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Ratonhnhaké:ton (born 1756), also known by the adopted name of Connor, was a Kanien'kehá:ka-born Master Assassin of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins during the period of the American Revolutionary War. He is an ancestor of Desmond Miles, through the paternal line.Born to the British Templar Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io, a Kanien'kehá:ka woman from the village of Kanatahséton, Ratonhnhaké:ton was raised in Kanatahséton. In 1760, while he was still a young child, he was assaulted by Charles Lee and other Colonial Templars seeking the First Civilization temple which the Kanien'kehá:ka were protecting, and lost his mother shortly thereafter during the burning of his village by George Washington's forces. Ratonhnhaké:ton, however, mistakenly believed the Templars to be responsible for the attack.Concerned by the outside world's impact on his people, Ratonhnhaké:ton eventually joined the Assassin Brotherhood under the advice of Oiá:ner, in order to protect his village and prevent the Templars from returning. Finding the Templars had wiped out the Colonial Assassins years prior, Ratonhnhaké:ton convinced the Assassin Mentor Achilles Davenport to train him and adopted the more Western-sounding pseudonym of 'Connor'.

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Connor Kenway I've watched them fight and die in the name of freedom.

During his hunt for the Templars, Ratonhnhaké:ton aided the Patriot movement and protected George Washington, unwittingly becoming an important figure of the American Revolution. However, he was conflicted by wanting to reconcile with his father, despite Achilles' warnings as to the futility of uniting the Assassin and Templar philosophies, and his dogged pursuit of Charles Lee, whom Haytham staunchly supported.Upon learning that it was Washington, not Lee, who had burned his village, Ratonhnhaké:ton became disillusioned with the Revolutionaries but continued using them to aid in the eradication of the Templars. He reluctantly accepted Washington's request for help investigating Benedict Arnold and then in disposing of an Apple of Eden he had recovered. The latter incident saw Ratonhnhaké:ton trapped in an alternate reality constructed by the Apple, one wherein Washington ruled as king through tyranny. Eventually, Ratonhnhaké:ton escaped this reality and disposed of the Apple.Following Achilles' death, Ratonhnhaké:ton went on to rebuild and lead the Colonial Assassins in the newly formed United States of America. In this capacity, he expanded the Assassin network in the New World and reconnected a number of previously detached Brotherhoods across the region.

Born to Kaniehtí:io nine months after her relationship with Haytham abruptly ended, Ratonhnhaké:ton was raised in his mother's village of Kanatahséton. His childhood was spent in the company of the other children in his village, including Kanen'tó:kon, whom he remained friends with into his later life.When Ratonhnhaké:ton was four, he ventured into the grounds outside his village to play hide-and-seek alongside the other Kanien'kehá:ka children. While he managed to locate all of the others on his turn, he was assaulted by members of the Templar Order as he hid, who were seeking the Precursor site rumored to be near Kanatahséton. Despite his capture, he defiantly demanded to know the name of the leader of the group, and Charles Lee answered him, amusedly inquiring why the child wanted to know. Ratonhnhaké:ton then promised that he would find Lee, but the Templar only brushed off his statement.

Proving useless to the Templars' aims, Ratonhnhaké:ton was knocked unconscious, only to wake up and find his village in flames. After making through the burning village, he witnessed his mother, mortally wounded. After Kaniehtí:io asked for her son not to save him, the young boy refused to listen. In the ensuing fire, he was taken away by another Kanien'kehá:ka man, witnessing his mother's death in the process. This event led Ratonhnhaké:ton to mistakenly assume that Lee and his Templar brethren had been responsible for Kanatahséton's razing, with his conviction made stronger in the fact that the fire had taken his mother from him, and would later prompt Ratonhnhaké:ton to seek justice for his people and fight tyranny wherever he came across it.

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Ratonhnhaké:ton remained in his village until 1769, but would always question why his people were not allowed to leave the valley that they inhabited. When he was 13, he finally gained some answers from Oiá:ner, the Clan Mother of the village, who met with him in private to explain.She showed Ratonhnhaké:ton a Crystal Ball, and told him that their people had been tasked with guarding a secret on their lands. Upon holding the Piece of Eden, Ratonhnhaké:ton heard the voice of Juno, and found himself in the Nexus.Juno led him on a "spirit journey", giving him the form of an eagle as she led him through a foggy landscape. She told him that the path in life he was currently taking would allow the Templars to gain premature access to the Grand Temple, which would bring the world into ruin. Juno then instructed him to seek out a certain symbol that would lead him to the right path.Upon regaining consciousness, Ratonhnhaké:ton found himself at the edge of the valley by a river. As he drew the symbol he had been shown into the sand on the river bank, the Clan Mother came up behind him and asked where he had seen it. He explained that a spirit had shown it to him, and the Clan Mother understood what had been asked of him.She directed him to a homestead that lay in the east, where she claimed to have seen the symbol before, and formally gave him permission to depart the valley.

Ratonhnhaké:ton crossed the Frontier, and arrived at a run-down manor several days later. He knocked on the door and was greeted by an elderly man.Ratonhnhaké:ton hesitantly stated that he had been told to go there for training, but the man only denied him and shut the door in his face. After spending a night in the nearby stables, the young Native American tried again the following morning, but the man only yelled at him to get off his land.He persisted stubbornly, banging on the manor's back door, and climbing up onto the balcony to try to gain entrance there, though the man intercepted him. He threw Ratonhnhaké:ton to the ground and sternly insisted that he move on, as the world already had. Ratonhnhaké:ton returned to the stables once more, angrily calling back that he would not leave until the man agreed to train him.That night, bandits infiltrated the homestead and passed by the stables as they discussed their attack. Ratonhnhaké:ton, woken by their voices, asked them what they were doing. The thugs attacked him, though he was able to fend most of them off. However, the leader of the bandits hit him from behind, knocking him to the ground and questioning whether he was working for the owner of the homestead. At that moment, the old man came to Ratonhnhaké:ton's rescue, stabbing the bandit leader in the back.He bade Ratonhnhaké:ton to clean up the mess, then to follow him into the manor so that they could talk. There, the man finally told him about the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars, before he revealed himself to be a Master Assassin named Achilles Davenport.He also showed him a hidden room in the basement of the manor, which held an Assassin's robes and a pair of Hidden Blades. Achilles then led him to a wall that held the names and portraits of the Templar leaders in the colonies, namely William Johnson, John Pitcairn, Thomas Hickey, Nicholas Biddle, Benjamin Church, Charles Lee, and Ratonhnhaké:ton's father, Haytham Kenway, Grand Master of the Colonial Templars.Achilles continued to train Ratonhnhaké:ton for the next few months at the homestead, beginning his teaching on the vital skills that would shorten the gap in experience between Ratonhnhaké:ton and his father. In March of 1770, Achilles invited Ratonhnhaké:ton to come with him to Boston, where they could purchase supplies for repairing the manor.There, in order for Ratonhnhaké:ton to more easily move through colonial circles, Achilles suggested that he take on the name "Connor" after his late son, Connor Davenport, who had died of disease several years earlier.Connor was awed by the sights and life of the city, so much so that Achilles needed to scold him for staring at passing townspeople. Achilles then directed him to a nearby general store where he could buy lumber and other construction materials, and have them brought back to their carriage.After purchasing the items on Achilles' list, Connor passed by a rioting crowd, who were yelling at the local British soldiers to leave Boston. Connor returned to Achilles' side as they observed the uproar, until they spotted Haytham Kenway speaking with another man in the crowd. Achilles, worried that the Templars would worsen the already delicate situation, sent Connor to discover what Haytham and his associate were planning.

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Shortly after their return from Boston, Connor and Achilles were alerted by a man banging on the window of the manor and calling for help. Connor immediately followed him to the nearby river and saw a second man clinging to an adrift log, which was rapidly heading towards a waterfall. Connor chased him along the riverbank, before jumping into the water to save him from falling to his death ahead.After finding out that the two men, Godfrey and Terry, were loggers in search of a place to build a mill, Connor offered them a good location on the homestead. Not long afterward, Connor protected the carpenter Lance O'Donnell after his wagon was attacked by mercenaries. Grateful, these men alongside Terry and Godfrey's families built homes on the property and became trading partners with Connor, as well as crafting special weapons, pouches and consumables for the Assassin.Achilles instructed Connor to meet him by the homestead dock in order to look over something that he simply called "an asset". Upon arriving, Connor saw the remains of a ship in disrepair, as well as a small shack overlooking the bay.He and Achilles entered the shack and met with Robert Faulkner, the first mate of the ship in the harbor, the Aquila. Connor offered to pay for her repairs, and Robert gladly agreed to gather a crew for the vessel and restore her to sailing capability.Six months later, after the Aquila had been repaired, Robert invited Connor along to have the ship fitted with cannons. Connor joined him without hesitation, and the two were out at sea for weeks, where Robert taught Connor to both sail the ship and fire her cannons. Following this, they dealt with a few privateers, before making their way back.

On his return, he heard a drunken man shout about letters he possessed, written by the infamous William Kidd. Connor soon spoke to "Peg Leg", who explained the letters he obtained hinted at the location of a great treasure. He would give them to Connor in exchange for "trinkets" from treasure boxes hidden across the American frontier.When he finally returned to the manor, Connor was berated by Achilles, who accused him of leaving for so long without as much as a goodbye. Nevertheless, Achilles led Connor down to the manor basement, in order to bestow on him the Assassin robes there. Though Achilles admitted that the Order usually had a ceremony for such an occasion, neither he nor Connor seemed the type for such things. Instead, after Connor had donned the robes, Achilles simply verbally welcomed him into the Brotherhood of Assassins.Connor regularly explored the Frontier, joining a Hunting Society, who would alert him to infamous animals, such as a cougar that threatened children from his village in the neighboring valley. He also befriended the explorer Daniel Boone, who told him of mysterious and supernatural creatures and events he had witnessed, which Connor would often investigate and discover a logical explanation for.Though Achilles tried to keep him from acting hastily, Connor argued that he had made a promise to protect his people. Connor then took a hatchet from Kanen'tó:kon and buried its blade into one of the manor's columns, explaining that doing so signified the start of a war to his people, and that the hatchet would not be removed until the danger had passed, despite Achilles' bewilderment at the property damage.On his way, Connor came across a hunter named Myriam, who had been injured by poachers on the Homestead. While Achilles looked after her, Connor used the rope darts he had just been given by his mentor to deal with the poachers, while leaving one alive as a warning. Myriam moved into a cabin north of the manor. Connor later met up with Samuel Adams, who offered to help him in finding Johnson, but only after he had helped Adams cripple Johnson's tea extortion. During his assistance, Connor met Stephane Chapheau, a French taverner, and helped him ward off tax collectors that were harassing him. Soon afterward, Stephane went into a violent rage, and caused various riots around Boston against the Loyalists.After finding the main overseer of the tea's transportation, Connor had Stephane assassinate him, taking him on as an apprentice afterward. Later, Connor met with Adams again, who aimed to recruit the Assassin into dumping the newly arrived shipment of tea into the ocean, which Connor accepted.A year later, a messenger arrived at the homestead, bearing a request for Connor to aid a man named Paul Revere. Connor politely refused the offer, frowning on the fact that the Sons of Liberty mistook him as one of their own. However, when Achilles pointed out that the Templar John Pitcairn was mentioned within the letter, the Assassin relented.Though he met with Paul Revere, Connor was disappointed to find that Pitcairn was not present. Instead, Revere recruited his help in riding to warn the inhabitants of Lexington and Concord about the incoming British Army, with the promise of later locating Pitcairn.After the ride, Connor joined the Continental Army at Lexington, where a bloody battle ensued. Pitcairn was present at the fight, but Connor chose to help in the defense of the town, rather than pursue his true target.Later, Connor accompanied Samuel Adams to George Washington's induction as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Midway through Washington's speech, Connor heard the voice of Charles Lee, who had been sitting behind him. He immediately stood to confront Lee, but Samuel quickly intervened, pulling him away and attempting to distract him by introducing him to Washington. Washington greeted him warmly, and Connor admitted that the man before him would be the one to lead the country into freedom.

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