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Verses: star trek, star wars, lexx, farscape, defiance,
Playbys: shalom harlow
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Casual, Crossover, Drama, Science Fiction, Suspense,
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

≥Lt.JG Lyca Soran


1. No Harassment of any kind.

2. Use decent Grammar (please)

3. I will not RP with anyone under 18. Just sorry no.

4. Killing of mine muse is permitted only when asked.

5.💞 Shipping 💞 I ship chemistry. (If you feel like our characters might have something going on go for it)

*Some of the ST universes don’t use Lt. JG. then Lt is just fine.

* Since it’s also RolePlay, and for the sake of just having fun. I’m not going to be super anal about your character backgrounds and lingo. But do have some knowledge it’s only fair. I’m here to have fun not to patronize or be patronized.

Verses Star Trek Verse - Since there are a few timeliness and stuff. I’ll try to assimilate my character based on your character if it’s an canon character. If OC we can just adapt and go with the flow.

That’s why I don’t mention a ship or crew my character is with.

Star Wars- It’s pretty fantasy base but I do have an idea of what my character would be in the Star Wars verse. A force sensitive witch from Dathomir, or we can mix both up to the RP'er.

Other Sci-Fi and space will try to simply go with the flow and integrate. As smoothly as possible. I’m not perfect I’ll try my best.
Full Name Lycan Soran
Pronunciation Lie-ka / So-ranbr> Nickname/Alias NA
Meaning Sorid Flower
Origin Trill
Title Lieutenant Junior Grade
ID Number NA
Signature Messy
Gender Female
Gender Role Feminine
Orientation Straight
Real Age 26
Age Appearance Her Apparent Age
Birthplace Trill
Species Trill/?
Ethnicity Caucasion
Preferred Hand Right handed slightly ambidextrous
Facial Type Round
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown/Auburn
Hairstyle Straight or Natural Curls
Skin Tone Light
Complexion Clear
Makeup Depends
Body Type Ectomorph
Build Lean/Tall
Height 5'11 (180cm) (In inches)
Weight 167 lbs
Cup Size B
Facial Hair NA
Shoe Size 10
Birthmarks/scars Light Trill spotting on sides
Distinguishing Features: eye shape
Health Very Healthy
Energy High
Memory Decent
Senses Average
Allergies Certain Insects Bites
Handicaps None
Phobias Bugs and Insects
Addictions Slight Gambling
Mental Disorders Currently None
Lt. JG Lyca Soran is a weapon and hand to hand combat specialist. With minor training with Laisons. Her mother a Trill and her father a speculated El Aurian or Earthling. She grew up on Trill where she was looked down upon because of her mixed heritage. Therefore was told not to waste to her time to submit to be joined with a symbiont. That she would not get chosen. She joined Star Fleet in hopes to explore new worlds and gain respect. Just barely acquiring the rank of lieutenant junior grade. She can appear eager and over ambitious at times. Though curious, she tends to appear calm and aloof.
She has many hobbies though

She doesn't speak much about them.

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Jul 21st 2019 06:44

Greetings, thank you for taking the time out to contact me.
I apologize for the delayed response.
A storyline would definetly interest me.
We can start discussing ideas when you're ready.

Capt. (Dr.) David Marcus

Jul 16th 2019 19:33

Rping with me in the future, to be fair my character is also a temporal agent so I've seen some of the future. Any way its good to meet you and you're very welcome. My character name is Doctor/Captain David Marcus the son of James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus to get things some things moving.
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