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"It's like a bomb went off inside my mind. Scattering all the pieces. There's something on the edges. Someone, like a dark shadow, waiting for me. This face has everything that I ever did wrong written all over it."

24 years old
Fulham, Parsons Green, London
United Kingdom

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January 23 2019

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends, Connect with Artists,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Body builder
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Billy Russo, Jigsaw
Verses: Marvel, Punisher, MCU
Playbys: Ben Barnes
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Heroes/Villains, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Television,
Status: Single
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Have fun watching Punisher Season 2?

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About me:
William "Billy" Russo is a former Special Forces Marine who had become a close friend of Frank Castle. Russo became a part of Cerberus Squad under William Rawlins' leadership, assisting in assassinations of high value targets. Upon leaving the Marines, Russo was funded by Rawlins and became the founder and CEO of Anvil Securities, training up soldiers for Rawlins' needs. Learning of Castle's return as the Punisher, Russo was recruited by Rawlins to assassinate his former friend, using Dinah Madani to learn of Castle's whereabouts which eventually exposed his own involvement in Cerberus. Fearing he would soon be used as a scapegoat and blamed for all the crimes, Russo betrayed Rawlins, allowing Castle to kill him, before Russo had a furious showdown with Castle, that led to Russo's handsome face being disfigured.
Who I'd like to meet:
All female of Marvel and DC

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Russian Lies

--lilac sky.

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ғʀᴇᴀᴋɪsʜ ᴛʜᴜɢ

Jan 12th 2019 16:29

Hello, and thank you for accepting the request, or perhaps you've sent one to me. Either way, i'm thankful for your friendship. Now, I won't be making this greeting too long, considering I know both of us is here for one thing. And that's to start up a story line. So i'm ready when ever you are to make a story come to life. I can play Jessica before the start of the series, during, or even an AU story line as well. I am open to ideas, so if you have one do let me know what it is. Well.. I look forward to hearing from you soon and I do hope you have a lovely night, or day.

Jones, Jessica
They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain.
Mαԃ Lσʋҽ

Jan 12th 2019 14:46

I'm Harley, but I betcha know that already
I ain't a doormat, or a number
So when you're up for discussing something, or wanting to just start randomly,
hit my up
Alright, Cupcake?
MUAH xoxo
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