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    h&h|rome baby m. castiel angel's Interests
GeneralDr. Jake Houseman is father to Baby and Lisa Houseman and husband to Marjorie Houseman. Dr. Jake Houseman is very affluent in his profession as a doctor, but as such his upper class status dictates to him to look condescendingly upon the lower classes, particularly the working class. At Kellerman's resort, where Jake and his family are vacationing, Baby finds out that Angel of the Lord Castiel's dance partner Penny Johnson is pregnant by Robbie Gould, a philandering med school student working as a waiter at the resort, and Baby borrows money from her dad Jake which she secretly uses to pay for an abortion for Penny (which in 1963 was illegal). When the abortion is botched Penny later develops life-threatening complications, and Baby calls Jake to stabilize her. When Jake asks who's responsible for Penny, Angel of the Lord Castiel speaks up, which Jake takes to mean that it was Castiel who got her pregnant. After treating Penny, Angel of the Lord Castiel offers his hand in gratitude but Jake refuses it. As he walks Baby back to their bungalow he deduces that she borrowed the money to pay for Penny's abortion; he refuses to listen to her explanation and orders Baby to stay away from Angel of the Lord Castiel and the others, but she secretly continues to see him. http://picasion.com/
I love listening to this song by ZZ Top cause it lets me relax & feel a bit better after a stressful day.
MoviesPenny Johnson is a dancer & Angel of the Lord Castiel's former love interest. One night, when she got her period, Baby sent for her father, a doctor, to help Penny Johnson. It was then mistaken that Angel of the Lord Castiel got her pregnant, but Jake Houseman finally realizes that it was not true, forgiving him towards the end of the film, during his dance with Baby. http://picasion.com/
Heroes Angel of the Lord Castiel is different than others. He dances gracefully and can sweet talk women. He has a super power and thats why women can't help but fall in love with him. Though, as Baby figures out, he hides many feelings about himself, that he expresses only in private, while they're together. He feels like a product in someways, and he also feels like he's nothing more than a play toy, for women, who want him for a night. At first, Baby thinks he was using the women, though he replies with, "No, they were using me." He also states that "The reason rich people treat me like I'm nothing, is because I'm nothing." He's hiding more behind his bad ass persona than he lets people know, only truly opening up to Frances "Baby" Houseman. He has a gentle boyish soul behind the tough exterior. He was said to be living off of jujubes until women were throwing themselves at him. He works at a dance place by Kellermans, which people taught themselves to dirty dance. He first meet Baby when his cousin, Billy, let her carry a watermelon inside. Her first words to him was, "I carried a watermelon." Then, when he walks off, Baby is embarrassed for saying something so silly. When he is dancing to "Love man", he sees Baby moving with the beat of the song. He then brings her to the dance floor and teaches her a dance. Baby soon falls in love with Angel of the Lord Castiel. Soon, they find out that Penny needs to be taken care of. But she needs money. Baby gets money from her dad, which Castiel tells her "It takes a real saint to ask daddy." Baby gets upset. When Penny goes to the doctor, he used tools that was not clean and Billy and Castiel heard her screaming. Baby's dad comes in to help Penny because he's a doctor. He tells Baby that he doesn't want her around those people. Penny could no longer dance for the last 2 shows. Billy says that Baby can fill in for Penny's spot. Baby then pointed out it wasn't going to work cause she couldn't even do the Meringue. Castiel agrees with Baby saying, "She can't even do the meringue, she can't do it, she cannot do it!" But Penny says that Castiel can teach anyone to dance, so they decide to let Baby replace Penny. They both fall in love. The first dance that Baby attends turns into a disaster, they couldn't do the lift. Castiel and Baby practice day and night. But Castiel gets accused of stealing a wallet. Baby steps in and says that he didn't do it because he was in his room all night because she was with him. Her dad gets mad at her, and starts to ignore her. They still fire Castiel and if he leaves quietly he will get his check. He gives Baby a goodbye kiss. So, he leaves Baby and she is heartbroken. She goes to the show to watch Lisa perform. While Lisa is performing, Castiel steps onto stage and cuts her and the people with her off. Lisa leaves the stage, and Castiel calls Baby onto the stage. The last dance song was "I've Had the Time of My Life." The dance was performed nicely with Castiel's solo dance in it. They also did the lift! When the dance was finished, Baby's dad said sorry to Castiel. http://picasion.com/

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Catskills, New York
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Former Maid | Former Dancer | Former Entertainer
Characters: Frances Houseman
Playbys: Jennifer Gray
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Human, Medical, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Married
Member Since:August 26, 2019

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Hattori Hanzo Sword Fighting
Okinawa, Japan
Title: Professional Swords Woman
Division: Asian Swords Academy

Date Employed Eternity

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About me:
name: frances houseman nickname: baby age: young b-day: none of your business birthplace: catskills, new york current location: lebanon, kansas eyecolor: brown hair color: brown peircings: none tattoos: none boyfriend/girlfriend: none siblings: lisa houseman color: green music: oldies sport: dancing holiday: summer food: anything number: 3 movie: dirty dancing celebrity: patrick swayze place: british men of letters bunker drink: cherry flavored water day of week: 4th month: july city: lebanon animal: none time of day: noon smell: flowers t.v. channel: 109 song: big girls don't cry hugs or kisses: kisses pepsi or coke: coke mcdonalds or burger king: mcdonalds chocolate or vanilla: vanilla lover or fighter: both friends or family: both love or money: love listen to someone talk ot talking: talking personality or looks: personality magazines or comics: magazines pop star or word up: word up are you in luv: yes have you ever been in luv: yes ddo you believe in love at first sight: not sure longest relationship: johnny castle kiss on first date: no ever cheated on someone(be honest): no do you do drugs: prescription do you drink: no do you have any regrets: yes want to get married: already married want kids: yes do you believe in yourself: yes last movie you saw at the movies? was it good: terminator: dark fate/yes can you handle the truth: yes biggest fear: dying alone most missed memory: dancing at kellerman's mountain first thought waking up: get dressed how do you want to die: with friends & family surrounding me do you get along with your parents: yes do you swear: yes do you have a pet: no have you ever passed out: no do you party: no do you get good grades: graduated from school god: yes religion: yes aliens: no ghost: yes afterlife: yes myself: yes karma: yes magic: yes eye color: blue hair color: dark brown short or long hair: short height: 6'1" peircings or tattoos: no just cute or sexy: sexy hobbies: angel of the lord one girl man: yes Take this survey -> https://www.pimp-my-profile.com/surveys/view.php?id=51380
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h&h|rome baby m. castiel angel's Friends Comments
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Castiel | E |

Apr 28th 2020 23:33

That's not good. I'm sorry.
Castiel | E |

Apr 28th 2020 02:34

It gave me pnuemonia unfortunately. but I'm feeling much better how are you?
castiel angel m. to baby.

Apr 23rd 2020 16:06

alright well i some times stay up late watching movies.
castiel angel m. to baby.

Apr 22nd 2020 12:22

sure i will do that. so how are you.
Diamond :{ROME/FOS}

Apr 21st 2020 13:11

He has officially moved on. He is happy and that is all that matters to me. I only want him to be happy.

I knew it was over, a long time ago, I just kept on hoping. but thank  you for that. It puts it to rest once and for all. He isn't even hobbit Pippin any longer. So thank you Baby.

I wrote this.
Diamond :{ROME/FOS}

Apr 21st 2020 12:31

"Hobbits might get drunk, but they would never slit their wrists.  It would be against  Eru to do such a willfully selfish thing. So you do not need to fear that sweet lass.  But, I may take a drink of an ale now and then. I am a hobbit after all."  

Laughs and hugs her.

"Thank you for being so sweet to me."
Diamond :{ROME/FOS}

Apr 21st 2020 12:12

Thank you Baby.   

*pours her some tea and sits down across from her at the tale*

He and I had a difference of opinion about too many things. He wanted to back to Gondor forever, so, the shire declared him dead.  So actually, I'm a widow, not divorced. I'm not sure if they do that in the shire or indeed, Middle Earth.

((thank you angel. I'm really okay))
castiel angel m. to baby.

Apr 21st 2020 11:37

that is good to here. i think every one dose. i love you to.
castiel angel m. to baby.

Apr 20th 2020 22:00

well i have thought that over. your stuck with me forever. he place his had on her as he heals her. i think you should do what they tell you. i love you very much. i will always try to be here for you both. he kissing her. how are you anyway.
castiel angel m. to baby.

Apr 19th 2020 20:51

i was told about that. that is messed up. you wont lose me my love. i am yours forever. i missed you. he kissing her.
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