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Mar 18th 2019 01:00


Manhattan had regained some sort of understanding of what civilization was. It had been some time since the outbreak, and most had returned to normal. There was still a general fear, the overzealous washing of the hands when in Penn Station, which had been ground zero, and the occasional still-destroyed building every now and then. But for the most part, things had returned to the way they had been. Even with that fact ringing true however, those who had been responsible for the outbreak in the first place had gotten off easy. They still existed. The idea the virus was dead wasn't completely true either. Both problems just found themselves operating behind the scenes, overtly at each other's throats.

Containing the Prototype, Alex Mercer, had become Blackwatch's sole obsession, with Gentek pushing the black operatives even more to see the job done. In their attempts to subdue him, they were growing bolder and more creative. Two causes for concern for the virus. He had to be just as bold, and even more creative to stay a step ahead. He was alone against an army, who were expanding their interests in attempts to find some sort of edge to gain over him.

If anything, Alex knew how to attain information. All it took was getting ahold of the right people, in the literal sense, and tearing it out of them. He had his methods, and with no practical counter to them, he still had an advantage. For now. What he had managed to learn was that teams of undercover operatives were "subduing persons of interest to Project; Codename: Godfall". What exactly that was, Alex didn't know. What he did know was the location of their next "person of interest". As soon as he had gotten a name he narrowed in on its owner and tailed them. He wasn't getting involved, only observing. The outbreak had once been excellent cover, as he could easily hide his abilities amongst the already present chaos. Now, he had to be careful.

Perched on a low rooftop, Alex watched Blackwatch's target with ebbing interest. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary about the man. Little did he know... Almost as soon as that thought had crossed his mind the man was jumped by Blackwatch agents. Alex's brow fell in seriousness, his eyes narrowing as well. He wanted to do something but his logic kept him rooted to his spot. Causing a scene would likely make things worse here. He didn't know what he'd be jumping in to if he had decided differently.

He rested his elbows on his knees, as he leaned in to get a better view of them dragging the man off. What was that? Why? Alex's train of thought was broken suddenly by a voice chiming in. Directed at him. His head jutted to look down in a quick snap of a movement, his hues glowing eerily from the shadows of his hood. He dipped back slightly, pulling himself slightly out of sight. "What's it to you?" Came his rough voice in reply.

Figuring he was found out any way, he stood up from where he'd been crouched and jumped down, landing lightly, and unphased. On ground level, his tall stature was clear and the aura that something was off about him became apparent. He was used to intimidating strangers with his appearance alone. Not that he ever really intended to. "I'm someone who only has a vague idea of what's going on. Why, on the other hand.... That, I do know. They're after someone. Trying to get creative in an effort to stop that someone."


Feb 28th 2019 12:09

thank you.  That is where I will be responding.
𝓨𝑜u𝑛𝑔 𝓗u𝑛𝑡𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠™

Feb 27th 2019 19:44

The Hybrid Abomination

Hello Caroline.
Thank you for accepting my request.
I am Ellie Winchester. Daughter of Dean Winchester.
I hope that doesn't throw you off.
I would love to roleplay with you.
Let me know if you want to know more about me and we can get a story going.

Feb 26th 2019 16:45

OOC; I will be posting my reply here --
please join.

k, thanks!

Feb 25th 2019 19:29

Odilia looked at the woman in front of her and smiled to this slightly watching the vampire that was chained to the wall and she smiled again though she left the place without a word and when she was back to hersaelf she watched the woman following her "I have my ways and my skills as well" she shook her head and cleaned the blood off her hands now hating the sight of it, though at least this time it didn't belong to an innocent person so that was always a good thing in her mind. 

She watched the girl who spoke to her and heard the darkness within telling her what she was, but that just made her roll her eyes because she knew Caroline was a vampire it showed in the way she walked and the way she acted as well, but Odilia said nothing about that because there was no real reason to. 

Odilia then watched the other woman now with her blue eyes and smiled slightly "Being a private eye the way that I am I need to know to protect myself from all creatures that I might face when dealing with the supernatura cases that's all" sh shrugged to this and smiled again as if it wasn't a big deal. 

She heard her ask her who she was and that made her smile again "The name's Odilia, it's nice to meet ya" her New Orleans accent was clear as she spoke after all she was born and raised there even though she doesn't always admit to that fact becausze she hated thinking of the past if she could help it that is "who might you be then stranger?" she waited for the answer and looked around in case more of them foolishly came to avenge their friends or nest mates as it were.

Feb 16th 2019 14:50


Feb 16th 2019 14:49

I love my girls♥


Feb 14th 2019 19:56

Odilia didn't have it easy in life though to those who were looking at it from thr outside she had a loving mother and good childhood. The truth was so much more darker though because her mother did voodoo rituals to free people of their inner darkness but that darkness had to go some place and she used her own daughter for that.

Odilia never remembered it afterward though and so life went on until the night came that one of the many spirits took over and she killed her mother without knowing it and after that she was put away for many years only to be let out eventually.

She was thought to be cured and so she let them think that way and now she was in a new town on a case to find a group of men who were killing and raping woman and the police were powerless to stop it.

she sighed slightly as she walked down the street seeing people walking by her living their every day life. Odilia's foot steps could be heard as she walked through the streets and when she heard noises she went to check it out seeing some men around a group of scared woman but thier faces didn't look normal and she sighed to this "Oh grate another supernatural case, I should have known" the vampires then looked at her "Get out of here lady or you are next" she then sighed to this and got closer "Ya, I really don't think so" they looked at her and when she moved her hand one of them was thrown through the wall and she smiled "Now that wa fun" the others attacked her and she simply used her martial arts to take them down using the super strength she had at the moment as well.

Then something changed in her as her body language changed as well and she smiled "you like picking on the weak? Now that is just pathetic" she laughed at this her voice was different and held a colder tone to it than usual. When the vampires looked at her confused she smiled and as one of them came at her she put out her hand and he ran toward her only to fall down dead with his heart in her hand "Oops, looks like you are out of luck" she then laughed and burned the heart in her hand looking at the last vampire standing and when he tried to run she stuck him to the wall with chaines that burned his fleash and got tighter with every move. she then smiled "I will let the sun deal with you" she laughed a bit and looked at the woman who thanked her and left.

Odilia then fell to her knees slightly after walking off and sighed to herself "Did you really have to be so dramatic?" she then sighed to this again cleaning her hands off in a puddle that she found and sighed again moving her hand over her cloths and the blood was gone "That's better" she then looked around when she heard someone coming.

Feb 14th 2019 05:00

Happy Valentines Day

click me^

Feb 8th 2019 22:14

The only upside to this trip was getting away from Damon. Out of the Salvatore brothers he was the absolute worse one. When things would be going well in any way, he would find a way to screw it all up in an instant. Which is part of the reason why Bonnie wanted to do this without him. Something like this, finding the cure, was a delicate situation. Damon Salvatore was by far from being anything delicate. Sure, there would be the repercussion of going off and doing this without them, but she had Caroline. The bubbly blonde may not be as old as them or as strong as them, but she was doing just fine. Plus, if anything she knew how to talk her way out of things if need be.

Sure, the cure was something to be curious about and who’s to say that it will actually work? This could just be one big goose chase. Something like a fairy tale, just without the happy ending. While Damon and Stefan would be scratching their heads at this, Caroline and Bonnie would be far enough away before the brothers realized what they did. With Elena’s humanity hanging in the balance of all of this, they needed to take the matters into their own hands. She just hoped Klaus hadn’t figured this out. Bumping into an original vampire was the very last thing either of them needed.

“That’s just it, Care, I don’t know the exact location. Reading through those old books, it was like a giant puzzle. Well, more like a scavenger hunt than anything,” Bonnie said as she fastened herself in the driver’s seat and got her phone’s GPS up before turning the ignition and heading out. “I brought the books with us and emergency clothes, since I have no idea how long this could take us. The clue gives us a location, but there’s nothing indicating if the cure is actually there or not.” The brunette was frustrated, sighing as she focused on the road ahead of her.

“We have to assume there are others after this, especially since Damon likes to open his big mouth. The one person we know for certain that is after this cure is Klaus.” Saying his name out loud sent a chill down her back, causing little bumps to crawl all over her skin. That original vampire was the reason everyone was in the mess they were. He was indirectly at fault for what happened to Elena. And him on the hunt for the cure is for his own selfish reasons: to get more of Elena’s blood to make hybrids. This was a risky thing to do, but it was for Elena. “I know we can, Caroline. Which is why we need to be careful and don’t do anything Damon would do.” That little remark caused a small smile to tug at the corners of her lips.
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