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Characters: Maddie Buckley-Kendall
Verses: 9-1-1, Chicago Fire/PD.
Playbys: JLH.
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Medical,
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About me:
History Early Life Maddie and her younger brother, Evan Buckley were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.[3] After many violent moments with her husband Doug, she decides to leave him and flee to Los Angeles. In Merry Ex-Mas, she reveals that she only hated Christmas because Christmas Eve was the day she decided to leave Doug for good. Moving to L.A. After getting away from her abusive husband, Doug Kendall, she runs to Los Angeles to hide out with her brother, Evan Buckley, after not seeing him for over 3 years. She winds up living with him in the apartment he’s watching for Abby. Although she is trained as a nurse, she doesn’t want to put other people in danger from her abuser. Evan comes up with the idea that she should apply to work as a 9-1-1 operator.[4] On her first day at the job, Maddie fields calls after a major earthquake hits. Standout calls include one where she helps an expectant father stabilize his unconscious wife—who had started active labor—and direct them to emergency services and one where she suggested to the caller that the odd light cloud the caller saw was the Milky Way.[5][6] Trivia ▪ Maddie was an ER Nurse for 7 years.[6] ▪ Maddie refers to herself as Maddie Buckley as well as Maddie Kendall. She is referred to as both in the same episode.[6] She later implies that now, since moving away from her abusive husband, she goes by Maddie Buckley again.[3] ▪ Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay (Doug Kendall) are married in real life.
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has moved

Sep 28th 2019 19:50

Alcatraz Bay
 San Francisco's crime rates are on the rise as the population continues to grow at a semi-alarming rate. Members of law enforcement are growing tired as they are understaffed, overworked and underpaid. There's only so much that they can do when the people won't help themselves and stop playing the victims. Some citizens have chosen to take the law into their own hands, acting as vigilantes or even choosing to shoot first and ask questions later. Then there are the citizens who believe that if they sweep the problems of their city under the rug long enough that it will all just go away. People have been urged to lock their doors and to defend themselves if necessary. When the whole city is falling apart what side will you be on?

Alcatraz Bay is a brand new San Francisco based RPG that mixes the city verse and crime verses together. We want an authentic experience where some neighbors have never stepped a toe out of line and others should be rotting in jail. This is a create your own character group so we encourage you to take a look around and see if there’s something you like. Feel free to step out of your comfort zone and explore the darker sides of your muse or try to turn those around you into the people you know they can be. Keep in mind this group is not just one or the other so you can pick and choose the kinds of storylines you want to write.

 "San Francisco is a golden handcuff with the key thrown away."
- John Steinbeck

Sep 27th 2019 15:57

Disney 2nd GenDescending ChaosRPG

Wrath divided the land into four - those with magic, without magic, animals and gods. Gods were sent to New Olympus, an island just off the mainland, those with magic live in the north whilst those without are in the south. Animals and monsters can be found in the midlands.

Welcome new friend. We are Descending Chaos, a new Disney based 2nd Gen RPG. We hope that you take the time to check out our page and possibly become a member of our family.

Above is a small snippet of our storyline. If it pulled at your interest even a little then dont hesitate to check out the rest on our page.

We have a few prewritten roles but we are always open minded and would love to see your OC's as well. Auditions are always welcome and verdicts will go out as soon as all three owners have read and reviewed them. Upon auditioning and getting a role Torture will make you a few edits for use anyway you see fit. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you soon!
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