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ɒᴜɴs α΄€Ι΄α΄… ʀᴏsᴇs

Jul 10th 2019 18:29

Β The plan was simple; meet Dean on this hunt, earn his trust, then send him into a trap set by the demon possessing Lea's father. Lea wasn't sure if she could truly go through with the plan. The idea of sending an innocent person into a trap made her stomach twist in painful knots. She bit her lip, then rested her forehead on the steering wheel before cutting the engine off. The sun was starting to go down, giving the old park an eerie feeling. Lea shook off the nerves she felt, grabbed her dad's old notebook, and held it to her chest before slowly getting out of her rental car. She hadn't met Dean in person yet, but had spoken to him on the phone. She explained that her father was a hunter, and missing, and asked for his help. He didn't seem to hesitate at all, which made her feel even worse about helping the demon. But... She had to do this, right...? Her father's life depended on it.Β 

Β She sighed and walked towards the far end of the park, then took a seat on the small bench. Lea didn't hear a thing, but suddenly her father was sitting next to her. However, it wasn't her dad. Not really. His eyes were jet black, and the smile on his face was menacing, nothing like her father's usual warm grin. Lea's heart dropped, and she scooted away from the stranger invading her father's body. The demon spoke calmly. "He's almost here. I can hear the engine of his old car. Now, sweetheart. Remember what we discussed. Far back in the woods behind this park is an old cabin. Take him there, it's a long enough of a walk that you will be able to earn his trust on the way. Flip your hair over your shoulder, or bat your eye lids. Once you are inside, you will see your dear old dad laying on the couch. You will run to me, with concern clear as day on your face, and as soon as Dean's guard is down, I will strike. After he is dead, I will give up your father's meatsuit."Β 

A chill ran down her back, but reluctantly she nodded her head to agree with him. Before she could say anything, the demon had vanished. Lea wiped away a tear that had fallen from her eye, then looked up in the direction that she heard an engine in. Before long she saw headlights turn into the parking lot. She stood up, and started to walk towards the car. "You can do this..." She whispered to herself, knowing that was probably a bold faced lie.
π”šπ”žπ”Άπ”΄π”žπ”―π”‘ β„Œπ”²π”«π”±π”’r

Jul 10th 2019 17:58

-It had taken years for Kayley to come out of her shell from her younger years abuse with Lucifer,she met a few nice people but never spoke or let loose to anyone of them. Reaching her hand for her mug she headed down the street with her giant stomach and headed to the store,The heavily pregnant women had been a target for demons for months.. Sighing she headed into the store to get her ice cream and took off out and down the road to head to the men of letters bunker to talk and catch up with an old flame Dean Winchester. Knocking on the large metal doors. She stood still and smiled as she waited.-

Jul 10th 2019 08:13

Well how about we write a bit first and see if it's what we want to do?

Jul 10th 2019 02:23

Do you have a main Jo?
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