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Characters: Arianna Ricci
Verses: Normal Verse, Mafia, Crime, Dark Themes
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Length: Multi Para, Novella
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Part One

Born in Chicago to one of the strongest and longest running crime families Yes though people refuse to believe that crime families are still a thing they very much are they’ve just got a lot smarter. Life seemed perfect during my childhood years but when I moved up to teenage years the threats on my mother and I were constant. During my last year of high school I was forced to be home-schooled but able to have a graduation like a normal child. I was excited I would be finally going off to college my dad was allowing me that bit of freedom it was supposed to be a great day for me. Just having finished the ceremony we were in the parking lot taking picture some with my family and a few with my friends. Then while in between my mother and father for our family photo holding that diploma up high the gunshots rang out loudly the only thing I could see was a giant arm trying to tackle all three of us to the ground. When the car took off I noticed my hand move in a puddle lifting it I saw it was dark red and I screamed out. Looking next to me I saw my mother in a pool of blood she was rushed to the hospital. But a bullet grazed her head and was announced brain dead after a few hours of surgery. My dad and I had no choice but to let her go that’s when I decided what I want to do with my life.

Part Two

After what happened with my mother I became interested in the brain and how it works. How Neurosurgeons worked hard to defy the odds of someone being brain dead just how my mother was. It lead me to the career path I never saw coming. But during my first few years in medical school I became close to someone older a close friend to the family. My dad’s as he called it second favorite person next to my mother, he was a married man and one who pushed me down in time before I had a chance to get shot. His wife was a snobby woman who wanted everything without having to lift a finger never treating Griffin the way he needed to be treated. That’s how the affair began I saw that I could be the one to give him what he needed I knew it was wrong but my heart was controlling my actions. When it was supposed to be with the enemy I was to marry someone to stop a war and I wasn’t a pawn. Our time was short lived we were discovered by his wife who confronted me on the day I found out I was pregnant. She told me the consequences of my actions it would result in my father hurting even killing Griff and I couldn’t have that. I loved him too much to have him die by my father’s hand so I took her other option which was to leave Chicago and cut all ties with everyone including Griff.

The Future

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BIRTH NAME | Arianna Ricci.
SPECIES | Human.
GENDER | Female.
DATE OF BIRTH |August 6th .
PARENTS | Isabel and Tony Ricci.
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Jul 18th 2019 00:53

Per usual Griffin's morning started alone; which was fine with him. The shrew he called his wife was probably out spending money she didn't earn, wracking up more credit card debt that he would just have to pay off later. Rolling his eyes at the thought, he got out of bed, foregoing a shower since he was running late, his alarm still going off on his phone, although he had successfully ignored it for the past hour, and instead just grabbed a clean uniform shirt and jeans to throw on as he headed for the kitchen... which was dark and of course no coffee left. Jesus Christ, why. Or better, how. How could one woman be so self absorbed was beyond him. Nothing like... Better not go there. That was long done and over with, and had been made abundantly clear by the no contact, the changed phone number, hell, the unknown, changed area code. Wincing as the thoughts still ran through his mind, he decided to just stop for coffee on his way to the shop, going around the boxes that Lilly had still not unpacked, a sign she was still pouting about their move, not that he cared, but it was annoying. 2 months and she was still angry about the change of scenery, uncaring that it was a fresh start for not only Griff, and a start to his dream of owning his own shop, eventually shops, but for their marriage. 

Heading for his car, he let the purr of the motor roll over him like a child with their favorite blanket, covering him in the noise, the low hum of the radio in the background of his mind, helping to push all the thoughts out of his head as he pulled it out of their driveway and headed for his shop, decided to go through the Starbucks line instead of his favorite shop, knowing he would end up staying to eat breakfast if he pulled into the little café, at least this has a drive thru to keep him moving, and he could try to get his morning back on track. As he drove, he went through a mental checklist of everything that needed to be finished that day at the shop, and what needed to be pulled in. Even though he had only been open for around a month, business was already great, he was staying busy, and had found a pretty decent staff, managing to do so before they actually opened. He knew they had appointments out the ass, and hopefully it would stay that way. Losing his income when he had left behind Chicago, he had to find another way to replace it, even though he had a good bit saved up. It had allowed him to open the shop, but wouldn't sustain his life, and he had put all of his eggs into the basket of, hey, this will work. Not the way he normally done things, but this just felt right. 

He was parked in his spot behind the shop before he realized that he had been so lost in his thoughts that he had skipped coffee, and damn, he really needed it. Whatever. There was a pot in the shop, he'd just have a plain cup. Getting out, he went straight for his office to get paperwork started, though, as usual, he made it 2 feet into the door and was stopped. "Yo, boss!" God almighty that little irish kid was going to aggravate him into an early grave with as many problems as he had, but damn if the kid wasn't a great mechanic. "Yes, Gray?" He was walking towards the younger man when he felt a sting on the back of his head, and for a second, it was just a sting, even though he heard someone yelling something, and Gray's eyes had widened, his hands stretched out towards Griff, even though he didn't know why; Then absolutely nothing. 

When he woke up, he was in an emergency room from the looks of it, with a headache that felt like it was going to make his head fall off. Things were spinning a bit, and he was definitely nauseous, but he could move his fingers and toes, so that was a good sign. Though he didn't know what had happened, and no one was with him, so he waited until the curtain around him moved and a familar face popped through, then popped away just as fast, making him wonder if whatever happened was causing him to hallucinate the blonde, but no, he heard her voice too, and heard it now, with someone else responding so- "Arianna?" And yeah, it was her, for sure, cause when her eyes met his, everything flashed through his head. The secret moments, this whispered conversations, the feelings that had grown for the woman who had been his forbidden fruit... It was a slap in the face, and it stole his breath all at once; But then he realized he actually couldn't get a breath, the sound of the monitor to his left going off in his ear, making him unable to hear anything else coming from her, not that he could concentrate. Everything seemed like it was underwater, even his movements, he knew he was grabbing at his chest, and then once again, that darkness.
Hell of a reunion, son.
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