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Why y'all gotta delete before I get back to you? Am I that slow? Okay, I know I am.

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ᴬqᵘᵃᵗⁱᶜ ᴬᶜᵉ

May 25th 2019 02:52

ey how are you thank's' for the add Or the request it is a pleasure to meet you . Please Read below so you can get more Info on my backstory and so we can get a epic connection  trust me I'm different then most Jason Momoa's on the site.

Well Hello Hello the name is Arthur Orin Curry it's a pleasure to meet you , Honestly want to thank you for adding me , I'd love to get a connection going with you or a story-line . Currently I just got done doing a revamp So I'm trying to get myself more together since I really didn't have the time with work ,Anyway that's Enough about  that bullsh*t  let me tell you a little bio on My version of Jason Momoa as Aquaman . Hold On tight as I take you on a roller coaster ride through  his eyes .

My father was a Lighthouse keeper my mother was the Queen of the Sea . How could two totally different worlds collide you ask simple answer Love .... And I was  Product of that love  who am I ? I'm Arthur Curry  a Normal child  not knowing how much he would be able to change the world and just how special  he  really is .
Growing up was just different for me although I did the same thing's many kids did go to school  learn about life , cry  throw a fit , play games  I did it all in till I hit the age  of  5 having horrible dreams  being  able to see my self  in different life  forms  one being a powerful khal, or warlord, of the Dothraki people, a tribal nation of horse riders in the steppes beyond the Free Cities.  I seen myself as an accomplished warrior and  never being defeated in battle.  Or being A leader a man whom was feared of a small town in which visitors never stayed long  a town call Lupin Pines  I seen myself being able to  shift in a wolf and be a alpha of a back having strength beyond  this world .  No Matter what the dreams where  They always left me a Gift . 

 Before Long my mother told me whom I really was the first born  I was to be The King Of Atlantis and although it was a struggle for me to admit at first  I know have powers beyond a normal humans control . I  realized that my dreams where my past lives , and I could control everything in my power  Not only was I a King of Seven Sea and Atlantis  but I was a Warlord I was  a Alpha I was a Ex-Mercenary  and I was  Cimmerian warrior, and I was  a force to be reckon with . What Can I say Come watch me Conquer.

May 18th 2019 23:39

Image result for best friend gif tumblr

Related image

When we find our forever home, painting will be so much fun !

May 16th 2019 11:57

A hurricane of strong and passionate emotions replaced the anxiety and nervousness she felt prior to their lips meeting. Fireworks. It was true what they had said about finding your soulmate; an internal and eternal blaze that lit up her very soul, the moment supporting those glamorized Hollywood romance films that he detested. Poprocks. Her heart fluttered wildly while the embrace of their lips had deepened and intensified. The pacing of her heart quickening as her lungs struggled to keep up with the beating of her heart, causing her lips to briefly and almost innocently retreat. Lungs begged for air, causing her to lightly gasp but the exhale was short lived, hungry lips desperate for a taste of his own. Her greedy palm swept forward to claim the side of his sweaty neck while the other had broken away to descend across his chest. Lola was for once, swept away and not by the surprise of arms beneath her legs but Eric’s very existence had left her breathless, literally.

The moment, the feeling did not surrender but pursued an even deeper reality that she wasn’t aware of, at least not yet. Everything and everyone had faded from their reality, however brief the moment may of been. Her tongue skimmed across his which trailed across her lower lip, releasing a quivering moan. Something about the whimpers and soft noises she shaped seemed almost pure, maybe even too pure. The space between them non-existent as her toes and feet skidded forward, forgetting how to function properly as the kiss dazed her consciousness. Arms had draped around his shoulders, fingers meeting beneath the rim of his hat as they idly laced together, his touch alone causing an alarming weakness. Safety and security settled, her heart steadying to a peaceful beat while her emotions felt more comfortable around him. Like she has known him before.

Lola felt the warmth of his lips slowly fading from her own but she was too dazed, lost within translation of knowing how deeply she was falling for him. That wasn’t like a kiss she had prior to him, that was her first real kiss. For a brief moment, she was frozen within that state. ”God damn…” Eyes remaining closed, lips remaining parted as heavy breaths gave her lungs relief. It took her a moment to come down from that high, his fingers brushing her strands behind her ear eased her within that state. Thank you. Those words rolling off the tip of his tongue but she was more than curious of why he would thank her but she was equally grateful for what she experienced, so she didn’t question. ”You’re welcome, Eric…” Her eyes finally opened staring into his, voice was so very soft in nature prior to her girlie boisterous tone. A soft laugh escaped her lips as she felt a flush of red color her cheeks, clearing her throat with a press of her lips.

The sun was setting and the stars slowly glimmered beneath the setting sun, moon slowly peeking from the clouds. It was a cool night, not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect. Her eyes shifted to her phone in which her hand retrieved from her back pocket, wincing slightly at the time, fully aware that it would take her at least an hour to figure out her outfit for the night. Not that she was self-centered and worried about having the best outfit but she was awfully indecisive. “Oh damn. You’re right. The party starts in two hours or so but we can leave whenever you want -- if you want to.” Lola was Emma’s best friend and it didn’t matter what time she arrived, just as long as she showed up long enough to enjoy the party.  “Let’s go.”

It was a ten minute walk to her apartment and lead them inside with a genuine smile on her face. “You are welcome to whatever. TV, munchies, cat cuddles, alcohol, my desktop, my bathroom. Yes, you can take a shower if needed. I promise I will peek.” Hands directed where things were as she listed them; the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the couch with Edgar meowing incessantly until her warm palms would nuzzle against his fluffy cheeks. “Yes, baby, I see you…” Lola laughed, tending to her cat until she turned to face his direction. “This is Edgar, I hope that you aren’t allergic to cats.” Her shoulder felt heavy, muscle slowly aching to the giant purse she carried when she had plans for the day. She shrugged it off, exhaling a sigh of relief to the release of the pressure as it landed on the ground behind the couch.

The apartment was cozy. Decorated with nothing but the sentimental items she has collected over time. Paintings hanging on the wall from her uncle, various pictures of her and her family, especially her grandfather, parents, her two sisters and brother and best friends. All which were happy, smiling and laughing when the moments were captured. String lights brought in more light then the main lights as they hung randomly from above the ceiling and upon the wall, slightly framing random shelves which plants and flowers resided. The living room contained her collection of various horror and classical films, she rarely enjoyed today's films. A record player would sit on a table seemingly meant for it specifically and next to it was her grandfather’s guitar he played on one of his first tours. Her acoustic sat on the opposite side of the table, perched up neatly. Autographs of Robert Plant, Roger Waters, Jim Morrison and other various artists were shadowboxed and decorated with their original records of their best albums. A rather large flat screen settled on a wooden display which was playing an I Love Lucy marathon, a show that she thoroughly enjoyed. Everything was clean, beautiful and decorated with a bohemian style. Lola has an old soul, most would say just given by her taste in music and films. “Make yourself at home.” Her voice sincere, that genuine smile returning as her fingers tucked some strands of blonde behind her ear. What she didn’t know, is that they were already home. Time was a fickle, funny thing.


May 16th 2019 09:00


May 16th 2019 08:58

I found this gem in my imgur acct. :)


May 16th 2019 08:55


May 16th 2019 08:53

Somewhere in Roswell, New Mexico. . . .


May 16th 2019 08:45


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May 16th 2019 08:32

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