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Doing the 13 Reasons why on my profile for all my friends to see. (other storylines will be done in messages to keep everything separate on here)

25 years old

United States

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January 17 2020

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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:High School Student
Characters: Tara Montgomery; OC
Verses: All shows pertaining to the Supernatural world, Pretty Little Liars, 13 Reasons Why
Playbys: Lucy Hale
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Status: Single
Member Since:August 14, 2019

A blog about a writing that I have been working on will be up soon, if not this week, hopefully the next week. :)

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About me:
Im very sorry I have to put this on here. But I WILL NOT ADD PEOPLE WHO ARE BELOW THE AGE OF 18. You MUST be 18 years or older I don't do celebrities, or anime. I AM NOT ADDING ANYONE AT THIS TIME. PLEASE RESPECT MY WISHES. THE ONLY TIME I WILL ADD SOMEONE IS IF I SEND OUT A REQUEST. For all my new friends: Im shy so every interaction would be a banter between our characters [for now at least] :) I'm also selective of who I add (got my reasons)|| Also have a busy work schedule as of lately, so I won't be on all the time.||AU Family: Ella (who's a powerful witch) and Byron Montgomery (who's a werewolf) are my parents, Aria Montgomery (twin sister-species unknown) and Mike Montgomery (brother-species unknown). (Tara's never met her biological family as she was adopted when she was born by people who took her to live in Paris, France and Tara has a french accent)||Tara's biography: Tara was given up for adoption when she was born and was adopted by a French couple who then took her and raised her in Paris, France. However, her life was not easy. She was always picked on through the years just because she was different. Adults and kids would throw things at her and they called her names, so she began to keep to herself. At one point during the night one night, Tara triggered her werewolf gene and her adoptive parents kicked her out. Tara then left France to head to the United States of America to search for her biological family. She hasn't unlocked any of her witch powers yet. She is a hybrid.||
Who I'd like to meet:
friends, Pretty Little Liars connections, all connections having to do with the supernatural world

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Jan 14th 2020 01:40

Here is your prompt.

35: Believe in ghosts:

He has never encountered one before,
but he isn't so close minded as to believe that they do not exist.
He is apart of a hidden world,
and is fully aware that supernatural creatures exists.
Ghosts are not excluded from that.

Dec 11th 2019 00:43

The Outsider Wolf
Names: Freya Labonair-DiLaurentis / Mentions: Tara Rayven
Freya was living in Rosewood, Pennsylvania with her husband Jason, well she wasn't aware the past really he had and she sure didn't ask it. All she knew was that the girl who left him behind high and dry was named Arya Montgomery but she didn't know much of her really, Freya had left Louisiana, she left the Mikaelsons and the violence which followed with it. Being the doppelganger of a witch who died in 1603 named Anne de Chantraine and being a werewolf on top of it, temperamental was a understatement when it came to her inner beast which even Jason was now aware of that she was a werewolf, she had to expose the truth to him rather then keep him in the dark, Of course Jason never minded although it surprised him at first. But now they had a daughter together, Freya's parents were long dead since she was three years old and murdered, Jason never got to meet them really the two werewolves who given her life. 

But Freya wasn't your typical werewolf, she had a enhanced bloodline, one which a single bite killed more quicker then any other wolf when it came to biting a vampire and she was as large as a white direwolf and had red eyes. The Crescent shape birthmark on her right shoulder she managed to keep it hidden from those who would question it, it's reason why it was there of course as none understood that factor about her, the Labonair bloodline in her made her werewolf royalty among Louisiana in the mountains among the Bayou. 
Today was a peaceful day of course, she was enjoying some fresh air and Jason would soon be home from work, Freya was taking some time outside with the baby, there daughter Lilith which Jason and herself called Lily for short. Everything was quiet, she liked it that way being secluded and without anyone disturbing her, she already put Allison in her place, Jason's sister was afraid of her very much so. 

Turning her eyes she stood up placing her baby girl in her cot letting her relax beside her but when Lily began to fuss a bit she went to grab the baby a bottle and cleaned her up changing her diaper then lay the baby back down with her bottle gripped with her daughter's tiny fingers and a blanket over her to keep her warm. but Freya didn't expect to see anyone passing by really....

She saw merely pictures of Arya in a collection of photos belonging to Allison so when she heard a noise she soon saw a face which she had to take a second look at. Was it Arya standing right there and was she back for what now belonged to Freya as her own husband now? Freya didn't have the answers 

She looked toward the girl "Who are you? and why have you come here...." she says "Jason my husband isn't here if that is who you're looking for." she crossed her arms along her chest, staring right at the woman unaware it wasn't Arya herself but instead someone who was a werewolf like herself. Freya wasn't afraid to stand her ground, this was her home after all and she was determined to protect it. She stood in the backyard waiting for the woman to give a answer.
"If you're looking for my husband Jason, he isn't home"
Created by Patriot
Mama Jensen.

Sep 14th 2019 11:23

Aww thank you dear ,i will text you the info of what time is dinner tonight so you can make it with justin 
Mama Jensen.

Sep 13th 2019 23:31

your welcome dear :) you have been the only one that really has been talking to me aside from justina and clay you care to that im here as well
Mama Jensen.

Sep 13th 2019 23:23

Added you to my top friends kat :) 

Mama Jensen.

Sep 3rd 2019 15:28

Hi Dear id like to  set up a story line for us kat 
message me so we can plot soon :)
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