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Aug 24th 2019 19:31

In Contrast with Sara, Sam didn't blame their real mom for what had happened because due to what she had discovered about her, she had no clue she even had twin daughters, from what she was told Laura Sidle was told that one of her daughters had died and the one had survived (Sara being the one that had survived), So Sam knew that Laura had no clue of the truth. She shook her head as she spoke "What if we WERE twins you know, like if one of us found out that we were born with in the same family and were actual twins taken away at birth?" She asked testing the waters a bit, She wasn't going to tell her the truth right away but she wanted to know how Sara would feel if she did know. She blushed a bit more as she spoke "you.. you think he's in love with me? I Don't know… but thanks for your kind words" She said, She had no idea how Greg felt about her but she knew she most certainly had been falling in love with him.

She nodded as she spoke "thanks" She blushed as he spoke some more "I Do appreciate you saying that, I wouldn't mind if we hung out" She couldn't believe she actually said the words but something about the words had just felt right. She drew in a breath as she spoke all be it embarrassingly "Oh yeah , the Case, So I'm thinking you two should give the info to Gris or Nick, I'm sure it will help you two somehow" Ordinarily her bosses had been Grissom, Nick and Catherine but at this precise moment in time their third boss had been out of town.

She beamed a bit more as she looked at Sara and Greg "You're welcome!! and thanks for your kind words, I have to admit this isn't my first job, I was actually a field agent back in Los Angeles but when you move jobs you have to start at the bottom, I do hope you're right though, I Do hope that someday soon I'll be promoted to Field agent here" Sam beamed.

Sam listened as Sara read them the file "So we're dealing with a copy cat Serial Killer here? I mean it can't be the original killer because he'd be dead now or at the very least elderly and too old to do this type of killing… Unless she looked at the file and read along "Tom brownly known as the Jackhammer back in the early part of the century had a son one who watched him and looked up to him, Tom Junior may be in his mid 50s now" She thought out loud, he could be our killer, we should look in to him" She stated.

Jul 14th 2019 03:24

Sam shrugged a bit as she looked at Sara, a part of her wondered if she knew, did she even know that she had a twin out there and that at this precise moment in time she stood face to face with her, She had assumed that probably not, after all she herself had been lied to all her life, for all she knew not even her mother knew she survived the birth. "Does it bother you that you and I look alike?" She had asked Sara curiously, she then blushed when Sara stated that Greg had a crush on her, Sam had tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said "I.. I.. don't know why, I'm nothing special" She then realized her blunder and shook her head "I mean.. God, I'm sorry.. Clearly you're much prettier then I am" She said apologetically to her twin sister. Sam then blushed and giggled a bit as Greg spoke to her "Than.. Thanks" She said blushing even more now, one could say her cheeks had been the color of a bright red apple. She stuttered a bit as she answered him "I…. I'm fine.. Well Okay.. Dealing with stuff… but uh thanks." She said, she had blushed even more when he once again stated she was beautiful, She stared at the ground for a brief moment and then remembered she was there on business and had been at work "Oh right… Uh the case.." She had stammered once again.

Oddly enough Sam had understood exactly what Greg had been trying to say, She grinned a bit more as she spoke "I know I'm not trace but Hodges had sent me the evidence because of the fact that it had DNA epithelial's on it" She stated. She had not known why but even through is cute clumsy, stuttering nature ,she had fallen in love with the guy and she had just met him, She assumed he wasn't taken seeing as he was flirting with her, but then again one could never tell that sort of thing for sure. She focused back on Sara as she spoke again "Hopefully this will lead to a break in your case" She offered, She had longed to be out in the field again, but for now she enjoyed simply being in the lab with the science-y type things.

Sam nodded as she continued to speak "The substance is Caffeine  and saccharine, the main ingredients in Coca Cola, I'm not sure if he was drinking it, or if he spit it out on her after he killed her but I Do think I've seen the M.O before, Guy's I think we're dealing with a Serial here." She offered with a sigh, hoping that she had not been stepping on anyones toes so to speak. She shook her head a bit and giggled at Greg's word's "I hope my hair doesn't smell like coffee, It should smell like Cherries" She stated and winked finding herself say "You don't smell so bad yourself" She was certain she could smell his cologne from a mile away.
Firefighter’s Hero™ 🚒

Jul 13th 2019 03:15

Sam had many issues due to what had happened to her, not just the Natalie Davis kidnapping but the fact that she had recently discovered she had been lied to her whole life, having a twin sister was fun yes but it was also rather difficult because she know Sara had an awful life and she didn't, perhaps the fact that she was dealing with everything still had been why she worried when Greg had not been near her.  She winked as she kissed him softly "Well I think your clumsy self is adorable Greggy" She said as she spoke the pet name she had given him. She then added "Oh there will be plenty more opportunities for shower sex, I promise"

Sam had known that Greg had a crush on Sara ion's ago but now seeing him , being with him, she had assumed that the crush had been a precursor of fate ,preparing him for meeting her, and oddly enough Sara clearly her twin and her best friend Morgan well, she had been an ex of his as well , but she knew He and herself had been far more serious then anyone else, including Morgan, She was eager for him to meet her friends, especially the Buckley's "Well, You'll get to know them a whole lot on this visit"She said with a wink, She knew she had to hurry and get ready because they were meeting the family at a certain time.

Sam was quite grateful for that day for so may reasons, Yes she had gotten away from Natalie, but she was so badly injured that if the ambulance had not come, if they didn't rescue her, she could have ended up well.. dead, or Natalie could have recaptured her, either way the ending would not have been good, it was for this reason she was so grateful for the friend's she had gained that day "I suppose we are like old friends, but we had just met, and I'm so grateful for them saving me, but I'm grateful for you guys too" She smiled and offered up a wink as she stated "I'm sure at that moment you were like "Why the hell does this woman look so much like Sara?" She said teasingly.

Abby smiled as she looked at Greg "Of course, Samantha speaks a great deal about you, I hope you two don't mind but Buck's sister Maddie is staying here for  a bit as well, Her husband has just passed and she had no where else to go" She of course had left out the reason Maddie's husband had passed, and that Her old apartment held bad memories for her, instead she had left it at that. She had also known that there had been plenty of room with in the Buckley home.  She smiled as she heard Greg  speak "thanks" She said as she watched Sam enter the home and lift up Lil just like old times. Buck nodded as he spoke "I agree, the girls need to gab" He followed him out to the car and began to make small talk "So how do you like LA so far?" He questioned him.

Jul 5th 2019 22:45

Sam blushed a little, it was more then likely clear to her twin that she had liked Greg as well "It.. It's okay" She stammered as she looked over at her twin, It had also been clear that Greg was confused seeing two "Sara's", though oddly enough as much as she looked like Sara she had also been quite different. "I didn't ask you how you were" She offered kindly still blushing, feeling a bit awkward as well. She found herself flirting a little as she said "Unless you want me to ask how you are, in which case how are you?" She said feeling her heart race.

She chuckled a little as she spoke "I know I'm not trace, I'm DNA but well you'll see why said evidence came to me" She offered, as she handed him the sheet of paper she felt her  hand's shake. "I do hope it helps" She looked at Sara and spoke again "For some reason people think You and I look quite a bit alike, I'm assuming that's why he thought I was you" She had not yet told her that she was her twin so she had played if off to be a coincidence. She blushed when he said she was beautiful on accident, she semi teased as she said "You're not so bad yourself" 

Sam blushed more when he stated to Sara that she was beautiful "You, You really think I'm beautiful?" She asked, and then shook her head trying to get back to the case and not the chemistry between them, instead of looking at the hot man in front of her she turned to her sister "So, I don't think it was so much that the suspect was decorating the victim as much as maybe he had that substance on his hands when he killed her" She replied.
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Jun 30th 2019 03:24

Sam had rolled over on her bed, groaning a little as she noticed her boyfriend Greg had not been in it, a moment of worry had hit her for a brief moment until she had gotten her bearings and remembered what day it was, She heard him in the bathroom and somehow breathed a sigh of relief, then had decided to go join him. She stood there in her nightie , in the door way, just staring when he had spoken "I didn't mean to scare you, I just thought.. I'd well come join you, I guess I'm a little too late" She said teasingly as she winked.

When she asked Greg to come along with her to California, in order to meet  her friends, to go to her old stomping grounds, to see the Los Angeles CSI's ,She had instantly worried they were moving to fast, what if all he saw was his crush on Sara; when he had seen her, with time however she realized what they had was true love, maybe even "The one" and things happened exactly because they were supposed to. As she stood in front of the mirror she sighed a bit and questioned "I told you how I met Abby right?" She asked ,raising an eyebrow as she waited for him to answer.

She had bit her lip when he had questioned her, truth was, she hadn't really known them for that long before she came to vegas, but due to them saving her life they had become the best of friends. "Not long honestly, Uh You know the day you, Cath and Gris saved me, when you tracked down Natalie Davis? Well Uh Abby was the 9-1-1 operator who took the call when I got away from that psychopath, and Buck was the firemen .. well one of the firemen Who rescued me along with you guys,I'm sure you'll recognize him once you meet him" She stated kindly.

Abby grinned as she saw Sam, She was so happy so vibrant, a far cry from the girl in the hospital she had seen prior, after her abduction and subsequent rescue, and clearly she had done well for herself with a handsome young fellow of her own "Samantha,, I'm so glad you made it" She then turned to the guy and spoke with kindness "You must be Greg, I've heard a great deal about you, This little nugget is Delilah but we call her Lil" She said as she watched her husband chase  a now crawling daughter around the house. She chuckled and added "and that handsome man following her is my husband Buck.." She turned to him and laughed a bit more "Buck, Sam and her boyfriend are here" She simply stated, It had caused the young 28 year old man to lift up his daughter and turn to him "Nice to meet you" He offered "come on in.. Let me uh.." He set his daughter down once again and then continued to speak".. let me help you two with your bags" He replied.

Jun 22nd 2019 19:40

Samantha Sidle's life had changed rapidly in the span of a few short months, The first change having been finding out she was  a Sidle at all, for quite some time she had thought she was Samantha Brooks , Her mother a nurse a father she didn't know about, and a happy life despite that. She did not know that the truth was her Mother had taken her from her real mother and brought her home, That she had a identical Twin sister in Las Vegas and that her real family had been quite messed up.

She had found out the truth when she had been abducted by someone who had called themselves "The Miniature Killer." They had every intention of killing her, kept calling her Sara and would pay for what she had done. She said that She was going to send Nick the miniature instead of Grissom because she had known that he was the one who truly loved Sara. Samantha had looked on in confusion, begging for her life, telling her she wasn't Sara, She wasn't sure how but she was able to get away , that had been when she had done her research, there was a reason the miniature killer had been harassing her, Sara was her twin. Her mother had lied, She was the daughter of Laura Sidle but due to the abuse and drugs used in that family Her mother had lied and told Laura Sara's twin had died, taking the child home instead. Why she didn't take Sara as well, no one would know but at least Samantha had been safe, of course up until her abduction.

Her second change had been moving to Vegas, She had found her sister at the Vegas Crime lab, Oddly enough ,not unlike herself she had been a CSI. It would take some time for her to be acquainted with her new job, the people in it, Hell even her Twin didn't even know she was her twin despite the fact that they looked completely alike. The lab was quite a bit different then the one she worked for in Los angeles, there was much more politics involved in that one, Here in Vegas they were like a family, She had hoped she would be accepted by all of them, but she  had not counted on falling in love with one of the CSI's. She saw him walk in with her twin sister Sara and oddly enough her heart began to rush, rather rapidly actually. She saw that damn smile and she wanted to pounce him. It was Hodges who had spoken to her and broken her out of her thoughts "Brookes, Earth to Brookes.." He stated, He knew she was new but He hoped she was better then the others he worked with in the past "Huh? Yeah.. sorry" She said shaking her head. He could tell right away why she was off in "Dream land" it was the same with every damn woman who entered this lab "Why don't you go tell Sanders we have the evidence you needed.. In case you didn't know Greg Sanders is the one you're gawking over" He said teasingly. She  looked at him and shook her head, her face flushed with embarrassment "I wasn't gawking.." She then shook her head again and went to the man in question "Sanders?" She said hoping against all hope he couldn't hear the pounding of her heart "I'm Samantha Brookes, I uh am new to the lab, I have the evidence you wanted" She said handing him the sh*t of paper that had recently come out of the machine.

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