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“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

William Blake
OOC: Verses and Chararacter-Interpretation

Before we start, some ooc-information about how I intend to handle this fragile bloke:

~ V ~ is based on one of the protagonists of the DMC5 Game - And when I say "based on" I do mean "based on"
- Which basically means: I will take my freedom with him in order to fit him into the most diverse verses and settings and I will RP him according to MY interpretation of him as a character
- There may be many other, different ones; and if mine does not appeal to your own ideas... well, bad luck for you, I am sure you´ll find another one around better fitting then.

- Do NOT tell me how you want me to RP him!

Obviously to those familiar with the game I utilize an AU-version of the Devil May Cry Universe, keeping V around and thus accepting the fact that Vergil is gone and Urizen irrecoverably annihilated.

I also will adjust some of his powers and abilities and those of his demonic familiars, meaning strip him of some given by the game to not make him overpowered and put emphasize on his humanity and fragile state.

Further I kept the bio as brief and general as possible for the sole purpose to make him as adjustable as possible in order to be able to set him up in as many settings, verses and plots as possible.
… Btw, I love Crossover Settings and even more Custom-made ones discussed for each Storyline individually.

“In the universe, there are things that are known,
and things that are unknown,
and in between, there are doors.”
William Blake

“He calls himself a Monster and Demon Hunter, and he's got the power to prove it - or his demon animal friends do, at least.
V's combat potential is practically nonexistent,so he relies on these beings to lay waste to his foes until all he has to do is delivering the final blow with that cane of his...
Seems the pattern in those tattoo like marks of his is what binds his lil' helpers to him. -
They're the basis of his power.

- Journal of Nico -

Full Name: ~V~
Nicknames: Shakespeare, Mr Poetry
Aliases: The Mysterious One
Date Of Birth: that´s a tricky one - 15.05.2019 is the day his former self Virgil separated his demonic side from his human side so this could be considered the "creation date" of V.
Virgil’s birthday is 15.1978 which would technically be V´s actual birthday, too, given he is the human part of the half breed Demon.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: : Originally white, but usually he sports black hair.
The black color is marking and binding his demonic familiar Nightmare to him.
His hair becomes temporarily white again when he conjures and summons the demon.
Eye Color: dark green
Height: 1,75m / 5’7’’
BUILT: lank, fragile
Birthmarks/Scars: V´s complete upper body and arms are covered in black Tattoo-like markings which serve to bind his demonic familiars to him.
They vanish partly and temporarily and leave burn and scar like marks when he conjures and releases the demos.

Mother:Eve - a human woman (deceased)
Father: Sparda - a demon (deceased)
Brother: Dante the twin brother of Vergil
Other Family: Vergil, his former half-human-half-demon self whose human side he is (gone).
Urizen, the demonic side of Vergil (deceased);
Nero, Vergil´s son and thus technically V´s son, too

Where Evil lurks, I must destroy

Occupation: Demon/Monster Hunter
Employer: Devil May Cry Agency

V is a slender even frail looking appearance with pale skin and dark green eyes.
He has chin-length, natural white hair with long bangs swept to left, which have a tendency to stubbornly slip over the left half of his face.
However the pact with his demon familiars made his hair turn jet-black and caused his entire upper body and neck being covered in black, tattoo-like markings.

V tends to walk with a faint limp and generally holds himself with a slightly hunched stance mostly heavily leaning in on his cane.

In terms of attire and jewelery V prefers to keep it "black and simple".

The two surely most striking objects he usually carries with him are a silver metal cane, which he needs as the frail state of his body often makes it hard for him to walk longer distances,
and a book containing poems by William Blake bound in worn, brown leather and embroidered with a large golden "V" insignia in the cover which once belonged to his former-self Vergil.

When he is exhausted and has gone through all of what little supernatural power he has left his skin tends to become flaky like an old painting with cracks gradually forming all over, causing him to look like he is literally falling apart and crumbling away.

“As a man is, so he sees.
As the eye is formed, such are its powers.”

William Blake

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Verses ❐ Demon/Monster Hunter
❐ Urban Fantasy
❐ Mythical
❐ Biblical
❐ Supernatural Writing Style ❐ Multi-para
❐ Novella Notices Comment & Blog rp only

Please read rules in Blog

Human or not human – this is a rather complicated and tricky matter when it comes to V.

V as such is a human being only recently created – and yes it´s created in his case, not born.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is,
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”
William Blake

His original, former self was Vergil, a human-demon hybrid. Vergil, the eldest of twin sons born of the demon Sparda and human Eva.
Following the murdering of their mother as children, Vergil and Dante, his younger twin brother, go their separate ways, with Vergil rejecting his humanity and embracing his demonic heritage, contrasting his younger brother's embrace of humanity and initial rejection of the demonic.
The believe that back then during the attack that once cost their mother´s life he was left behind deliberately ever since was fueling Vergil´s rage towards and desire to take revenge on and kill Dante.

In order to gain the requisit power to accomplish this task Vergil stabbed himself with his demon sword, attempting to get rid of his “weakness”, the human half of his soul.
Yet instead of killing his humanity he sparked the creation of "V", the personification of the human side of his soul, and the origination of the demon-king "Urizen" the embodinment his demonic and most powerful side.

Immediately after gaining consciousness and witnessing the horrifying formation of Urizen V vowed to stop the imminent large-scale destruction of the human world the now utterly ruthless and evil Demon-king was about to cause in his pursuit of even more power.

Knowing that time was a pressing matter as separation from his original hybrid-self doomed him with a slowly declining human body barely kept together by the lingering remnants of his former demonic power and prone to die rather sooner than later, V turned towards the Devil May Cry Agency, run by Dante, in order to find allies and help with his task

V never expected to come out of this mission alive, not at least due to his frail and constantly deteriorating state – yet when they eventually were able to defeat the Demon-king his death released enough spare energy re-uniting with V hence stabilizing his condition and stopping the decline of his body and allowing him to live on.

I have no name, I am but two days old...


He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.-

So it is written.

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This avian demon can always be found somewhere around V, usually flapping his beak with some inappropriate jab.
Differently to the other two familiars he does not need to be summoned but is a constantly present companion to V.
Griffon is roughly the size of a big eagle with a black and dark blue plumage and eyes which hold three golden pupils each
. Usually Griffon attacks with beak and claws but is also able to pick up smaller opponents and hurl them through the air.
He is also capable to lift up and carry V for shorter distances if the situation calls for it.
Griffon is an extremely talkative, foul-mouthed, and wisecracking bird who constantly mocks others.
While not above also playfully teasing V and even playing pranks on him, Griffon is deeply attached to V, constantly worries about his health and usually tries to talk him out of any even possibly remotely dangerous situation.
He often behaves like an over-protective mother-hen, who as often tends to be ignored by his Master much to his own bother.

While not summoned Shadow is concealed within some of the tattoo-like markings along V´s arms.
When conjured he takes the form of a large black panther with red eyes. He sports enormously muscular forelimbs which give him a bulldog-like build and his pitch-black fur features reddish glowing lines pulsating faintly whenever he moves.
He uses his claws, fangs and tail to attack and also allows V to ride on his back for speedy travel or when latter is too exhausted to walk.
Shadow possesses the personality of an attack dog, aggressive yet disciplined and always waiting for V to give the order before he attacks.
Despite actually belonging to a demon species known for being hostile especially towards humans, Shadow is utterly docile around V, never shows pugnacity towards his allies and even can be found asking for a stroke or napping close to his Master.

FAMILIAR Nightmare
While not summoned, Nightmare is concealed within the black coloration in V's hair and tattoo-like markings covering his upper body.
He could be considered V´s last line of defense. As summonning Nightmare forces him to unleash and drain his full power V conjures this specific familiar the least often and only in the most dire situations.
Nightmare is a gargantuan pitch-black golem, roughly humanoid in shape but about 3,5meters (about 11 feet) in height and without a distinct head, and bulbous spiked hands resembling tree roots.
When summoned, Nightmare may crash onto the battlefield like a meteorite, or burst through parts of the environment to heed his Master´s call.
Its sluggish movements belie unsurpassable strength and nigh-invulnerability.
Wherever Nightmare appears, its massive fists most probably are the last things enemies ever see.
Nightmare appears to be an automaton designed purely for combat, and exhibits no meaningful personality traits beyond its incredible capacity for destruction and instinct to protect V at any cost.

If a thing loves
It´s infinite
*****First connection box (left side) starts here.*****

V is a fairly calm, reticent and aloof individual.
While he is generally polite to everyone, he is also one who usually does not speak more than necessary and prefers to keep rather to himself, a habit which often causes distrust and others to question his reliability.

A distinctive trait of V is his extreme fondness for poetry, noticeable as he often recites lines when speaking to others, and often by memory alone – a habit which earned him the nicknames “Shakespeare” and “Mr Poetry”.

Despite hardly ever showing emotions openly and in an outgoing manner V cares very deeply for those close to him.
Further he has a marked, very dry sense of humor and is not above sparking subtle jokes himself or finding antics around him amusing.
Though most of the time these emotions manifest in an easy to be missed, small, crooked smirk or fleeting smile.

His utterly reserved demeanor combined with his seemingly submissive, hunched stance underlined even by his mannerism of mostly avoiding eye contact when talking to others stands in stark contrast to his otherwise rather noticeable appearance in terms of his body markings and his quirky, antiquated way to express himself including the usage of poetry quotes.
This contradicting appearance and behavior often causes people to find V considerably disconcerting and weird.

Being the embodiment of Vergil´s humanity and conscience, those parts of himself the hybrid repressed and detested the most, V is deeply in touch with his emotions and an utterly introspective being.

V often reflects over his "past self", such as remembering how prideful, ruthless and cruel Vergil was, feeling guilt and remorse in Vergil´s stead for what the hybrid demon did to others.

Yet despite acknowledging himself to be a part of Vergil, V also manages to completely disassociate himself from him.
Unlike Vergil, who looked down on humans and even despised them, V embraces the fact that he is basically human and associates himself with them.

Being fully aware of his limits and capabilities, V is utterly pragmatic and cautious in how he approaches situations.
While confident in his abilities, he is not above confessing when a certain situation would exceed his limits and be too much for him to handle. In such cases he is self-aware enough to either temporarily walk away and call for backup or to leave it to someone else entirely to deal with.

While V indeed is willing to do morally questionable things and even outright lie to and manipulate his allies when it serves his goals and the Greater Good, his whole doing is driven by a genuine desire to cleans the world from evil, atone for Vergil´s wrongdoings and help those in need, even at the cost of his own fragile health.

*****Second connection box (right side) starts here.*****

Being the physical manifestation of Vergil`s humanity and wisdom, V possess all of Vergil's knowledge of the Supernatural World and often reveals that he knows things that no mere human should be familiar with.
This wisdom and vast wealth of knowledge could be considered his greatest weapon.

As he is the human half of Vergil, V only has comparatively little demonic energy left at his disposal compared to his former power.

He still has the ability to sense demonic energy in objects and in beings on close range. Also is able to tell in general when facing a non-human/supernatural being, however if it is not a demon not exaclty what kind at first glance.

Due to the weak and fragile constitution of his human body V barely ever engages directly in a physical fight but relies entirely on his demonic familiars, mostly Griffon and Shadow, in any form of physical struggle or combat.

Albeit they are only able to wound enemies and inflict pain yet cannot kill, leaving the decision about life and death to their Master.

Once enemies have been brought down by his demonic protectors it is on him to perform strong, singular strokes with his cane to finish off their foes for good.

Also, once his familiars have taken too much damage they revert back into their core state concealed within the markings on V´s body and require some time to regenerate before they can be re-summoned.

The cane he commonly uses as his walking aid is equipped with a sharp, pointy, blade like ending and wrought of a unique alloy ideal for channeling demonic energy.
This allows V to use the cane to absorb the power of defeated demons, enhancing the strengths of his familiars and stocking up on his own depleted pool of energy and thus prolonging the time he is able to keep up his fighting stance and his conjurations.


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      ~ V ~'s Details
Body type:Slim / Slender
Occupation:Demon/Monster Hunter
Characters: ~ V ~
Verses: Supernatural, Biblical, Urban Fantasy, Devil May Cry, DMC, Constantine, Dresden Files, Lucifer,
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Supernatural,
Member Since:June 19, 2019

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Harv Sihra


мιηι αηgєl


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Morte Rossa

Sep 16th 2019 03:37


Katia is known as a Soul Collector, otherwise called a Soul Demon. She collects souls, devouring them to remove them from a body so she can easily possess the body or puppeteer it to her own bidding. Once she created an army of soulless bodies, until she was stopped by a council of Witches, of course that was centuries ago. Katia keeps a talisman with her that holds souls she has not used or fed on. 

Katia is one of the most feared demons because she is of Lilith’s bloodline. She is malicious in nature, taking a pride in torturing for her own enjoyment. She was known to fight at Lilith’s side, even becoming her lover for many years. But when Lilith moved on from her, Katia, was left in a rage and killed Lilith’s new lover. Because of that for a time Lilith trapped Katia in a tomb in hell. It almost drove Katia insane, but she was released after a couple of centuries in solitude, but never saw Lilith after that. She has taken on different lovers, moving on when she gets bored. She has waited impatiently for centuries to get on mortal soil and now that she is back, she is going to cherish every minute of it and unleash hell.

When one of the seals cracked open, Katia didn’t hesitate to slip out and settle on mortal ground. She immediately came across a body and claimed it as her own. Olivia Montgomery, who just happens to be the daughter of Rosewater’s mayor. For two weeks, she has been on Earth once more and is living a lavish lifestyle.

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Aug 24th 2019 11:20

Late Night, are you sleeping too?
Wide Awake in the starless blue

Staring up at the ceiling

Nevaeh set her mug aside once it was full and grabbed another one as well as another K-Cup. She had a variety of coffee--some of them flavored and some of them just plain. She grabbed a plain "Black Magic" Folgers K-Cup and loaded it into it's place while setting the empty mug beneath the spout. When she hit the button, she turned her attention back to the first full mug and began dumping sugar and cream into the mug. She retrieved a spoon and stirred, just as the second cup was finishing up. Nevaeh grabbed it and carried both mugs back out into the living room.

"Well," she began, handing V the cup of the plain black coffee. "They've been on my case since I was very small. I was raised in a village called Trenton by my family up until I was about twelve...when they were killed. My grandfather was...sort of the shaman of the village. He's who I got a majority of my fantastical abilities from--all resting with the mind. The teleportation and portals and stuff..that came from my mom. He knew that I was going to be the one to have my portals upgraded to supernatural capabilities--which was time travel. Once I started showing signs of it happening, that's when he sat me and my parents down...and told them that I was destined for a HUGE change in my abilities. Apparently, it's generational and...it was my turn." She shrugged with a light chuckle as she brought the mug up to her lips and blew to cool the liquid. She then took a careful sip and leaned against the counter.

"Of course...as soon as that fact about myself was revealed and shining, the Collectors showed up. They're...essentially blood-tearing demons. At least, that's how my grandfather referred to them. The nickname 'The Collectors' comes from their penchant to collect bloodline traits and use some sort of ritual to separate the host from the traits: they call it blood power...and the collect it to service their leader who they're hoping to empower to take over the world or some sh*t...I don't know...I've lost track of their grand master plan over the years..." She flickered her hand dismissively as she took another sip of her coffee. "Their overall number has been decimated in comparison to the past...but there are still enough of them to give chance...and they're well on their way to repopulating."

вєℓα ∂αяℓιиg

Aug 23rd 2019 16:08

The man before her was clearly not what she had been expecting. He seemed as different from Dante as possible, though that might be a good thing in her case. Dante was brash, usually preferring to punch something rather than have the patience to do a job like hers. Part of her felt bad for disrupting V’s concentration on his book, falling victim to the draw of the stories with the pages is. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure how much time she had before the demons she’d been trying to avoid finally caught up with her. Sometimes it took them weeks, others just a day or so.

When he finally lifted his gaze from the book, she flashed him a soft smile, “I am sorry for the intrusion. I just find myself a little rushed.” Before either could speak again, the elderly woman that had greeted her made her way to the table. Bela fell silent, knowing better than most to keep quiet about many things concerning the supernatural and demons. Taking the offered menu, she was about to thank her before the woman spoke, her eyes shifting quickly toward V. It was clear that he was cared for in at least this part of town, something that could be rare in Dante’s company. Hearing the woman finish, she looked back to her quickly, “I shall. Thank you.”

Setting the menu in front of her on the table, she gave a cursory glance across the photos of offered food as her companion finally spoke, not sure if his comment was directed at her entirely. Now that it seemed he was ready to speak with her, she was able to assess him a little better. She noted that he avoided eye contact, something she didn’t mind entirely, as well as spoke with purpose. It was easy to see he was a man of few words, jumping right into the matter at hand without the usual small talk she had become accustomed to. It was refreshing in a way to just cut right to the heart of the problem, though she was admittedly nervous about speaking about everything in an open diner.

Finally fighting through her nerves, she pushed ahead to answer his question. “I’ve acquired half of the demon’s eye amulet. I know the rumors of it being able to grant the wearer the ability to summon the legions of hell but, admittedly, I never thought them to be completely truthful. I had intention locking it away out of reach of anyone who would choose to use it but it seems there’s one who already knows I have it. I came into possession of the amulet just over a month ago and since then I’ve been dodging demon attacks. It’s why I called for help.”

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Aug 12th 2019 08:27

I Could Lie...
And Say I Like it Like that...

Like it like that

"Oh...okay; that make sense. Pretty nifty, too...because they really do just look like you're...covered in tattoos. It's probably way better for the sake of the normies." She chuckled mirthlessly as she headed over to the kitchen. She could really go for some coffee...especially considering how long of a night she just KNEW this was going to be. She removed the water reservoir from the side of the Keurig machine and walked it over to the sink while V wandered over toward the window and asked where--and WHY--they were [there].

"Heh...figured it be the safest place for now." She said with a bit of a smirk as she cleaned and rinsed out the water basin. "We're in Chicago; I travel a lot and this is one of my most frequented stops. I live here whenever I'm in the city. Last time I was here, the Collectors followed me...but I was in the company of a very powerful alien and...essentially made this the one place the Collectors will never show up to harm me again." She laughed at the memory as she filled the reservoir and walked it back over to the machine. "You drink coffee?" she asked over her shoulder as she rifled through the cupboards and drawers for a K-Cup and a mug.

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Aug 8th 2019 13:31

I Could Lie
And Say I like it like that...

Like it Like that

"It's far enough away from Devil May Cry that we should be straight for a decent length of time--at the very least, long enough to discuss where we go from here..."

Neveah opened the door to the condominium. It was her home base whenever she was in the city and she had made sure to give Matt a call and let her know that she'd be using it for a short while. Matt didn't mind; he never did. Neveah knew that she had a roof wherever she went in the Continental US...and a handful of international grounds as well.

But for now, they had landed in Chicago--the Windy City. Neveah had to get V and his demonic companions into a shadowy alley way to avoid prying eyes as Nevaeh finally revealed her main ability to V since he had shown her what he's capable of--the vortexes. She created a portal that landed right in the living room of her Chicago mainstay and invited V to follow her through it.

"If you feel woozy, feel free to take a seat." Nevaeh said. "First time travelers can catch a little nausea from the portal."

She said it as a precaution, but V didn't really seem all that bothered to her. He stood tall with his cane positioned in front of him, but by the time Nevaeh turned around to get a good look at him, she realized that she was two passengers short.

"What happened to your Panther and the Winged One?" she asked. "I know I saw them walk through with you..."


Aug 7th 2019 17:49

Behind The Character
A devil who denounced the throne of her father, A legacy that was nothing but utter bloodshed. Sins of the father will always come back to bite me in the a s s, doesn't matter what past transgressions belong to him, it's always the children at fault right? 

||Thank you for taking an interest and accepting my friend request as I myself found your character to be interesting. Normally I would not request people to read my rules, let alone basic information however; it does in fact make it much easier to either discuss a story-line, speak within character if desired, or write a spontaneous starter. I normally use Comments to either greet or discuss as for most it is easier.

I do happen to have a discord if it is quicker to discuss there, though I do accept declines in doing so based on my writing partners preference. I have rather lengthy experience writing this character, sixteen going on seventeen years in October and am well versed in many verses which are displayed Here along with everything else.

The main thing I do ask is that we all act like civil adults and if an issue comes up, to simply tell me what I have done as we are human, we make mistakes, we learn and we adapt through communication. If you have any questions for me I will happily answer them (This also goes for those of us who write via mobile and have issues reading my profile information which I will gladly sum up upon request in character. ) I hope that my rules are easy to understand and acceptable to my writing partners. My rules are Here Anyways, I look forward to writing with you in the future. If you have any questions or any rules yourself I will happily read and answer them as well as I can without having glasses, writing has been rather challenging.

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Jul 29th 2019 01:20

I Could Lie and say
I Like it Like that...

Like it like that

Neveah sat in wonder, watching as her new friend stood up and took charge of the two beings who she pretty much knew the moment they appeared what they actually were. As he fought, she couldn't help but think to herself:

I was fine; I was all good....and then f***ing Dante....

But honestly, if not him, then it would've been someone else at another place in another time. She'd never be completely safe until these Collector bastards were handled--indefinitely. And as angry with Dante as she was, he seemed confident that he finally had a real shot at getting rid of them--ALL of them--once and for all and if he was SO confident that he's willing to dig her up of his "Forgotten Contacts" list after all this time and toss her out as bait, then she couldn't pass up the opportunity to get them off her back....

Finally....after all these years...

"Wow..." Nevaeh said as V rejoined her after the battle was won. Of course, he was accompanied by two other creatures--one of which, Nevaeh would be a fool not to recognize. Though she had no idea that he was born of V's tattoos. "Dude, that...that was incredible! I...did NOT know you threw down like that..." Her eyes drifted over to the large bird and then down to the cat at his side. "...He's gorgeous." she complimented. "As badly as I want to pet him, I'm sure that wouldn't be the greatest idea, so...i will resist." She then raised a hand to point to avian demon, perched on his arm. "Yeah...I know you." she said confidently. "Good to see you're still...you know...here and stuff. Thanks for the assist back there...all of you."

Her eyes finally returned to meet V's kind, but tired, gaze. "So I guess I have no choice but to label your attempts at recruiting me a success, huh?" she said with a chuckle. "After all, you did just save my life..."

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Jul 18th 2019 16:29

I Don't Know me and you don't know me
So We're Physically Together Cause I Knew You

Like I Knew Myself

"V, you heard what he said just like I did..."

The words rolled off her tongue before she could stop them. Although she meant it, she didn't mean it as an opposition to what V told her about Dante. She sighed and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her legs. "...what I meant was...he meant what he said; he shoved his foot down his throat as usual, but he meant it. YOU, V...have an eloquent way of speaking and said exactly what he did...only in a much nicer and well-thought-out manner..." She chuckled humorlessly as she dropped her gaze down to her lap. "...I know he isn't evil." she started calmly. "I know he means well....but I also know what I heard. I realize you guys are probably thinking 'matter of time' with this, but...I was off of the Collectors radar. I didn't even know they were in the area before you guys snagging me to let me know. Me being here...has probably already disrupted that..."

She sighed again, closing her eyes and leaning back in her seat, sitting up straight. "...But..." she said a few moments later, "....if you guys are sure you have a real shot at ridding all the worlds of them...once and for all, then...hell, I can't pass that up." A small smile tugged at her lips as she turned her head to face him. "I'm still mad as Hell at Dante....and I'm lowkey SUPER sure he knows that, which is why he's been shoving you up to the plate to let me know what's what..." She shook her head and rolled her eyes. "...probably for the best if he wanted a satisfactory answer."

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Jul 15th 2019 10:25

I Don't Know me and you don't know me
So We're Physically Together Cause I Knew You

Like I Knew Myself

The Premature Burial...

Well, if there was one thing Nevaeh had realized today from her interactions with V, it was that he was a Poe fan. A pretty dedicated one for all the quotes and quips he could pull out at a moment's notice to suit the situation--whatever it may be at the time. As impressed as she was by this, Nevaeh was also extraordinarily stubborn--ESPECIALLY when she knew she was in the right.

But V...she had no issue with V. She wasn't going to yell and box him out--he didn't do anything. And he seemed--at the very least--AWARE of what a clueless, self-centered prick his "brother" could be. "....We can walk in a little while." Neveah said flatly. "It's a nice park. I'd just...kinda like to sit for right now, though...if that's all right with you."

V kept his faint semblance of a smile as he nodded, following her with his eyes as she sat down next to him on the wooden bench. She was silent at first, staring dead ahead at the tree, growing from a planter's box about fifteen feet in front of her. Once the silence had become too much, she spoke again. "So, uh....what brings you to this side of town?" she asked.

As if I didn't already know....

¡ъlﻨռĸ! [Rose]

Jul 14th 2019 20:41

I Don't Know me and you don't know me
So We're Physically Together Cause I Knew You

Like I Knew Myself

/You build me up, then you knock me down.

Played the fool while I played the clown.

We keep time to the beat...of an old slave drum./

Neveah had stopped crying a little while ago. It took her a short while to collect herself via a hot shower and a cup of tea. Now she was sitting in her living room, listening to The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove while she thumbed through an album she was staring for this location.

Matt had a condominium--as always--on the slightly more attractive side of the town of Redgrave. Also as always, he of course loaned it to her during her stay here and called pretty much daily to see how she was settling in. It was unclear how long she'd be in this particular location, but after that argument at Devil May Cry just now...it was probably now a lot shorter than her initial estimate.

/I don't believe you anymore...

I don't believe you../.

The album she was looking through was one of her own creation. Any place she plants her flag--however temporary--she tries to scrap together a memory book of that place. Since this was her second time in Redgrave, it was already in progress. She had only been back for a short while--so that last picture in the album was one taken of her, Nero, and Kyrie. But that was over in Fortuna when Nero was way younger and stil in The Order. The ACTUAL last time she saw Nero was pretty high-stakes, so there wasn't all the time in the world for pictures.

She was working backwards through the album, trying desperately to quell her rage and hurt. The tears had stopped falling but his words still stung. She supposed she should've been grateful that he finally just came out and said it; but in truth, it really only made her angrier. After a few more moments, she finally shut the book...labeling her attempt at taking her mind off of her most recent blow-up with Dante and launching it into the memories of when things were all good between them a failure....

....but something else...also caught her attention: it was a feeling she got--a shift in aura; a semi-familiar sensation of a very dark warmth that wasn't necessarily in the house with her, but...somewhere very nearby. Nevaeh slowly stood to her feet and wandered about her living room, putting her "feelers" out for where the patch of "dark warmth" seemed to increase. She eventually ended up at her east-facing window--the one behind the sofa. She was on the third floor, overlooking a simple passthrough park that embraced a lake. It was a nice park that Nevaeh frequented and there was still a decent amount of daylight left, though the sun had clearly began its descent....

Is...is that...?

Sitting at the bench that sat a stone's throw down below from Matt's condo window was none other than V. Neveah knew it was him right away--he stuck out like a sore thumb pretty much everywhere he went--ESPECIALLY in a community like this one. He was perfectly at leisure, sitting there reading a book. Nevaeh stared at him bemusedly, unable to determine if he was there for the park or...there for her.

....there's no way this is a coincidence. But...how did he find me? And why is he just sitting there?...

Nevaeh was curious, all right. She really couldn't tell...but after careful deliberation, she finally decided she wanted to find out. She was in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, so she just snatched a coat from the hanger by the door and stepped out into the hallway of the third floor. She quickly descended the stairs down to the first floor, curved around the building, and walked to the park. She decided to just walk over without saying anything to see if he'd acknowledge her first. She didn't get too close, but came to a stop right along the cusp of being able to cast a noticeable shadow.

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