection to anyone new yet as she took a deep breath. "She's not here." She shook her head and then looked to Richard uneasily. "What if he has her?" She asked, not even knowing about the fact that Esau already had an interest in Rey and that he was the one who told Ben to pick her up. She was legitimately concerned and one of the last people she trusted to keep her safe would be ben because she did know he started faltering in his loyalties especially when he stopped having Richard help atleast.

Annabelle caught the look that Varia had given her and raised an eyebrow but said nothing in responce to it. She shook her head and simply said. "These were the only two that were alive that we found, although Kate that group went a different direction to search for survivors as well. So maybe Kate's group found them?" She offered up to Varia and Richard, though she could feel eyes like burning into her from Jack and Locke, but at this point she didnt give a sh*t. She could relate to Varia and knew that that woman would go to the lengths of the universe just to keep people she's close to safe. For her to come looking meant that that was exactly what Varia was trying to do. She wasnt stupid enough to stand in the way of that. 

Jackson heard that and smiled slightly and nodded. "That's a very good possibility that Kate's group found who you're looking for, so i wouldnt jump to the conclusion that Ben or anyone else has that person." He paused before asking. "Would y'all like to come back to the beach with us so you can see when they get back?" he offered, trying to make it all go smoother between everyone and diffuse the tension.

Veronica lowered her knives, never really got used to guns though she wasnt afraid to use them every now and then. She walked over to stand next to jackson with a nod. "Though if you choose to continue on I'm sure a couple of us could go with you if you need any help."

When Varia heard that, what they both said and saw how close they stood, she couldnt help but smirk in her granddaughter's direction, but all she said was. "Not to worry, we can usually handle whatever comes our way, but thank you for that. However, I'm not sure giving that much time would be the smartest way at the moment, though you could be right." She looked to Richard before shaking her head, unable to not to take the lead on this one. "Thank you but no thank you, We need to make sure, the sooner the better." With that she started walking and smiled to Veronica. "Talk soon." She continued walking until she got to Taron and paused a moment to pat Taron on the back. "It's good seeing you again." She looked at the man that was on the stretcher before saying. "I'm sure Valerie would be glad to see him again." She left it at that before starting to walk away again.

Back at the Barracks, Daniel and Charlotte had been moving between the houses and once they came out of the last house, Tom Friendly was standing right infront of the door with his arms crossed. He wasnt only upset that they were sneaking through the barracks but that the house they were leaving was his house sort of upset him a bit more. Without much warning he reached down and grabbed Charlotte's arm in one of his hands and Daniel's arm in his other hand and just dragged them with him through the barracks towards where ben was.

Valerie overheard what was going on and damn near had to rip Alaric back, but they were just waiting on the right time and her eyes went wide when she heard what was being said between Ethan and Rey. She looked to Alaric and then back again that was when she let go and she was going to follow him and sure as hell help him get his daughter out of there safely, not to mention his unborn grandchild. When they hear a door open was when we moved. She went with Alaric into the room and she told him. "Get her out of here, lemme take care of this asshole. Protect your family." She knew that she was part of his family but it was in a different way, they are his flesh and blood family not marriage family or relationship family. Once she saw him go to Rey, she smirked at Ethan and c*cked her head to the side just as her magic flew him back to the wall. "Go! I mean it!" She yelled at them as she kept Ethan there and looked towards the doors while spelling a protection shield around Alaric and Rey. She turned to ethan with a smirk and said. "Oh this? This is nothing." She kept him magically bound for a while.

Varia stopped dead in her tracks when just before she went to leave, she saw that Richard hadn't moved. She caught sight of where he was looking and that it was that new woman. She looked between the woman and him before clearing her throat. "Um, Richard, we were going." She wasnt sure exactly what was going on and she didnt like it.

Annabelle caught sight of where Richard was staring and raised an eyebrow, having had been under the impression that he only had eyes for Varia. She looked between the three and cleared her throat as she whispered. "Trouble in paradise." she looked to Taron and cleared her throat. "Looks like your grandma has some competition."
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Casmiria - jungle clearing

Varia heard his initial reaction to what she said and swallowed hard. Part of her knew and understood his frustration and she wished she was better at wording things, but she wasnt. She did love him and did want to be with him. She saw him turn away from her and gave him a look before saying. “I wasnt saying no, so why are you acting like i just ripped your heart out? The housewife comment was what first comes to my mind when I think of marriage. You’ve known me practically forever.” She gripped his face and turned it toward her as she said. “I love you, I just have to come around to the idea of marriage.” She swallowed hard unsure of where this left them, though she knew theyd be able to make it through this.

When hearing what he said about ben she gave a look and shook her head. “Something is fishy there. I agree lets get going. “She saw the look that he gave her and tried to ignore it. She agreed to just drop the marriage talk for rigbt then and there. She shrugged feeling the slant of a grandchild rather than the direct almost pure of child. She looked to him and said. “It feels more like another grandchild.” She went with him to the boat and got in after helping him push it from the shore. She helped him row the boat in silence, unsure of where he was standing. It felt like time was creeping along so slowly and it was starting to get to her a bit.

Varia rowed in silence for almost an hour before lookkng to him, wanting to break the silence and needing to know where they stood. “Richard, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to hurt you earlier. If you want when things get taken care of, we can reenact our first time back at that clearing?” She gave a small smile, wanting to see where he stood with her needing time.

Bellona - Various Locations

Sayid heard what Marguerite said and raised an eyebrow, unsure of how that was possible but at the same time he wondered why he was even surprised anymore. He nodded and stood up as he said to Marguerite. “We need to get her out of there before Esau gets her, thats definite. However,20 to 30 minute headstarrt like what Ana Lucia said is the smartest way to get her out of there alive and for us to get out alive as well. If they catch wind of us trailing them it won’t be good for anyone. We have to be smart and theyd take her to the barracks first.”

Juliet took a deep breath as she looked between everyone. She stood up and said. “She is fiesty, now i see where Marguerite gets it from.” She chuckled and then shook her head. She couldnt help but be surprised when ben mentioned Esau she knew it wasnt good but thought that ben was still following jacobs orders or his twisted version of it. “Since when did he do Esaus bidding?” She asked more to herself then anyone else.

Valerie saw alaric’s alarm to her news before she stood up and ran after him, not bothering with a gun, she was someone who dkdnt need it given her powers and how even more powerful she felt on the island. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks and yelled out to Alaric. “Babe, wait! We’re going the wrong way!” She caught wind of what had happened between bens crew and rey. However, she also saw sayid and the rest of them just sit back when rey was getting taken. She made a mental note to talk to them when they all got back. “Bens takkng her to the barracks! Lets go there we can cut them off.” She then took off running with Alaric in tow and Charlotte and Daniel on the way to the barracks.

Annabelle looked back at everyone and gave Taron a look when he told her she could cut Jack some slack. She responded in a smartass way. “Yes I could, but I won’t. Not until i see something from him that is worth me cutting him slack.” She said it loud enough for jack to hear her as she stormed away from everyone else making sure there werent any other survivors.

Veronica walked over to Malone and Lorraine and held out her hand for the ofher woman to take. “It’s a lot to take in but you’ll get used to it here.” She then walked away as her ass swayed with her walk, still wearing her patented jungle outfit. She went over to where everyone was getting ready to move poe onto the stretcher to help them.

Jack heard what everyone said as he patched poe up enough to move him safely. “He’ll be alright.” He heard the conversation between Taron and Annabelle as he sighed heavily. He stood up and walked over to them. “Everything alright?”

Annabelle heard Jacks question and gave him a look before looking back to Taron. “Just peachy” she left it at that before pushing passed Jack and towards Jackson, atleast she figured she wouldnt get a lecture from him.

Jack took a deep breath and sighed heavily before turning to Taron when she walked off. “Thats a fiesty one you got who can definitely hold a grudge. I would’ve thought she would be over it all by now.” He rubbed his head and then walked away to go help move poe onto the stretcher.

Jackson watched the scene play out between the three out of the corner of his eye, but decided to stay far away from it for the moment. However, when he saw Annabelle storming towards him, he looked at her and asked. “Anna, whats going on?”

Annabelle got over to Jackson and heard his question she just gave a look to him and said. “Dont you start too.” She then rubbed her head just being highly irritable and she knew that but it didnt change her grudge. It irked her, everything about him and she hadnt once seen things from him that would change that.

Jackson heard that shook his head as he glanced to taron and jack and continued helping as he said to annabelle. “No ones starting hunn but if anything right now isnt the time to be going off on Jack about sh*t that has nothing to do with the here and now. Yes things exploded back home and there was a lot of sh*t that happened and kept happenjng but guess what? We arent there and theres no telling if we ever will be back fhere again. So why not start with a clean slate?” He saw the look annabelle gave and just held up his hands in surrender. “Just something to think about is all.”

After everyone got the stretcher made, they got poe moved over onto it, checked the perimeter and then left with two new people joing them, lorraine and poe. They made their way back towards the beach. Annabelle stayed at the back with her gun at the ready, just itchjng to shoot something. Jackson helped with the stretcher. Jack was at the head of tbe group, leadjng the way back to the beach.


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It was like the universe was at one when Rey had caught Anakin’s light saber from Leia. A smile tugged at the older woman’s features as she looked over at Rey after she spoke, and teased the man standing in front of them. She was right. It did hold great power, and it wasn’t like any other light saber that Rey had held. This one was more powerful. This one had meaning behind it, and it was in the Skywalker family for decades. It just wasn’t any light saber that you could find lying on the ground, or in some workshop after the person who was using it had passed. So, it meant a lot to Leia to hand it off to Rey. It was some kind of ‘passing the torch’ ritual. It meant that Leia trusted Rey. Despite their past, she wasn't going to let anything happen to her. 

Hearing the older man demand that Rey give him Anakin’s light saber, Leia chuckled, and watched him fly backwards. “Good job..” She whispered in her head, hoping that Rey would have heard her words. She didn’t want to speak it out loud, but she had another way of communicating with her. Watching Rey walk over to him, Leia nodded, and looked back at the boys standing behind her. She motioned for them to come closer, as they stood a couple of feet away from Rey - this was her moment. She wasn’t going to let anyone step in between them. Rey deserved some kind of revenge, and Leia was going to let her have it.

Leia jumped back a bit when she heard the sound of the opposing light saber, only to fall in Chewbacca’s direction, along with him catching her. It had caught her off guard, that was for sure. Hearing him speak about how Rey wouldn’t kill him, Leia’s head tilted slightly to the left side, and she wondered what he had meant by saying that. As the two had a conversation, Leia knew this scene all too well-- it was familiar to her. It was like she had heard this before, but not for herself, but from her brother. It couldn’t be? Could it? No. There was no way. Rey was an orphan. She had been alone all of her life. It was sad, but Leia couldn’t change the past.

Like a light saber going through her heart, the words that Lucien spoke played in her head, like it was on repeat. No. He had to be lying. Finn, Poe, and Chewbecca were just as confused as Leia was. The room fell silent after the confession from Lucien. Leia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, what she was seeing. Is this really how Luke felt? Her heart ached. She couldn’t imagine how Luke felt after the confession from their father- and he was alone. Nobody was there to give him a shoulder to cry on, or to even say that they were there for him. Of course, Leia didn’t know that feeling. Anakin had never revealed it to her, but instead decided to lock her up when she was trying to give everyone hope. 

“You sick f***….” Leia couldn’t help but to mumble. She wanted to keep the words to herself, but she was unsure if Rey, or Lucien would have heard it. He was taking the Vader route. Leia was a prisoner, much like how Rey was, and a Skywalker had to save her. It was like the male wanted to be the next Darth Vader. He had done everything that her own father did to her. She would be lying if she said that it didn’t give her some kind of PTSD. It had gotten even worse when he had mentioned the connection. Luke and Leia had that connection. How dare he say those words in front of her!

Her hands turned into fists. Her face filled with rage, as she gripped the light saber that she had in her hand. She was about to snap - and just like that she would hear him mock Rey, and call her a stupid child. Leia couldn’t hold it back anymore. She raced towards the man, and would attempt to strike him with the light saber that she was holding. She would fail, and be met with a strike from his, the sound of their blades colliding echoing across the room. She took a step back, and didn’t attempt to strike him again. He knew what he was doing - and she wasn’t going to give into what he wanted. Watching Finn race over to Rey, Leia sighed. 

She couldn’t believe that she allowed Rey to get hurt on her watch. It was the last thing that she wanted. Hearing Lucien speak about how protective everyone was of Rey, Leia nodded. Of course she was protective of Rey. She had considered her a daughter. Well, now she assumed that she couldn’t because someone who was assuming to be her father was standing right in front of her. But, Leia could sense something. He had this dark aura around him. It wasn’t anything that Rey had. Rey’s aura was bright, colorful, and could light up a dim room from the second that she had walked in. Hearing him mention how Leia lost Ben, her hands would fall to the ground, causing her to nearly drop her light saber. Her heart shattered all over again. The pain of losing Ben would cause her to become weak in the knees. But, that’s what he wanted, wasn’t it? He wanted to cause Leia to become weak so he could get exactly what he wanted. Not on her watch.

“No, you bastard..” Leia replied, a single tear falling down from her right eye, and hitting the ground underneath her. “I don’t care who her ‘family’ is. They abandoned her. Not this time. I am not YOU. Unlike you..” She paused, her light saber turning back on, as her grip tightened. “I actually have a heart. You think that you can tear me down about Ben? I hear him every day. He may be gone in his human form, but he is still here with me spirit wise. And you know who else is?” Lucien chuckled, shaking his head. “Enlighten me.” Leia smirked. Oh, she was going to do that. 

“Anakin, and he’s not very happy that you have very much ripped him off, and tried to pull the same stunt that he did with Luke.” She smirked once again, looking over at Rey who was regaining her composure. Lucien’s attention was shifted onto Leia, opposed to the woman standing behind him. “That’s impossible. Anakin is dead. Anakin’s soul is gone from here! It’s in another galaxy by now, surely.” He hissed. “That’s what you think. You-”

Leia’s words were cut off by the slamming of the door, and her back hitting against the wall that was behind it. She hissed out in pain, holding onto her back, as she looked at everyone surrounding her. Her boys! She had to be sure that they were okay. “Poe..” Leia whispered, grabbing the male’s hand, as he squeezed it reassuringly. “We’re fine.. Chewie’s fine. We have to save her..” He mumbled. Obviously, he was in pain, but he was holding up for the fight. He knew that this wasn’t over, and that he had to be strong for his friend. He was determined to save Rey, and that was something that caused Leia to appreciate him. 

Hearing the sound of body hitting against the wall, Leia couldn’t help but to fear the worst. No. He had killed Finn.. he had killed Rey, hadn’t he? The pain was too much, and she would let another tear fall down onto the ground. She lost her. However, the door would swing open again, and there he was- in front of the door. Leia’s face flushed, and she looked like she had just seen a ghost. It couldn’t be, could it? She thought he was dead. She thought that she had lost him forever.

“Ben!” Leia cried out, quickly getting up to his feet, and running to her son. “Mother..” Ben replied, stepping away from Rey after their hug, and opening his arms for his mother to run into. “I thought you..” She sobbed, her head burying into her son’s chest. “Was dead?” He chuckled. Leia nodded, sobbing into her son’s chest harder. “Nah, mom. I couldn’t just let Rey have all the fun of annoying you for the rest of eternity.” He teased. Leia couldn’t help but to laugh, and pull away from her son.

Gazing into her son’s eyes, she tilted her head to the side, and had a puzzled look on her face. “What is it?” She questioned. “Dad.” Leia’s facial expressions would drop once again. “Han..” She mumbled, her voice cracking at the mention of his name. She missed him. Ben would look behind her, along with Poe gasping at the person standing behind her. “Miss me, princess?” 

Much like Rey, she would know that voice anywhere. “I thought I had lost you, too! How is this possible? I-” She was cut off by her own body meeting against Han’s in a tight hug. “I have to warn you - this isn’t permanent. The other Jedi’s have brought us back. But it’s only to help take down that son of a bitch that took Rey. Well, at least mine isn’t permanent. Not too sure about Ben’s over here. I’ll leave that up to you two to discuss.” Chuckling, Chewbacca would growl happily, and wrap his arms around the couple. Being picked up, Leia chuckled, squeezing into Chewie’s fur. “I can’t believe you’re both back!” She exclaimed. “We’ve got some work to do, don’t we?” She smiled, pulling away from Han, and looking up at him.

“Take us to the Falcon, captain. We’ve got to work. Fast.”
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Casmiria – clearing on other island

Varia smirked slightly when he said that he’d be more than willing to reinact that day a little later. When she saw the diamond ring and listened to everything that he said, she swallowed hard. Part of her wanted to just say yes, but the other part of her screamed at her uneasily. She never saw herself as one of those doting women that needed to be married or even wanted to. She wasn’t domestic and she knew it; she wasn’t someone to conform to any ideas of what a “lady” should ever be. She swallowed hard as she looked at him.

Varia gave an uneasy smile to him when he demanded that she say something and answer his question. She looked at him and said, without taking her eyes off of him. “It’s not as easy as yes or no Richard. You know me.” She paused before adding. “I do love you more than I thought I could love any man. What’s really the point of us getting married? We’ve been practically married for years, what’s getting married going to really change?” She swallowed hard. “If I say yes, you cant expect me to become one of those housewives because that’s just not who I am.” She said, thinking out loud. She moved forward and knelt down infront of Richard as she said, looking into his eyes deeply. “I’ve just never seen myself marrying anyone. Please, just give me some time to think it out.” She swallowed hard and hoped that he wouldn’t be hurt by her answer.

Varia did love him, tremendously, but she needed to process this. She wanted to be with him forever, but she couldn’t change who she was atleast not to a housewife. She paused and then added. “And I wouldn’t be able to stand living at the barraks.” She added, knowing that meant trying to Ben’s community and that would just drive her insane. However, she was jolted out of her thoughts by the loud crashing sound. She jumped up with him and sighed. “Looks like we have more visitors.” She raised an eyebrow when sensing Rey there and just shook her head. “Anoter one’s here, another decendent.” She looked around before changing the subject and raising an eyebrow. “Just what is going on with Ben? Please say he didn’t do this.”

Bellona – beach then crash site

Juliet heard what Kate said and felt a heat rise to her face as she blushed. She looked to Kate and gave a nervous chuckle. “Um, I don’t know. I’ll, uh keep that in mind though.” She said with a small smile on her face. She then started going with the group to the other side of the crash site.

Valerie looked over to see the spectical between her son and Annabelle and Taron, just shaking her head. She muttered to herself. “Well atleast they get their fun.” She cleared her throat before looking over to Alaric when he came over and said quietly. “I know, but I already know who it is. It’s Rey and Poe, so no need to go investigate with them.” She paused and looked to Alaric, sensing both of their injuries. “Though they probably could, however Jack’s heading towards Poe and Juliet’s heading towards Rey, they’ll be fine.” She shrugged and then looked to Alaric with a smile as she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, catching a flash of Rey being born, knowing now that Alaric was Rey’s father. “Don’t worry our children will be here soon enough.” She said eventhough her man hadn’t told her yet.

Annabelle looked to Taron and made the comment with a smirk on her face. “I know I have a nice ass.” She looked to Taron when he chuckled at the banter back and forth between her and Jackson. She then huffed and walked out of the tent again with her arms crossed over her chest, not caring about the various looks that she was given by different people in the crowd of losties. She gave Taron a look when he chose Jack’s group and took a deep breath. “Fine.” She muttered. She grabbed her gun and the bag that had all three of their water bottles before going to walk after them.

As Annabelle was walking, she felt Miles fall into her and Taron and smiled at him. “Its alright, Miles.” She said, since she noticed the look that Taron was giving Miles but didn’t say anything to him. She heard Tarons questions to her about Miles and Kate and couldn’t help but smirk. “Yeah she was my girl for a while some time back. As for between her and Miles, could be anything though I can almost guarantee there are feelings there and they probably got into a bit of a fight. Hense why he’s being all butthurt.” She chuckled slightly as she walked with Taron and Jackson.

Jack continued walking through the jungle, ignoring all the gossip that he could hear behind him. They walked for a while before coming upon the wreckage. He told the rest of the group. “Spread out, see if there is anyone that’s hurt.” He then looked to Annabelle, Jackson and Taron, knowing full well of their skills with a gun and Finn and Veronica, having had seen Finn and Veronica fight over the time that they were there. “You five, keep an eye on the perimeter for anyone or anything that could be a threat.”

Annabelle had arrived at the crash site and heard what Jack had ordered them to do and couldn’t help but mutter under her breath. “Yes master.” She sighed and looked to Jackson and Taron when they gave a look as she said to them. “What?” she shook her head and then took out her gun as she started walking the perimeter, knowing that both men knew she didn’t care for Jack and she wasn’t afraid to show it. She took a deep breath and kept her focus on the jungle.

Sayid looked to Kate as they kept walking through the jungle and kept walking. “What? No fire.” He said trying to shake the feeling in his gut but not knowing how to explain it to her. he saw the woman from his dreams, talking with Ben and ducked down to keep out of sight of Ben and his crew. He heard what Marguerite had said and raised an eyebrow at the impossibility of it all, but kept focused on what was going on infront of him.

Veronica went with everyone else to the crash site and nodded to Jack, not saying anything to debate Jack. She just started surveying the perimeter, however, her curiousity got spiked by the comments she could hear Annabelle making. She shook her head and chuckled at the entire thing. She saw everyone checking the wreckage. She came across a body laying under some metal. She bent down and took the metal off of him and then called out. “Jack, there’s someone here. They look seriously hurt.”

Jack heard that and came running, not knowing this man was Poe and started checking him out. He put his bag down and took out some rags to press against the open wounds. He focused on fixing him up, while having had heard Annabelle’s comments. He knew that the woman had a hard time with him for years, since she had first seen him with Andrea, her ex. Though he wished she would just get over it. Afterall they were stuck on this island together and Andrea was off the island and he came to terms with the fact that they probably weren’t getting off this rock anytime soon. So he just moved on as best as he could do.


Jan 29th 2020 23:05

Leia would be lying if she said that she didn’t worry about Rey. She had considered Rey a daughter of hers while they were working together to get Ben to the light side. She considered her close. She couldn’t imagine losing someone else close to her. Her heart couldn’t take another loss. She thought that she had almost lost chewie. One of the things that she held onto that reminded her of Han. There had been too much heartbreak, too much pain, and too much darkness consuming her. Obviously, the look of fear on her face was troublesome because her thoughts would be cut off by Finn’s voice.

“General?” He asked. Leia snapped out of her phase, and looked over at the male sitting in the passenger seat. “You okay, Mama Solo?” His chair was facing her, as she sat behind Poe. “Huh?” She mumbled out the words, shaking her head, and looking at him. “Yeah. I’m-” She sighed. She couldn’t lie to these boys. They had been through so much together. They had shared almost everything together. Much like Rey, she considered them children figures. “I’m just worried, Finn..” Leia sighed after her words. She leaned forward, looking at him. She could see it in his eyes. He was worried, as well. Leia knew that the trio were close. They were close like her, Han, and Luke were. She could see it for herself. She knew exactly what that look was. She had to be strong for them.

Finn got up, and approached her. Taking his hand into hers, Leia sighed, and met his eyes. “I’m worried, too..” He replied, a single tear falling from his eye, and landing on Leia’s right hand. “Hey, hey..” Leia muttered, breaking their hands, and pulling him in for a hug. “It’s going to be alright, Finn. We’ll get her. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to her. I promise. We will save her. Or we'll die trying” She sighed, as Finn returned the hug. After a moment, the hug broke, and Finn had returned to his seat. Poe was silent, and Leia couldn’t blame him. It obviously had to take some skills into tracking a ship like that. She could never do it, so she would always admire from afar. God, Poe reminded her so much of Han.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Leia..” Poe shouted from the driver’s seat, as Leia leaned back in her chair. So many thoughts ran through her head. She thought that the ‘war’ within the galaxies was over. She thought that she had eliminated all of the evil. Clearly, that wasn’t the case. Clearly there was something much more diabolical that they were dealing with. Leia didn’t even have a chance to call the resistance. She couldn’t. She couldn’t put everyone through the trouble again. She had to think on her feet. She had to go through this alone. That was the plan, anyways, until she had met with Finn and Poe before they took off. “Just..” She sighed, as the Falcon switched into hyper drive. “Ooof!” Leia said with a slight giggle, her body pushing itself back in the seat, her hands holding onto the handles of the chair. “Haven’t been for a spin in her for a moment..” Leia chuckled. Finn looked over, shaking his head, and joining her in a laugh.

She couldn’t believe it. This was the first time that Leia had laughed in years. This was the first time that there was sheer joy on her face. And it was all because they were jumping into hyperspace, something that she had done so many times back with Han when they were young. The couple went through every galaxy together, and they always messed around in the Falcon. Leia was the only person that Han really let the Falcon loose with. Well, if you don’t count Chewbacca. She couldn’t blame him, though. Chewbacca was a friend, and had been Han’s right hand. It was like Chewbacca read her mind, because she’d feel his furry paw touch her hand.

“Chewie!” She said with a smile, jumping up, and hugging the tall beast. “You’re alive! You-” Leia smiled again, squeezing him. Chewbacca embraced her, and she could tell that he wasn’t one-hundred-percent, but she figured that. At least he was alive. At least he could walk. There was a scar from the bullet that had been wrapped up, and Leia felt it when she embraced him. “You’ll be alright, bubba.” She whispered, leaning up to kiss his cheek, before backing away. She’d sit back in the chair, as Chewbacca sat across from her. He let out a loud growl once the targeting system went off second-after-second. Obviously, they were close to Rey. “And there she is… she's a beaut..” Poe added his nerdy remark, causing Leia to scoff. “Okay, Han.” She teased, leaning forward, and looking at the ship that Rey was on. Or, she hoped that Rey would be on. “Let’s save our girl, fellas..”

The ship would land on the other one’s docking bay, which was surprisingly empty. Poe would make the landing as smooth as possible. “Good job, Poe. We may have to call you general one day.” Leia gave him a smile, before heading to the back of the ship where the weapons were currently at. “Finn..” She said, tossing him a gun. “Poe!” She yelled, tossing him a gun similar to Finn’s. “And Chewie.. You know, you have your own special gun on here. Go ahead.” Chewbacca growled happily, grabbing his gun, and his bullet vest that he was notorious for. Leia would grab one of the bigger guns, and a smaller one that attached to her belt. Opening a case, she would see a lightsaber. Not any kind of lightsaber. Luke and Anakin’s. Leia grabbed both, placing one on the opposite side of her belt, and one hidden in her pocket.

Taking a step off of the ship as the door opened, Leia would be greeted with a bunch of random stormtroopers. “What the hell..?” She asked. Chewbacca growled again, this time angrily, as he began to shoot the stormtroopers down one-by-one. “Well.. looks like someone hasn’t missed a beat” She said with a chuckle, before the four began to look for Rey on the ship. Luckily for them, Leia was strong, and one with the force. She could track Rey without alerting anyone on the ship, and that’s exactly what she did. Closing her eyes, she would reach her hand out, as it pointed her in the right direction to where Rey was being held hostage. She could hear Rey crying out in pain. The sound echoed throughout her ears. “She’s in trouble!” 

Before anyone could take a second to breathe, Leia would begin running to where Rey was being held. Poe, Finn, and Chewbacca stayed close behind to her. “Fallen Jedi’s..” Leia mumbled. “Be with me. Guide me to her. Give me the strength to save her..” And instantly, she was given a bolt of energy. She assumed that it was from Ben, Luke, or her father. Leia’s feet began to race faster to Rey. She was met with another set of enemy’s. She took the gun, held it up, and began to shoot them. The trio behind her began to do the same. There was something about stormtroopers.. They couldn’t aim for sh*t. The only stormtrooper that was decent, rebelled against them, and was standing behind her.

They made quick work of the enemies, and continued on their way. Leia’s age was showing as she began to pant, but she felt another bolt of energy. “Save her…” A voice echoed through her head, and she knew exactly who was helping her out. “... Mother..” And just like that. Leia stopped in her tracks, causing everyone to almost bump into her. Before anyone could ask her why she halted in her tracks, she’d hold up her hand, shushing them before they even had a chance. “Ben. Ben’s giving me strength to find her. I haven’t heard his voice since..” She was cut off by the sound of a deep voice behind them. “STOP!” Chewbacca growled, and shot the voice behind them, shutting them up. “Forget it. Let’s save her.” Leia began to run to the room again, and eventually.. They were there.

Leia pressed her ear against the door, listening into the conversation. It angered her. She didn’t know what she was more angry against. The fact that the voice was bringing up her last conversation with Rey, or the fact that they had the audacity to bring up her son. As soon as the voice finished talking, Leia would lunge her right hand forward, breaking the door, and stepping into the scene where Rey was being held hostage.

“WHO’S THERE?” The voice growled. Leia wasn’t afraid. “I SAID-” The voice was louder this time, more angrier, and Leia didn’t care. She’d step into the light, and shoot the mysterious male a devious look. “It’s Leia. Leia Skywalker-Solo.” She growled, looking down at her father’s lightsaber. “Heard that you were looking for this, huh?” She chuckled. “Not going to happen..”

Before the male could speak, Leia would press her hand forward, and just like that- Rey was free. Anything holding her hostage would break, and she was free to do what she pleased. “It’d be a shame if it fell into the wrong hands, wouldn’t it?” She smirked. Poe, Finn, and Chewbacca were close by, but weren’t in sight. A shot would come from behind Leia, hitting the male in the shoulder, causing him to yell out in pain, holding his injured shoulder. “Rey!” Leia yelled out, unhooking Anakin’s lightsaber, and tossing it to her. If Rey had caught the light saber, Leia would unhook Luke’s, and turn it on. The humming of the lightsaber was enough to catch the male’s attention.  

“Take one step towards her, and you won’t have a shoulder to clench onto. You hear me?” Leia’s eyes were dark. It wasn’t like anything that anybody had ever seen, but to say that she was pissed would be putting it lightly. “Go ahead. I dare you. I’ll cut you in f***ing half if you even try anything, bitch..” The last words came out as more of a hiss. “Aren’t you too old to be doing this, Leia?” He asked. “You’re going to regret that you ever said that..” Leia said. It was obvious that she was annoyed, and she was hoping that Rey would take this moment to get revenge. “It’s up to you, Rey. We can kill him right now, we can take him back to base, or we can tie him up like he did you. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate it too much, would you? You sick bastard.”
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One of the Lost Islands, Casmiria just outside of Varia’s cabin

Varia had lived on the islands for centuries and had been immortalized over the years. The four main power players on the island over the centuries: Varia, Richard, Esau and Jacob; had pretty much been living in an isolated fish bowl. Quite frankly at one point or another Varia had slept wjth the other three, though Esau wasnt by her choosing. However, she had a deep love for both Richard and Jacob, though she had primarily been in an actual relationship off and on with Richard. However there were times when she wondered if he actually understood her or if he wanted her to be what he wanted her to be. She had a hard time acclimating to too much change and hated what the world on the outside had become. She definitely hated their versions of clothes and found her own to be much more comfortable and flexible for fighting and going through the trees and jungle.

Varia walked out of her cabin one morning after she had finished her morning routine and had been on her way to the stream to wash up. She stopped in her tracks just before she crashed intk Richard. She couldnt help but smile at him and think that he has had a lot of patience for her and deep down she really did love him. However, she had no clue what was about to happen and if she did she probably wouldnt have gone with him. “Oh, hey, what are you doing here? I thought you were on Bellona taking care of Ben’s group to make sure Kate and them were safe?”

When Richard took Varia’s hand she gave him a look before saying. “What’s all this about?” When he asked her to just trust him and go with him, she reluctantly followed his lead. The two walked through the jungle for a while before coming up on a clearing with a cliff to one side towering over them. She stopped and looked at the spot before taking a deep breath, recognizing it as the first place that her and Richard ever had sex all those years ago. She turned slowly to him again with a quizzical, yet mischievous look on her face. “So you brought me here, why? To relive that day or for another reason?” She asked knowing that he was definitely up to something.

Varia watched as Richard got down on one knee and felt her heart skip a beat as she took a deep breath. She never thought of herself as someone would be married or engaged, she never really saw the point in it. Not to mention she was immortal and things changed over time and didnt think of marriage as something other than just a ceremonial thing. She knew she loved Richard but also knew that she had a love for Jacob and that through the years her and richard have broken up and got back together so many times she couldnt even count. She swallowed hard as she looked at him. “Richard, I, uh…” then she let him finish saying what he was saying.

The other Lost Island Bellona on the beach

Sayid Jarrah woke up that morning a bit later than usual in a cold sweat, the visions of an unknown woman had been walking through his dreams for nearly a week. He didnt know who this woman was or what was to happen all he knew was something big was going to happen and it was going to involve that woman. He laid there for a moment with his forearm resting on his forehead. He looked up at the top of his tent for a moment before he heard a crashing noise. He grabbed his gun and jumped up before going towards the rest of the losties. “Ok we need three groups, one to stay here one to go to that side of the crash and one to go to the other side of the crash and meet in the middle.”

Sayid and his group took off right away with guns loaded and ready to go. They made their way to where the far side of the crash was and started searching for survivors, not knowing that Ben and his men were already there getting Rey. He told his group to stay down, knowing that even though they were armed they were outnumbered and it wasnt a good idea just yet. He looked at his lineup of people wjth him, some of their best fighters but still: him, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Charlie, Ana Lucia and Desmond. He knew that if it came down to it that they could probably use the Juliet card since Ben still had a thing for her, though he really didnt want to do that.

Annabelle Fielding had woken up in Tarons arms that morning and it just made her smile. However it was short lived when jackson flipped open the tent and came in she heard him say it wasnt like he hadnt seen any of it before. She lifted her head up and tossed the sweatshirt she had been usjng as a pillow at jacksons face playfully. “Ha ha very funny.” She knew that she had slept with both men at one point or another but her main man was Taron. However the three hadn’t had a threesome since arriving on the island which was ok but at the same time they had all gotten used to eachothers company at once. Though she was sure that atleast most of the people there had figured out that they rotated who got the bigger tent and who slept alone that night, not that she really gave two sh*ts about what they thought.

Annabelle sat up as she leaned over to kiss Taron on the neck. She whispered inbetween the kisses that she started trailing to his lips. “Its time to get up babe, your mans here for you.” Then they heard the crash which caused her to jump up, not even grab anything to wear as she hopped out of the tent right passed Jackson. She didnt make it far before Jackson wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back to get something to cover herself. She kicksd as she said “Jackson Hunter Booth! Let go of me!” “When you put on some damn clothes.” She heard him shoot back and she scoffed before getting dressed. She held her arms out and hollared “there! you happy?!” She shook her head and stormed out of rhe tent to most of the losties looking at her c*ckeyed. “Care to fill us in?”

Juliet glanced over at annabelle when she came out of the tent, unable to help herself as she looked over the other woman’s naked body. She smirked as jackson pulled annabelle back before adding to what ssyid said. “We would like to have volunteers to stay behind to make sure the beach is sage and that if anyone comes straying this way it can be taken care of. Everyone that doesnt stay can either go wjth us or Locke and Jack.” She said already putting herself on kate and sayids group. She went to stand next to Kate and then watched annabelle walk back out this time with jackson and Taron in tow. “We’re splitting up into 3 groups: one to stay here one for one side of the crash and the other for the other side.”

Annabelle looked to Jackson and Taron and said. “I’ll be damned if we stay here voluntarily any longer.” Sbe looked to them said. “So you twi can choose what team to go with but we’re going.” She said matter of factly.

Jack looked between them and raised an eyebrow before continuing. “We’ll take the other side then.” He looked to them all and said. “Either way whoever's going what lets go.” He said grabbing his pack and starting to walk. Annabelle,Taron and Jackson webt with Jacks group mainly because they figured the ofher group was full. Not to mention the tention was still between annabelle and Jack since Annabelle found out that Andrea was alive. Jack knew he wasnt annabelles choice of man for andrea and now it really didnt matter. They all walked through the jungle together as Annabelle stayed closer to the back so as to not be close to jack. She muttered to jackson and taron. “Y’all just had to choose his group, didnt you?”

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First, Han. Her husband. Her soulmate. The love of her life. Ever since he had been killed by none other than her own son, Leia could feel her own heart breaking daily. How was she supposed to go on? How was she supposed to live day-by-day without Han in her life? She regretted everything. She regretted not being able to be there to stop Ben from killing his own father. She regretted not going with him along with Rey, and Finn. It was something that ate away at her every day. Maybe if she was a better wife.. Then maybe her husband would still be here today. Maybe he would have gotten through to her.. No their son.

Whenever she felt Han’s death through the force, she could have felt the heat from the lightsaber that Ben had used jamming through her own heart. She felt the gasp leave Han’s body when Ben had stabbed his father in the heart. She felt falling, she felt her skull come crashing against the ground. She knew exactly how her husband had died. She felt it within her. She felt how dark the death was. She felt the compassion that Han had for her son. But, she also felt the hate that Ben had. Not just for his parents, or his father - but just in general. She questioned how someone could have so much hate in their heart? Leia, had never held any hate in her heart. Han did a little bit, but those people deserved it. She questioned how the hell could it have been possible for two parents who were never on the dark side to create such a monster.

No matter what Ben had done, Leia still felt like there was some kind of good in him. It wouldn’t have been the first time that someone in her immediate family had tried to kill Han off. She had experienced it all too well when her own father had tried to sell his frozen body off to Jabba. But, at that time, she was there. She saved her husband. She saved him from death, and they were able to live a happy life together. Leia wondered if the same outcome would have happened if she went with Han to try and win her son back. She didn’t know. She would never know for sure now. The grief overwhelmed her, but sadly, she wouldn’t avenge her husband.

Leia was sick. It was obvious. Her health was weakening a little bit, and everyone questioned her ability to even lead the resilience against her own son. She knew that she could do it. The question would be, was how would she be able to do it? She wanted to bring Rey on, and maybe Rey could have tried to convince her. She heard through Luke that Rey could speak to Ben through the force, so she assumed that there was at least something that the new jedi would be able to do. She prayed that Rey would get through to him, because honestly, Rey was her last hope. If Rey had failed, then Leia would have just gave up on the project. She would have just allowed her son to win. Leia was never like that. Leia was always the number one person to push someone to go against the darkness. But what else could a widowed wife do at this point?

However, while Rey, Finn, and Poe were on the mission to finally end this war once, and for all - Leia could feel the same grief. The same feeling of the lightsaber piercing through her heart. She knew exactly what had happened. Rey killed Ben. That bitch. Leia trusted Rey, she treated her like her own daughter, and was the one to push her to Luke. Luke had shortly passed not long after Rey had found him. How could she be so stupid?! Tears fell down the general’s cheek as she clenched her chest. Her son was dead. She was all alone. Han, Luke, and now Ben - all gone. She was the only one living within her family. And she had one person to blame for it all.

Rey. Maybe if Rey wouldn’t have been such a stubborn girl, then maybe Han wouldn’t have went out on the ledge to meet Ben. Maybe if Rey was a better jedi, then maybe Luke wouldn’t have used his last bit of health to teach her to be a good jedi. Maybe if Rey wasn’t a killing machine, then maybe her son would still be alive. Everything was fine until Rey had walked into the picture. Without Rey, Ben was alive. Han was alive. Luke was alive. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t speaking to any of them in the moment, but all that mattered was that she knew that they were at least still alive. Now, that was all ripped away from her. Rey. F***ing Rey. Her thoughts were cut off by the sound of an aircraft landing nearby. An aircraft that she knew all too well. She could tell when the Falcon was being landed. She rode it enough to know, and it was the last memory that she had of Han. Whenever he ran away. It was a sound that would never leave the woman’s head. Her back was turned to the crowd. Rumors were going around. Rumors of Rey being the one that had murdered the general’s son. Rumors of Rey being the one that killed Luke. So many rumors about Rey. But, the thing about a rumor is that, there is always some sort of truth behind it. What was sadness, was now turned into red. Red with anger. Hearing footsteps, Leia turned her body to the trio that had walked up into the room. Eyes scanned over Finn, and Poe. But they skipped someone. Her eyes had never met Rey’s. Finn, and Poe had sent their regrets to Leia about what had happened to her son. But, it wasn’t their fault. There was nothing that they could have done.

He’s gone. That’s all that this girl had to say?! Leia’s palms clenched into fists, as she could feel her blood boiling. Her teeth clenched in her mouth. You don’t mess with a mother. You don’t kill a mother’s son. A mother’s only son. How dare she. How dare she take away Leia’s passion to be a grandmother. That was one of the things that she was looking forward to the most. Now, she would never have that. And it was all because of the girl standing in front of her. Hearing her apologize, and explain the situation, Leia growled softly. After her next set of words, she couldn’t help but chuckle loudly. Was this girl serious?!

“Of course!” Leia exclaimed, her hands reaching out to Rey, as anger took over the older woman’s facial expressions. “Of course he should be here!” She repeated the words back to the woman that had just said them. “Not…” Leia’s brows furrowed, her right arm extending out, as she pointed towards Rey. “Not, you.” She scoffed, her hand falling back to her side. “Not someone who couldn’t even pass a Jedi test. You’re a sorry excuse for a jedi. I should have never brought you on board. We were doing just fine without you! Now, you’ve came along, and everyone is dying! Shouldn’t that say something about YOU, Rey?!” Her voice turned dark, and into a shout. She was pissed. Most people gasped. They had never heard Leia speak like this - but she didn’t care. She lost her son. She lost the one thing that she had in her life after Han, and Luke passed. “Get out of my f***ing sight.” She mumbled. NOW.” Hissing those words, her eyes were dark. They could have beamed into Rey’s soul at this point. “I never want to see you again….”

And that would have been the last time that Leia would have seen Rey. Those would have been the last words that she spoke to her. Part of her regretted it, but part of her was glad that she spoke up. Some people feared her now, and actually acknowledged her as a general. She was no longer a scared little girl that had bitten her tongue. Since she lost both Ben, and Han, she had became the ‘old angry Leia’. But could they blame her? Everyone in her life. Everyone was dead. Everyone. She was the last of her legacy, and there wasn’t a damn thing that she could do about it. She couldn’t bring anyone back to life. She wished that she could, but that was out of her power.
• • •
“General.” a voice echoed from behind Leia, her dark eyes glued onto a screen where she would be watching a home made video of Han, and herself, playing with a little Ben.. before the darkness had gotten to him. “Yes?” She paused the video, looking up at the figure where the voice had came from, her left eyebrow arching up. “Can’t you see that I’m busy?” Her eyes returned back to the screen, her finger hovering over the ‘play’ button before hearing the voice again. “I think you need to hear this..” Suddenly, a droid walked into the room, causing Leia to chuckle. “Hear, what? Oh, I know what you want…” She paused, chuckling, and grabbing a sharpie. 

“Alright, what’s your name? I know you want me to recite what I said to Obi Wan, so you can put this into your droid, huh?” She sighed, opening the sharpie, and bending down to write on the droid. The droid beeped angrily, and backed up to resist being written on. “What the hell?!” She groaned. “What’s wrong with your droid?” She asked, placing the sharpie on the table, and turning around to look at the worker. “There is nothing going on. We’ve had radio silence since…” Before she could speak, the droid would recite the message that Rey had left. And, all over again, she could feel the pain through her heart. She knew that Rey wasn’t tugging at her heart strings, or pulling something silly with Chewbacca to get Leia to speak to her again. There was trouble. And Leia needed to get to one of the only humans that also knew Han just as well as Leia did.

“Track the Falcon! We’ve got to go.” She exclaimed, standing up, and running towards the air crafts. “It’ll just be us. We have to get there! We can’t lose Chewie!” For the first time in years, Leia was running on her feet again. It was some kind of energy that overtook her body. She was unsure what it was - but it was like she was a teenager all over again. It felt like she was running with the Ewoks to destroy the death star. She wished that she had good memories of it, but all of the memories were nothing but sadness now. She didn’t have time to mourn, though. She needed to save an old friend of hers. Someone who would have done the same if the roles were reversed.
• • •
Arriving to the scene, she rushed over to her friend. “Chewie!” Leia cried out, her right hand grabbing his fuzzy one. “Come on, chewie..” She mumbled, her head leaning down as she pressed her forehead against his. “I can’t..” She paused, tears streaming down her cheeks, cutting off her own words by her chokes. “I can’t lose you, too…” The words barely came out, followed by another sob. “Please don’t leave me..” She whispered, her left hand moving over his heart. She had no idea what happened, but within an instant, Chewie was up, but he was hurt. “We need to get him to the Falcon! It has everything to keep him alive.” Leia knew it all too well. She knew the Falcon like the back of her hand. She’d look around, seeing that the scene was clear, and she’d motion for the worker to help her carry chewie over to the Falcon. 

When they had arrived to the ship, she’d close, and lock the doors behind her. Walking Chewie to the back, she’d place him on a bed, and get the medicine ready for him. She was not going to let him die, as well. She had already lost too many people. She wasn’t going to let someone who helped her so many times die. Not on her watch. She refused to make that mistake again. “We’ve gotta get out of here..” She mumbled, looking at the worker. “There may come back for more. Check on Chewie. Do not let this man die on me! Or your life will be on the line..” She grumbled. The worker nodded. She was sure that she scared him. But, she didn’t care. Again, she was deemed as the grumpy lady now. She was going to wear that title loud, and proud. 

Walking to the front of the ship, she’d turn the key in the ignition, and start the engine up. “Freeze!” A deep voice called out, causing Leia to hold her hands up, and the Falcon’s engine would die down slowly. Sh*t. Had she already gotten caught? If so, then the old Leia would have been severely disappointed in this Leia. She swiveled around in the driver’s seat, before a gasp escaped her mouth. “Oh my god. You scared me! I thought that you were going to kill me, too. I mean, I wouldn’t be mad..” She paused. She didn’t want to get too dark in front of the two men standing in front of her. 

“You two have been hiding, huh?” She chuckled. Finn nodded, as Poe explained what had happened. “Oh, Han. I’m sure he taught you how to hide in here. You two ran in here after you heard the shot, and hid in the only places where a smuggler would hide. Smart. I’m proud of you two.” Weirdly enough, the old Leia was returning. Was it because she could actually save someone this time? Or was it because of how well Finn, and Poe resembled Han? 

“But there is one thing..” Finn spoke nervously, causing Poe to grab his hand, he pulled his hand away, and continued speaking. That was the thing about Finn - he was always honest. Even if it was the last thing that you wanted to hear. “What is it?” She sighed, looking up at the two, as her arms crossed. “They took Rey.” He mumbled. “They, what?” Her brows furrowed again, the grumpiness returning back to her facial expressions. “A ship. They took Rey.” He repeated himself, causing Leia to sigh, as her attention moved over to Poe.

“Well. You have to do what you do best..” She sighed again, standing up, and stepping out of the driver’s seat. Poe was puzzled. “I thought you said you never wanted to see her again…” He asked. What was this? Some sort of change of heart? Leia didn’t even know, but she wished that she could have responded. When she was about to, Finn would add his input. “Yeah, you made that pretty cle- OW! he hissed out in pain, Leia’s eyes scanned down, as she watched Poe stomp his foot on top of Finn’s in an attempt to get him to stop. “You two remind me of Han and myself..” She smirked, looking between the two of them, before sitting in the chair behind the driver’s seat. 

“Are we going to save Rey, or not?” She asked, pointing at the driver’s seat, and grabbing Poe’s arm. “Come on, captain. Let’s get our girl back.” She sighed, buckling herself up, and closing her eyes. “It’s what Ben would have wanted..” She thought to herself, but accidentally spoke out loud. It was like something telling her to go, and save this woman. No matter what had happened in the past between the two of them - it was something, or someone, in the force telling her to let go of the grudge that she had against Rey. 

The sound of the Falcon starting up, and heading off towards the same ship that took Rey roared against the sky.


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