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Characters: Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger
Verses: Power Rangers
Playbys: JDF
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
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About me:

While he was a freshman in high school, Tommy and his family moved to Angel Grove. He entered a martial arts tournament and fought Jason to a tie by 4-4, despite Jason being labeled "Angel Grove's finest martial artist" by the announcer, but the fight had earned him Jason's respect.

Tommy later scared Bulk and Skull away when they were harassing Kimberly, who had become enamored by Tommy at first sight and invited him to hang out with her and her friends. Rita Repulsa had noticed Tommy's fight with Jason and realized that there was potential in the young man. Therefore, she placed Tommy under a spell, and using the secret sixth Power Coin - the Dragon Coin - she transformed him into the evil Green Ranger. Tommy then traveled to the Command Center and put Zordon out of commission and downloaded a virus into Alpha 5's programming. He then fought the Power Rangers and defeated them.

Being under Rita's influence, Tommy became very sullen and was even rude to Kimberly when she questioned where he had been. With the Rangers at their weakest, Rita decided that the time to attack was now.

After Tommy had defeated a squad of Putties without his powers, Rita gave him the Sword of Darkness, which not only enhanced his dark powers, but also acted as a catalyst for keeping him under her evil spell. She then had Tommy transport Jason into the Dark Dimension, where he faced Goldar. Tommy eventually took the honor from the Goldar and faced Jason himself. Jason managed to narrowly escape his grasp when the other Rangers teleported him out.

While the Rangers were defending Angel Grove from Goldar, Tommy entered the Command Center and attempted to sabotage it again. Alpha placed him in a stasis lock, but he was freed by Rita, who then made him grow. He then joined Goldar and Scorpina in fighting the Megazord, as Rita cast a spell to create an eclipse to remove the Megazord's power. The Megazord separated and the Dinozords fell under the earth. When the Rangers retreated into the Command Center, Alpha revealed that the stasis lock the Green Ranger was kept in allowed his true identity to be revealed — that of Tommy Oliver.

Realizing that Rita's spell was the reason for Tommy's strange behavior, Kimberly confronted him in the Youth Center, but he simply informed her that (along with knowing the other Rangers' identities) she and the other Power Rangers would soon be destroyed. Utilizing his Dragon Dagger that he received from Rita, the Green Ranger summoned his own Zord, the Dragonzord, to destroy Angel Grove. In the meantime, Alpha reestablished Zordon's link with the dimension and the Megazord was recovered. Jason and the others managed to take down the Dragonzord and, when facing the Green Ranger, Jason destroyed the Sword of Darkness and freed Tommy from Rita's spell.

When he came to, Tommy realized all the damage he had done and felt terrible, but Jason assured him it was only because of Rita's spell. Tommy accepted the Rangers' offer to join them. With the Dragonzord on their side, the Rangers now had access to Dragonzord in Battle Mode, and eventually the powerful Ultrazord. At the Command Center, Tommy accepted Zordon's rules of being a Ranger, and even received a communicator from Billy. The team of five had turned into six, also making him the first ever Sixth Ranger.

Initially, Tommy stayed a loner. He would join the other Rangers in some activities, but often left to go to karate practice and other martial arts. As the battles increased, Tommy became closer to the team and formed friendships with them. He admired Zack's sense of fun, Trini's dedication, and Billy's intelligence. He also had a crush on Kimberly and the two eventually started dating.

Tommy's friendship with Jason took a little longer to develop. In the beginning, Tommy felt a sense of rivalry between him and Jason, as both were equally skilled at martial arts. He constantly tried to show up Jason in one manner or the other. Zordon was aware of the problem and sent the two on a mission to recover special blasters protected by the Zord called Titanus (who later becomes a powerhouse of the team) to defeat Rita's Super Putties. It was there that Tommy and Jason learned to work together. The two formed a deep bond and began teaching martial arts together as well as competing together. Tommy imbibed a lot of Jason's leadership skills which would help him down the long road ahead.
NAME: Thomas "Tommy" Oliver
OCCUPATION: Student/Power Ranger
ORIENTATION: Gynephilia (attraction to femininity)
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 165 lbs.

Wrist Communicator
Power Morpher
Dragon Power Coin
Dragon Dagger
Dragon Shield
Sword of Darkness (temporarily, under evil influence)
Power Sword (temporarily, loaned by the Red Power Ranger)

Who I'd like to meet:

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Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 18:02

OOC: I will aim to watch it someday, but my focus is on Ryusoulger at the moment. Also...did you see Super Sentai Strongest Battle?! Lol.
Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 15:49

OOC: Yes, I picked up that Gou is you, lol. Sadly...I didn't watch Hurricanger, And I always thought Gou being able to summon those zords (which is what I know them most as) made sense to me. But he is not a one man show! That is an insult to the character known to us as Bae! Lol jk.
Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 14:52

OOC: Well, with Hasbro in charge of Power Rangers, I have no idea which seasons they plan on adapting now. They have a three year deal with Nickelodeon and I don't know how that's gonna play out. Or if they plan on extending the deal after that. But with that being said...I'm still gonna try to take Sentai and turn it into a Power Rangers team if I have an idea for it. Because I know that with Beast Morphers, it's gonna be a little while until another season gets adapted over.
Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 14:16

OOC: You mean the Kyuranger one? Power Rangers Galactic Sentinels? Lol.
Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 09:54

//HOLY! You still have that logo saved! Nice! Also, I am now currently working on another project.
Frog Spirit™

Mar 18th 2019 09:30

OOC: You look jk. Welcome back, brother. And I am only using this format because your OOC is set to comments.

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