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Characters: Katherine Pierce
Verses: The Vampire Diaries,Strangers Things,TVD,Legacies,Highschool
Playbys: Nina Dobrev
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Television,
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//So to all my new friends hello I am going to bed but we can plan stories tomorrow.

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deั•ฮนred roleั•

Sep 12th 2019 12:58

Desired Roles of all Verse


Welcome into our wonderful but tiny World my new Friend. Thank you for accepting our Page here. How are you today? It is a pleasure for us meeting you.

Are you tired of being on that Place here, and noone ever talks, roleplays and ignores you? Are you tired, of just being a Number in a List and nothing more?

Well...Then you are right here.

Our Group is always looking for new and active Members, which love to talk and roleplay, which are not just a Number in a List.

We look for Members which like to be a Part of us, no matter which Verse, Peoples who like being Dark, and sometimes Epic, but also Fighters and just normal being.

We look for YOU!

Members of Verse, which seems dead, and which you like being active again. In our Group Peoples talk and roleplay and noone gets ignored.

We do one to one Roleplays, but also wonderful Blog Roleplays, where everyone can join. We also always celebrate Parties, for what we are known here, and whenever it should be needed, we create Layouts and of course Edits and Gifs, so you see, all you would have to do, would opening up a Account and the rest Members of our Group would enjoy to do.

So.. Interested of being a Part of us? Message us, and if you are interested, we of course will tell you more. We really would be happy to Welcome you.

Love R.O.M.E.

The Realms of Middle Earth.
discord: R.O.M.E. / All Verse are welcome / est. 2019
๐™ƒ๐™š๐™ก๐™ก ๐™๐™ž๐™ง๐™š .

Sep 12th 2019 05:36

Stefan Salvatore.
Attn: Playing With Fire.
Mention: Hell Fire.
Hello, I'm sending out a greeting to appreciate you for requesting or even accepting. I hope you don't mind writing with another Stefan, I know there's a few around but more the merrier right? I'm not just here for another number, I intend to write if you would do the honor of creating / sharing ideas with me..

To save you the trouble of asking, There is no changes to my Stefan apart from him not dying. I do have a little story on what happened / to do with the hellfire between himself and Katherine. With them understanding they wouldn't survive, something happened.. once the hellfire hit, somehow they both ended up in another world, both alive and well but this new world could be the death of them. A world where they have to survive, some kind of disease spread. With the rest thinking they were dead, Stefan has to find a way to get through to Bonnie and dot dot dot..
credit: james kriet
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