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Generalabout the multi-muse - for those who don't know:

this is my return and final attempt to find fulfillment in this world of roleplay. my effort in making this happen is to make stories and connections more accessible. writing on discord and this multi-muse page will help me keep up and i won't be f***ing around with code on layouts or bulletin styling; i will, however, deliver with branded graphics for each character to set them apart.

i will bring 6 of my characters to this page and flesh them out in my blog. i should have that finished within the month. in the meantime, i have brief introductions for you.

TEASER! one of them will be killed off in epic form!





for those who know, i have switched his backstory some; pardon any confusion.

this fallen angel was first cast from the heavens and then banished from hell. a story in itself but for the sake of the gist of things, he was discovered, seized in wounds, and nearly depleted of life by an ancient sorcerer. this dark force held the power to siphon magic from even devils, and revered none superior to him; not even the gods who weaved the universe. his madness breached boundaries of insanity and his reasoning rendered malevolence sweet.

the ancient gathered the fallen angel from his grave and drew him into his gardens. here, the angel suffered centuries of the ancient's experiments until he once again was cast away and locked in an iron suite.

more centuries had passed, and when one gave birth to the gladiators, the fallen angel was discovered once again; this time, by a mortal man who was a sadistic yet revered dominus with close to 100 gladiators. it was this dominus who gave the angel his first name: venenum which has been shortened in modern day to venom. venom airs childlike due to the deep sense of servitude his dominus etched in him, but he is still a monster. when he does not feed, his hunger will turn on him, eventually paling his hair and skin to white. beware the monster when he has lost his color.




with this character, i blend Mayan deities with modern day cartel; but have played the cartel angle in non-supernatural settings by bringing the deity that possesses him silent. ramon is tightly tethered to Mexican culture, not by research but by what i was raised around, so i might use slang that doesn't work in the translator. if you have questions, ask.

ramon is unforgiving and cruel - but it all drips like honey with his sugary demeanor. he is the most unpredictable of all my characters; sexually graphic; murderous; power mongering; calculated; snake like as is the deity (my original creation).




this character has only ever had one storyline and has been played has a brooding, southern man surviving a super volcanic apocalypse. he's more a thinker than a talker; is played with a southern accent i'm still perfecting; a biker but not an outlaw; nomadic; a man with secrets; callous; gruff; loner, and for the sake of some comfort in the story, a prepper with property in washington state. he would also do well in modern day crime.

he's even tempered, intelligent but uneducated; loves hard when he loves; cries hard when he cries (but that's only been once); has the manners of a southern boy; not trusting of other races; precise with a cross bow any fire arm, as well as his fist.




i pulled traits from both pain and ramon in creating this character. he was put together for a storyline and will come back to ride that line to the end. he is not open for other storylines but banter is always welcome. he is sexually graphic, short-fused and violent, vulgar, suspicious, quick on the trigger and quicker on the i don't give a f***.




my witch with a voodoo emphasis. the loas the possesses him manifests in a flock of crows that drive him. to copy from his existing details:

the child
what does a child know of black birds and window panes?
only that they lose their way in glass and break their necks.
disgust trumped wonder as he peered through blood stained window at the littering of dead crows on the lawn. he didn't care how they got there; numb emotions left little to wonder on. his sigh protested the certain-to-come request from his aunt to clean their corpses.

the man
what does a man know of wielding sight from the skies?
only that black birds visit the mark on arrival. coincidence? he was starting to care. emotions, now frayed, heighten caution - but the loner had none to confide in. his sigh pushed against tension after clarity of thought.
no sense in the circumstance presented itself.

the hunter
what does a hunter know about seizing up with visions?
only that bounties and trophies follow. his sigh is a tequila quickened exhale following a double shot of cuervo gold. cheap spirits dig the same hole as the more refined, and he was running from the sense he once sought.




alas, my strongest muse. morgan black, aka, pain is my adrenaline junkie masochist, and his vices scream such. you're character might find him in body suspension at a rave, taking a beating in an underground fight ring, flying through traffic lights on his motorcycle, or slippin' d*ck to a stranger on the dance floor. he's unfiltered but well-intended - for the most part. he has a tragic back story involving his foster sister and is haunted by nightmares of her. he lives on impulses, cocaine, d*ckey's bbq, and blunts. he's the guy you want to hate until you understand how tormented he is and then you hop on for the ride or pity him from a distance.


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Characters: the maze
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Playbys: come in character and stay in story - I WRITE
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Genre: Action, Crime, Heroes/Villains, Horror, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:September 11, 2019

--- working on my greeting, a doorknocker; makin' smoke disappear and kickin' sh*t on discord: the maze#6641

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year of the knife.

Jan 5th 2020 23:10

"eres la neta." the tone falls flat as she leans into flame, clementine glow showing the swell of her pupils for only a moment. they shrink black, back, shrunk by the light now dead. it's colder than she'd favor, at this time of night. this time of year. 

with a curious glance, she regards him like she does the breeze. quick, maybe not at all, if not noticed. overhead, poorly strung cables 'twix posts bob in the weather. the temperature dips low. it winds up the air and makes her hair blow around like a small cyclone before she fixes the cigarette in her pout and grabs at her mane. "thank you. pomo?" she reaches into her jacket, pulls out a small, evidently old flask.
year of the knife.

Jan 5th 2020 22:34

“es una noche oscura, for a night on the town.” she kicks some dirt under a lamp post, spotted him a couple hundred feet off the broken concrete block they were both walking, “at least around here.” the slums, they got their own ways, diction and law. it’s not the safest place for anyone to be. takes a certain kind of jeopardy player to hang. “got a light?” the lonesome rhythm of a packed cigarette carton echoes.

(i see you're a multi char page, just pick whichever one fits this scenario best. i ain't picky!)
ʜᴏɴᴇʏTʜɪᴇғ 💀

Sep 12th 2019 19:27

-Sniffs a bit hues squint a little as he thought, as he studied the other. Blue irises began to subtly glow with crimson.- Maybe from another life. I've a lot of those. I've a feeling ya believe in that sort of thing?
ʜᴏɴᴇʏTʜɪᴇғ 💀

Sep 12th 2019 19:00

-Stares back, a chill crawling down his spine.- Do I have something on my face?
ʜᴏɴᴇʏTʜɪᴇғ 💀

Sep 12th 2019 16:16

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