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The Basics,

Real Name:Lacey Adams.
nicknames: Lace. Born: 10/31/1997
Occupation: Makeup artist; Youtuber; Influencer.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Species | Gender: Human | Female
Family Members: Kenzie {Sister; Alive} Caleb {Cousin} Casey {Cousin} Jace {Cousin} Kace {Cousin} Noah {Friend but like brother.}
Physical Appearance: Since being pregnant for the past nine months Lacey had a huge bump sense it was her second child luckyily though it almost instantly dissapeared. She was able to get back to her prepregnancy body. She was proud of herself. Lacey has brown hair that goes to her shoulders and her eyes are blue. She loves her average sized breast and she has a butt too that she likes.She really is a confident girl in herself and loves her self esteem when it comes to her body.

Pride and Joy,

some cute love note or quote here.
  • Lucas Miles - Cute note for Lucas here. // Born January 3rd, 2016, 8lbs 21oz 19 inches long 11:20am
  • Lennon James - Cute note for Lennon here. // BornJune 14th , 2019, 5lbs 10oz 20 inches long 7:00am

  • The Big Sister,

    All about Kenzie.<3

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    About me:
    .Locklyn{ CIRCLE LINKS } .Locklyn{ GOOGLE FONTS } .Locklyn{ BIOGRAPHY } .Locklyn{ KIDS SECTION } .Locklyn{TWITTER - code from ineffable and shine}
    Who I'd like to meet:

    Winifred Elise Bellamy.

    "I'm in the mood for chaos."

    First Last,


    Met on xxx.
    Started dating on xxxx.
    Got engaged on xxxx.
    Got married on xxxxx.

    Dear xxxx,

    Your love note here.

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    Nov 29th 2019 19:27

    Alright then. Tell me a little about Winnie.

    Nov 26th 2019 23:25

    Hey. Sure, discussing sounds good with me. You'll be helping me a lot, since I'm still in need of my four required connection.

    Nov 24th 2019 20:23

    YES IT IS :)

    Nov 22nd 2019 18:36

    Image result for camila mendes gifs

    Mackenzie Garcia 

    24, Summerville Resident, Black Widow, Strip Club Owner

    Hi! I would love to discuss a storyline with you! I know these intro comments suck, so I will try and keep it as short and sweet as I can. Feel free to catch me on line if you'd prefer to discus there! icexcoldxbarbie

    Mackenzie Garcia was born in Laguna Beach, California on December 24th 1995 to a very wealthy couple. She was spoiled rotten and given everything that she could ever want, but when she was 13, her world was turned upside down when her father announced that he was moving out and in with his girlfriend and her children. Mac refused to speak to him and began to hang around with a bad crowd, developing a drug addiction a few months after her father left. 

    At 16, she met a wealthy older man and the two began dating, getting married the day that Mac turned 18. Things were great until he came home six months later and found his wife in bed with another woman. The two got into a heated argument and before Mackenzie knew what she was doing, she'd hit him with a nearby lamp; killing him. Mackenzie told the police that it had been self defence and had a witness who backed up her story, so she inherited his wealth and got away with murder. 

    Mackenzie's addiction only got worse and she got into a lot of money trouble,  so at 19, she was married for the second time. By the time she turned 24, she had been married 5 times and all of them were dead. 

    In March of 2019, Mackenzie left California and moved to Charleston to get a fresh start, using the money she had inherited from her last husband, to buy a rundown building and she turned it into a strip club. 
    LD Members.

    Nov 21st 2019 16:00

    S P I R I T  W E E K !
    (Friday November 22nd - Thursday November 28th)

    Just a reminder that you can turn in your defaults for points throughout this week. 1 point per default or if you participate all week long those 7 defaults equal 10 points! Just send all defaults in at once, whenever you have them all sorted out in that week. Last day to turn them in is Thursday November 28th at 11:59 pm EST. 

    Also there is an extra bonus task that you can find here. It's also worth some more points. So, completing everything involving spirit week this week can earn you up to 15 points! The task will open Friday morning when Spirit Week official starts.

    It's the time of giving! Happy Thanksgiving! Get ready for a full filled week and celebrating! 

    Friday November 22nd: #FootballFriday; It’s football season! Celebrate your favourite team by wearing their gear today! 
    #FallFriday; The weather is getting colder! It’s time to get out your warm sweaters. Snuggle up in your warmest and comfiest clothes! 

    Saturday November 23rd: #SpiritSaturday; We will be showing pride for our neighborhood! Dress up in the corresponding fall colours of your neighborhood. French Quarter will be in yellow. Summerville will be in red. Park Circle will be in brown. And Downtown will be in orange

    Sunday November 24th: #SharingSunday; Thanksgiving is all about sharing and giving! Today we will be sharing our time at a local charity. Show us where your volunteering. 

    Monday November 25th: #MoonlightMonday; Fall is the perfect time to build a bonfire under the moonlight. What are you doing under the moonlight? 

    Tuesday November 26th: #ThankfulTuesday; Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Show us who you’ll be spending Thanksgiving with or who you’re most thankful to have in your life! 

    Wednesday November 27th: #WeatherWednesday; Fall sometimes brings a lot of rain, take out your umbrellas and rain boots and show us your rain outfits! 

    Thursday November 28th: #TurkeyThursday; It’s Thanksgiving! And what’s Thanksgiving without the Turkey and all other goodies! Show us what you’re eating as your Thanksgiving meal today! 
    accio writing directory

    Nov 19th 2019 10:00

    Hello friend and thank you for having us on your list! Accio Writing is a directory dedicated to helping writers find other writers to create awesome storylines together. While our name was inspired by Harry Potter, our listings include any verse. There are no rules to sign or any criteria to fit. Simply fill out the submission form and you will be added to the directory! We hope to see you there ♥

    ( if you have received a comment from us already, we apologize. )

    Caitlynn Marie

    Nov 17th 2019 22:25

    I know :) That's why I said welcome back!

    Nov 15th 2019 19:36

    Hi, hello! I'm Abigail Valentino, the owner of SH! Just wanted to send you this welcome to the group comment! I'm glad you're here and a part of our family. If you need ANYTHING please don't hesitate to message me on here or send me your LINE ID, and I’ll add you there! and if you are ever looking to get that 4th connection you need please don't be afraid to ask. I love writing, and I love friends :D So let's be friends! And hopefully get a connection going when you're settled in! 
    Caitlynn Marie

    Nov 15th 2019 15:53

    You came back!!!
    LD Members.

    Nov 15th 2019 07:57

    W E L C O M E  H O M E!
    HELLO HELLO! Welcome again and thank you for choosing Silicone Harbor as your home! First off, we'd like to ask that you check out our member's rules! And we want to mention that the points blog is where you will find all the ways you can start earning those points! Remember we are asking that you get a minimum of 50 points throughout the month to be considered active! (Since you are joining in the middle of the month, we're only asking you to earn 37 points!) We have made this very easy, so as long as you’re active and doing your part within the group you will earn those fairly quickly. If there is anything that you guys can think of that you’d like to see on the list, you can message the members page and the admins will go through your options and possibly add some more different and unique ways to earn more points for y’all!

    Your official join day is NOVEMBER 14th. Which means that you must have a layout up and a biography (at least 3 paragraphs long) done and posted by NOVEMBER 21st. As well as your minimum of 4 storylines and owes list up by NOVEMBER 28th. If you need extra time for any of this please feel free to message the members page, and we will see what we can do to help you out.

    Again, we are happy to have you here, and hope you find this place home! Any other questions you may have, you can ask either admin or message the members page and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
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