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33 years old
Los Angeles, California
United States

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July 17 2019

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    Z's Interests
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1. First and foremost, I will not interact with anyone under 18, as stated above. This goes for characters AND their admins. I write mature content, Z discusses and does mature things. I'm not comfortable exposing minors to that or discussing it with them.
2. Please do not blur IC and OOC lines. It makes me uncomfortable and there's just no reason for it. When you're speaking to Z, it's Z. Unless I specifically state it's out of character or you approach me as such, everything should be taken in character.
3. I am open to a variety of subjects and themes. NSFW, triggering, etc. I don't really have any triggers. As a result, this account will have some unsavory themes. Please keep that in mind before adding!
4. I'm not really pressed about the you add, you talk thing; I'm not gonna force you to interact with me if you're not feeling it quite yet. That being said, I promise I'm a friendly admin! If you're stalking my page, feel free to send that friend request. If you're having any doubts, don't worry! Z is open to interactions and I'm open to plotting.
5. Speaking of plotting, please be prepared to come up with something if you approach me to plot. Carrying an entire para, conversation or plotting session isn't cool and shouldn't fall solely on one person. Offer ideas, tell me about your character, etc. I'm genuinely interested in your ideas and your character.
6. Z is single verse/ship, meaning that, once she finds someone she likes, that's it. I won't be writing any other romantic relationships. Please do not only friend me or interact with me to get a romantic ship, Z and I have more to offer than that. That being said, she is a known flirt who doesn't always understand boundaries or personal space, but that doesn't mean she's going to pursue your character and, if she does, that she'll want to be in a relationship with them. She's a non-committal type.
7. I don't want to say I'm completely selective, though I do have my moments! What it boils down to, though, is that I have the right to not interact with you - just as you have the right to not interact with me. Sometimes we just don't vibe and that's a-okay!
8. To follow up the above, however, please be patient with me when it comes to replies. Z's muse can be fickle at times or I'm just busy/preoccupied with something else. Your reply will come! If it's been awhile, feel free to nudge me but outright harassing me will just get you ignored.
9. I am potentially open to crossovers/AUs! I prefer to play Z as she is in real life but, if a plot is enticing enough, I am willing to try it out. That being said, it likely won't make its way onto the status stream as, again, I prefer it to be as accurate to Z as possible.

DISCORD: Ƶ Berg.#7530
it could end tomorrow and i wouldn’t care; gonna take you with me, so i'll see you there.
copyright & disclaimer
I am NOT Z Berg nor do I claim to be. I'm just a fan role playing as her. Everything you see is fictional and meant to be taken as such.

I do not own the original layout or photos used, however I do own my edits and writing, as well as the character skeletons used. Please don't steal anything from my page, thank you.

Z is played in a verse similar to her real life. AUs/crossovers are a maybe.

One liner all the way up to to novella (selective). Action RP, paragraphs, etc are all possible.

Z Berg. Thirty-three.
June 28, 1986. Cancer queen.
Tormenting Los Angeles since '86.
Musician. A poet who hates poetry.
If Laura Palmer didn't die.
Voted most likely to pet your face.
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
A musical pythoness.
Has Twin Peaks episodes playing in her head constantly.
RYAN ROSS - wip.








The above table code must remain at the top. FULL tables below can be rearranged.
Salad Cat: The Memoir of a Maniacal Pixie Dream Girl. - Adam aka smol son aka murder son, 2k19.

Biography is a work in progress.

take me to the heavens 'cause i stand under; we can watch the sky fall and she'll raise the earth.
FULL NAME: Elizabeth Anne Berg.
NICKNAMES / ALIASES: Z (which is what she prefers to be called), Zee, Zeezerizer.
DATE OF BIRTH / AGE: June 28, 1986 / 33.
PLACE OF BIRTH / CURRENT RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, California | She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
GENDER / PRONOUNS: Cisgender female / She/her.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Currently not in a relationship.
OCCUPATION / YEARS ACTIVE: Singer, songwriter, musician; most known for being in the bands The Like, JJAMZ and PHASES / 2001–present.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Predominantly she speaks English, though she's learned a bit of other languages from her esoteric taste in literature, such as French and Italian.
PETS: N/A; she's not as much of an animal lover as most tend to be.
RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: She grew up in an interesting, Wicca based household, though she now considers herself to be an atheist. Regardless, she admires the craft and still holds onto some traditions from it.
VICES / VIRTUES: Kindness (she's incredibly compassionate and empathetic towards others), diligence (she can't handle the thought of being lazy or not putting in the effort for really anything), patience (she is surprisingly patient and forgiving) / Lust (she's a flirt with commitment issues and a severe dislike for monogamy), greed (she wants to have her cake and eat it, too, in most situations), pride (she's confident, overly so, and it results in a fair share of haughtiness).
HOBBIES: Yoga and other forms of exercise, reading, writing, swimming, binge watching whatever obscure shows or movies she can get her hands on.
SKILLS / TALENTS: Music is her main skill, namely singing and playing guitar, as well as piano. Songwriting is another talent of hers and, though she hates to admit it, she writes some beautiful poetry.
SENSE OF HUMOR: Macabre, sarcastic, and dark humor are her defaults; though she likes a good meme every now and then. Specifically outdated ones.
LIKES: Headstands, fashion, charismatic and confident people, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girl, alcohol, literally anything Vladimir Nabokov has ever written, strong opinions, hiding/napping in small spaces.
DISLIKES: Laziness, close mindedness, boredom and just generally boring people (seeming lack of interests or humor, nothing quirky or unique, sheeple, etc), most computer animation.
ETHNICITY: American.
SKIN TONE / COMPLEXION: Caucasian, clear skin, pinkish undertones, freckled, tans well.
HAIR COLOR / STYLE: A golden dark blonde / She defaults to a select few hairstyles; down and wavy, a messy top knot, and milkmaid braids. For special occasions, or when she just feels like it, she'll curl her hair.
EYE COLOR / SHAPE: Dark brown, almost black / Cat-like eyes, somewhat round.
MAKEUP USE: She has her go-to makeup style with warm, reddish hues for her eyes, an eye shadow look that's a combination of a smokey eye and a 60s mod look. Red lipstick is a must for her, specifically the color Lady Danger by MAC, and even on more bare faced days she wears on it. She'll wear minimalist face makeup, often just foundation, powder and light blush/bronzer.
BODY TYPE / BUILD: Z is a fitness fanatic so it's no surprise she's in shape. She has a slim figure with a combination of the ectomorph and mesomorph body types.
HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 5'4" / 120lbs.
FACIAL / BODY HAIR: Except for the hair on her head and some light peach fuzz, she's hairless.
SCARS: Relatively scar free, her skin is only littered with small scarring from past injuries (slicing her finger open, etc).
TATTOOS: She has two tattoos a 'Z' on her middle finger and a small, barely noticeable Buffy the Vampire Slayer on her ankle.
NOTABLE FEATURES: Freckles, strong cheekbones, petite frame, spindly fingers.
PREFERRED HAND: Right handed, slightly ambidextrous from her guitar and piano work.
CLOTHING STYLE: In short, she's an overdresser. Casual or format occasion, she always has to dress up and put extreme amounts of effort into her appearance. A lot of her fashion is vintage or vintage inspired, with the 60s, 70s and 80s being her main inspirations. She's a sucker for high heels, incredibly short dresses and a nice bodysuit.
GROOMING: The idea of appearing unattractive or unhygienic terrifies her, so she's on top of her grooming habits; daily showers, overpriced perfume, you name it.
COORDINATION: She is incredibly fit and coordinated due to many years of yoga, swimming and various other forms of exercise. The woman can headstand or do the splits like nobody's business.
SCENT: Vanilla, floral and a touch of cigarette smoke.
VOICE / SPEECH: A raspy, rather low voice that can reach many octaves. Her charmingly hoarse giggle with that adorable squeak at the end is something you'll likely notice about her first. Her speech is an odd combination of Shakespearean terms, modern language, and her own touch of melodramatic uniqueness.
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she can suck the sunshine
off the desert's back
she can cause an earthquake
from a sidewalk crack
she can make the mountains
grow into the sea
she can send the glaciers
down in defeat
and if you give your life away...
Read the guidelines and fast facts before adding/interacting.

I'll deny your friend request if you or your character is a minor (below the age of 18).

Z is set in a real life centric verse, following her life irl as closely as possible, with the necessary adjustments to fit the role play world. I will be remaining single verse/ship (meaning: one verse, one romantic ship, that's it). That being said, AUs might be done privately, so long as it's a good plot and fits both characters; romance will not be offered in these AUs.

Be chill, be polite, be you.


     Z's Details
Characters: ELIZABETH && 32, bi queen, musician, an abstruse wonderland of a woman.
Verses: ANNE && 18+/no minors, single verse, nsfw/triggering themes.
Playbys: BERG && friendly admin, all interactions are in character unless specified.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Band, Celebrity, Hollywood, Human, Real Life,
Member Since:June 11, 2019

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
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